Wood And Tile Floor Designs Idea that Makes Your Home a Better Place!

wood and tile floor design

Wood and tile floor designs are more popular to give a unique look to modern homes. If you want to give your home floor a different look, this design is suitable for you. Today I have brought some floor designs mixed with wood and tile for different zones.

The floor plays a unique role in enhancing the beauty of the house. If you choose a unique design for the floor, it will make you look great on everyone. Because we all know that floor design can modify the house’s look. Most homeowners choose carpeting, tile, hardwood, linoleum or stone for the floor design.

Wood and tile floor design can bring eye-catching beauty to your home or commercial area. So today, I will discuss wood and tile floor designs. Here you can learn about different floor design ideas for each room floor. Let’s not know about the designs.

Wood and Tile Floor Designs for Different Areas That Make Home Unique:

We all want to keep our home separate from others. Wood and tile floor design can give your home a unique look. Many may think that the combination of tile and wood is simply moving between different parts of different rooms. However, in many homes today, wood and tile floors are combined to give an attractive look. These designs are popping up everywhere, tying two elements to the floor.

These designs have to be used separately for different rooms. If you also want to mix wood and tiles in the interior floor of your house, then you can get ideas about design from here. Here I will share different design ideas for each room. Let’s learn about the designs one by one. 

Living Rooms

The combination of wood and tiles adds an attractive fixture to the artisan-style bungalow. In general, wood flooring is most prevalent in temperate countries. Wood floors are more common, especially in different parts of California. Hardwood floors create a warm and inviting place for family gatherings. 

Many people set up fireplaces to keep their living rooms warm. We all know that wood is not the ideal choice for a fireplace. However, ceramic tile is the ideal material for a fireplace stove. The tiles are heat-resistant and you can clean them easily. 

If you also have a fireplace in your living room, choose slate, limestone or travertine ceramic tiles for that space. Choose the color of the tiles based on the wood floor color in the rest of the room. Choose red undertone tiles if your floor is dark-stained, brown or light-stained.

Small Rooms

The wood and tile floor designs are best seen in small rooms. In this case, the smaller the rooms, the less hassle of installation and the more noticeable the design. Since the room is small, its installation cost is also less. 

There are many popular designs of tile and wood for small rooms. One of these is tile or wood in a rectangular pattern. This design is used in commercial restaurants’ private, elegant dining rooms for various large parties. The design is part of a rectangular tile, and the rest of the floor will be made of wood.

You can also install this design in reverse if you want. In this case, the rectangle will be made of wood, and the other area will be tile. Also, tiles are used on the rest of the floor only by making wooden borders in many places. You also can make your home more unique by installing such designs in small rooms of your home.

Commercial Area

Wood and tile floor designs are ideal for lobbies or entrances to a commercial area. Floor squares are used in these designs to create elegant patterns. Two wooden planks are patterned with tile squares in the middle for this design. Here tile squares are basically wood as the boundary.

This design can be done again in another way. In this case, the tiles have to be installed as the boundary of the wooden square. Due to the large size of this area, it is best not to do any design in the middle of the floor.

If you are also worried about the flooring design of a commercial area, then choose the designs shown here. It will bring about an exciting change in your internal environment. You can install these in your office, balcony, or entrance area.

High-Traffic Areas

Hallways and entrances are always crowded. So, the floors in this area have to be designed to be sturdy and gorgeous. Installing ceramic tiles with wood in these areas will make them look durable and more beautiful. You can install ceramic tiles in the walkway with wood frames for the dining room instead of just using wood.

Install tiles instead of wood on the part of the door. So, the sand and dirt of the guests’ shoes cannot scratch the floor. If the hallway of your house is not huge, you can make a wooden square in the middle of the room. It will enhance the beauty of the place.

To choose the wood and tiles for the hallway floor, pay attention to the color. Since it is a high trophy area, the color should not be too bright or dull. Also, make sure the wood and tile color tones are correct. If you can’t uninstall the room’s walls, the flooring with the right color with the furniture, it will ruin the beauty of your room.


Kitchens are the perfect place for you to install wood and tile mixed floor designs. It is easy to match cabinets and backsplash with wood and ceramic materials here. Choose wood that matches the stains and granules in the trim around kitchen cabinets or windows.

Create a border of tiles. The border runs along the kitchen walls and the base of the cabinet below. If you have tiles on your counter or backsplash, choose tiles of the same color. You can also use wood in the rest of the space by framing appliances, breakfast nooks or kitchen islands in tiles.

The kitchen is often wet, so use more prospective tiles to get wet. Leave the rest for wood. Also, place wood in places where you will place heavy machinery. It will reduce the risk of cracks in the floor.


The bathroom is a wet place and it stays wet most of the time. So, it is not suitable for varied designs of wood and tiles. But you have to be extra careful if you want to install it. Never install wood in the floor space around your bathroom bathtub. 

It is because of the low water holding capacity of the wood floor. Also, if you stay in the water for a long time, the floor may be damaged. So, use ceramic tiles in those places. However, you can install wood on the floor of the bathroom entrance.

Choose bright colors when choosing tiles for the bathroom floor. As a result, the interior of your bathroom will be pleasant. Tiles are easy to clean, so they can be easily cleaned if water accumulates and gets dirty. So, install tiles where water is conveyed and leave the rest for wood.


Wood and tile floor designs are ideal for different rooms and stairs. You can give your stairs a new look by using these two elements. You can use tiles as a backboard for the wooden stairs in your home. However, such designs may not apply to all commercial applications.

