Rhino Liner Boat Floor? [Is It A Good Flooring Choice]

Rhino Liner Boat Floor

Boat flooring material is not enough for a durable deck, no matter which material you choose. Be it aluminum or wood boat floor; extra protection is needed. Even on a fiberglass matting on the boat floor, a layer of boat floor epoxy or rhino liner is needed. Rhino liner is becoming increasingly popular for shielding boat flooring for its ease of application and the benefits it offers. 

Rhino liner boat deck is an inexpensive and extremely versatile flooring option. Added to that, the rhino boat floor offers a range of benefits that are impressive. However, people are still skeptical about it as not much information is available about it. Thus to help you out in deciding the best option, I am here to talk about the rhino boat floor. 

Therefore, people who are considering rhino layer on the boat flooring, give this article a read. After reading it, you can make an informed decision. So let’s start discussing what a rhino liner is and how useful it is for boat flooring. 

What Is A Rhino Liner Boat Floor? (Know The Types)

Before I talk about the other aspects of the rhino liner boat floor, you should first know what a rhino boat floor is. Rhino liners can be made of different materials. Most rhino liners for boat floors are epoxy. Apart from that, polyurethane, polyaspartic, and other polymers are used to make rhino liners. 

Rhino liners are not only laid on the boat floor for protection but also used for repair. It is also used for repairing and filling cracks in the boat flooring. So you see, rhino liner flooring is quite a smart and useful option. To know in detail, let’s know briefly about the three rhino liner flooring types. These are the most popular ones and perfect for boat flooring:

1. Epoxy Rhino Liner: 

Epoxy is a type of rhino made of resin and is popularly used on boat flooring. It adheres very easily to fiberglass sheets. So if you lay fiberglass sheets on the boat floor and apply epoxy on that, you will get long-lasting and durable boat flooring. 

Epoxy flooring can last about 15 years on the boat. Installation of epoxy is very simple and easy. You can roll on or use a trowel to apply epoxy layers on the floor. Spraying facilities are available too. It is highly water and chemical-resistant. It doesn’t tear or wear out under high impacts. And with its translucent look, the boat flooring appears sleek and modern. 

2. Polyurethane Rhino Liner: 

Polyurethane rhino is very durable, possessing excellent compactness and strength. Besides that, polyurethane flooring reduces vibration and cancels out noise making the boat flooring more comfortable and convenient. 

Polyurethane stabilizes the boat floor and shows great strength under impacts. Even in humid conditions, it doesn’t sweat and remains protected from water. It is both chemical and abrasion-resistant, providing long-lasting boat flooring. Also, it bonds firmly to the surface. So after epoxy, polyurethane rhino liner flooring is a great choice. 

3. Polyaspartic Rhino Liner: 

Polyaspartic rhino liner has very similar characteristics to polyurethane rhino liner. It is extremely durable and stretchy, making it flexible. It doesn’t crack or break easily due to its elasticity and strength. It lays a very thin layer on the deck, giving a sleek look. 

Rhino polyaspartic liner is both chemical and abrasion-resistant. It survives fine under humid and UV light exposure. It also reduces the on-deck vibration and noise. The bonding of polyaspartic liner with the flooring is very strong and durable. 

3 Steps To Install Rhino Liner Boat Floor: The Spraying Method

The easiest and most popular way of installing a rhino liner for boats is to spray a rhino liner on the deck. Spray Bedliner rhino is the new charm in the market. This is popular because of its ease of installation and maintenance. As easy as it is to install, it is fun too. But how? Let’s learn that through three steps: 

Step 1: Clean And Prepare The Boat Deck

The rhino liner should be sprayed on a clean surface only. So first, you have to wash the entire deck with a mild car wash and plain water. Use a soft brush to scrub off the dirt from the deck and wash it with water. 

With 80-grit sandpaper, sand the entire deck if needed to deeply clean the floor. If you sand the floor, buff it too. Sanding simply helps the rhino liner to adhere easily and firmly to the floor. After you sand, clean the debris from the flooring and give it another wash. 

In the end, coat the flooring with a primer so that the rhino liner sticks well to the flooring. Let the primer sit well on the deck. 

Step 2: Prepare The Rhino Spray

You need to set up the spraying gun before starting. I would recommend giving a trial before actually spraying it on the deck. 

