Rainbow Mopping System: A Cleaner For A Healthy Home

Rainbow Mopping System

The popularity of advanced technological mopping systems is increasing day by day. Modern life has become much easier nowadays. The rainbow mopping system has evolved over a large number of household appliances. 

The Rainbow mop is a new type of mopping system to keep up with the fast-paced technological advances of the 21st century. You need to read the whole article to learn more about the rainbow mopping system. I promise you don’t have to look for other sources to learn about the rainbow mopping system.

Here, you will find descriptions of the best five rainbow cleaning systems at affordable prices. You will get all the details of why you should choose the rainbow cleaning system and how to maintain this cleaning system. 

The Working Mechanism Of A Rainbow Mopping Unit

In the environmentally friendly Rainbow mopping system, water is used in this system to naturally clean dirt, dust, and sand. Notice the short process below to improve the indoor environment and air quality by using the rainbow mopping system.

  • Waste Capture:

The rainbow mop’s filtration system captures waste. In addition, the HEPA system cleans small residual waste. Thus, you can say that the rainbow mopping system captures 100% of all debris.

  • The Hurricane Motor Drives The Attachment:

A hurricane motor provides the power to the Rainbow mopping systems for cleaning tasks. In addition, all attachments are powered by the hurricane motor. Its motors do the work with ultra-high technology.

  • Control And Power At Your Fingertips:

You can control the rainbow mopping system. You will see the control panel on the ergonomic handle grip. With this control panel, you can manage and power all attachments.

  • Tool Change:

There are different tools for cleaning other sectors of your home. You can connect them quickly. A snap allows you to change tools and make wands.

  • Travel Lightly:

A strategic dolly attached to a rainbow mop will help you move the rainbow mopping system. The attached rubber bumper will protect your furniture and walls.

  • LED Signal:

The LED signal is connected to the rainbow mopping system. This LED signal will illuminate your path when mopping. So you will not miss any place for sweeping.

  • Cleaning With A Rolling Brush:

The power nose of the rainbow mopping system includes a rotating brush. You can instantly clean anything, including dirt, pet hair, and debris, with a rotating brush.

The Cleaning Mechanism Of A Rainbow Mopping System And Its Attachment

The rainbow mopping systems include a variety of cleaning attachments. These are used for different cleaning purposes. The work of cleaning the attachment is described below.

  • Wall And Floor Brush:

Floor brushes work great for cleaning wood floors, ceramic tiles, and linoleum tiles. You can use this floor brush to make your floor look attractive. The wall brush works very well to clean the dirt from the walls.

  • A Dusting Brush:

You can use a dusting brush to clean your surroundings thoroughly. You can use this brush in places where it is difficult to clean the dust. Use a dusting brush to clean lampshades, moldings, light fixtures, curtains, and windows.

  • Upholstery Tool:

Dirt damages upholstery equipment and reduces its vitality. With the upholstery tool, you can easily remove dirt from upholstery equipment.

  • Crevice Tool:

The crevice tool is used to clean tight and narrow areas. A crevice tool is included with the rainbow mopping system, used to clean the baseboard along the edges. Also, at the radiator’s bottom, the inside of the radiator can be cleaned.

  • Inflator Tool & Confined-Space Cleaner:

The Inflator Tool attached to the rainbow mopping system can easily clean inflatable toys and air mattresses. Limited space cleaners are used to clean regions that are difficult to clean regularly.

  • Refrigerator Coil-Cleaner:

The cooling coil of the refrigerator generates static electricity. This causes the cooling coil to attract dust. Dust accumulation reduces the efficiency of the cooling coil. With the refrigerator coil cleaner, you can clean the visible dust. 

  • Aerofresh Bag:

Aerofresh bags remove dust and stale air from pillows and cushions. An Aerofresh bag more easily maintains regular pillows and cushions than any other means. This preserves the original shape of the pillow and cushion.

  • Extractor Head & Wet Pick up:

Sometimes, there are stubborn stains on the floor or carpet that are not easy to clean. Your rainbow mopping system comes with a wet pickup and an extractor head. That makes it quick and easy to clean stubborn spills and stains.

