Shark Mopping Robot? [Everything You Should Know]

Shark Mopping Robot

First, ask yourself, why do you need a shark mopping robot? Your house is probably too big. Are you too busy to clean it? Too many carpets? Pet hair? If any of these questions make you think about buying a mopping robot, you’ve come to the right place. 

Shark mopping robots are great for cleaning hardwood floors. They’re advanced models and can easily detect the otherwise undetected. Again, if your house is relatively clean and tidy, you don’t have to bother yourself with a pricey model. 

This article here will give you all the insights on robot vacuums, the rage of now. What things you should keep in mind before buying a Shark mopping robot and which ones are the best—we’ve covered it all. Keep reading till the very end to gather more knowledge on these mini-robots. 

Shark Mopping Robot: A General Overview

Shark has combined the idea of vacuuming and mopping at the same time with the help of RV2001WD VacMop. It’ll break down all sorts of stubborn stains, 100 scrubs per minute, and absorb the dirt into a washable mopping pad. 

The UltraClean mode can be turned on from the SharkClean app for targeting multiple spots and providing a deep clean. The robot vacuum also has incredible suction power that picks up all kinds of debris and dust easily. 

It’s the perfect choice for both small and big homes, thanks to its LIDAR technology and AI Laser Navigation. The mopping robot accurately maps your whole house within the first try and ensures total home coverage. 

How To Use A Shark Mopping Robot? (4 Simple Steps)

Before settling in with the mopping robot, you must know how to use it first. There are some steps that you’ll have to follow when using it for the first time. Later on, daily cleaning with the help of your mopping robot becomes a piece of cake. Step by step description is given below.

Step-1: Setting Up The Base

It’s important to find a permanent location for the charging dock first. The area needs to be clean and have a strong Wi-Fi connection. You can move the dock around but your robot will be remapping the whole house and that’s a bummer.  

Attach the provided landing mat to the charging dock and place it with its back against the wall. Remove any objects from either side of the base that may hinder the use of the robot. Plugin the dock and attach the side brushes to the square pegs on the bottom of the robot. 

Step-2: Charging The Mopping Robot

It takes up to 6 hours for a Shark mopping robot to fully charge. The mopping vacuum has a pre-installed rechargeable battery that makes it easy to do so. Charge the robot vacuum by placing it on the dock and turning on the power button.

Make sure the charging contacts of both the robot and the dock are touching. A beep will be heard then and the indicator light will turn blue from green. Besides, the robot will need to be manually placed on the dock if it has no charge at all or it simply can’t return to its base. 

Step-3: Prepping Your House

Since your robot can sense most obstacles around the house, you should set up no-go zones and map the house with the help of the SharkClean app. Clear all those small objects that could obstruct the movement of the mopping robot. 

Remove all rugs before mopping and set up the Carpet Detection mode in the app. It’s also suggested to remove carpets from areas that you’d want to move. Use BotBoundary strips to block staircase areas.

Schedule a daily cleaning too along with a mopping run for the mopping robot to start from the next day. Just avoid moving around the dock often unless you’re okay with letting the robot remap the whole house again and taking an entire day for it to charge.  

Step-4: Setting Up The Mopping Robot

The robot needs to do an Explore Run first and Carpet Detection should be set up in the app. Also, it’s better to take help from the manual before attaching the mopping robot parts on your own. 

After you’re done attaching all the parts, it’s time to set up your SharkClean app and its voice controls. Choose an AI assistant from Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Connect the two devices and now you can use voice commands to get your mopping robot working. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Shark Mopping Robot:

Selecting a comparatively better model is the key. But, you’ll have to allow the vacuum to do its job sometimes. Now, besides these issues, what other things do you have to keep in mind? Given below are 3 things you have to consider before investing in a shark mopping robot. 

  • Budget:

This is the first thing you should be worried about before deciding on a good shark mopping robot model. You’ll have to be willing to spend at least 200$ on a robot vacuum. Plus, daily use and weekly cleaning can take a toll on your power bill. 

To make it easier, list down one thing you want your shark vacuum to be best at. It could be mopping, vacuuming, cleaning, etc. Then, go through all the best shark models and find one that’s an expert in this one feature. 

