Vinyl Flooring Colors: How To Choose Them Rightly?

vinyl flooring colors

You might have heard that the patterns for vinyl floors are printed digitally and therefore, are available in any color you can imagine. Now that you know it, don’t you feel a bit more burdened with the thought that how your house might look now completely depends on your sense of aesthetics? 

I am a lifestyle blogger and I can help you make the right decision on choosing the perfect vinyl flooring colors for every corner of your house.

In this article, I will tell you about all the factors that you should keep in mind while choosing the color of vinyl flooring. No matter what type of vinyl flooring you are going to install, this article will guide you to make your house more presentable and soothing.

11 Things To Consider For Vinyl Flooring Colors:

Perhaps you have a very good taste for colors. Maybe your sense of color combination in dresses has always been a hit among your friends. But choosing the color for your floors is a completely different ball game. You need to consider a  lot of factors for that. Here I have tried to cover all of the factors to consider for choosing a befitting vinyl flooring color:

1. Floor Colors For Coziness:

When you enter a room, the first thing that works on your mind to create an impression about the room is the color of the floor, along with the colors of the ceiling and the walls.

Have you noticed that you feel more comfortable in some rooms than in others? One of the reasons behind it is the color of the floor. It is proven in studies that our subconscious minds feel more comfortable in rooms with darker floors.

Darker floor complexions like brown or black bring more coziness to your room than a light-colored one. So, if you value ease of mind the most, maybe a darker shade of vinyl floor is just for you.

There are many popular dark shades of a vinyl floor in the market including coffee oak, pitch black, black marble, casket oak, and walnut to give your room the feel of comfort.

2. Floor Colors For Openness:

The floor color itself can make a smaller room look wide and vice versa. If your room is a small one and you do not like the overall look of it, you can make it look wider by changing the floor color.

There are many mind-blowing light-colored shades of vinyl flooring in the market. Boathouse, cottage, and grey mountain are just a few of them. 

The extra light that reflects your eyes from a lighter-colored vinyl floor, creates the impression of wider space in your mind. If you are claustrophobic or just like the openness in a room, the lighter shades of vinyl colors should be your preference.

3. Floor Colors For Peace:

Colors have an impact on our emotions. Some colors tend to excite our minds and some do the opposite. You can enhance your chances of peace in the house by choosing the right color for your vinyl flooring.

Blue and gray are the colors that set our minds in peace. There are hundreds of shades of the mentioned two colors in the market to be chosen for vinyl flooring. Bring a sense of calmness and purity to your house by choosing any of them.

4. The Classic Floor Colors:

Since the opportunity is unlimited, you can have any classic look in your floorings with vinyl solutions. Vinyl flooring can mimic ceramic tiles, wooden planks, marbles, and any other popular flooring very meticulously.

If you are that person who always loves to think of himself as connected with the past, you can take any of the classic-looking shades of vinyl floors for your house.

5. The Elite Floor Colors:

Did you feel that some colors truly express elitism and aristocracy? Yes, they do. You can bring that class to your room by using some specific vinyl flooring colors. You can look for the classy linen color or the pearls-colored vinyl floors. Sometimes, deep browns and black floors do the trick.

6. The Light Factor:

The same object looks different with different types of lights. Your vinyl floors also do the same. If you forget to consider this, your whole plan about floor color will be jeopardized.

  • The Daylights:

Before deciding on the floor color, closely observe how lights come and go in the particular room at different times of the day. Mark how the golden sunlight of the morning and the evening play with your room. 

Different times of the day create different atmospheres in space due to changes in light. Choose a color that reveals itself in both morning and evening daylights. Try to compliment the natural light with a befitting floor color.

  • The Night Lights:

Notice carefully the artificial lighting set up of your house. Remember that most of the house parties are held at night. Choose a flooring color theme that is a perfect match for the night lights or redo your lighting to suit the new vinyl flooring. 