5 Best Rainbow Cleaning Systems You Should Take

If you are tired of mopping traditionally or using your physical movement alone, you can opt for a rainbow mopping system without thinking further. You can choose from the following five rainbow cleaning systems. These are sound-quality mopping systems and are user-friendly too. 

1. Genuine Rainbow E-Series Vacuum Cleaner

The genuine Rainbow E-series vacuum cleaner can vacuum everything in your home. If you need to shampoo your floor, you should choose it. Genuine Rainbow E-series vacuum cleaner shampooing equipment can clean floors and carpets without the help of a professional. 

This rainbow system has various connectivity tools that you can use in different situations. You can use it to clean floors, carpets, furnishings, and even garages. With the vacuum cleaner, you can remove dirt from any cracks. This is great for removing dust and sand from deep inside the carpet.

2. Genuine E2-Black E-Series Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

This rainbow cleaner of genuine E2-black E-series is high-performance and robust. This is for you if you want to clean quickly and perfectly. The genuine E2-black vacuum cleaner can clean everything efficiently with its powerful water filtration system. 

The genuine E2-black vacuum cleaner filters into the HEPA system. You can use it to clean the carpet deeply. It has various tools, including a hose. You can use the genuine E2-black vacuum cleaner for any type of vacuuming.

3. Genuine Rainbow E2-Blue 2-Speed Vacuum Cleaner

If you need a powerful rainbow cleaner, you can choose a genuine E2-blue 2-speed vacuum cleaner. The E2-blue Rainbow cleaning system’s motor is powerful, so it can easily remove dust from the carpet. It is easy to set up and relatively easy to use. 

You can choose the E2-blue rainbow cleaning system if you need to clean quickly. Water is used to clean the motor of the E2-blue rainbow cleaning system, so it lasts a long time. This cleaning system comes with a shampooing tool and more cleaning attachments. 

4. Reconditioned Genuine Rainbow E-Series E2-Gold 2-Speed Vacuum Cleaner

The E2 Gold 2-speed ​​cleaner is perfect for heavy-duty use. It has a 5-year warranty. The long-time warranty of the E2 Gold 2-speed ​​cleaner will keep you worry-free.

The E2 Gold 2-speed ​​cleaner can clean your carpet thoroughly. This system has other attachments, including a shampoo kit. In addition, the shampoo kit has a scented cleaning system. This will keep your carpet odor-free.

5. Genuine And Renewed Rainbow Cleaner

With a genuine and renewed rainbow cleaner, you can satisfactorily clean the narrow edges of the house and the tight spaces of vents. It has dry vacuuming. And water suction capacity. This rainbow cleaner also has a HEPA filtering system. It is capable of lasting a long time. You can easily move the cleaner to any part of your home.

Reason For Choosing Rainbow Mopping System As A Mopping Solution

Your mopping system should be of good quality to have a healthy environment. The Rainbow Mop is a high-quality mopping system. Therefore, the reasons for choosing the rainbow mopping system are described below:

  • Best For Carpet Cleaning:

If the whole floor of your house is covered with carpet, you can use the rainbow mopping system. You will not get much benefit from using any other mopping system. The powerful rainbow mopping system is designed to remove dust from deep inside the carpet.

  • Longer Cords:

Rainbow mopping systems have longer cords. Having longer cords is very convenient for mopping. With these longer cords, you will be able to clean far away from rainbow cleaners. For this reason, you do not have to move the rainbow system repeatedly.

  • High Suction Capacity:

High-quality carpets are usually thicker. This type of carpet needs a strong suction capacity to clean dust, pet fur, and hard dirt. A rainbow mopping system will give you strong suction capacity. Usually, a rainbow E2 system has a minimum of 185 air watts. This amount of air wattage is enough to clean all the dirt from your carpet.

  • HEPA Technology:

Rainbow mopping systems are equipped with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. This HEPA filtering allows you to remove particles up to 0.3 microns. The rainbow mopping system will also enable you to clean up almost 99.97% of dirt anywhere. Somehow, if you have asthma and allergies, the rainbow mopping system is perfect for you.