Later, take a look at the price tag and see which one fits your budget. Make sure you prioritize the quality too. You’ll need to invest in something that will last you for years without making you question it.

  • Battery Life:

If your house is too big, it’ll take around an hour for the robot mop to clean it up. If you live in a small house or just want to clean a small area, it wouldn’t take more than half an hour. Some robots serve for longer periods compared to others. So which one should you choose?

Roomba should be your first choice instead of Shark if you want to buy a mopping robot for your big house. This is because Roomba serves for an additional 30 mins before heading back to the power or charging station. 

The mini robot will also need frequent charging. So, you’ll have to keep in mind the electricity bill. I’d still say Roomba is a better choice than Shark as the charge durability is higher in a Roomba. On the other hand, Shark would be a better option for small abodes.

  • Noise Level:

You might be wondering, who cares about the noise level of a little robot? You see, no such machine will go on without making any noise at all. The operating system of the robot vacuum won’t allow it to. Then again, nobody would want their peace to be ruined by the constant reminder of the robot vacuum doing its thing. 

Therefore, remember to do some tests before purchasing. See for yourself what noise level you’re comfortable with. If you’re buying it online, read the reviews or contact the seller to find out how noisy or quiet the machine is. 

4 Tips On Shark Mopping Robot Maintenance: Use Them For A Longer Period

Mopping robots are the perfect solution for maintaining a neat and tidy home without having to put in much effort. The features, sensors, and extra parts all come together to provide your house with a spotless look. 

But, a mopping robot requires human intervention from time to time. And luckily for you, there are ways you can maintain your Shark mopping robot for a longer period without having to worry about its durability. Some of the tips are listed below:

Tip-1: Getting Rid Of Obstacles 

Here, the word obstacle doesn’t mean giant rocks in your house. It’s the cords, long curtains, carpets, or rugs that your robot vacuum would find hard to pass over. It even makes the robot stop dead on its track sometimes. 

To prevent this from happening, you should remove any sort of cords that could hinder the robot’s movements. This could be your charger or other wired devices’ cords. Also, tie up the long curtains in your house beforehand.

Tip-2: Setting Boundaries

If your house is too big, you’d want to set no-go zones. This allows the robot to maneuver around your home without running over places you want to keep it away from. There are different ways to do this though. 

The SharkClean app itself creates a map of your house and allows you to set no-go zones. Some models come with boundary strips that you can physically place anywhere you want them. You can even cordon areas by using a baby gate or so. 

Tip-3: Creating A Schedule

Since most mopping robots have scheduling capabilities, why not take advantage of them? Select which hour on which days of the week you want your mopping robot to do the job. 

This is preferred because the robot won’t be bothering you if you’re working outside. You’ll also come home to a clean and tidy house every time. 

Tip-4: Cleaning Your Vacuum

This has to be the most important step. Cleaning is very essential for the robot. It ensures a smooth performance by preventing hair wraps and tangles. 

Periodically clean your robot vacuum to clean dirt and debris from taking over your mopping robot. Empty the dustbin. Use shears to cut off hair tangles. Wipe the charging sensors and anti-drop sensors.  

After every six months, you should swap out the filter with a new one. Some models may have an extra filter but you can also buy one online for a cheap amount. Also, consider self-empty models over manual cleanings. 

How To Mop With Shark Ai Robot

To mop with the Shark AI Robot, first ensure the water tank is filled and the mop attachment is securely in place. Place the robot in the desired cleaning area and activate the mopping function through the Shark app or on the robot’s control panel.

The AI technology enables the robot to navigate and adapt to different floor types. Supervise its progress initially to ensure efficiency. After use, clean the mop attachment and empty the water tank.

Regularly maintain and replace the mop pad for optimal performance. The Shark AI Robot simplifies mopping with its intelligent features, providing a convenient and effective cleaning solution.

How To Setup Mi Robot Vacuum Mop

To set up the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop, start by charging the device fully. Download the Mi Home app, create an account, and pair the robot with your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Follow the app’s instructions to connect the device.

Attach the mop pad to the designated slot beneath the robot. Fill the water tank, ensuring it’s securely in place. Place the robot in the desired starting position and initiate a cleaning session through the app.