If you like lots of lights in the house, you can choose a darker floor color. However, If you are fond of fewer lights at night, I would recommend a light-colored floor for your house. Proper lighting also helps to reveal the sophisticated patterns of designer vinyl flooring.

7. The Furniture Factor:

Both the color and volume of the furniture in your house should be consistent with the vinyl flooring colors.

  • Colors Of Your Furniture:

The colors of the furniture and home appliances that you are using should be considered carefully while choosing the vinyl flooring colors. Always try to create a contrast of color between the floor and the furniture. 

For example, if the kitchen cabinet has a light color, a darker floor can complement it nicely and vice versa. The contrast of the color will make both the furniture and the floor prominent and significant. A good sense of color combination can give your room an artistic look.

  • The Volume Of Your Furniture:

The volume of furniture is another factor to look out for when selecting the floor color. If your room is crowded with a lot of furniture and there is little to see of the floor, you should avoid the darker shades of vinyl flooring. Dark floors will make the room look more cramped.

On the other hand, If there is less furniture in the room, compared to its total area, you should go for the lighter shades of floors. You can add wideness to your room just by changing the color of the floor.

8. Different Colors For Different Rooms:

Not every room is used for the same purpose. Why should they have the same color of floors? Vinyl flooring is all about the colors of your imagination. Utilize them properly.

  • Playful Colors For The Playroom:

Playrooms and children’s bedrooms are those places where your children learn to enhance their imaginations. Help them do that with your new vinyl flooring. Do not hesitate to use any fancy color and pattern in those rooms. You will easily find hundreds of childish colors and patterns of vinyl flooring in the market.

  • Dark Floors For Bedrooms:

Dark brown or black colored floors bring coziness to a room. Use them to make your bedroom comfier. You will not regret the decision if you have insomnia.

  • Lighter Shades For Dining & Living Room:

Most of us want to see your living room and dining space as a wide and open one. To make it happen, use lighter shades of vinyl flooring. You will be amazed by the difference a light-colored vinyl floor can make to your living room and dining room.

9. For Design-Led Customised Floors:

A specialty of vinyl flooring is its demand in the state-of-the-art arena. The diverse color and pattern and the scope to turn any thought into reality have made vinyl flooring the champion in design-led customized flooring. 

This is a great opportunity for you to express yourself by hiring a designer for a customized vinyl floor of the colors of your personality and desires. I have seen some people using red shades for their vinyl floors. It enhanced the festivity of the living room.

10. Close-To-Nature Floors:

Despite living in the concrete jungles for hundreds of years, a part of you always will try to relate with nature. You can satisfy that part of yours by choosing some nature-imitating colors of vinyl flooring.

You can choose floor colors just like hardwood or stone. It is almost impossible to tell the difference. You will even find different shades like time-worn wood or identical marble-colored vinyl flooring.

11. The Maintenance Factor:

While choosing the right color for your vinyl flooring, you should also be practical. You must consider the long-term maintenance a floor could demand according to its color.

  • Cleaning The Floor:

The frequency and depth of cleaning you might need also depend on the color of the floor. Because lighter shades of vinyl floors need less cleaning compared to darker ones.

  • The Stains On The Floor:

On the other hand, a dark-colored vinyl floor will help you hide any untoward stains from the vinyl floor. You should know that vinyl floors are prone to get stains.

  • The Scratches On The Floor:

If you are worried about the probable scratches that your vinyl floors could have in the future, you should take light-colored vinyl floors. They do not make the scratches, made by heavy furniture movement or your pets too much visible.

What Are The Trendy Colors Of Vinyl Flooring?

I will now suggest to you some specific colors for vinyl flooring. They are extremely trendy nowadays. If it is too much to consider too many things for the color of your new vinyl flooring, choose any of the following:

  • Beige:

You will never regret choosing a beige-colored vinyl floor. They are now a new phenomenon. You can find different shades of beige for vinyl flooring, ranging from different wood to creative tiles and marble.

  • Black:

Different shades of black vinyl flooring give your room extra warmth and elegance at the same time. From the appearance, none can tell the difference between a black marbled flooring and a black-shaded vinyl flooring.