  • Large Water Basin:

All rainbow mopping systems have water basins. Dirt, dust, and fur accumulate through the vacuum in this water basin. The large water basin capacity of the Rainbow series mopping systems is about 2.36 L. You can reuse the water basin after cleaning.

  • Extra Features:

Cleaning everything in a house can be quite a hassle. Your cleaning system may not reach the corners of the room, the edges of the walls, or the bottom of the furniture. Therefore, you can use the rainbow cleaning system to solve these problems. 

It comes with several extra features, including a wall brush and floor, a dusting brush, an upholstery tool, a crevice tool, a pet grooming tool, etc.

6 Easy Tips To Maintain A Rainbow Mopping System To Keep It New

Your rainbow mopping system should be maintained regularly. If you want to get service from Rainbow Mopping for a long time, you have to accept this little hassle. You can easily maintain your rainbow mopping system by following the steps below:

Tip 1: Clean The Basin After Mopping

Thoroughly clean the water basin after using the rainbow mopping system. You can use rags to keep out any debris or mud. This will reduce the odor caused by dirt. When cleaning the water basin, do not use a water pressure machine.

The tank of the rainbow system is made of solid plexiglass. So, do not use hot water to wash the water basin.

Tip 2: Clean The Separator

Due to prolonged use, dirt accumulates in the separator. You should clean your rainbow separator at least every three months. Remove the holding nut of the separator. Then take out the separator and clean it. You can use the separator brush tool to clean the partition.

Tip 3: Store Properly

Do not place your rainbow system in a dusty environment. Rainbow tanks are made of plexiglass. Consequently, one can not keep it at extreme temperatures. Excessive temperatures can cause the glass to crack. In addition, the extra features should be kept well. It is best to use a special rack to reserve your rainbow cleaner.

Tip 4: Rainbow Units Stored Separately

Do not store your rainbow unit next to a water basin. This can increase the humidity of the water basin. Increased humidity accelerates internal erosion. Moreover, increased humidity can lead to mold formation in water basin glasses.

Tip 5: Do Not Store Rainbow Mopping With Dirty Water

Use clean water when cleaning your rainbow basin. Cleaning with dirty water causes a bad smell. After cleaning the water basin, make sure that not even a small amount of water accumulates.

Tip 6: Keep Water In The Water Basin While Mopping

Dirt accumulates in the water basin of the rainbow mopping system. If there is no water in this water basin, the HEPA filter will get stuck. You can’t use a rainbow mopping system without water. It is designed to work with water.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Or Maintaining A Rainbow Mopping System 

Maintaining a Rainbow mop system is essential to ensure that the appliance lasts for a long period of time. Take a look at some of the top mistakes that you must avoid. 

  • Do Not Use Any Essential Oils 

Many homeowners make the mistake of adding essential oils to their Rainbow vacuum to ensure a nice fragrance. However, this is a huge mistake and can cause dirt, debris, and so on to stick to the filter inside. And this, in turn, will prevent the system from functioning correctly. 

  • Not Placing The Water Tank Properly

Placing the water tank inside the vacuum cleaner is important to ensure proper cleaning. In case you do not secure the water tank properly, the water will spill and lower the efficiency of the system. 

  • Filling The Water Tank Incorrectly 

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner operates with a water tank inside. And for the correct cleaning experience, filling the water tank properly is a must. Make sure that you fill the tank up to the right level to prevent improper cleaning or overflowing. 

  • Not Cleaning The Basin 

The water basin in the vacuum cleaner accumulates dirt, debris, and so on. Many people make the mistake of not cleaning the basin after each use. If you do not clean the basin properly on time, it will smell and reduce the efficiency of the cleaning equipment. 

  • Not Storing The Cleaner Properly 

A major mistake that homeowners make is that they do not store the Rainbow cleaner correctly. Make sure that you properly store the cleaner to prevent damage. Clean the water basin and dry it. Make sure to keep the system away from extreme temperatures. 

Related Questions About The Rainbow Mopping System:

How Much Does A Rainbow Mopping System Cost?

The Rainbow Mop is a very high-quality mopping system. There are also many extra attachments. Prices vary depending on the quality. However, a standard rainbow mop system has a minimum price range of $800-$3,000. 