For testing, monitor the air pressure of the spray gun and pour the rhino into the machine. They spray the rhino slightly on the hardboard to check the result. If enough rhino is coming out, you can go rhino-lining the boat flooring. Otherwise, adjust the spraying gun air pressure and check. 

To ensure that the rhino liner doesn’t spread across the starboard and port, and other areas, apply masking tape in these areas. 

Step 3: Apply The Spray Rhino Liner

Now fill the container fully with the right amount and mixture of rhino liner. Hold the spraying gun 18 inches away from the boat deck. Now start spraying the rhino liner on the flooring. Don’t over-pour the rhino liner, and use a single stroke. Spraying in a way as if you are sweeping the boat. Spray in both liner both horizontally and vertically to fill up all the gaps. 

The rhino liner would most probably dry out in 10 minutes. So if you want a second coating, make sure that the first lining is cured. Then apply another coat of rhino liner to get a thick and strong layer of rhino liner protection on the deck. 

And that is all!

Why Use Rhino Liner Boat Floor? (7 Benefits)

Among all the flooring options, why would someone choose rhino boat floor liner? A very valid question indeed! To know why you should use a rhino liner boat floor, you have to acknowledge the benefits. So in this part of the article, I will note down the benefits of using rhino boat flooring. 

1. Water And Air Sealing: 

Once you spray a rhino boat liner material on the boat floor, water or bubbles can’t penetrate the layer. You can say that the flooring is completely sealed and protected from water and air. 

Rhino liner settles strongly on the boat flooring giving no space for water to seep in or air to create bubbles. Installing sheets gives the chance of bubble creation which is not present in rhino lining. So you get air and water-sealed flooring with rhino flooring.

2. Corrosion And Abrasion Resistant: 

Corrosion of metals is a common condition. Metals like aluminum boat flooring or steel can corrode easily without a protective layer. With a rhino liner on the boat floor, the deck becomes corrosion-resistant. 

Not only is smooth rhino liner corrosion-resistant, but abrasion-resistant too. So you don’t need to worry about maintaining the flooring too much. As rhino lining protects the metal deck, you can enjoy your rides without the tension of rusting, corrosion, or abrasion. 

3. Seamless And Sleek: 

The layer of rhino lining on the boat flooring looks extremely sleek. The seamless finishing of the rhino lining is just what people crave. The look is what attracts people the most. 

On bulky floorings like wood boat floor or fiberglass boat flooring, a sleek rhino lining gives a smooth finish. Any heavy or hard flooring can look seamless and fine with a rhino lining. 

4. No Mold Or Algae Growth: 

When the condition is damp and wet, the chance of mold and mildew growth increases too. But with rhino-lining boat flooring, your deck is protected from mold and mildew. 

Besides that, the growth of any germs, bacteria, algae, or fungus doesn’t occur on rhino flooring. Also, as it blends well on the flooring, the layer beneath the rhino lining stays protected too. 

5. Easy To Maintain: 

Maintaining a rhino-lining floor is super easy. The hassles of cleaning aluminum or wood can be eliminated permanently with rhino flooring. As the surface is smooth, you can easily clean the deck with water and mild detergent. 

If it is heavily stained or the buildup is stubborn, you can use a brush to scrub off the flooring. After that, wash the flooring with a mild cleaner. That is all you need to maintain the rhino liner flooring. Super easy and convenient, right? 

6. Non-skid Coating:

Unlike aluminum or vinyl boat flooring, rhino liner boat flooring is non-skid. It may become a bit slippery if the boat deck is dirty. But if kept clean, the flooring stays non-slippery.

The chances of slipping and falling are zero with the rhino liner. So with the rhino liner, the boat deck is non-skid and safe for kids and any passenger on the deck. 

7. Highly Durable: 

Last but not least, rhino liner boat flooring is highly durable. It doesn’t only sit and stick firmly on the flooring but is also corrosion and abrasion-resistant. It performs excellently in saltwater as well as freshwater. 

Besides that, rhino boat flooring doesn’t get damaged easily, and it also protects the flooring beneath it. It is capable of surviving in all kinds of weather and conditions. 

3 Disadvantages Of Rhino Lining 

There are quite a few disadvantages that owners encounter with the rhino lining. Take a look at these cons of investing in a rhino liner on the boat floor. 

