Vinyl Flooring Ideas For Living Room: Make Your Living Room Beautiful

Vinyl Flooring Ideas For Living Room

Decorating the living room floor always remains a concern as it is what creates the first impression. This is the space for guests and you spend most of your day here except for your bedroom. This is why the living floor has to be aesthetically appealing as well as durable. And from both aspects, there is nothing better than vinyl flooring. 

In terms of aesthetics, durability, and budget, it is challenging to defeat vinyl flooring. It is increasingly becoming popular due to its versatility and ease of use. A variety of vinyl flooring options are available giving different looks and vibes. You can choose whichever you like the most. But to select the right style and vinyl type, you need to have an adequate idea about it. 

To help you decide, I am here with some exclusive vinyl flooring ideas for the living room. These are some trending vinyl flooring looks. My suggestion is to know all of them before choosing. 

So stay with me!

5 Top Vinyl Flooring Ideas For Living Room: 

When I talk about flooring ideas, I focus on the look and style. Styling the floor and deciding the look can be challenging if you don’t know the looks offered. So in this part of the article, I intend to talk about the top-rated and stunning vinyl flooring looks and ideas that you can choose from. Try to match these looks with your living room interior to check the compatibility of these styles with the interior. 

Here are the top 5 vinyl flooring ideas for living room that you are going to love for sure: 

1. Wood-look Vinyl Flooring:

The most common and stylish vinyl flooring has a natural wood look and texture. It resembles the original hardwood flooring but is available in different textures and tones. Both warm and cool wooden hues are available in wood-look vinyl flooring. 

The tones and patterns vary due to the polishing and the type of wood used. For example, vinyl flooring with oak planks has a light shade with incessant straight grains. On the other hand, walnut vinyl flooring has a bold color tone with deep and visible grains. In this way, the color and patterns vary according to the wood chosen for the wood-look vinyl flooring. 

The commonly used woods for vinyl flooring are oak, pine, walnut, maple, hickory, and acacia. However, the styling doesn’t end here. Besides the wood type, the texture also creates distinct styles. So here is a list of textures and the features of each texture to let you understand the difference: 

Hand ScrapedLong and bold grainy scrapesUnique in each slab
Wire BrushedRandom wire scratchesSlightly distressed
DistressedRandom wormholes, burns, scratches, scrapesAntique wood look
EmbossedResembles natural wooden textureGives a realistic appearance
Micro BeveledMicro bevels to highlight the edges of the tileA slightly bold look
Painted BeveledPainted bevels to highlight the edges even moreA bold look

Combining the wood and textures, you can create an extraordinary vinyl flooring look for your living room. 

2. Stone-look Vinyl Flooring: 

Many are fond of natural stone flooring due to its gloss and glamor. Popular stone flooring like marble, granite, or quartz is stunningly beautiful but expensive. But just because it is expensive, you need not miss out on the aesthetic of stone flooring. Though stone-look vinyl flooring doesn’t illuminate the same shine, it resembles the look well. 

Besides the look, stone-look vinyl flooring is way more durable than natural stone. This extra benefit makes stone-look vinyl flooring an excellent choice for your living room. 

Stone-look vinyl is categorized as luxury vinyl tile that emphasizes the excellence and beauty of the stone. Stone-look vinyl tiles are available in a lot of colors and patterns and mimic gorgeous natural stones like marble, limestone, slate, and travertine. And surprisingly, you can identify the difference between each stone-look tile as each style resembles the original stone texture and pattern. 

For example, a marble look will have thin and thick veins with a translucent effect. On the other hand, a slate look vinyl flooring will have a bold chalkboard look. No matter which stone you admire, you can get all the variations in stone-look vinyl tiles. 

3. Metallic-look Vinyl Flooring: 

If you want shimmery and extra-glossy flooring, metallic-look vinyl flooring is your choice. Don’t expect much from the metallic-look vinyl flooring as the look is not at all realistic. It doesn’t even resemble metallic surfaces. 

Metallic-look vinyl flooring adds a little bit more shine to wooden, stone, or other vinyl flooring textures. It doesn’t look like metal but just adds more gloss and shimmer so that it glares under the light. These are available in vinyl planks and tiles with a variety of looks. 

Remember that styling a metallic-look vinyl flooring can be hard. You need to think of the furniture items as well as wall decor before choosing this option. It may not be the best option for your living room as the look is artificial and would look odd with natural wood furniture items. However, if you have metallic furniture and an overall glossy touch in your living room, this flooring option can match well. 

