Polished Or Matte Tile For The Bathroom Floor? [What Do You Want]

Polished Or Matte Tile For Bathroom Floor

Which is top-notch of this polished or matte tile for the bathroom floor? The debate is still running now. There are numerous tile options available in the market for bathroom floors. Therefore, choosing the right floor material can be difficult in many cases. Polished and matte tiles are two popular options for bathroom floors.

Although both polished and matte tiles are best for the bathroom floor, they have some differences. These will let you know which one matches your choice. To know which of these is best for your bathroom floor, you should learn about the benefits and drawbacks of the two popular floor elements.

This article will be a more significant source of some facts from which you can know more about polished or matte tiles. Besides, you’ll be getting answers to all the questions you may have, which will make your idea clearer.

Main Differences Between Polished And Matte Tiles For Bathroom Floor:

Usually, you do not use polished and matte tiles in the same place. They differ from one another in some respects. When choosing between the polished and matte tiles for the bathroom floor, you must know the main differences.

Factors Polished TileMatte Tile
BrightnessMake the space brighterNot as bright as polished tile
SlippinessToo slippery to walkNot slippery at all
FinishingIt is very smoothMatte is also soft but not as polished tile
Best useBest alternative for wall use Good for bathroom floor
Suitable SpaceCan be used in small room Perfect for bathroom use
RevelationHighlights defects quicklyDoesn’t reveal too many errors
ExpenseMore expensive as it comes with polish finishThe cost is relatively low
Sealing RequirementRequires sealingDoes not require sealing

Discussion Of Polished And Matte Tile Differences: Which One Is Better?

When comparing polished VS matte tiles, many things are coming out. Before choosing between them, you need to be tricky.  Here are the notable differences between the polished and matte tile.

1. Brightness:

Polished tile will illuminate the floor wherever it is installed. No matter how dark or dim your bathroom space is, you will find it bright. As the gloss tile reflects, your bathroom will become shinier. Rooms in your home that are small or have little sunlight are dark. Glossy tile is best for these rooms.

Matte tile does not illuminate the bathroom space like polished tile as it is not so shiny. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it in a low-light bathroom.

2. Slippiness:

Polished tile becomes more slippery on contact with bathroom water. So, there is a possibility of slipping and falling. This is why many people oppose using this tile on the bathroom floor, especially if there are children in the house.

In this case, matte tile is a good solution for your bathroom floor because flat tile is not slippery. No matter where you use it in the house or bathroom, there is no possibility of slipping.

3. Finishing:

Smooth finish of polished tile that will attract anyone. Its surface feels very soft for this finish. You can feel some moisture while walking on it, even in dry conditions. Matte tile is also a bit smooth but not like gloss tile.

Usually, flat tile looks smooth, but it doesn’t have any smooth finish. Its surface is smooth but never soft, so it does not slip.

4. Defects Revelation:

There is no doubt that polished tile gives your bathroom a nice look. However, the problem with tile floors being too shiny is that it stains very quickly. It is easy to remove stains from polished tile, but it is evident until the stains are removed.

On the other hand, the Matte tile floor gives you enough time to clean it. It can hide any stains. You do not need to wipe the bathroom floor frequently.

5. Suitable Space To Use:

Polished tile makes the small space even more significant for those already using it. This reflects like a mirror, and the light bounces all over the place, making it look brighter and more extensive. 

Matte tile may not be a good choice for your small bathroom. As it is not very shiny and does not come with the feature of illuminating the place, it is pretty inconvenient for a small space. 

6. Expense:

Polished or gloss tiles are always more expensive than other flooring materials. This is why those who want to get glossy floors in the bathroom on a low budget can be disappointed. 

On the other hand, once the matte tiles are made and designed with no additional process. So, the advantage is that it is cheaper than the gloss tile and available within the budget.

Polished And Matte Tile For Bathroom Floor: Pros And Cons

It may not be enough to know the difference between polished and matte tiles. Knowing the pros and cons of each separately makes it more convenient to have a better choice. Look at the pros and cons of both at a glance: 

Pros And Cons Of Polished Tile:

Easy to maintain and cleanYour feet slip easily
Anti-scratch surfaceExpensive
Perfect for low light spacesExposes floor defects
Gives the floor a more oversized look
Can imitate an authentic marble look

Pros And Cons Of Matte Tile:

Pros Cons
Low maintenance requiredSpace cannot be opened up
Have a rustic finishCan not prevent scratches
Not slippyNot good for darker room
Perfect for bathroom floor
Hides scratches

4 Considerations To Choose Polished Or Matte Tile For Bathroom Floor:

When choosing a gloss or matte tile for a bathroom floor, there are several essential considerations. Hopefully, considering these, you will be able to choose the right tile for your bathroom.

1. Bathroom Size:

When deciding between two types of tiles, you should consider the size of your bathroom. If the bathroom is large and has enough natural light, you can use matte tile. Still, polished tile is the best option for small-sized bathrooms as it makes small spaces look bigger.

