Vinyl Flooring VS Wooden Flooring: Which One To Choose?

Vinyl Flooring VS Wooden Flooring

Woods have been a part of the human race, from the very beginning of their existence on the planet. That is why our minds accept a wooden floor as a part of us. Whereas, vinyl floors are the trend of the age. They offer the easiness of modern life. 

So, in the battle between vinyl flooring vs wooden flooring, which side will you take? Which one will you choose for your own house’s flooring? 

I have been in the real estate business for more than 20 years now.  With all my expertise, I will try my best to guide you to the best flooring decision. In this article, I will present an impartial comparison between the two types of flooring and also will answer some relevant questions.

Vinyl Flooring VS Wooden Flooring: A Thorough Comparison

Now, I will evaluate vinyl flooring and wooden flooring in the context of the following criteria:

1. Overall Look Of Your House:

Vinyl flooring ensures your house has a stylish appearance. It shows that the dwellers of the house are realistic and open to new ideas. Your home becomes friskier and colorful with vinyl flooring.

A  wooden floor can always add a classic-rich look to your house. Wooden floors have a timeless charm. It will represent your taste and personality in a dignified way.

2. Design & Style:

Vinyl floors are very fashionable in terms of design. Imagine any color or pattern and you can find them. They are a sure choice for state-of-the-art designs. Some distinct styles of vinyl flooring are: 

  • Vinyl Sheets,
  • Vinyl Tiles,
  • Vinyl Planks,
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile,
  • Printed Vinyl Tile,
  • Inlaid Vinyl Tile.

Nowadays, wooden flooring comes in many styles and patterns too. Each type of wooden floor brings different forms of elegance to your house. Some popular types of wooden flooring are:

  • Dark Oak Flooring,
  • Chevron,
  • Walnut Flooring,
  • Herringbone,
  • Parquet.

3. Price Comparison:

The average price of quality vinyl flooring in the USA is between $600 to $2,000 for every 200 sq. ft. Naturally, vinyl flooring has a big advantage over wooden flooring, so far price is concerned. Their installation cost is also very minimal compared to wooden flooring.

For obvious reasons, the price of wooden floors is higher than vinyl floors. On average it takes $1200 to $2600 per 200 sq. ft. to buy wooden floor planks in the USA. Installation of wooden floors in the USA may cost you another $600 for the same area of the floor. Wooden floors are costly because wood is collected from nature and they are not abundant in quantity.

4. Installation Process:

Vinyl floors are very welcomed by DIY (Do It Yourself) people. They can be installed by users with little skill and hard work. 

Installing a wooden floor requires professional expertise. It takes much more time to install wooden floors if compared with vinyl floors.

5. Comfort Comparison:

Walking on vinyl floors is not considered to be comfortable at all. They are neither soft nor warm. But you can make vinyl floors soft by adding foam, cork, or underlayment beneath them. 

You will always feel comfortable with a wooden floor in your house. The sense of attachment with nature could be the main reason. Because, no matter how modern our lives are, a part of us always craves to reunite with nature. 

A wooden floor gives your mind and soul the comfort of belonging to nature. Wooden floors are quite comfortable for walking too.

6. Maintenance Comparison:

Vinyl floors are non-porous. It means water can not go through them. It makes their cleaning very easy and quick. But vinyl floors get scratched very easily. Moving weighty furniture on a vinyl floor can cause permanent damage to them. 

If water gets through vinyl floors, molds start to grow beneath the floor and create an unhealthy environment. After some time you may find yourself buckling here and there. And finally, you have to change the whole flooring when cracks start to appear on the floor.

Woods shrink in hot weather and expand in cold. So, you need to keep track of the humidity of your house and use a humidifier to maintain suitable humidity.  

You cannot clean a wooden floor with a wet mop or liquid cleaner. 

7. Response To Different Weather:

Luxury vinyl can cope with any climate without difficulty. However, direct sunlight can cause discoloration to them. 

Like living trees, wooden floors are very much responsive to weather. They expand in hot and humid weather and shrink in dry weather. 

