River Rock Bathroom Floor: New Dimension Of Flooring

River Rock Bathroom Floor New Dimension Of Flooring

River rock floor is a great flooring alternative for bringing a natural and rivery look to the bathroom. By creating a natural environment, you can combine it with any elite decor. If you already use a few flooring elements in the bathroom and if they do not satisfy you, river rock flooring can be a unique choice.

It comes with some features with a natural look that encourage you to install it. Now, you may want to know more about the river rock floor. So, you came to the right place. In this article, I will discuss river rock flooring in detail.

Here are some essential things you need to know, including the method of installing the river rock bathroom floor. Additionally, I will answer some questions to clarify your idea about this flooring material in this article. Then start knowing now.

8 Simple Steps To Install River Rock Bathroom Floor: Best Way

You have to find a better solution to install river rock flooring in your bathroom where there are some simple steps. For your convenience, below is an effective way to install river rock flooring with a few steps.

Step 1: Gather Necessary Equipment

Before starting the installation process, you should assemble some necessary tools. This will allow you to perform the task seamlessly. Please collect the following equipment.

  • Tile cutter;
  • Tile pincer;
  • Drill bits;
  • Installation kit;
  • Thin-set mortar;
  • Tile mortar mixer;
  • Grout floats;
  • Tile spacers;
  • Tile trowel;
  • A rubber bucket;
  • Sponges;
  • Trowel.

Step 2: Prepare Your Bathroom

In the first stage of preparing the bathroom, make sure that the whole place is flat and clean. If the subfloor is crooked, you may have difficulty installing the floor. In addition, your installed floor will be uneven. Slate the floor about 2 inches for drain pitch.

Falling water from the shower can ruin your work. So seal the walls and subfloors with silicone sealers so that no water can enter the floor. Also, remove all used items from the bathroom to empty the area on the floor.

Step 3: Make A Mixture

To go to the next step, take a rubber bucket where you will mix water and cement. You can also use a plastic or iron bucket. However, the problem is that it is so difficult to remove the dried affix from these buckets. It is better not to mix water and cement in approximate measure.

A mixture of water and hardener in the ratio of 0.5 is recommended in this case. Do not make the mortar too thin or thick. Turn it into a smooth paste. Using a tile mortar mixer to complete the task is easier and faster.

Step 4: Apply The Mortar

Start applying thin-set mortar from the opposite corner of the shower area. It is better to use 1/8 inch mortar on 3 square feet at a time so that it does not harden quickly. High-quality white thin-set does not fade in river rock tiles.

Use a trowel that is 6 inches notched to ensure that the tiles are well stuck when spreading the mortar. River rock flooring needs to be done very carefully as the method is a bit different from other tile floorings.

Step 5: Install The River Rock Tiles

After applying the thin-set mortar correctly, install the river rocks on it. Gently tap the interlocking pattern and be careful. Please do not push it too hard as it may touch the concrete below. After setting the stones, make sure that there are no gaps in the tile. If any, fill it with loose gravel.

Perform the same process periodically until the entire floor area of ​​the bathroom is covered. There is one more thing to consider when laying tiles. To prevent the mortar from sticking to the rock tile surface, it can cause the tile to fade. Also, it is difficult to remove later.

Step 6: Apply Rock Tile Enhancer

After installing, use a tile enhancer that protects the tile from damage. Removing excess grout after installing the tile will inadvertently damage your tile. Moreover, the enhancer works best to retain the natural color of the river rocks.

You will need to spend some time using it because the sealer needs to dry properly. It should not go to the next step before drying. In addition to increasing the brightness of river rocks, it will protect your tiles.

Step 7: Apply Grout

In this case, you need to use a high-strength grout. It will keep the tile joints tight, but low-quality grout will not allow your flooring to become durable. Grout can be made by mixing water-cement and sand. However, do the job with good quality cement. So, after applying the grout finely, give it time to dry.

