What Can I Spray On Carpets To Stop Dogs From Pooping?

Spray On Carpets To Stop Dogs From Pooping

If your dog is pooping on the carpet, it is really a hassle to clean it. But what if you play a trick on your dog so that it doesn’t poop on the carpet at all? Though it may sound incredible, there are solutions that you can spray on the carpet to stop your dog from pooping on the carpet. 

In fact, spraying a solution like diluted vinegar on the carpet is the easiest way to repel the dog away from the carpet. This disinterests the dog from pooping on the carpet. Now, many other things can be sprayed. I am going to discuss these things in this article in detail. 

In this piece, you will get to know about different solutions that can prevent your dog from pooping on the carpet. Apart from that, I will discuss more to help you solve the matter proficiently. Okay, getting started then!

5 Things To Spray On The Carpet To Stop Dogs From Pooping: The Solutions

Basically, you get to spray solutions on the carpet that your dog won’t like. The smell of the solution will repel the dog away from the carpet. Now, you may not know which materials release such a smell that your dog won’t like and go away from the carpet. That is exactly why I am here. 

Let’s have a look into the 5 things that you can spray on the carpet to stop dogs from pooping on it:

1. White Vinegar:

White vinegar is probably the most carpet-friendly substance that you can use on the carpet. While its smell may not bother you much, its sour smell and taste repel your dog away. 

Mix half portion of white vinegar to half portion of water. Shake the bottle and directly spray on the pooping zones on the carpet. You can let it dry or slightly blot up the extra solution from the carpet. Otherwise, you can wet a towel with vinegar and tap on the carpet. 

Using white vinegar is one of the best ideas, as it doesn’t damage the carpet fibers as well as it is not harmful to dogs. Dogs do hate its odor but if they smell or touch it by any chance, it won’t harm them. So, it is a safe option. Besides that, it is very cheap as well as an eco-friendly solution which won’t even bother you much. 

However, note that you will have to treat the carpet with white vinegar frequently as it won’t stay permanently on it. Also, the fresh smell of vinegar is something that you need to get used to eventually! Because a mild smell of vinegar will always stay there. 

2. Ammonia:

Ammonia has a strong odor that is really harsh. Spraying diluted ammonia solution on the pooping zone of the carpet can keep your dog away from it. Not only that, If your dog has already pooped on the carpet, an ammonia solution can help you get rid of that. Now put some extra ammonia to keep the dog away. 

Spraying ammonia solution is another very cheap solution just like vinegar. It is very effective in preventing your dog from pooping on the carpet. But, ammonia can be harsh on the carpet if it is sprayed too much. Firstly, it has to be diluted and sprayed only a little on the carpet. Remember to blot up the rest of it. 

Though very effective, it is slightly abrasive. So, you should initially check for your dog so that it doesn’t go too close to it. Once it gets disinterested, it won’t come back. But watch it for the first few hours after spraying ammonia to the carpet.

Remember that the smell won’t stay forever. From time to time, you need to spray ammonia solution on the carpet to repel your dog away from it. 

3. Lemon Juice: 

Lemon juice has a sweet but sour smell that your dog can’t bear for very long. And if it accidentally tastes lemon juice or licks the carpet once, it will definitely not come back to poop on the carpet. But, note that you can’t spray too much lemon juice on the carpet as it may make the fibers sticky. 

For spraying lemon juice, you can mix warm water and lemon juice and then spray it on the carpet. With this, the concentration of lemon will be minimal but the smell will cover the carpet. However, if you are not willing to spray lemon juice, you can choose a carpet freshener that has lemon flavor in it. The lemon flavor will repel your dog away from the carpet. 

You can also choose a border to spray lemon juice. I mean, instead of spreading lemon juice all over the carpet, you can spray it across the border of that area only and leave it like that. With this, the dog won’t enter that territory. Quite an eco-friendly, simple, and all-natural solution!

