Vinyl Flooring For Family Room: Are They Worthy Enough?

vinyl flooring for family room

The family room is the heart of any home. This is where the family bonding is done. All those little interactions among family members while chatting, watching TV, or doing nothing specific in the family room, makes invaluable memories to be cherished for the rest of the life.

That is why making your family room as comfortable, cozy, and aesthetic as possible is what you should try with extra care. One of the ways to do that could be using vinyl flooring for the family room.

I have been in the real estate business for the last 20 years and in this article, I will explain all the positive and negative aspects of vinyl flooring if they are used in the family room.

9 Benefits Of Vinyl Flooring For Family Room:

In a short period, vinyl flooring has become one of the most popular flooring solutions around the world. Vinyl flooring has some advantages over many other flooring solutions. The benefits of using vinyl flooring in the family room could be defined as follows:

1. Comfort & Warmth:

Vinyl sheets and luxury vinyl planks are the two types of vinyl flooring, which are famous for being comfortable and warm for footing. They have a special thermal feature that makes them warm.

In the family room, where family members spend most of their moments in the house, it should be comfortable enough. That is why I prefer vinyl flooring in the family room.

2. Easy To Clean:

In the family room, most of the family members gather and have fun. So, an accidental spill or high accumulation of dirt on the floor is very common in a family room. All kinds of vinyl flooring solutions are very easy to clean. 

Moreover, all those get-togethers of friends and other friends also take place in the family room. You can imagine how dirty the floor might become after one of those programs.

A casual sweep or mopping with a moist cloth is enough to keep the vinyl flooring shining like new. At most, you may occasionally need to mop them with warm water mixed with mild detergents. This feature of vinyl flooring has put them ahead of most other flooring solutions when cleanliness is considered.

3. Durability:

Modern vinyl floorings are resistant to scratches. It is hard to put stains on them. Vinyl floorings do not absorb water. All these features give them a longer life compared to other flooring solutions.

The floor of the family room faces the most intense challenge in the whole house. Because all the family members get engaged in different types of activities in that place. So, as a durable flooring solution, vinyl flooring should be a priority for a family room.

4. Versatile Designs:

Vinyl flooring can come in any color you can imagine. They are printed in digital printers and that is why any computer-generated design can be adopted on vinyl floors. They can even mimic a stone, marble, ceramic, or wooden floor very genuinely.

Family rooms are supposed to be the most enjoyable corner of the house. So, it will be wise to take advantage of the versatility of designs of vinyl flooring in the family room. I suggest using playful colors and designs in a family room. It will bring a sense of joy.

Vinyl comes in a vast range of designs, patterns, textures, and colors, providing the homeowners the freedom to adopt whatever style they desire in the family room. 

5. Cost-Effective Maintenance:

Compared to most of the other flooring solutions, vinyl flooring is less expensive to install and maintain. You can keep the floor clean with minimal resources. The cost of repairing vinyl flooring is also very low. This can be a good consideration for people with limited income. Vinyl flooring can be very cost-effective if you do the estimate properly before the installation.

In a family room, you do not take each step cautiously. There you act out of joy and exuberance. Ultimately the floor of the family room gets damaged and dirty more frequently than the rest of the house. So, using vinyl flooring in the family room will save you some money.

6. Easy To Repair:

Vinyl planks and vinyl stripes are very easy to repair. You do not have to redo the whole flooring for partial damages. Replacing the damaged planks with new ones can be done smoothly by the user himself.

This feature of vinyl flooring is very much appreciated in a family room. The floor of the family room is always tested to the extreme level by all kinds of recreational activities of the family members. Ultimately the furniture and the floor of the room have to pay the price. So far as the floor is concerned, the perfect solution can be vinyl flooring.

7. Children-Friendly Flooring:

If you have kids in the house, you will like what vinyl flooring will do in the family room. There is more than one reason that vinyl flooring is friendly to children.

Children will run, jump and fall on the floor. The soft and warm texture of the vinyl floor will prevent them from getting hurt while doing so.

Children will do paintings. They will also play with water. So I bet there must be regular spills of painting colors, water, and whatnot. The easy-to-clean feature of vinyl flooring makes them the champion in a house where there are children.

