Roomba Mopping Robot: In Details Discussion

Roomba Mopping Robot In Details Discussion

Mopping the floor is a necessary and unavoidable household duty for you to keep the environment of your house safe and healthy. Nowadays, you can use electronic robots to mop your floor remarkably and save valuable time.

Roomba Mopping Robot is a technology-based mop with an inbuilt capacity of mopping the floor with the charged energy of electricity. All you need is to press a button and let it run over the floor freely. It will automatically mop your ground within a short time. Furthermore, it saves your precious time and reduces your potential workload.

However, you will find all the information you need to know before buying this mopping robot by reading this article. I have also included the way I maintain the robot. So read this article from top to bottom.

A Short Overview Of Roomba Mopping Robot

The iRobot Company introduced an electric-powered automatic vacuum cleaner in early September 2002. Later on, they added an artificial mop with the machine to mop the floor after cleaning it. Roomba mopping robot is one of the most used and famous automatic mops marketed by the iRobot Company.

iRobot Company has introduced a series of nine generations of Roomba. Each of them is different depending on their features and working abilities. Most Roomba mopping robots are disk-shaped, but square-shaped robots are becoming more popular. The S series robots are made in a ‘D’ shape to reach each floor corner evenly. 

The automated inbuilt sensor directs the robot to mop the floor. You can press the ‘Spot’ button to sweep a particular space and command the ‘Max’ control to mop the floor till the battery finishes.

However you may mop with the Roomba mopping robot, you must charge the battery before using it. The battery of this robot is replaceable as well as rechargeable. NiMH batteries and Lithium-ion batteries are used in these devices now.

Differences Between The Types Of Roomba Mopping Robots With Features

Roomba has already gone through a nine-generation gap. Nowadays, the robots from the 8th and 9th generations are running—differences between the models of Roomba Mopping Robots regarding the advantages are in the following table.

Salient FeaturesRoomba s9+Roomba j7+Roomba j7

3D Sensor
Uses a 3D sensor to detect the area where to mop and identify the obstacles.It only uses a 3d sensor to see the mopping areas but does not detect the obstacles.The 3D sensor here is used only to follow the command of the user.
Map UtilityCreates a map of the directed area to mop.Do not create any mopping area.It doesn’t have the intuitive ability to make any mop.
NotificationSends a notification to the user of the directing app about the moping area and the obstacles. It shows the user the challenges to get removed as a notification.It does not have an automatic feature to show the user a message.
Suction PowerIt has a suction power of 40x.Suction power is 10x.Same as the j7+ of 10x.
Multi-surface Brush30% dual rubber brush.10% dual rubber brush.Rubber brush.

5 Benefits Of Using Roomba Mopping Robots

As it is an automated machine, Roomba robots reduce your workload by mopping your floor regularly. It saves your time and completes your household task even without your involvement. And if you use the recommended android applications, you will find them more comfortable to use. There are some specific benefits that you can enjoy by using this electric machine.

1. Improves Your Time Management:

One of the essential utilities of using a Roomba mopping robot is that it saves your mopping time significantly. You need to press the commanding buttons or direct the robot through the iRobot App. It will work automatically after setting it up one time. When the robot mops your floor, you can do your other important work. 

2. Simple To Operate:

A Roomba mopping robot is not a complicated mechanical technology to deal with it. You can operate this tool very efficiently by pressing some particular buttons. There is a specific directing app to operate this robot called iRobot App. You will find it very easy to run the app on your phone. After buying one of these, you can find the user manual.

3. Mops Everywhere:

You cannot mop everywhere with your hand or mopping traditionally. You cannot reach some places, such as under your bed, on a surface covered by something, or in areas where your hand is not long enough to mop. Because of the small size of the Roomba mopping robot, it can reach those places and mop quite perfectly without any hassle. 

4. Easy To Maintain:

Though the Roomba mopping robot needs to clean after the mop regularly, it is pretty easy to maintain. To maintain the robot, you need to recharge the battery regularly when the charge is low.  Clean the mopping brush or replace it when it is no longer suitable. You don’t have to do anything more than these.