2. Cleaning Facilities:

The convenience of cleaning should be given top priority when choosing tiles. Polished tiles expose dirt quickly which prompts you to clean it frequently. These are easy to clean because the dirt is removed with a little wipe. Matte tiles do not show stains easily, so they get more dirt. It is difficult to clean because the dirt becomes stubborn day by day.

3. Style:

Choose any tile depending on what kind of environment you want in the bathroom. Many people want to add rustic texture to the bathroom, and matte tiles are suitable. Again you can choose polished tile to get an atmospheric feel. You need to know your needs first.

4. Anti-Humidity:

You should choose a flooring material that can withstand moisture and last a long time. The bathroom uses water for a long time which can cause the shiny tiles to fade. Matte tile naturally brings a slightly faded look. Therefore, it does not get a chance to disappear again. In this case, polished tile can also be a good option.

Matte Vs Polished Bathroom Floor Tile

The choice between matte and polished matte bathroom floor tiles comes down to personal preference and practicality. Matte tiles have a textured, non-reflective surface that provides better traction, reducing the risk of slipping when wet.

They are forgiving with water spots and require less maintenance, making them a practical choice. Polished tiles, on the other hand, have a smooth, glossy finish that adds a touch of elegance to the space but can be slippery when wet.

They are easier to clean but may show water spots and smudges more prominently. Your decision should consider safety, maintenance, and the overall aesthetic you want for your bathroom.

Somertile Moonlight Matte Porcelain Floor Tile In Bathroom

The Somertile Moonlight Matte Porcelain Floor Tile can be a great choice for a bathroom. Its matte finish is suitable for bathroom floors, providing traction to prevent slipping, especially when the floor gets wet.

This texture also helps conceal water spots and footprints, reducing the need for constant cleaning. Porcelain is a durable material that resists moisture and staining, making it an ideal option for the bathroom environment. The Moonlight design adds a stylish and modern touch to the space, creating an attractive and functional flooring option.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation and maintenance to maximize the tile’s performance and longevity in your bathroom.

White Porcelain Matte Tile For Bathroom Floor Basketweave Pattern

A white porcelain matte tile in a basketweave pattern is an elegant and timeless choice for a bathroom floor. The matte finish offers slip resistance and is perfect for wet areas like bathrooms, ensuring safety.

White tiles create a clean and airy feel, making the bathroom appear more spacious and inviting. The basketweave pattern adds a classic touch and a unique visual interest to the space. Porcelain is durable and resistant to moisture and staining, making it a practical choice for bathroom floors.

Proper installation and regular maintenance will ensure a long-lasting, beautiful, and functional floor in your bathroom.

How To Clean Matte finished Sealed Porcelain Tile Bathroom Floors

Cleaning matte finished sealed porcelain tile bathroom floors is relatively straightforward. Start by sweeping or vacuuming to remove loose dirt and debris. Then, use a mixture of warm water and a mild pH-neutral, non-abrasive tile cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the sealant or the tile’s surface.

Apply the solution with a mop or soft cloth and scrub gently, paying extra attention to grout lines. Rinse with clean water and dry the floor with a clean, dry cloth. For tougher stains or grout discoloration, you can create a paste using baking soda and water, apply it to the stained area, and scrub with a soft brush. 

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning to preserve the sealant and the tile’s appearance.

Matt or Polished Tiles for Bathroom Floor? 

The choice between matte and polished tiles for a bathroom floor depends on your priorities and the look you want to achieve. Matte tiles, with their textured surface, provide better traction, reducing the risk of slipping when the floor is wet. They also hide water spots and footprints well but may require more frequent cleaning to maintain their appearance. 

Polished tiles offer a sleek, elegant look and are easier to clean, but they can be slippery when wet. To decide, consider safety concerns, maintenance preferences, and the overall style of your bathroom. 

Many people opt for matte tiles for their practicality in a wet environment, but polished tiles can work if combined with safety precautions like bath mats.

Related Questions About Polished Or Matte Tile For Bathroom Floor:

Polished Or Matte Tile – Which Should Be Your Priority? 

Choose polished tile if you want a shiny look, and matte tile is better when you expect practical benefits. Moreover, the combination of two types of tiles can bring a different look to your bathroom floor. The choice is entirely up to you since they are all popular.

Both polished and matte tiles bring an almost equal number of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you should consider whichever one matches your choice. Choose tiles depending on what kind of look you want to get on your bathroom floor.

Are Polished Or Matte Tiles In Bathroom Floor Easy To Clean?

They are both suitable for easy cleaning bathroom floor options. As gloss tiles are too slippery, it is possible to remove the dirt or stains quickly from them. In addition, it does not allow stains to settle on the surface. So, slightly wiping can completely remove stains and dirt.

Matte tile is also much easier to clean. It does not reveal even if it gets enough stains. Therefore, your bathroom floor always looks perfect. Unpolished tile floors can be cleaned with little effort.

Can You Use Polished Tiles On The Bathroom Floor Instead Of Matte?

You can use polished tile in the bathroom. So, when comparing matte and gloss, you should choose matte because it works better than gloss. Also, matte tile is the best choice for floors that use water most of the time. It is never recommended that you use polished tile on the bathroom floor.

