Why Does My Dog Roll Around On The Carpet? [9 Common Reasons]

My Dog Roll Around On The Carpet

Is your furry and cuddly dog rolling on your carpet? That may look playful and joyful. But actually, there can be some astounding reasons behind it. In fact, dogs generally do nothing ‘just like that. There always lies some reasons for every action a dog makes. Similarly, if your dog is rolling or rubbing its body on the carpet, there are some legitimate reasons behind it. 

A dog may roll around on the carpet because it is feeling itchy, or maybe it is just in a good mood and invites you to play with it by rolling around. But the reasons may not be as simple as these. There can be deeper issues that your dog is facing which are why it is spinning on the carpet. 

To understand the psychology of your dog, you can learn different reasons for rolling on the carpet. In that case, you can solve the issue that your dog might be encountering. So let’s see what can be the possible reasons for a dog to rub against the carpet.

9 Possible Reasons For A Dog To Roll On The Carpet:

Note that the dog may roll on the carpet in different ways. The postures are different as well as the expressions. Now it can be a bit difficult to point out the exact reason by analyzing the dog’s rolling pattern. Better is to learn the possible reasons and then take action. 

I have pointed out 9 proven reasons why your dog might be rolling on the carpet:

1. Itching

The very common reason can be the dog is feeling itchy. Especially if your dog goes out, it may feel itchy often due to the dust stuck in its furs. Now there are some spots in its body that it can’t scratch with its tongue or teeth or paws. In that case, the dog may move haphazardly on the carpet trying to scratch its back or shoulder areas. 

Stiff fibers in a carpet or even a doormat can satisfy the itches of your dog. So if you see your dog rubbing its back on the carpet, that is maybe because it felt itchy. 

2. Leave Its Smell: 

Dogs’ sense of smell is sharp. In fact, they often mark paths by peeing across the road. I hope it doesn’t pee on the carpet! But it can roll on the carpet to leave behind its smell. It does not do that to dominate but to feel more secure and comfortable. Just like it likes the fragrance of ‘home’, and also likes to contribute to that. That’s it!

So, when it gets an unfamiliar smell on the carpet, the dog tends to roll over it just to leave its scent on the carpet. It is completely normal and you don’t need to worry about it at all.

3. Allergies: 

Allergic reactions to the dog’s skin can make them feel itchy. This is mostly not something very serious. It can be because of some dust particles or pollen that have settled on its skin. Also, if the carpet is dirty, allergies can occur from it too. Now if it is something serious, you may notice dry skin or rashes on the skin of your dog. 

In case the dog is scratching its body too much against the carpet, allergy can be a possible reason. See a veterinarian in such conditions and keep the dog as well as the flooring clean

4. Parasites: 

Furry dogs can have parasites living inside their furs or on the skin. This condition is very uncomfortable and disturbing for the dog. Also, the severity of the condition depends on what type of parasite has settled on its body. Fleas, scabies, lice, or mites are some common parasites in a dog’s body. Bathing and combing it regularly can be a solution to this. 

But other parasites that are intestinal parasites can be very disgusting for your dog. If its butt is itchy, that is maybe because of hookworm or tapeworm. In that case, your dog needs medication. 

5. Zoomie: 

Dogs often feel incredibly energetic and powerful which is called zoomie. This is an interesting condition. It may happen in the morning as it wakes up or in the middle of the day or night. When it is overexcited, it will roll, jump, and bark to express and release its excitement. And after it, it may pant for a time and then lay on the carpet as if it did nothing a few minutes back!

If the rolling stays for a few minutes and it is being very random, that is probably due to the ‘zoomie’ period. It is normal and actually very fun to watch!

6. Being Playful:

If it wants to draw your attention by rolling its eyes and body as well, that is because it wants to play with you. Rolling randomly on the carpet and jumping can be a sign of its desire to play with you. You can give a ball to it to check if your assumption is right. If you respond to this, it will respond immediately to show that it is willing to play. 

So rubbing its body on the carpet can be a way to seek your attention. If it is so, it will communicate with you and respond. 

7. Compulsive Behavior: 

Compulsive behavior is very common in dogs. They roll in the carpet to express something and they can’t just stop. It is like relieving some stress that may have occurred for some other reason. Even staring at you, rolling on the carpet, constantly licking your body, circling is some signs of compulsive behavior. Also, if you stop your dog from doing something, it can release its tension by rolling over the carpet. 

So look for signs of compulsive or displacement attitude in your dog. Because that can be a reason for rolling on the carpet. 

8. Submissive Behavior: 

Submissive behavior is when your dog tries not to itself fully. A dog tends to do this in front of strangers. When it doesn’t want or can’t express something properly, it may do something else to express that. It can be some expressions like the following: 

  • Opening its mouth wide;
  • Rolling tongues;
  • Rolling over the carpet;
  • Laying upside down;
  • Moving away from you;
  • Rejecting eye contact; 

These are some signs of submissive behavior.

9. Expressing Love: 

Rolling on the carpet can be a sign of showing love and gratitude towards you. It will give a playful and short bark at that moment. It may lick your legs and jump on the carpet. It can roll on them and maintain eye contact with you while barking softly. This is just a way of showing love and affection to you when it feels happy and satisfied. 

Related Questions:

Why Do Dogs Roll Their Back And Wiggle? 

If the rolling and wiggling over the carpet are random, that is maybe because they are happy and elated. They will look very relaxed and happy, rolling their tongues or waving their tails while rolling on the carpet. This is a sign of happiness and satisfaction. They are just being playful.

Why Do Dogs Give You Their Belly?

Dogs may show their belly to you if they are submissive. The other reason can be they want you to itch or rub their belly. So either they don’t want to express anything to you or they want you to give attention to them. Belly rub is what dogs love a lot. So it can be any of these two. 

Why Do Dogs Roll Over Stinky Stuffs? 

No definite reason has been found yet to explain why dogs roll on stinky areas. But this can be because they want to disguise their smell by covering themselves with other scents. They do this as camouflage from the predators. It just makes them feel more secure. 


You may consult a vet and talk about your dog’s rolling patterns. Also, keep the floor clean and bathe your dog regularly in case it is an issue of allergy, infection, or itching. So you can follow the rolling patterns to understand your dog better. 

Now it is your task to find why your dog may roll over the carpet

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