5. Worth The Money:

Right now, the Roomba robot mop is one of the most cost-effective mopping options. There are nine generations of this robot, and each is worth the money. I have used most of them, and I am entirely satisfied with their longevity. The service and performance they provide are outstanding as well. Once you buy and use it, you will start loving it.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Roomba Mopping Robot

The iRobot company started to produce Roomba mopping robots in 2002. At present, this technology-based product is getting more familiar everywhere. Many users make mistakes when choosing a mopping robot. To avoid being duped, you should consider the following factors before buying.

  • Ability to mop Every floor:

The first thing you should consider before purchasing the robot is if it can mop the floor of your house or not. Sometimes particular mopping robots are unable to mop certain types of floors. So make sure the mopping robot you are buying can mop the floor of your house correctly by having a test mopping.

  • The Scanning Feature:

Run the robot several times before buying it. Check the robot’s scanning quality by putting some small obstacles before it and see how precisely it scans the object. But make sure the obstacle’s height is not more than 3 cm. If it satisfies you with the image, you can buy it.

  • Smart App Connectivity:

Check the connectivity of the intelligent app of your android phone. Most of the Roomba mopping robots use the iRobot app to operate. Try to set a schedule and check if the robot is working according to the plan. To install the app on your android and check if the robot responds to your commands or not. 

  • Battery And Charging Capacity:

The manufacturing company uses NiMH and Lithium-ion batteries to operate the robot. You can read the user manual to know the exact power supply it needs to recharge. Buy them according to your ability to supply the electricity to revive them.

  • Runtime Of The Robot:

You must consider the runtime of the robot before buying it. Try to read the user manual of the robot and have a brief knowledge about its runtime on it. Then run the robot for the desired moment. Check if the robot works till the battery is down or not. If there is any manufacturing defect, communicate with the manufacturing company.

  • The Quality Of The Mop:

There are mops or brushes installed under the disk of the robot. The purpose of this brush is to collect the stain and scrub it properly till it is entirely moped. But every mop is not suitable for your floor. So check the default mop, then buy it. Select the robot with a proper brush or mop for your beautiful floor.

  • The Overall Performance:

You must run a test mopping before buying a mopping robot. Look, the actual thing is that it costs a minimum amount of money that not everyone can afford. So check the machine properly to ensure you don’t throw the money in the garbage. Experience the performance at least once before bringing the robot to your house.

5 Tips To Maintain A Roomba Mopping Robot: Beginners To Advanced Guide

Roomba mopping robots are straightforward to maintain and operate. You just need to do some regular tasks to keep your robot safe and enjoy its service for a long time. The following tips will help you to make your maintenance easy.

Tip-1: Charge The Robot In An Open Place

After mopping the floor, the robot automatically returns to its charger and sets itself in the charging plot. So it would be better for you to keep the charging plot somewhere straightforward to enter for the robot. But if you charge the robot with your responsibility, this is not a mandatory tip for you to follow.

Tip-2: Clear The Floor Before Mopping

The Roomba mopping robot has an inbuilt vacuum cleaning feature. But this robot has a problem with the rubbish of more than 3 cm in height. So before starting to mop with it, clean the area thoroughly. It will help the robot mop clean the floor accurately and increase battery performance.

Tip-3: Try To Set A Schedule

Setting a schedule to mop by the Roomba mopping robot is an effective way to increase its utility. To set the plan, you need to use the iRobot app. The app shows you an interface with a timer. You can set the working time of the robot there. By doing this, you will reduce your duty of operating it regularly.

Tip-4: Clean The Mop Regularly

There is a set of mops or brushes under the disk of the robot. They scrub the stain and polish the floor until it is entirely clean. So it gets damaged and rusty. You need to clean it regularly after the mopping session is over. In addition, you need to clean the filter immediately after mopping. By doing this, you can make your system long-lasting.

Tip-5: Use An Alternative Battery

The robot’s battery is rechargeable and replaceable. You can buy an alternative battery and use it on a routine basis. Try to alter the batteries at least once a week. The alteration of the batteries will extend the lifespan of your robot, and you will find it easy to maintain it.

Related Questions:

Is It Worth Getting A Roomba Mopping Robot?

A Roomba mopping robot is worth the money. A simple electronic device that saves a lot of your valuable time by mopping your floor regularly, even without your involvement. It can be costly, but the service it provides to its owner is too cost-efficient. It helps you to manage and lessen your workload.

After adding the scanning feature to this robot, it has been more effective for android phone users. They can control the device from another room by using the app.