So before you choose a metallic-look vinyl flooring, check its compatibility with the interior of the living room. Otherwise, it may look odd.

4. Concrete-look Vinyl Flooring: 

The distressed and natural concrete look is still a very popular option for living room flooring. It was one of the ancient flooring options where plain cement mixed with raw agents was applied to the floor. Concrete floors were initially uneven but smoothened over time. But vinyl concrete-look tiles are made smooth and plain. 

Natural concrete flooring is sturdy and looks polished and glossy after using it for several years. But concrete-look vinyl flooring is smooth and polished as man-made and finished properly. Vinyl concrete flooring looks the same as natural concrete flooring with natural patches, grains, and resembles the distressed look of concrete. 

You may have noticed that concrete flooring is not comfortable to work on. It is extremely hard and can even hurt your feet. This risk is eliminated with concrete-look vinyl flooring. The tiles are durable but the foot touch is soothing and better than the original concrete flooring.

You will get a greater variation in concrete-look vinyl flooring than the original concrete floor. Different warm hues with multiple design options are available in concrete-look vinyl flooring. Also, in terms of durability and comfort, vinyl concrete flooring is excellent. Another perk is that even if you choose a luxury vinyl tile, it won’t exceed your budget. 

5. Decorative Vinyl Flooring: 

So far we have talked about the looks and styles that resemble other natural flooring options like stone, wood, metal, or concrete. Do you want something more unique and original than all these classic designs? If you admire something more happening and futuristic, you can choose among the decorative vinyl tiles available. 

Though not popularly used in living rooms, decorative vinyl flooring can be styled with a living room interior. Decorative and patterned vinyl flooring can feature geometric designs, different graphical patterns, etc. You can even customize the design if you specifically like a pattern.

If you want your living room to look groovy and funky, decorative vinyl is the right choice. Make sure that you choose bright and vibrant furniture items to create a contrast with patterned flooring. As you are choosing a happening flooring, the furniture and walls must match the vibe. I suggest choosing light-colored and patterned flooring that can create a contrast to bold and bright furniture and walls. 

If you choose a heavily patterned vinyl flooring, go for simple and classic furniture items. Always create a contrast between the floor and the interior. Otherwise, the room will look clumsy and busy. The aesthetic appeal can be distorted if a decorative vinyl flooring is not correctly matched to the living room interior. 

All in all, my suggestion would be to choose between the wood-look, stone-look, and concrete-look vinyl flooring as they can match with almost any living room interior. If you are adamant to go for metallic and decorative vinyl flooring, make sure that they match with the living room interior. By the way, vinyl flooring is a good option for the basement as well.

3 Vinyl Flooring Color Ideas For Living Room: 

Besides choosing the style, make sure to pick the right flooring color. If the color tone is not compatible with the interior, you may end up destroying the look. This is why you need to have an idea about the color shades of vinyl flooring. 

Here, I am recommending 3 best color shades that go the best with vinyl flooring: 

1. High Variation Dark Vinyl Flooring: 

As the name suggests, this has a dark and bold tone resembling hardwood flooring. It creates an excellent variation giving natural distresses and hues. The combination of dark and light brown with grey patches looks all-natural and bold. 

Mostly installed in the form of vinyl plank, it gives a dimensional and exciting look. The color combinations are vibrant and give a classic rustic look. If matched with simple light-colored furniture and walls, a high variation of dark-hued vinyl flooring would attract all the attention. As the shade is dark and deep, it will always illuminate and look bright even if it gets slightly dirty.

2. Gray Vinyl Flooring:

Gray is a neutral color that smoothly blends with both modern and classic home interiors. Mostly available in wooden or stone textures, gray vinyl flooring gives a super cool and soothing vibe to your living room. 

The gray shades are beautifully combined with white, brown, and beige hues to offer a natural wood or stone look. The planks look all-natural with the distresses, patches, and straps. 

My reason to love the gray hue is that it goes with any interior. Also, you can match it with both dark and light-colored furniture items. It makes your busy and crampy living room look cool and soothing. It is always a safe option to choose the gray vinyl color if you are confused about which shade to choose. 