8. Pet-Friendly Flooring:

If you have a pet inside the house, you will thank god that you have installed vinyl flooring in the family room. It doesn’t matter whether the pet is furry or not, you are bound to leave some marks on the family room flooring.

Like many other flooring solutions, pet furs do not get stuck with vinyl flooring. Cleaning liquids is also easier in vinyl flooring. This feature is helpful to clean the wastes of the pets in the family room.

No matter how trained your pets are, when they are playful in the family room, they can always scratch the floor with their sharp nails. The scratch-resistant character helps to mitigate the risk to a great extent.

9. Prevents Electrocutions:

Most of the vinyl flooring solutions are anti-static. It means electricity cannot pass through them.

Children and family members of a family remain out of danger from electric shocks if vinyl flooring is used in the family room. Electric shocks from the floors are very common in cold and dry weather. 

5 Disadvantages Of Vinyl Flooring For Family Room:

Despite all these positive aspects, vinyl flooring has some drawbacks as a flooring solution in the family room. They are listed below:

1. Not Compatible With Heavy Furniture:

There can be some heavy furniture in the family room, including sofas. Sometimes, the weight of the heavy furniture becomes too much for vinyl floorings. 

Eventually, heavy furniture also needs to be moved from here to there. Also, when your family members and guests are in a funny mood, they can accidentally push heavy furniture. 

Unfortunately, if heavy furniture is dragged or slides over vinyl floors, the floor receives deep scratches and sometimes it tears up. This is surely a setback for the vinyl floor in the family room. So, you have to be extra careful to protect your vinyl floor from heavy furniture.

2. Not Favorable For Health:

To me, the worst disadvantage of vinyl flooring for a family room is it releases some very harmful gases into the air. Some of the gases can cause fatal diseases.

Vinyl Floors discharge polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a sure cause of cancer. Again, vinyl floors release polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). They are one of the volatile organic compounds that can cause cancer, thyroid disruption, neurodevelopmental delays, and obesity. 

No health-conscious person will choose vinyl flooring in the family room, risking lives that he loves the most.

3. Artificial Feel:

Vinyl flooring materials are made in factories, using some chemicals. Some low-quality vinyl floorings are not that comfortable. 

Some people do not like the touch of vinyl flooring. They say it feels like artificial plastic. If your family members also share their views, vinyl flooring will not be popular in your family room.

4. Reactive To Rubber:

The chemicals used to create vinyl flooring materials make some chemical reactions when they get into touch with rubbers. The result is permanent stains on the floor. You have to remember this if you are installing them in your family room.

Family rooms can have a lot of things that are made from rubbers including shoes, furniture slides, and children’s toys. So you should think twice before installing a vinyl floor in the family room.

5. Discoloration:

Some family rooms have big windows to let the air and sunlight get into the room. This is a healthy practice. 

Unfortunately, regular direct sunlight can take away the color from a vinyl floor. Nothing is worse than partially discolored flooring.

So, if you like the sun to play inside your family room, you should avoid vinyl flooring.

Ideas For Vinyl Flooring For Family Room:

After considering all the pros and cons of vinyl flooring for the family room, if you have decided to go for them, here I am sharing some ideas to consider to beautify your family room with vinyl flooring:

Printed Vinyl:

This type of vinyl flooring material has three layers. The backing, the printed layer, and the protection layer on top. As you know, you can print any image or texture in the print layer, which gives tremendous flexibility in the style of the flooring.

At the same time, the backing part and the wear layer part confirm better durability and maintenance of the flooring. Which are very helpful for a family room. 

So, while planning to buy vinyl flooring for your family room, definitely think of the printed vinyl.

Composite Vinyl:

Composite vinyl tiles or planks do not have multiple layers in them. Since they do not have a separate layer for printing, the option of style is limited. 

But the all-through single layer confirms better durability. The colors of the printed vinyl materials fade away quicker than composite vinyl. Because wearing out of the top layer does not affect the looks of composite vinyl material.

Mind The Color:

Choosing vinyl flooring for your family room gives you ample opportunity to choose a befitting flooring color. Vinyl Flooring can be of any color you can imagine.

This puts more responsibility on your shoulder. Now you have to think harder to choose the color. Make sure that the color of your family room floor compliments the colors of the ceiling, wall, and other furniture of the room.