Moreover, I have seen that you need less floor cleaner to work with a Roomba mopping robot than the traditional mopping process.

How Much Time Does The Roomba Mopping Robot Take To Mop The Floor?

It can take about 10 minutes to mop a 200 square feet floor, depending on the type of stain. But depending on the size of the ground, it can vary to mop. The ability to mop the floor is almost the same for all the robots. If the stain is more robust, the mopping time will automatically increase.

Most importantly, one thing you should know here, the larger the floor is, the more time-consuming the mopping will be. In addition, you should be skilled enough to operate a mopping robot correctly. But, indeed, it will take less time to mop the entire floor than the traditional mopping would take.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Roomba Mopping Robot?

The price of the robot varies from $400 to $900, depending on the model and type. The latest model of Roomba s9+ is the most costly one and the commercial industries use these types of mopping robots to clean their massive amount of area. Roomba j7 and Roomba j7+ are used for cleaning the household territories. 

However, if you want to replace the robot’s battery, this may cost you some extra money. Cost also varies on the size and type of the artillery. Usually, a Lithium-ion battery of 3300 mAh will cost you $70 to $80, and a 4000 mAh battery will cost you about $80 to $100.

How Can You Command The Roomba Mopping Robot?

There are two ways to command the Roomba cleaning robot to mop a particular room or floor. There are some specific buttons with specific indicators on the disk of the robot to operate it. You need to press the button to direct the robot in the way you want to run it. Wherever you need to mop, take the robot there and press the buttons.

Another way you can command the robot is by using the iRobot App recommended by the company to control. The app helps you to determine the working period of the robot. It also assists you in creating a map of the floor to be mopped by the robot. Just tap on the prescribed areas and start sweeping.

How Many Years Does A Roomba Mopping Robot Last?

A Roomba robot lasts for 5 to 7 years if you are a cautious user. However, it also depends on how long you use it and what kind of stain you remove with it. Try not to apply the robot to remove too hard stains. You may assist it by cleaning the rough spots yourself and leaving the rest for the robot. Maintain the robot in a normal process. It will last even longer.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Roomba Mopping Robot?

The most notorious disadvantage of the Roomba mopping robot is it creates unnecessary sound while mopping the floor. Though it depends on the type of the floor, it is sometimes unbearable if you use it for a longer time. You cannot use it when you need good silence. Additionally, it costs you an extra amount of money because of charging it.

In some cases, I have seen that it is quite unable to remove the stain properly. So sometimes, you may not have the desired result that you could find in the traditional mopping. Again, the robot may not work if the mop or brush is not fit accurately.

Is It Okay To Run A Roomba Mopping Robot Daily?

It is pretty okay to run a Roomba mopping robot daily. If you can recharge the battery every day, you can use the robot daily. But you should never use this machine for extra time after mopping. It can damage the battery and reduce its lifespan. Moreover, it is a machine, use it for a limited period, and you will enjoy the service for a long time.

What Happens If A Roomba Mopping Robot Gets Stuck?

If a Roomba mopping robot gets stuck with an obstacle, it will ring an alarm and notify you to remove the barrier from its mopping area. The iRobot App also rings if you modify the notification panel. And the robot will automatically stop after a few minutes if the obstacle exists. So it would be better for you to clear the floor before you start mopping with the robot.

Does The Roomba Mopping Robot Use A Lot Of Electricity?

The Roomba mopping robot consumes an efficient amount of electricity. It runs with the energy the battery can provide. A flawless charging of 2 hours will cost you 75 watts a day. The rate of the electricity bill will depend on the area you live.

NiMH battery or Lithium-ion battery is the power source of this robot. You must recharge the battery regularly if you use the robot every day. Generally, it will use more electric power if you leave it charging all day long. So, try to unplug the charger when it is fully charged and use it only when it is needed.

Final Thoughts:

Roomba mopping robot is a practical automatic mop that makes mopping less time-consuming. It assists you in keeping your floor bright and shiny. You just need to maintain the device properly to enjoy its benefits. Despite having some noise issues, the robot is an ultimate solution for those who cannot manage their busy schedule.

However, I have shared my personal experience regarding the Roomba cleaning system in this article. Try to consider everything I have provided here before buying this fantastic device. Hopefully, you will find peace and pleasure while mopping this tremendous unit.

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