4. Citronella Grass Oil:

Here comes another all-natural product that is tested to be effective in repelling dogs away from the pooping zone on the carpet. The extraction from citronella grass is available in the form of citronella oil which is quite reasonable in price. 

The fragrance of citronella oil is very refreshing and raw which you would love. But dogs really hate such earthy and herb smell. Therefore, it is perfect to use on the carpet. Besides that, citronella grass oil will last longer than any of the solutions mentioned in this list. As it is oily, it will stick to the carpet fibers for a long time unless you deep clean the carpet. But one drawback is that it will also stick dirt more to the carpet due to its oily texture. 

Citronella grass oil is not harmful to carpet fibers at all. In fact, it will make the carpet look more shiny and fresh. But you may need to clean the carpet from time to time so that dirt can settle on the oil. Apart from that, it will do the job of stopping your dog from pooping on the carpet.

5. Chili Powder: 

Oops! Chili powder is something that not only your dog will hate on the carpet but you will hate it too. I mean, no one would like sprinkles of chili powder on the carpet, right? But when it comes to repelling the dog away from the carpet pooping zone, this is quite an effective remedy. 

Rather than sprinkling raw chili powder on the carpet, you can think of mixing it with water and mild non-greasy soap. With this mixture, the solution will stick well to the carpet fibers and stay for a long time. Now when your dog approaches there, it will be irritated by the chili powder smell. Also, if it attempts to poop, its butt will be burning slightly. This will keep it from pooping there. 

Chili powder is all-natural and not harmful to your carpet. It won’t damage or discolor the carpet. Thus, you can use it. But you should not spread it raw. Because, if you or your dog sniff it too much, it will burn your nasal passage slightly. 

Therefore, these were the things that you can spray on the carpet to stop dogs from pooping on it. 

3 Easy Tips To Stop Dogs From Pooping On The Carpet: Effective Tricks

You have already known some of the best sprays to use on the carpet to stop dogs from pooping on it. But here, I will add some more tips that can refrain the dog from pooping on the carpet:

  • Train the dog to poop at a definite time in a definite place. You can help the dog to get used to a place where it can poop. As it gets trained, it won’t think of pooping on the carpet;
  • Have a puddle pad in the house for the dog to poop on. This is a suitable place for pooping which is easy to clean. Also, the dog gets attracted to this as it is soft and comfortable. Therefore, the dog doesn’t approach the carpet when there is a puddle pad;
  • Praise your dog frequently when it poops at the right place. In fact, cheer it up whenever it does something good. This makes the dog more obedient;

Follow these three tips to stop your dog from pooping on the carpet. 

Related Questions:

What Can I Spray On My Rug To Keep My Dog From Pooping On It?

Spraying diluted vinegar on the carpet or rug is the best and most effective way of keeping your dog from pooping on it. The smell of acid and the sour taste of vinegar pisses off your dog which is why it moves away from it. Therefore, spraying diluted vinegar on the rug will repel your dog away from pooping on it. 

What Deters Dogs From Pooping On The Carpet?

A lot of materials can deter your dog from pooping in an area. I have made a list of items that discourages a dog from pooping in that area: 

  • White vinegar;
  • Citrus fruit;
  • Dog-repellent spray;
  • Citronella oil;
  • Garlic;
  • Rue plant;
  • Chili powder.

These are some common materials to use for deterring a dog away from pooping in an area. 

Does Pepper Stop Dogs From Pooping On The Carpet?

Cayenne pepper is an excellent dog-repellent. If you sprinkle some of it on the carpet, it will keep your dog from pooping on the carpet. Just like chili powder, the strong smell of cayenne pepper makes the dog itchy. It also gives a burning feeling if the dog touches it. However, the smell is enough to keep the dog away. 


I have provided quite a lot of options that you can spray on the carpet to stop your dog from pooping on it. Now, it is your turn to choose a remedy and apply it. 

Keep your carpet clean and your dog happy!

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