What To Use To Get Film Off Stone Floors? [A Complete Guide]

Almost everyone uses Stone Floors to make the floor luxurious and classy. But maintaining the shine and getting the film off the stone floors is not a regular mopping process. You need some particular tools to do this.

Lightweight chemical products, scrubbers or brushes, mops, and stone sealers are used to get the film off stone floors. Household detergents and stone soap are also the best choices to use. Bleach, vinegar, and any kind of harsh acidic or alkali products are not suitable in this case. 

However, in this article, I will share my experience on what to use to get the film off stone floors. After reading through this, you’ll be able to remove film or stain effortlessly.

7 Steps To Get Film Off Stone Floors

It’s important to regularly get the film off your stone or tile floor to keep the shine and hygiene of the floor unharmed. The task is effortless. You can get the stain off stone tiles by following the mentioned steps: 

Step 1: Collect The Necessary Tools

Collect some mopping tools like a bucket, mop, scrubber or brush, sponge, and a foam roller. Then, depending on the stains of the floor, you will need chemical products such as neutral cleaner, stone sealer, and lightweight cleaning products like oxygen-based bleach.

Step 2: Remove Dirt From The Floor

After gathering the necessary tools, you need to remove the dirt scattered on the floor. There can be paper, plastic, or hairs on the floor. Use a cleaner to remove them or collect them in a bag. Once all of the dirt is gathered, through them in the dustbin. 

Step 3: Prepare Mop Solution

Now you need to do the most important task to prepare a perfect mop solution by mixing cleaning products into the water you have measured in the bucket. Try to mix the solution with a measured and lightweight cleaner not to discolor your floor. Avoid direct bleach or ammonia so that the floor is unchanged.

Step 4: Mop The Floor Carefully:

When you complete preparing the mop solution, apply it to the floor. Then mop out with a mop. Mop the floor very carefully. Try to maintain a rhythm to enjoy your mopping. Start from a particular corner and mop within a circular motion. It will help you and make your mopping simpler. 

Step 5: Scrub The Stains:

Sometimes simply mopping the floor will not help you entirely. Some challenging and tenacious stains don’t want to go without scrubbing with a brush. Find out those sticky stains and cleanse them properly until they are gone. Repeat this process if needed. 

Step 6: Clean The Floor With Water:

After finishing the mopping and scrubbing, wash the stone floor with water. Now you have to let the floor dry. If available, turn the ceiling fan on so that the floor dries faster. Do not let anyone walk or run over the floor. It will take 20 to 30 minutes to get the floor dried. 

Step 7: Seal The Stone Floor:

Now you have to seal the floor with a stone sealer. Sealer is a wax-based product that protects the floor from growing newer film. Apply the sealer with a foam roller to every corner of the floor. Leave the floor for 3 to 4 hours to dry. Make sure the floor is dried correctly before walking over it. 

Tips To Prevent Film Or Stain Of Stone Floor 

If you use the floor regularly, you must get the film off stone or tile floors at least once or twice a month. Depending on various circumstances, it may vary. The following tips will help you to prevent film or stains from your rock floor.

Tip 1: Mop Regularly

Mop the floor at least twice a week with a stone cleaner. Use a balanced solution while cleaning it. Scrub the stains gently and clean them with patience. That will reduce the chance of getting germs and stains thickening on the floor.

Tip 2: Remember To Seal

You need to seal the floor with car wax after cleaning it. Car wax or stone sealer is a perfect protector for your ground to quickly get the film or stain. Damp a paintbrush into the melted wax and seal the floor with it. It will enlarge the longevity of the shine of the floor.

Tip 3: Polish The Floor

Polishing the floor is a great initiative to prevent stains or films. You will find some regular electric polishing machines in the market. Try to find a suitable and cost-effective one. Use a natural floor polisher and polish the floor once a week.

Tip 4: Use Disinfectants

Try to spray disinfectants after cleaning the floor. Mix an available disinfectant into the water and spread it on the floor. Disinfectants will improve the functionality of the wax on the tile. These will enrich the shine and protect the floor from bacteria and germs.