  • Brown:

Brown floors are also the fashion of the time. Different wood patterns of brown vinyl floors bring a perfect classic look to the room.

  • Gray:

To me, gray vinyl floors look fabulous in the kitchen. Gray also brings calmness to the room.

  • Orange:

If you like festivity in your house round the year, you may go for the orange floor. Orange vinyl floors will surely cheer up your mood no matter what the situation is.

  • Red:

Red floors are always considered classy. The red-oak colored vinyl flooring is in high demand in the market now.

  • White:

Different shades of white vinyl floors can be your priority while choosing vinyl floors. They make your rooms brighter and wider in appearance.

Commonly Asked Questions On Colors Of Vinyl Flooring:

What Colors Does Vinyl Flooring Come In?

Vinyl floorings can come in any color you can imagine. The topmost layer of vinyl floor sheets, planks, and stripes are printed in digital printers. This means any computer-generated improvised shade of a color can be brought to vinyl flooring without any extra effort.

Which Vinyl Flooring Colors To Use In Basements?

If your basement has less light, you can choose any bright-colored vinyl flooring for it. You should also consider how much of your basement area is free of any furniture or equipment. If the basement is a cramped one, you should choose a light-colored vinyl flooring for it. Anyway, if you want to know the best vinyl floor ideas for basements, then this article is for you.

Can You Use Different Vinyl Floor Color In Different Rooms?

You can surely use different vinyl flooring colors in different parts of your house. There is an opportunity to be creative in this regard. Different types of rooms demand different types of color on the floor.

For a living room or a dining space, generally, light-colored vinyl floors are used. For a playroom, pink, orange, or red-colored floors are appropriate. Whereas you can use dark floors in your bedroom to make them comfier.

What Color of Vinyl Flooring Is Good For Easy Maintenance?

So far cleaning is concerned, dark floors need more frequent cleaning than that of a light-colored vinyl floor. A dark background always highlights any specks of dirt, which are mainly of lighter colors.

However, dark vinyl floors are good to hide any hard-to-clean stains. So far scratches are concerned, light-colored vinyl floors do better to cover them up.

Do Colors Of Vinyl Flooring Have Impacts On Your Mind?

Different shades of vinyl flooring enable different types of environments in a room. If you have a dark-shaded vinyl floor in the room, you will feel comfier. Blue or gray vinyl floors calm the environment and induce peace in our minds. Bright colors like red or orange excite our minds and fill them with festivities.

Can You Change The Look Of Your Room With Vinyl Flooring Colors?

You can change the appearance of your room by changing the flooring colors. Vinyl flooring solutions can help with this to a great extent since they come in almost all possible colors. 

A light-colored floor makes your room look wider. Whereas, dark vinyl floors may give your room a cramped appearance. If chosen following the colors of the wall, the ceiling, and furniture of the room, floor colors can make your room look like a piece of art. Follow these amazing ideas to make your living room look more appealing with vinyl flooring.

Should You Buy Vinyl Flooring From Online Stores?

The pictures that you see on websites or online stores are taken by professional photographers. There is a high risk that they might be larger than life and may not represent the products with honesty.

I would suggest you physically visit a vinyl flooring store and see their true colors with your own eyes. Again, be cautious about the lighting that is used in the store. Because colors change with lights. If possible take a piece of the vinyl plank, sheet, or stripe to daylight to be sure of its color.

Final Words:

You must be very prudent while choosing vinyl flooring colors in different areas of the house. Because your house is an extension of your existence. The colors of your floors define your public personality and also to some extent determine your mental and physical status.

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  3. Your tips on what kinds of colors to choose when picking vinyl flooring were really helpful. Using lighter colors for the kitchen and a darker tone for the bedroom makes quite a lot of sense since you want to set the mood for those kinds of areas as effectively as possible. I’ll make sure this is the kind of mood I go for when I find a flooring expert in the area who can help us out.

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