Different colors trigger different emotions in our minds. Be cautious to choose vinyl flooring of playful colors for your family room. Since family rooms are meant to be joyous.

Be Creative With Tile Size:

Vinyl flooring tiles or planks are thin and easy to cut. That allows you to be creative with the shape of the tiles.

Other than the regular square or rectangular shaped tiles, you can have your customized vinyl tiles for the family room. Trust me it will be great fun.

You can make triangle tiles, zigzag-shaped tiles, or any other geometric shapes from the vinyl flooring material. Be calculative while cutting the tiles, because you will need to install the tiles without any gap between the tiles.

Commonly Asked Questions About Vinyl Flooring For Family Room:

Is Vinyl Flooring Good For A Family Room?

There is no single answer to this question. There are many criteria, by which you can consider vinyl flooring to be good for family rooms. At the same time, there are some reasons to avoid them in a family room.

Vinyl flooring is soft, colorful, stylish, affordable, easy-to-maintain, easy-to-repair, and durable. All these features make them a good choice for a family room. 

On the other hand, vinyl floors do not go well with heavy furniture. They release many harmful gases. Direct sunlight causes discoloration to vinyl flooring. All of these arguments are good enough to reject vinyl flooring for a family room.

Vinyl Sheets And Vinyl Tiles: Which Is Better For The Family Room?

Both types of vinyl flooring have their advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl sheets feel more comfortable in the family room because they do not have any joints in the flooring area. This makes walking on the vinyl sheets more comfortable than that on vinyl tiles.

On the other hand, vinyl tiles are very much welcomed when a repair is required in the flooring. Vinyl tiles can be replaced separately and do not require the whole floor to be reinstalled. This reduces the overall maintenance cost.

Is vinyl flooring suitable for a family room with high foot traffic?

Vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for family rooms with high foot traffic. Vinyl is known for its durability and resistance to scratches, dents, and stains, making it ideal for areas that experience heavy use. It can withstand the constant activity of a family room, including kids playing, pets running around, and frequent gatherings. Additionally, vinyl flooring is often designed to be slip-resistant, providing an added safety feature for active family spaces.

Can vinyl flooring handle spills and accidents in a family room?

Vinyl flooring is highly resistant to moisture and spills, making it well-suited for a family room where accidents are more likely to happen. Its water-resistant properties prevent liquids from seeping into the floor, allowing for easy cleanup and minimizing the risk of damage. Vinyl flooring with a protective wear layer is especially effective in repelling stains and spills, ensuring that your family room remains beautiful and free from long-term damage.

Does vinyl flooring offer a variety of design options for a stylish family room?

Vinyl flooring offers a wide range of design options to create a stylish and inviting family room. It comes in various colors, patterns, and textures, including options that mimic the look of natural materials like wood or stone. You can choose from different plank or tile sizes, as well as innovative designs such as embossed textures or multi-tone patterns. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary aesthetic, vinyl flooring provides ample choices to match your family room’s style and décor.

Can You Use High-Heel Shoes Over Vinyl Flooring In A Family Room?

Vinyl floors are relatively softer than many other flooring solutions. Generally, they are durable enough. But if you put a lot of pressure on a limited area of a vinyl floor, it can get scuffs and tears.

In a high-heel shoe, most of the weight of the whole body is placed on sharp high heels. That is why using high heels over vinyl floors can scratch the flooring eventually. That is why it is not recommended using high-heel shoes over vinyl flooring.

How To Get Rid Of Stains From Vinyl Floors In the Family Room?

This is very common to have unwanted stains in the vinyl flooring of the family room. But you can get rid of most of them if you act promptly and properly.

Vinyl Flooring in the family room can be cleared off the stains by applying water-displacing chemicals, nail polish removers, or mineral spirits. You must not apply these chemicals directly to the vinyl floor. That might create some chemical reaction.

You need to take a clean cloth and make it wet with the cleaning agent. Then slowly rub the stains in the vinyl floor with the wet cloth. After a while, rub the stained area with another dry cloth. Repeat these steps until the stains are gone.

Final Words:

Vinyl flooring is so charming, useful, and feasible that you cannot ignore them despite all the disadvantages it can bring to your home. I recommend that you be thoughtful before using vinyl flooring for family rooms. Because you cannot change your flooring now and then.

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