Remove uneven and excess grout using a wet sponge after ensuring it is perfectly set. Wipe the rocks the way that there are no stains on the tiles. Apply grout to all tiles in the same way. Wash the sponge occasionally so that the grout does not stick to other places

Step 8: Apply The Sealer Again 

It is imperative to use a second sealer after the grout has dried to ensure your tiles are protected. Applying grout is not the end because it needs to be sealed. The sealing floor is also essential for other tile floorings with the river rock flooring because it ultimately strengthens the tile joints.

Before applying the sealer to the grout, you have to make sure that the grout has dried well. Do not use sealer in a wet condition because it may damage the grout. So, apply the sealer smoothly and proceed along the line of grout. Also, avoid sealers on tiles as much as possible.

5 Best And Most Appealing River Rock Bathroom Floor Ideas

Here are some of the best river rock flooring ideas from which you can make a better choice. Moreover, your concept of different types of river rock flooring will be clear.

1. Standard River Rock Flooring:

This is a widely used river rock flooring idea. These stones have a complete natural round shape. These tiles are the most popular to bring a natural look to your bathroom floor. As these stones are free from editing, they have some unevenness that gives you the ability to massage your feet.

Moreover, you do not need to go to any other option to maintain the naturalness. You can install it with a completely natural color that will also cool the bathroom environment.

2. Sliced River Rock Flooring:

The idea of ​​flooring with sliced ​​river rocks is quite common, and many people like it. These river rocks are purely natural. This is a good option for those homeowners who usually prefer the flat surface of river rocks. After storage, it is cut and leveled for tile floor installation.

Sliced flooring is better if you do not want standard river rock flooring on a bristly bathroom floor, then sliced ​​flooring is better. The natural colored river rocks with the flat floorings are remarkable.

3. Standing River Rock Flooring:

These river rocks are usually used on walls. These are used in pile size. Those who like river rock tile flooring use these rocks on the bathroom wall to bring an extra natural look. At first glance, the walls look as if they have been piled up with some natural stones that could fall right now.

This is the main attraction. The rocks stand unevenly on the wall as if you arranged them closely. These are slightly larger. You can decorate the wall like the river rocks flooring to bring complete naturalness to your bathroom. Therefore, as its grooves are deep, dirt often gets stuck.

4. Speckled Rocks Flooring:

If you want the same color river rocks flooring in all bathrooms, be sure to choose speckled river rocks. Not everyone wants a natural river stone floor of a different color. So, this is a better option for them. This flooring allows you to enjoy different shades in the same color.

Speckled river rocks usually come in a mixture of gray and white. Some river rocks have light, and some have dark shadows. Different shades of these colors give you a natural feeling and bring diverse beauty to the floor.

5. Sliced Cobblestone River Rock Flooring:

You can choose sliced ​​cobblestone flooring instead of other river rock floorings to make your bathroom look luxurious. It has a few colored stones which are sliced ​​and cut into some oblong shape. Imagine a shower of water falling on a sliced ​​cobblestone flooring that takes you to another natural world.

These include the colors orange, white, black, gray, red, and brownstones. The color variation of the stones makes your bathroom more natural. Sliced ​​cobblestone flooring is great for bringing a gorgeous look altogether.

6 Tips To Maintain Your River Rock Bathroom Flooring: Must Know

It is better to know some tips with the floor installation method. It will give you an idea of your flooring maintenance.

Tip-1: Any tile flooring gets dirty, so keep it clean regularly. In sponge and soapy water, it can be easily cleaned and removed from various stains.

Tip 2: Remove excess grout from the tile immediately after applying the grout. Otherwise, it may become too stiff. In this case, you can use white vinegar.

Tip 3: Keep the bathroom floor as dry as possible. Rock tile flooring joints can gradually weaken if they are wet most of the time. If necessary, reseal the flooring for six consecutive months.

Tip 4: If you are not very amateur, it is better not to use standard rock flooring. It may feel a little uncomfortable to you. Sliced ​​rocks are great for luxury and convenience.

Tip 5: Be careful when walking wet on sliced river rock tile flooring. Because it is quite slippery at this time, if your bathroom drainage system is much better, it will start to dry after a few minutes of bathing.

