Tile Floor Cleaning Machine Rental: [Know The Available Services]

tile floor cleaning machine rental

Tile floor cleaning can be done at home by yourself but you can also choose a rental service. Rental services provide advanced equipment that you may not like to buy. If floor cleaning is very occasional at home, you would go for a floor cleaning machine rental service. For occasional deep cleaning of the floor, renting a floor cleaning machine is the best option. 

You can get different types of tile cleaning machines on rent. As per the flooring type and area, you can choose the equipment. Despite investing in different tools in different situations, renting as per the necessity is more time-saving and cost-effective. 

But before you go to rent a floor cleaning machine, you need adequate information to make an informed decision. In this article, you will get a clear idea about tile floor cleaning machine rental. So keep reading!

5 Floor Cleaning Tools To Rent: Choose The Right One

Before you go to any rental service, you have to know what you would need. And thus, you should first know about the services or tools that a rental service would provide you. 

I have listed 5 basic floor cleaning tools that you are likely to get in any rental service. Note that some rentals may have more equipment to offer. 

1. Floor Scrubber Cleaner:

For industrial floor cleaning, a floor scrubber dryer is the best option. The scrubber is powered by a battery and you can move forward and backward to clean large floors. The scrubbing brush deeply cleanses the floor while the wiper at the back wipes away the residue from the flooring. 

A floor scrubber is the most common tool that a rental service would have. As industrial cleanings are occasional, you can rent them when needed rather than investing in a new cleaning machine

2. Floor Buffers:

A floor buffer is another tool that you may not need regularly but can use from time to time to get shiny and tidy flooring. Propane buffers are applied on hard floorings that require deep cleaning. The device is smaller than an industrial scrubber dryer. It has a pad that rotates and removes the dirt. With a handle, you can operate the device. 

Propane buffers work by the power of LP propane. You can select the size of the device as per necessity. 

3. Speed Monitored Battery Buffers: 

If you want to eliminate the usage of propane, the rental services can offer you battery buffers. These buffers are generally more powerful and effective than propane buffers. The battery-driven buffers gently polish and clean the flooring. 

You can choose the speed of the battery buffer. A low-speed buffer would clean the surface while the high-speed is for leaving a polished flooring. You can also go for a dual-speed buffer to get both the benefits. 

4. Vacuum Cleaner: 

The vacuum cleaner is a basic cleaning tool that most people might have in their homes. But in case you don’t have it, the tile flooring is needed to vacuum clean. Vacuum cleaning the tile floor removes the loose dirt before you deep clean or mop the floor. 

So if you need a vacuum cleaner very occasionally, you can rent a vacuum cleaner from the rental services. 

5. Special Cleaners: 

According to the type of flooring, you can choose a special flooring cleaning machine. Not all floors need the same level of care of equipment. So you can choose any equipment that you need. Special tile cleaner, multi-surface cleaning machine, to UV cleaning machines, you can choose any of the special cleaning machines you require for special care of the floor. 

Is It Better To Buy Or Rent Tile Floor Cleaning Machine? 

The general cleaning equipment like a mop, wiper, sweep, etc. are available at the home. But some equipment is needed occasionally. Therefore, is it wise to buy this equipment or to rent them when needed? 

Below is a comparison table that compares the differences between buying and renting tile floor cleaning machines: 

Needs maintenance and repairingYesNo
Pay when neededNoYes
Option to upgrade the machine modelYesNo
Capital spendingYesNo
Wear out with timeYesNo

So you can see that the expense is more if you buy the equipment. But if you rent it, you need to pay when you need the tools. Also, maintenance is needed if you buy the cleaning tools. But if you rent them, you don’t have to maintain the equipment. 

4 Useful Tips To Choose Tile Floor Cleaning Machine Rental:

You should choose a rental service carefully. For choosing the rental service, you need to take care of some factors. If you know these factors, you can easily shortlist the best rental services near you. For your convenience, I am here with some expert tips for selecting the best floor cleaning rental service: 

Tip 1: Availability Of Floor Cleaning Equipment

The availability of flooring cleaning equipment matters a lot. If the rental service has a good collection of cleaning tools, you can rely on the rental service. When you get various options, you can choose the right equipment for cleaning the floor. 

Tip 2: Budget

If you have a budget, you should find the rental service accordingly. Note that the rental services would offer equipment at similar prices. The pricing should not fluctuate too much. So do your research to check the standard pricing for each piece of equipment. Choose the one that charges a reasonable price for each piece of equipment. 

Tip 3: Customer Service

A reliable flooring cleaning machine rental service would guide you and consult you on any issues. You can expect complete support and guidance from the customer support and service. So before you choose a service, make sure that it offers full support. 

Tip 4: Reviews

Relying on reviews is one of the best ways to select a rental service. Online reviews can tell a lot about the rental company. If you see that maximum people have got good results from the rental service, you can trust the company. Never select a company with bad reviews. 

Related Questions: 

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Floor Steam Cleaner? 

The cost of tile floor cleaning tools varies depending on which equipment you are choosing. If you choose a steam cleaner, it would cost around $24 for 24 hours. For 48 hours, you can rent the steam cleaner for $39 to $40. This is the average cost of renting a steam cleaner. But the pricing can vary from company to company and also according to the brand of the device. 

Can You Rent A Tile Floor Cleaning Machine? 

Yes, you can rent a tile floor cleaning machine. The best tool for cleaning the tile flooring is a tile and grout cleaner machine. This device is specially designed to clean the tile flooring as well as the grout lining to bring back the shine and glamor in the flooring. Similarly, you would get other suitable tile floor cleaning devices on rent. 

How Much Does A Floor Cleaning Machine Cost? 

If you are considering buying a floor cleaning machine rather than renting, you must know the pricing. Below is a chart mentioning the cost of a floor cleaning machine: 

SizeAverage Price Range
Small $7000 to $10,000
Medium$10,000 to $23,000
Large$23,000- $30,000

Final Thoughts: 

To conclude, I must say that renting a tile floor cleaning machine is a wise decision if you occasionally deep clean the floor. You can save money, time, and energy on maintaining the tools if you choose to rent them when needed. 

To find a reliable floor cleaning machine rental service by following the tips and getting the tools you need for a sparkling and clean floor. 

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