  • Lowers Resale Value 

One of the major disadvantages that the owners typically face is a reduction in the resale value of the boat. This is because the rhino liner is hard to remove from the flooring and prevents the inspection of the boat floor. Potential buyers cannot assess the condition of the flooring, which in turn, lowers the rhino boat pricing

  • Hard To Remove 

The rhino lining creates a strong bond with the flooring material. This bond prevents water or air from reaching the original surface material and causes damage. And due to this bond, removing the lining is not easy and requires power tools. 

  • Professional Installation Required 

Rhino lining a boat floor is not an easy task. And it is something you cannot do on your own. For rhino liner to stick on boat flooring, owners will have to rely on professionals, as it is a difficult and time-consuming task. 

How To Spray Liner For Boat Floors?

Spraying a liner for boat floors involves a comprehensive process aimed at enhancing the durability, aesthetics, and safety of the vessel. To start, meticulous surface preparation is essential, involving the removal of any existing coatings or debris and ensuring a clean and dry surface. Careful selection of the liner material is crucial, with marine bedliner coatings or marine-grade paint being common choices. 

It’s essential to mask and protect any areas that should not be coated, such as boat hardware or walls, to prevent overspray. The liner material must be thoroughly mixed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, and a high-quality spray gun is used to apply consistent and even coats. 

Multiple thin coats should be applied, with proper drying time in between. After curing, which may take several days, you can further enhance the liner’s functionality by adding a non-slip additive for improved traction, providing a safer and more attractive boat floor.

How to Tracker Boat Rubber Floor Liner? 

When installing a rubber floor liner in a Tracker boat, it’s crucial to follow a meticulous process to ensure a secure and effective fit. Start by preparing the boat’s floor, ensuring it’s clean and completely dry. Measure the area you intend to cover with the rubber liner and cut the liner accordingly, allowing for a little extra material for trimming. 

Apply a marine-grade adhesive to both the back of the rubber liner and the line x boat floor, following the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions for application and drying times. Carefully position the rubber liner onto the adhesive, working from one end to the other to eliminate air bubbles and ensure proper adhesion. Trim any excess material along the edges using a utility knife. 

It’s essential to allow the adhesive to fully cure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations before using the boat. A well-executed rubber floor liner installation can enhance the boat’s functionality and aesthetics, providing improved comfort and traction while simplifying maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is Rhino-Lining Aluminum Boat A Good Idea?

Aluminum boats come with a high price tag, and constant repairs or replacements will make your investment super costly. One of the most common problems that the owners encounter is the boat floor. An affordable and great way of protecting the boat floor is to rhino line it. 

The purpose of rhino lining is that protects the floors from scratches, impact damage, corrosion, and many more. And on the top side, it lasts for a long time and does not require much maintenance. 

Will Rhino Liner Stick To Wood?

Many people are confused about whether you can rhino line wood or not. The answer is yes. Rhino liner sticks to almost each and every material out there. You can easily rhino line wood to protect it from damage and prevent repairs. 

The waterproof feature combined with a great quality rhino liner will allow you to be carefree about your floor for several years. However, make sure that you clean the wood surface properly before sticking the rhino liner. 

Can You Rhino Line A Boat?

A boat is undoubtedly one of the most expensive investments. And maintaining a boat is not the easiest task as well. The flooring of the boat gets damaged easily due to corrosion, impact, and many more. Rhino line is a great idea for protecting the boat floor easily. 

It will help to prevent rust and corrosion due to its waterproof quality. And the high durability will prevent wear or tear, ensuring long-lasting performance. 

Will Rhino Liner Stick To Aluminum?

Aluminum is one of the metals that corrode easily. And the corrosion rate increases when you use your boat often. However, spray in liner for aluminum boat can help you prevent corrosion. And the bright side is that the process is affordable. 

The rhino liner will stick to the metal and provide outstanding safety for a long period of time. And this small investment will reduce your hassle of expensive repairs and maintenance. 

Will Rhino Lining Boat Stop Rust?

Rhino lining is known to be one of the best ways of protecting your vehicles. And this lining is especially helpful for the flooring of your boat. The boat floor is often at a high risk of rust, abrasion, corrosion, and other damage. Rhino liners will help to prevent rust or corrosion from affecting the boat floor. 