Pros And Cons Of River Rock Bathroom Flooring 

When you think of installing a river rock floor in the bathroom, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages with other facts. With both in mind, you might be able to make the right decision. Look at the table below to get a quick conception: 

Pros Of River Rock FlooringCons Of River Rock Flooring
Cost-Effective Option. ($4 to $8 per square foot)Poor water draining ability
Don’t Get easily scratchedDo not last so long as you want
Contrary to slipping, that is a major advantageNeed to use a lot of grout
Pleasant to step on for larger and rounded rocksBecomes more slippery for low qual texture
Comes in a few types to make your choiceSometimes walking barefoot can be uncomfortable
Gives the flooring a natural lookRiver rock flooring cannot cope with hard water
The best medium of bringing luxury to your bathroom

Related Questions About River Rock Bathroom Floor:

Are River Rock Bathroom Floors Hard To Clean?

River rock bathroom floors look pretty, but the cleaning process is complicated. The method you have to follow to keep the rocks equally attractive is quite time-consuming. It is rubbed very well for cleaning. Do not use acidic cleaners in any way. This will destroy the stones.

This type of flooring gets dirty quickly. Even if you ever apply dirty water to it, the dirt from it gets stuck in it. Indeed, many people do not like river rock flooring because of the complicated process of cleaning it.

How Do You Clean River Rock Bathroom Floors?

Cleaning the river rock bathroom floor is quite time-consuming, so you have to start with patience if you want to do it effectively. First, rub the rock floor very well with a scrubbing brush to loosen all the dirt.

Use a nylon-bristle brush to scrub the river rock floor. Do not use a metal brush, as this may damage the floor. Turn on the shower to wash the whole floor after rubbing the floor. If you have a corrugated shower, it will be easier to clean the floor.

Can You Tile Over River Rock Bathroom Floor?

It is not impossible to re-tile the river rock bathroom floor, but there are some things to keep in mind. You need to do some pre-testing on your current flooring. If the existing river rock floor is not strong enough, then tiling flooring on it will be a waste of money.

The old rocks will gradually erode and weaken the new floor above and create cracks. But if you are sure that river rock flooring is strong, you can easily install new flooring on it. Consult a professional if necessary.

Is River Rock Good For Bathroom Flooring?

The river rock floor is so popular to bring a tempting design to your bathroom. Also, it is the best option for those who want a natural environment in the shower. It is a cost-effective way to get a sense of luxury. Also, you do not get a stain on the river rock flooring. Therefore, installing bathroom flooring is always recommended.

However, it requires special skills to install, and some people do not want a river rock floor as the cleaning process is quite hard. This flooring is better for casual use.

How Does It Cost To Install A River Rock Flooring?

In the case of river rock bathroom flooring, you have to spend only $4-$8 / square foot. It is less than other flooring costs. So, if you expect a gorgeous look in bathroom flooring within budget, you must choose the river rock bathroom floor. You will be able to collect the necessary materials to install this floor at a very affordable price.

Stones are usually purchased, but you can also manage them from the river bank or beach. This will save the cost of buying rocks. In standard flooring, stones are used in bristly conditions where no separate cutting is required.

How Often Should You Seal A River Rock Bathroom Floor?

Ideally, river rock bathroom flooring needs resealing every six months. The shower is used in modern bathrooms, so your river rock flooring withstands the impact of heavy water every day. If it is a private bathroom, the pressure is less.

If you want to keep your floor free from damage, you can reseal it every six months to 1 year. However, six months is good because most water can weaken the tile joint. In that case, waiting one year is unreasonable.

Final Verdict:

River rock bathroom flooring gives you the feeling of a beach or riverbanks. There are different types of river rock that allow you to install the flooring of your choice. For river rock bathroom flooring, you need to be aware of some essentials.

In addition, installing this luxurious flooring is not the end of the process as it requires regular maintenance.

This article presents step-by-step information about a river rock bathroom floor. Each step of the procedure mentioned here is simply outlined. Hopefully, every piece of information discussed here has been helpful to you.

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