3. Warm Beige Vinyl Flooring: 

A light warm beige tone gives a cozy and comfy vibe to your living room. On winter or summer afternoons, chilling on a warm beige floor is soul-cleansing. It automatically creates a happy and lively mood in the living giving the ultimate homely feeling. 

Just like the gray vinyl flooring, warm beige vinyl flooring goes with any living room decor. It looks the best in the living room that has enough light and air. The beige shade illuminates more in sunlight. Besides, the light shades give a soothing and airy vibe.

Needless to say, the warm beige vinyl tone with a touch of white and gray looks elegant and beautiful on the living room floor. The sheer hues are not bold and eye-soothing, unlike the high variation dark vinyl flooring. In fact, it is exactly the opposite color tone. 

Despite these 3 options, you can choose white-washed vinyl flooring too. But I will recommend choosing between these three options as they match with all interior types that would never disappoint you. 

Related Questions On Vinyl Flooring Ideas: 

Is Vinyl Or Laminate Good For Living Room?

Laminate has a similar look as vinyl. A variety of laminate flooring options are available that can make you think that it is better than vinyl flooring. But the reality is different. 

Though laminate has excellent aesthetic and decorative value, vinyl flooring is still better than laminate. Besides the diversity, vinyl flooring is much more durable than laminates. Also, vinyl flooring is water-resistant and handles spills well. But laminates are sensitive to water and moisture. 

Therefore, even though laminate looks more impressive than vinyl flooring, it is not as durable and water-resistant as vinyl. Thus in terms of longevity as well as versatility, vinyl is a better option than laminate for living room flooring.

Is Maintaining Vinyl Flooring Easy? 

Vinyl is a durable and textured flooring material that requires regular maintenance. Due to the color tones and textures, dirt and particles settle on vinyl flooring easily diminishing the glow. But don’t worry about the maintenance as it is super easy. 

Maintaining vinyl flooring is easy. You just need to keep it clean to make it last for a long time. In case you see any damage or distress, you can simply repair or replace the vinyl tile to make it long-lasting. Regular mopping can maintain the shine and glamor of vinyl flooring. No more maintenance is required. 

Hence yes, maintaining vinyl flooring is easy. 

Can You Keep Heavy Furniture On Vinyl Flooring? 

Vinyl flooring is wear and tear resistant. This may make you think that keeping heavy objects on vinyl flooring won’t harm. But there is another factor to consider; how the vinyl planks or tiles are installed. 

If the vinyl planks are installed in a click-lock system, it requires floor protection before placing the heavy furniture. This is because the click-lock system allows the vinyl planks to expand and contract. When weights are placed, the flooring may expand and contract to damage the planks. But if the planks are glued, there is no problem in keeping heavy furniture on the vinyl floor. 

Therefore, if you intend to place heavy furniture on the living room vinyl flooring, choose the gluing installation method. If you use the click-lock system, make sure to put it on floor protection.

What Is The Cost For Installing Vinyl Flooring In The Living Room? 

Vinyl planks are extremely durable and impact-resistant. All they need to survive for ages is a little maintenance and care. If you can maintain and clean the vinyl flooring, it would last more than 25 years. 

Installing vinyl flooring in the entire living room is cost-efficient and not labor-intensive. As vinyl planks or tiles can be glued or floated easily, the installation cost is cheap. 

Ideally, it will cost around $1.50 to $6 to install per square foot of vinyl flooring. Now depending on the area of the living room, it will cost between $800 to $2900 to install vinyl flooring in the entire living room. Yes, it is that cheap to install vinyl flooring in the living room!

The cost may get a bit high or low depending on the living room area. 

How Long Does Vinyl Planks Last? 

To make the vinyl flooring last long, the installation has to be done by professionals. The longevity often depends on the installation. If installed properly, the vinyl flooring doesn’t wear or tear easily. Also, choose a high-quality vinyl plank. Maintain and keep it clean to increase its life. You can think of replacing the parts where you see damage on the vinyl flooring so that the other parts remain unaffected. 

Therefore, if you take good care, vinyl flooring would last more than 25 years. Even with minimal care, vinyl flooring would sustain at least between 10 to 15 years. Vinyl flooring lasts almost as long as carpet, but not as long as engineered hardwood flooring.


I have provided as much information about vinyl flooring in the living room as I could. I have offered the basic information that you possibly need to make an informed decision. I suggest you reread the article and note down the styles, colors, and important factors that will help you choose the best vinyl flooring. 

Have you selected any specific style yet?

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