Gloss tiles bring a great look to the glossy floor of the bathroom. So many people like them. Besides, they come with a wide choice of colors and designs for your bathroom floor. These tiles are widely used not only for bathrooms but also for kitchens.

Can You Mix Matte And Polished Tiles On The Bathroom Floor?

You can mix and install matte and polished tiles to add a different texture to the bathroom. These two types of tiles come in the same shape and they are easy to combine. The combination of polished tile with matte tile on the bathroom floor brings a great look.

The gloss tile and matte tile combination work well to change the traditional look. If you do not like the shiny bathroom floor or do not want to use matte tile on the whole floor, use two tiles together. It will surely satisfy you.

Is Matte Or Polished Tile Better For The Bathroom Shower Floor?

Polished tile is definitely suitable for use in the bathroom, but you have to be careful when using it in the shower. You know that the reflective surface of polished tile quickly reveals soapy water and dirt stains. It instructs you to clean the shower frequently.

Matte tile soap hides the stains, so it does not need to be cleaned while using the shower. Both tiles are a good solution for use in the shower, but you have to decide considering all the advantages.

Is Matt Tile More Slippery Than Polished Tile In The Bathroom Floor?

When choosing a matte or polished tile for the bathroom, you need to keep in mind that these two types can be slippery. Any tile floor actually becomes slippery in contact with water. In this case, the role of matte and gloss tile is almost the same. As a result of using them in the bathroom, they both become slippery.

Matte tile is usually non-slippery when used in rooms other than the bathroom. Since it does not usually come in contact with water, there is no question of it being slippery. On the other hand, polished tile naturally brings slippery properties. If you are careful with your wet feet, you are less likely to slip.

Polished Or Matte Tile – Which Is Expensive For Bathroom Floor? 

Known along with polished tile as a cost-effective alternative. Its construction cost is high as it is processed separately for its glossy look. As such, it is quite expensive. However, people prefer polished tile regardless of the cost to bring a luxurious look to their bathroom.

Matte tile can be a bit cheaper because it is less expensive than polished tile. Matte tile is not as perfect as glossy tile, so its production cost is a bit lower. Therefore, it is a cost-effective solution for the bathroom floor.

Is polished tile OK for the bathroom floor?

Polished tiles can work well for a bathroom floor, but there are some considerations to keep in mind. Their smooth, reflective surface can add a touch of elegance to the space, creating a more open and bright atmosphere. They are also relatively easy to clean and can resist staining. 

However, the glossy finish of polished tiles can make them more slippery when wet. To mitigate this, it’s essential to choose a slip-resistant variety and use bath mats to enhance safety. Additionally, polished tiles may show water spots and footprints more prominently. 

With proper care and precautions, polished tiles can be a beautiful and functional choice for a bathroom floor.

Is matte tile good for the bathroom floor?

Matte tiles can be a suitable choice for bathroom floors, offering certain advantages. Their textured surface provides better traction, making them less slippery when wet, thus reducing the risk of accidents. The lack of gloss also helps to conceal water spots, smudges, and dirt, making them easier to maintain in terms of appearance. 

Additionally, matte black bathroom floor tiles can contribute to a warmer and more inviting ambiance, creating a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom. However, it’s essential to ensure that the chosen matte tiles have sufficient durability and are resistant to water and stains to withstand the moisture-rich environment of a bathroom. 

Proper sealing and regular maintenance can help maximize their longevity and performance.

Are matte or shiny tiles better for bathrooms?

The choice between matte or shiny tiles for bathrooms depends on your priorities and design preferences. Shiny or polished tiles are often chosen for bathrooms because they have a smooth, reflective surface that can make a bathroom feel more open and elegant. They are also easier to clean and can resist staining. 

However, they may show smudges and water spots more prominently. Matte tiles, with their textured, non-reflective surface, can provide a softer, cozier feel to the bathroom. 

They are less likely to show smudges but may require more frequent cleaning to maintain their appearance. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal style and the look you want to achieve in your bathroom.

Is Polished Tile Easier to Clean Than Matte?

Polished tiles and matte tiles each have their own cleaning characteristics. Polished tiles have a smooth, reflective surface that’s generally easier to wipe clean and resist staining, making them a popular choice for areas prone to spills and moisture. Their gloss can hide dirt temporarily but may show smudges and water spots more prominently. 

Matte tiles, on the other hand, have a textured, non-reflective surface that can be forgiving when it comes to smudges and footprints. However, they might require more frequent cleaning to maintain their appearance. 

The choice between the two largely depends on your personal preference and the specific needs of the area where they’ll be installed.

Final verdict:

Both polished and matte tiles are popular for bathroom floors. You should now have the ability to reach the right conclusion as details about glossy and matte tiles have been discussed. In the case of a perfect, glossy, and reflective bathroom floor, you must choose polished tile.

On the other hand, matte tile is a better solution to avoid frequent bathroom floor cleaning. It also lasts longer in places where water is used. Hopefully, this helpful discussion will help you choose the right one for your bathroom floor.

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