Not only that, but this rhino lining can also stop the rust from spreading further in case the floor is already corroded. However, try to repair the boat floor and clean it before sticking the rhino liner.

Is Rhino Lining Good For Boat Floors? 

Rhino lining adds a protective layer to the boat flooring, which waterproofs and strengthens the boat flooring. It also makes the flooring abrasion and corrosion-resistant. With that, rhino lining makes the flooring long-lasting, durable, and non-skid, making the deck safe. Last but not least, rhino lining gives a sleek appearance to the boat deck. 

So yes, rhino lining is definitely good for boat floors. 

Does Rhino Liner Stick To Fiberglass?

Yes, rhino liner sticks to fiberglass flooring easily. In fact, you don’t need to worry about compatibility. Rhino liners can adhere to almost any kind of flooring, starting from aluminum to fiberglass. It settles and adheres strongly to the flooring giving long-lasting protection to the floor. Therefore, you don’t need to worry, as rhino lining can stick to any flooring. 

Is Rhino Liner Boat Floor Waterproof? 

Rhino lining for boat flooring is completely waterproof. In fact, any top-notch flooring material would be less than the waterproofing quality of rhino lining. Be it saltwater or freshwater; rhino lining can survive it all. Moreover, rhino lining can sustain sunlight and UV exposure and is fire retardant. 

Does Rhino Liner Get Hot? 

No, the rhino liner doesn’t get hot easily. Even under the scorching sun, the rhino liner stays cool. This happens because of the excellent heat conductivity of rhino liners. As the rhino liner sticks and adheres firmly to the boat flooring, it doesn’t heat up the flooring. Rather it transfers the heat keeping the boat flooring normal and comfortable. 

How Much Does It Cost To Rhino Line A Boat?

Rhino lining a boat is not so costly. Depending on the area of the boat and the type of rhino lining you are choosing, the price is determined. However, the approximate expense for a rhino lining a boat floor is between $500 to $700. A top-notch rhino lining waterproofs the boat flooring and makes it long-lasting. So investing in rhino lining is a good idea.

Can You Rhino Line The Floor on Your Boat?

While Rhino Liner and similar bedliner coatings are designed for automotive and industrial applications, they are not recommended for use on the floor of a boat. Boat floors are subject to unique challenges in marine environments, including constant exposure to water, UV rays, and abrasion. 

Using bedliner coatings on a boat’s floor may not provide the necessary protection, and it can negatively impact the boat’s performance and safety. Instead, it’s advisable to use marine-grade materials and coatings specifically designed for boats. 

Marine carpets, vinyl flooring, or EVA foam boat flooring are more appropriate choices for boat floors, as they offer the necessary durability and water resistance while maintaining safety and performance.

What Is The Best Covering For a Boat Floor?

The best covering for a boat floor depends on factors like the type of boat, its intended use, and personal preferences. Marine-grade carpet is a popular choice, providing a comfortable, non-slip surface while offering insulation. Vinyl flooring is another excellent option, known for its durability, water resistance, and easy maintenance. 

EVA foam boat flooring is a versatile and lightweight choice, offering cushioning and anti-slip properties. Some boat owners prefer natural materials like teak or other hardwoods for a classic look, but they may require more maintenance. 

The ideal covering should be water-resistant, slip-resistant, easy to clean, and suitable for your specific boating activities.

Can I Rhino Line The Bottom of My Boat?

Applying Rhino Liner or similar bedliner coatings to the bottom of a boat is not recommended. These coatings are primarily designed for use in automotive applications and truck beds and are not suitable for boat hulls. 

The hull of a boat requires specialized materials and coatings designed to withstand the unique challenges of marine environments, including exposure to water, UV rays, and constant abrasion. 

Using bedliner coatings can negatively affect a boat’s performance and may not provide the necessary protection against water infiltration or damage. It’s crucial to use marine-grade coatings and adhere to manufacturer recommendations when it comes to boat maintenance and hull protection to ensure the safety and longevity of your vessel.


Rhino lining on the boat floor is indeed a good decision, in my opinion. But the final decision should be yours only. I just wanted you to make the best decision after knowing all the aspects. 

So now that you know every basic information about the rhino liner boat floor, are you ready to decide? 

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