Customize cleaning preferences and schedule routines as needed. Regularly clean the dustbin and mop pad after each use. The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop is now ready to efficiently clean your space.

How To Clean The Mopping Tray On a Sweeping Robot

To clean the mopping tray on a sweeping robot, first, remove the tray from the robot’s underside. Discard any excess water or cleaning solution. Detach the mop pad and either dispose of or clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Rinse the mopping tray thoroughly under running water, removing any dirt or residue. Use a mild detergent for stubborn stains. Ensure all components are completely dry before reassembling. Regular maintenance of the mopping tray prolongs the robot’s efficiency and prevents cross-contamination.

Follow the specific guidelines provided in the user manual for your sweeping robot to ensure proper care and optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Does It Take Your Shark Mopping Vacuum To Learn Your House Layout?

It’ll take approximately 10 hours for a Shark mopping robot to learn to map your house. Some robot vacuums can take a whole day. You should allow it to take its time as it’s better to be able to clean every room perfectly than to miss out on some spots because of poor house mapping skills. 

When’s The Best Time To Clean Your House With A Shark Mopping Robot?

Honestly, any time of the day is alright as it’s a robot mop. You won’t have to do anything besides scheduling a cleaning time from your phone app. The robot will then go on to mop and vacuum your house at said time. 

Most people use it at night so that the mopping robot will do its thing while everyone’s asleep. You’ll wake up to a clean and tidy house. But if you prefer to sleep soundly at night, then it’s better to let the machine out in the morning. That way, you’ll also have a cleaner house for the rest of the day. 

Are Shark Mopping Robots Good For Hardwood Floors? 

Shark mopping robots are great for hardwood floors. They will do the work for you, yes, but they’ll also increase the durability of the floorings by 10 folds. It’s still better to get one that’s created specifically for hardwood floors like the Shark AV911S EZ robot vacuum. 

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Shark Mopping Robot?

Most mopping robots cost over $300. Shark mopping robots usually range from 100$-500$. Overpriced ones aren’t worth it, to be honest. A 900$ mopping robot would work just as same as a 300$ would. So, go through the pros and cons of the given model and find out if it best fits your budget and needs. 

Why Should You Choose The Shark Mop Robot As Your Cleaning Partner?

Shark makes mopping robots exclusively for home cleaning. And that includes cleaning, mopping, and vacuuming. Other brands can’t compare to the all-in-one features that a regular Shark robot vacuum would provide. Shark has been the talk of the town for years now and will continue to be so, thanks to its luxurious features, aesthetic look, and, of course, the affordable price range. 

Is A Robot Vacuum And Mop Worth It?

Yes, a robot vacuum and mop can be worth it for many people. These devices offer convenience by automating floor cleaning tasks, saving time and effort. They navigate autonomously, reaching corners and under furniture that may be challenging for traditional vacuums.

The dual functionality of vacuuming and mopping makes them versatile for different floor types. While initial costs may be higher, the time saved and consistent cleaning performance can justify the investment.

For busy individuals or those with mobility issues, a robot vacuum and mop provide a hands-free solution to maintaining a clean home, enhancing overall comfort and hygiene.

Is There a Robotic Floor Mop For Engineered Floors?

Yes, there are robotic floor mops designed for engineered floors. Many robotic mops on the market are versatile and suitable for various floor types, including engineered wood.

These devices typically feature smart navigation systems to avoid damaging delicate surfaces, and they often have customizable settings to adjust cleaning intensity. Before purchasing a robotic mop, it’s advisable to check the product specifications and compatibility to ensure it is suitable for use on engineered floors.

Additionally, user reviews and manufacturer recommendations can provide insights into the performance of specific robotic mops on engineered wood surfaces.


Due to the spread of uncountable diseases, it’s become a must to keep your floors and house clean. Daily mopping and vacuuming won’t do you any justice if you’re not spending enough time on it. This is where modern robot vacuums come to view.

These mini-robots have better features than regular vacuum cleaners. So, why not invest in one and save tons of your time and money? Make sure you compare all the models given above and choose only the best one for your house.

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