8. Durability Comparison:

Vinyl flooring planks might get ripped out much earlier than you may think. Its durability is challenged if there is a tiny leak in the sealing of the floor. Accumulation of moisture beneath the floor makes a vinyl floor ruined very quickly. In a standard condition, vinyl flooring is claimed to last from 10 to 20 years.

On the other hand, wooden floors are extremely durable. It’s their durability that makes them so wanted and thus- pricey. A wooden floor can last from 10 years to 30 years. They can be easily repaired and refinished several times and you can not tell the difference.

9. Value Addition To Asset:

Vinyl flooring is never considered an investment and never increases the value of a house. That means, if someone renovates a house with vinyl flooring and expects to sell it for a better price, he will be disappointed.

On the contrary, wooden floors are the best choice for flooring for the value addition of houses. A recent survey says the value of a house jumps up to 10% if a wooden floor is installed in it.

10. Eco-Friendliness:

Along with PVC, Vinyl flooring releases at least five types of gases, which are extremely harmful to nature. These gases are partially responsible for global warming and the holes in the ozone layer. Moreover, vinyl floors are non-biodegradable and very difficult to recycle. 

Wooden floors never release any kind of harmful gases. But their use as house material is a threat to the environment. If more and more people start using wooden floors, a lot more trees will be cut. We all know how important a role a tree plays in saving our planet.

11. Impact On Health:

Many diseases including cancer are triggered by the harmful chemicals and gases that vinyl floors discharge. They are claimed to be responsible for miscarriage and imbalanced development of children. 

Wooden floors are believed to be the best option for healthy flooring. Being 100% natural, woods have a good impact on our physical and mental health. But the protective finishes that are used on a wooden floor can be harmful to our health. Since they emit volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Vinyl Flooring VS Wooden Flooring: The Winner Revealed!

Analyzing all the comparisons mentioned above, I have tried to find a winner between vinyl flooring and wooden flooring:

CRITERIONVinyl FlooringWooden FlooringWINNER
Look Of The HouseEnsures a stylish and modern appearance to a house. Brings a classic rich look to a house. Make them charming. TIE
Design & StyleVery fashionable design with vibrant colors and patterns.Also comes in many styles and patterns.TIE
PriceAverage price between $600 to $2,000 for 200 sq. ft. Installation cost is very minimal.Average price $1200 to $2600 per 200 sq. ft. Installation cost is high. Vinyl Flooring
InstallationEasy installation. Can be installed by the users themselves. Requires professionals to install.  Takes more time.Vinyl Flooring
ComfortNot that comfortable. Neither soft nor warm.Bring attachment to nature. Comfortable.Wooden Flooring
MaintenanceEasy cleaning. Get scratched easily. Moving weighty furniture can cause damage. Shrink in hot weather and expand in cold. Can not be cleaned with a wet mop.TIE
Response To WeatherCan cope with all climates easily. Direct sunlight causes discoloration. Very responsive to weather. Expands with moisture. Shrinks in dry conditions.Vinyl Flooring
DurabilityGets ripped out quickly. Claimed to last for 10 to 20 years.Extremely durable. Can last up to 30 years. Easily repaired. Wooden Flooring
Value AdditionDo not add value to a house. Bad investment.The value of a house rises about 10% with a wooden floor. Wooden Flooring
Eco-FriendlinessRelease harmful gases like PVC. Partially responsible for global warming. Non- biodegradable. Trees are cut to make a wooden floor. Partially responsible for deforestation. TIE
Health ImpactsRelease harmful chemicals and gases that cause cancer. Responsible for miscarriage and other diseases. Believed to be the healthiest flooring. Have a good impact on our health. Protective finishes emit VOCs.Wooden Flooring

We can see after an overall comparison, the wooden flooring has won over vinyl flooring marginally. But it does not mean everybody should use wooden flooring instead of vinyl flooring. You have to make your decision according to your budget and specific conditions. However, you can read vinyl flooring vs engineered hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring vs ceramic tile, and vinyl flooring vs carpet flooring comparison articles by clicking on the link.

Commonly Asked Questions On Vinyl Floors & Wooden Floors:

Is Luxury Vinyl Floors Cheaper Than Wooden Floors?

