Which Hardwood Flooring Is The Most Durable? [Know The Best One]

which hardwood flooring is the most durable

Whenever we choose hardwood flooring, we first want to know which one is the most durable. Even while researching before buying hardwood flooring, we find durable hardwood flooring. This is because we want a long-lasting service from the hardwood flooring we install. So which one is the most durable? 

Brazilian Walnut (Ipe) is the hardest and most durable hardwood flooring. However, the durability does not only matter on the hardness. When the additional factors come in, other hardwood floorings are considered durable too. 

As defining the durability of a particular hardwood is difficult, I am listing a few species. This opens up more options while choosing. Note that the look, texture, and color also change with the hardness and durability. This is why I would like to give you a few durable options, and some are just more durable than others. 

10 Most Durable Hardwood Floorings: Know The Species

You get a variety of hardwood flooring options that are durable. While mentioning durability, I mean the longevity and hardness of the hardwood. Besides, other qualities like impact and scratch resistance also come with durability. And honestly speaking, most of the hardwood floorings are durable. 

Nevertheless, some hardwoods are more durable than others. So first, let me tell you about the most durable hardwood flooring species available in the market: 

1. Brazilian Walnut: 

I have mentioned before that Brazilian walnut is the most durable hardwood for flooring. With its exotic and intense appearance, Brazilian walnut becomes a classy flooring choice for dwellers. However, it is quite expensive compared to the other hardwood options. 

2. Brazilian Teak:

Brazilian teak is extracted from Amazon woods and is extremely good for tropical areas. Not only is it extremely durable but also protects the flooring from dampness, mold, and mildew attacks. With its golden and reddish color shades, Brazilian teak is a very popular, premium, and alluring hardwood flooring option.

3. Bamboo:

Bamboo flooring is a very popular option but it is not wood. It is strengthened grass but has a silky and woody appearance. Bamboo is extremely hard and doesn’t crack or scratch easily. Especially if you go for the engineered bamboo flooring, you will get long-lasting service. It is inexpensive as well and can be a good replacement for hardwood. 

4. Ebony:

If you are fond of dark hardwood flooring which is durable and exotic, ebony wood is possibly the best choice you have. Its dark black shade is just what you need for a modern room flooring with an intense and posh look. However, ebony is not commonly found in the market. It is a very rare species. 

5.Brazilian Cherry: 

Brazilian cherry is a very special kind of wood with similar qualities to Brazilian teak. It has a perky red hue with consistent streaks on the surface. Extremely durable and long-lasting, Brazilian cherry hardwood doesn’t scratch easily or get affected by pests or molds. 

6. Mahogany: 

Mahogany is a very common hardwood flooring and durable as well. Many may assume that common options are not durable, and this is a misconception. But it is true that among the common options, mahogany hardwood is the hardest and most durable. Though costly, it is an available option with light tones and consistent grains. 

7. Hickory: 

Here comes a very common and gorgeous flooring option that you mostly see on the living room decoration. Hickory is not only a durable and hard hardwood but extremely pleasing in appearance. It is very commonly purchased by people for the grainy and raw look it has. Thankfully, it has the durability required for normal conditions. 

8. Maple:

Maple is slightly less hard than hickory wood. But maple is also excellent for flooring in the living room, bedroom, dining space, hallway, etc. Its light and calming shade with minimal streaks are what attract people the most. So you would be glad to know that you can count it in the list of durable hardwoods. 

9. Ash: 

Though not an eco-friendly option, ash hardwood is still in trend due to its premium and stylish look. The coastal warm vibe and smooth texture of ash make it a very popular choice. Also, it doesn’t break or scratch easily. Therefore, you can go for ash hardwood flooring if you want a light shade for the flooring. Note that it is a bit costly. 

10. Oak: 

I assume you have been looking for it in the list because oak is the first option that pops up in mind while discussing hardwood flooring. So yes, oak is also a very durable flooring option and the most used one. It is available in a lot of varieties and thicknesses. So the durability and grade keep varying with the types. But overall, oak is a budget-friendly, beautiful, and durable flooring choice. 

Janka Hardness Rating Scale For Hardwood Floors With The Average Cost:

Below is a table mentioning the average price and Janka hardness rating for the options mentioned above. 

SpeciesJanka Hardness RatingAverage Price Per Sq. Ft
Brazilian Walnut3680$4.25- $15.50
Brazilian Teak3540$5.50- $11.50
Bamboo3000$2.00- $11
Ebony3220$2.10- $9.80
Brazilian Cherry2350$4.75- $6.20
Mahogany 2200$6.00- $20
Hickory1820$4- $8
Maple1450$3- $8
Ash1320$6- $15
Oak1300$2- $6

Solid Vs Engineered Hardwood: Which One Is More Durable? 

Note that the processing of hardwood also determines its durability. Besides the species, the crafting and plank quality define the durability of the flooring. 

The commonly found hardwood types are solid and engineered hardwood. Now which one is more durable? Let me solve this query. 

Solid Hardwood: 

Solid hardwood flooring has nothing mixed or added to it. It is pure hardwood cut from the timber, polished, and furnished to make a plank. Now if you want a long-lasting service, you should choose this. 