If you want to get a more advanced mopping system, you need to spend a maximum of $1,379.99–$1,489.00. At this price, you can get the best quality genuine rainbow E2-blue 2-speed ​​vacuum cleaner.

How Does The Rainbow Mop Work?

Rainbow vacuum mop may have some variations depending on the system’s work model. The Rainbow mopping systems use high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. The HEPA system is capable of filtering tiny particles. That is why this system is very helpful in preventing allergies.

Some models of the rainbow mopping system filter the dirt through the water unit. This process ensures that the impurities are no longer absorbed into the air.

How Long Does The Rainbow Mopping System Last?

Since the Rainbow mop system is made with high-quality materials and the latest technology, it will last a long time. If you follow the basic guidelines, the rainbow mopping system will last almost 20 to 30 years. 

Many attachments are attached, and not all are lost together. If you want to use it for a long time, you need to maintain it well after using the mop.

Can A Rainbow Mopping System Mop The Whole Surface At A Time?

The length of the cord attached to the rainbow mopping system is about 7 feet. Placing a rainbow mop in the middle of the room will help you start cleaning. You can use this cord to cover the entire room. 

If you need to clean any large surfaces, you may need to clean the hall room. Then you can easily move through the tactical dolly associated with rainbow cleaner.

Does The Rainbow Cleaning System Have A Lifetime Warranty?

No item in the rainbow mopping system has a lifetime warranty. Generally, you will get a 4-year warranty for any rainbow mopping system. This warranty applies to mopping systems and extra features. However, you will get an 8-year warranty for an electric controller or motor. 

You can buy an E-series E2-gold 2-speed ​​vacuum cleaner if you need a more extended warranty. It comes with a 5-year warranty.

Can You Put Essential Oils In Your Rainbow Vacuum?

Rainbow mopping systems are designed so that no oil is required. So it is better to refrain from giving any kind of oil. Applying oil can cause mechanical faults. When you put oil in them, they become sticky after a certain period. 

Also, dust can mix with oil and jam the mopping system. However, you can use perfume in dustbins or basins to reduce the odor.

Can You Use A Rainbow Mopping System Without Water?

Never use a rainbow mopping system without water. The rainbow mopping system is designed to perform mopping with water. The dust and fur that comes up during the vacuum get stuck in this water. This dirty water is easy to remove from the rainbow later

This dirt will cause issues when mopping if you do not use water. The HEPA filter will become stuck as a result of this.

Can Rainbow Vacuum Pick Up Water?

Rainbow vacuum is (1) one of the best home cleaners you will come across in the current market. The system contains water that soaks the dirt, dust, debris, etc., before picking up without flooding your home. This technique ensures a clean home and prevents the risk of dust flying back into the room. 

Rainbow Vacuum has the ability to pick up water and clean the room easily. However, if you are confused, read the owner’s manual before vacuuming liquids or fluids. 

How To Clean Rainbow SRX Vacuum?

Cleaning the Rainbow SRX Vacuum on a regular basis and after each use is highly important to extend the lifespan of the system. First, clean the water basin after each use and clean the separator as well. After cleaning, make sure to dry the components well before storing them. 

Lastly, make sure that you always use clean water in the Rainbow Vacuum to ensure longevity and proper cleaning. If you are confused about any aspect of the SRX Rainbow, read the owner’s manual to know the details. 

Is The Rainbow Vacuum Still Popular? 

The Rainbow Vacuum is a revolutionary introduction to the world of cleaning appliances. The product is highly popular among several countries in the world and is sold in about 80 countries around the globe. 

It ensures beautiful cleaning of your home, and its water-soaking technology attracts fur, dust, debris, etc., with ease. On top of that, the product also makes sure that the dust or debris accumulated from the home does not re-enter while cleaning the vacuum. 

Final Verdict:

The Rainbow mopping system is the solution if you are looking for a versatile and powerful mopping system. This will allow you to clean every part of your home thoroughly. With the attachments of the rainbow mopping system, you can do mopping in an inaccessible place. 

The Rainbow mop’s suction power can clean up any dirt on your carpet. If you have allergies, the rainbow mopping system will bring blessings to you because its HEPA filtering system can capture micro-particles.


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