Among the different types of vinyl floors, Luxury Vinyl Floors are considered the most expensive. However, they are cheaper than an average quality wooden floor. Luxury vinyl floor planks will cost you around $5 per sq. ft. and wooden floor planks of premium quality will cost you about $13 per sq. ft.

Can Vinyl Floors Be As Comfortable As Wooden Floors?

You can make your vinyl floors more comfortable for footing by adding cork or foam beneath them or adding an underlayment. But my personal opinion is, vinyl floors can never match the overall comfort you can feel from a wooden floor.

Between Vinyl And Wooden Floor, Which One Is Better For Bathrooms?

Vinyl floor planks are made water-proof. But with water stranded over it for some time, its sealing wears out, and eventually, the floor gets damaged. You can use luxury vinyl tiles in your bathroom but you have to keep them as dry as possible. 

On the other hand, wooden floors are never meant to be used in a bathroom. Regular contact with water will only damage the wood. They will need to be changed just after a few years.

Which Is Better For Bedrooms, Vinyl Floor Or Wooden Floor?

Health experts do not recommend vinyl flooring for the bedroom. In the bedroom, you stay for a long time. While sleeping, usually the doors and windows are kept closed. If the harmful gases from vinyl floors are discharged at night, your health gets in danger.

Whereas, wooden floors are suitable for bedrooms. The all-natural woods are never going to harm you. But remember to keep your windows open if the finishing of the floor is comparatively new. They are known to release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Vinyl Flooring VS Wooden Flooring: Which Is Suitable For Babies?

With all the harmful gases, vinyl floors can never be trusted for babies. It is scientifically proven that PVC, one of the main compounds of vinyl- is dangerous for babies. That is why they are banned to be used as an element of toys in the USA. Vinyl floors are believed to cause an imbalance in the physical and mental growth of babies.

Wooden floors are never harmful to a baby in the way vinyl floors are. But you must be careful about the nails of the wooden floors if there are any. A popped-up nail from the floor can cause horrible accidents.

Which Floor Is Suitable For Your Climate, Vinyl Or Wooden Floor? 

If you live in a tropical zone that is mostly humid, you may choose vinyl flooring. In humid conditions, wooden floors tend to absorb moisture from the air and get worn out quicker. Also, heat expands the wood. Bucklings could appear on the wooden floors in very hot weather.

If your home is in a dry climate zone, you can go for wooden floors. They will help keep your house cool.

Is Vinyl Flooring More Durable Than Wooden Flooring?

Yes, vinyl flooring is generally more durable than wooden flooring. Vinyl is highly resistant to scratches, stains, and moisture, making it an excellent choice for areas with high foot traffic or potential exposure to water. Wooden flooring, while still durable, is more susceptible to scratches and water damage. With proper maintenance, vinyl floors can last up to 20 years or more, whereas wooden floors may require replacement after 15-20 years, depending on wear and tear.

Which Flooring Option Offers A More Authentic Look, Vinyl or Wood?

If you prioritize a natural and authentic look, wooden flooring is the better option. Wood flooring exudes warmth and elegance, providing a timeless appeal to any space. The natural variations in wood grain patterns and colors give each plank a unique character. However, vinyl flooring has made significant advancements in replicating the look of real wood. With advanced printing technology, vinyl can mimic wood textures and finishes convincingly, offering a wide range of styles and designs to choose from.

Which Flooring Option Is More Cost-effective And Easier To Maintain?

In terms of cost, vinyl flooring is generally more budget-friendly than wooden flooring. Vinyl is often less expensive to purchase and install, making it an attractive choice for those on a tighter budget. Additionally, vinyl requires minimal maintenance. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping are usually sufficient to keep it clean. Wood flooring, on the other hand, demands more attention and care. It needs to be regularly swept, polished, and protected from moisture.

Refinishing may also be necessary every few years, adding to the long-term maintenance costs. However, the natural beauty and timeless appeal of wooden flooring make it a worthwhile investment for many homeowners.

Final Verdict:

Now I believe you are ready to answer the question. Vinyl flooring VS wooden flooring – which one is better for you? Consider their overall expense, comfort level, and impacts on the environment and health, before reaching a decision.

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