I am suggesting solid hardwood for spaces like the drawing-room, living room, bedroom, and other normal condition places only. This is because you can polish, seal, and furnish solid hardwood flooring several times. This will help you get a finished and clean flooring over and over again making it last for a long time. 

Engineered Hardwood: 

So what is the work of engineered hardwood when I have already suggested using solid hardwood? The necessity of engineered hardwood is in moisture exposed spaces. 

If you choose hardwood for kitchen, bathroom, basement, or sink areas, engineered hardwood is a more durable option. It is made specially to be moisture resistant. It is extra hard due to the layer of particleboard and a sheet of wood on the top. If you admire its appearance, you can also choose it for other spaces in the house or workplace. 

Related Questions About Most Durable Hardwood Flooring:

Does Finishing Affect The Durability Of Hardwood? 

Finishing the hardwood flooring would affect the durability of the hardwood. Different finishes protect the hardwood differently. 

For instance, oil-based finishes are applied for resistance against oil and solvents. Similarly, water-based urethane finishing of the hardwood is done to make the flooring hard and strong. This makes it scratch-resistant. This is how different finishes determine the durability of hardwood flooring. You can customize the finishes according to your necessity. 

How To Know The Hardness Of A Durable Hardwood Flooring? 

The easiest way to determine the hardness of hardwood flooring is to check the Janka hardness rating of the wood species you want to choose. 

The Janka hardness rating is done by checking the pressure required to dent a hardwood surface with a steel ball. This test determines the hardness of the hardwood. So if you find the rating of each wood species according to the Janka hardness scale, you can know the hardness of the hardwood flooring.

What factors contribute to hardwood flooring’s durability?

Several factors contribute to the durability of hardwood flooring. The inherent hardness and density of the wood species play a significant role. Hardwoods with higher Janka hardness ratings tend to be more durable and resistant to denting and wear. Additionally, the quality of the finish and the protective coatings applied to the hardwood flooring also impact its durability. A high-quality finish provides an extra layer of protection against scratches, stains, and moisture. Proper maintenance, including regular cleaning, refinishing, and addressing issues promptly, can also contribute to the longevity and durability of hardwood flooring.

Are engineered hardwood floors more durable than solid hardwood?

Engineered hardwood floors are generally more dimensionally stable and better equipped to handle fluctuations in moisture and temperature compared to solid hardwood. This enhanced stability can contribute to their overall durability, especially in environments prone to moisture or humidity changes. However, when it comes to the wear layer, solid hardwood generally offers a thicker surface that can be sanded and refinished more times, potentially extending its lifespan. The durability of engineered versus solid hardwood ultimately depends on the specific product, the quality of construction, and the intended use. Consider the unique characteristics and advantages of both options when selecting the most durable hardwood flooring for your needs.

Does the thickness of hardwood flooring impact its durability?

The thickness of hardwood flooring does not necessarily determine its durability. The durability of hardwood flooring primarily depends on the wood species, the finish applied, and the construction quality. However, the thickness of the wear layer in engineered hardwood can play a role in its longevity and ability to be refinished. Thicker wear layers offer more sanding and refinishing options over the lifetime of the flooring. Solid hardwood, with its consistent thickness throughout, can also be sanded and refinished multiple times. Ultimately, the durability of hardwood flooring is influenced by various factors beyond its thickness.

Is Oak More Durable Than Walnut? 

If you are choosing Brazilian walnut for your flooring, it is one of the most durable options you can get. And definitely, it is more durable than oak. 

But general walnut wood has a Janka hardness rating of 1010 which is less than oak. So walnut species other than the Brazilian one are not as durable as oak. If you are getting to choose between oak and walnut, you should go for oak. Also, it is a very reliable and durable flooring option being used by people for ages.

What Is The Most Scratch Resistant Hardwood Flooring?

The harder the wood, the more scratch-resistant it is. Therefore, if you see the hardness scale by Janka, you can mark the scratch-resistant hardwood floorings. 

Brazilian walnut, Brazilian teak, and Brazilian cherry are the most scratch-resistant hardwood floorings. But they are quite rare in many parts of the states. In that case, you can go for hickory and oak. These are considerably scratch-resistant and would offer favorable service for years. If you finish it properly, they can resist scratches more easily.

How Can You Extend The Life Of Your Hardwood Floors? (5 Tips)

If you are willing to maintain and extend the life of hardwood flooring, here are 5 tips for you:

  • Clean loose dirt regularly and mop the flooring at least thrice a week;
  • Remove and clean the spills immediately to avoid staining;
  • Unfinished hardwood should be polished from time to time to enhance its durability;
  • Sealing the flooring is mandatory to make it moisture-resistant;
  • Apply the appropriate finish on the wood according to an expert’s recommendation;

These tips are enough to get long-lasting service from hardwood flooring.

Final Thoughts: 

You should choose flooring according to your conditions, budget, and preference. Not all will like the same color, hardness, finish, or texture. Consequently, I would say you can choose anyone from the list according to your preference. 

So judging the durability and other factors, which one are you liking the most so far? 

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