Harmful Things You Should Avoid To Get Film Off Stone Floors

Floors made with stone are susceptible. You should always be careful to get the film off them. Anything wrong done by you can scratch and discolor the floor permanently. Specially, you should stop using these things on your stone floor to get long-term shine and beauty.

  • Don’t Use Acid Or Vinegar

Using vinegar or any kind of acidic chemical will harm the rock floor. Every stone floor has got a particular feature of reacting with acid. It can be dangerous to use acidic cleaner directly on the stone or tile floor. That can cause potential erosion to the rock.

  • Never Apply Non-measured Bleach

Bleach, especially chlorine-based, is harmful to the stone or tile floors. The stone floor’s color can change because of using bleach. It can make the floor look completely different and damage the longevity of the rock floor.

  • Avoid Using Too Much Ammonia

Sometimes you need to use ammonia to remove some particular kinds of stains from your stone floor permanently. But using ammonia without proper measurement can cause damage to the floor. Better don’t use it when you don’t have to. 

  • Stop Using Vacuum Cleaner Repeatedly

When you use a vacuum cleaner over the rock floor, it can scratch the stone permanently. And those scratches are filled with the film later. As an expert, I won’t promote using vacuum cleaners on the floor every time. Try to avoid this.

Related Questions:

How Do You Remove The Film From Stone Tile?

First, you need to mop the tile with an effective mopping solution. Then scrub the films or stains on it. Then use bleach or dilute ammonia to wash the sticky blots from the floor. Clean the tile with water and then let it dry. Seal it with car wax or stone sealer.

Can You Get Film Off The Stone Floor Yourself?

You can get the film off the stone floor by yourself. All you need to do is use some essential instruments and follow some simple steps and methods. Mop the floor with a recommended stone floor cleaner and seal it with a stone sealer by polishing it with a foam roller. Don’t use bleach or ammonia. 

How Much Does It Cost to Get Film Off Stone Floors?

It will not cost you more than $150 to mop a stone floor with a perimeter of about 200 square feet. You just need to buy a neutral cleaner and stone sealer. Buckets, mops, or other cleaning tools should be at your home, or you can buy them from a nearby store. Whatever you may buy will always be a cost-efficient way for you.

How Long Does It Take To Get Film Off Stone Floors?

It takes approximately 3-4 hours to get a 200 square feet film off stone or tile floors and sealed ones. Most of the time, it will depend on the size of the floor. First, you need about 30 minutes to mop the floor and let it dry. Then another 30 minutes to seal it. After that, leave it for almost 2-3 hours to dry.

Can You Use Bleach And Vinegar To Get Film Off Stone Floors?

You should not use bleach and vinegar regularly to get the film off the floor. Vinegar is an acidic chemical product that can cause erosion to your floor. 

Bleach is a harsh alkalic item that can discolor the stone floor if used randomly. Use neutral cleaning products only to protect the floor from unwanted harm.

Why Should You Get the Film Off Stone Floors?

You should get the film off stone floors to have a shining, bright and hygienic floor. A shining and clean floor presents an appetite for yourself.

Moreover, this reflects how elegant you are. Then it also increases the sterile environment of your house. Additionally, you will find walking on a film off the rock floor more comfortable.

What Is The Best Product To Get Film Off Stone Floors?

OdoBan No-Rinse Neutral PH floor cleaner is one of the best stone and tile floor cleaners you can use to get the film off stone floors. The most important feature of this product is that it contains a zero PH which ensures the safety of the ground.

Again this is cost-friendly and easy to use. It needs a tiny amount to be mixed with water to prepare a perfect mop solution. Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner Refill, for Stone Tile Laminate and Vinyl, is also highly recommendable for getting the film off stone floors.


A clean and bright stone floor is a reflection of your appetite. Therefore, you need to maintain and clean it regularly. Because of the sensitivity and valuable features of the stones, you have to know what to use to get the film off the stone floors and use suitable ingredients for mopping the floor.

This article contains all the essential details you need to know about what to use to get the film off tile floors. Hopefully, this will help you to keep your floor bright.

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