This design can also be a great fit in your home environment. These designs are suitable for those stairs made for a young crowd. A mix of wood and tile can create creative, eye-catching designs on the interior stairs.

Although wood and tile floor designs are not widely used for stairs, they can give your home the same look. The use of wood at the top of the stairs and ties at the bottom is also a standard design. You can also install wood on both sides of the stairs and tiles in the middle.

5 Best Wood And Tile Floor Design Ideas That Fit Everywhere:

Wood and tile floor designs are ideal for all floors. However, its different designs are suitable for different rooms. But it has some designs that are suitable for use in all rooms. Here are some tile and wood mix designs that you can install anywhere. 

1. The Splash Effect:

This design has a splash-like pattern with wood on one side and tiles. Although it is ideal for places that can get wet, you can place it anywhere. Install tiles in places where water or fire heat lasts longer when installing the design.

2. Tile Inlay Accent:

This design involves creating tiles or wood of different shapes in a rectangular pattern. This is ideal for small rooms, but you can also do it in large rooms. These designs are used in various commercial restaurants. The design uses tiles in the rectangular part and wood in the rest.

3. Basket Weave Patterns:

In this design, wooden baskets are designed, and tiles are placed in the middle. It can be placed in any room. However, it is more visible in the entrance area of ​​commercial lobbies. You can install this design any other technique you like.

4. Square Patterns:

This design is known to all and is ideal for all places. You can do this design in two different methods. Set the tiles on the floor and install square pieces of wood at a specified distance between them. If you want to use more wood, set the wood and install square tiles in the middle.

5. Boundary Design:

This design is the easiest to install. Simply create a border with tiles around the room and install wood on the rest. Also, you can use wood in place of tiles and tiles in place of wood. It is a standard design that is ideal for all rooms. You can install any decoration you want in the middle of this design floor.

Tips for Mixed Wood and Tile Floor Designs That Will Help You:  

Many things to consider when installing wood and tile floor designs because only the right combination can make a floor attractive. We already know how to give a different look to the floor of the house using wood and tiles. I will discuss installing wood and tile floor designs in an integrated way at this stage.

Stay Consistent:

Consider flooring decisions as practical without focusing on uniformity. Make sure your floor design matches your room and furnishings. Place one type of floor across the entire open span of the floor. If the room’s size is small, you can make a square design in the open space. 

Mix Same Shade Materials:

Each house has its unique environment in different places. The floor for the house perfectly expresses the character and mood of the room. If the colors of the floor are easily mixed, then the house’s beauty is doubled. So, choose porcelain for the house, subway tiles for the kitchen, natural stone for the dining room and wood look tiles for the bedroom. 

Select The Practical Flooring Choice

Always choose the floor according to the type of room. It is best not to use light colors in places that collect dirt. Because lighter colors make dirt more visible, use darker ties in those areas. Choose a darker color for larger rooms and lighter colors for smaller rooms.

Related Questions About Wood and Tile Floor Design:

Can You Mix Tile And Wood Flooring?

Currently, tile and wood mixed designs are being installed for flooring in various luxury restaurants, hotels, offices and homes. But it is vital to choose a particular color during this mix. You must choose wood and tile with the same undertone. Also, the components need to be well-designed during installation. 

Can You Place Two Different Wooden Floors Next To Each Other?

If you do not want to use tiles, you can mix two different wooden floors. But you must use the same quality wood. If you prefer two wood flooring elements, then you can use two kinds of wood for one design.

Two different wooden mixes will not distress the floor’s beauty. However, it isn’t easy to clean the wooden floor, so using ties in high trophy areas is better. There are also some unique places where I recommend not installing wood, such as a bathroom, fireplace etc. 

What To Consider When Choosing Wood And Tile For The Floor?

Consider the type of wood and ceramic tile before installing a combination of wood and tile on the floor. Wood floors of wenge, zebrawood and Brazilian walnut are the most expensive. However, common woods such as oak, cherry or maple offer versatile cost options when paired with tiles. 

Also, choosing laminate wood for the floor is more budget-friendly. Ceramic tiles enchant images of plain white, porcelain-like bathroom tiles. Modern ceramic tiles give the floor a natural stone look.

How Do You Mix Different Types Of Flooring?

Floors designed with a combination of different types of ties look as beautiful as they are difficult to mix. It can ruin the beauty of your floor if you do not mix its design and color properly.  

So, when mixing floor elements in this way, pick the right color and material. Currently, the most popular mixed flooring material is tile and wood. These two elements are easily mixed to give the floor a gorgeous look.

How Do You Attach Tile To Hardwood Floors?

To attach tiles with a hardwood floor, first tile the room’s entrance, an important area. Also, place tiles in areas with excess water or heat. Once the tiles are laid, install the wood on the rest. Then carefully fill the gaps in the middle and dry them well. 

How Do You Fill the Gap Between Wood And Tile?

You can fill in the gaps between the two, in different ways during installation. You can use extra floorboard pieces to survive. First, cut the pieces to a specific size. In place of the air gap, attach the pieces with the help of a wooden eighteen and gently press using a hammer. At last remove excess glue with a moist fabric.

You can also block in the gaps using the rope. It is the traditional method of filling significant gaps in the floor. First, scrape the gaps with a screwdriver to remove dirt and old putty. Pour the wooden stains into a small bucket and dip the rope in it. Now carefully stretch the rope over the gap and let it dry.  

How Do You Put Tile On Wood?

To put tiles on a wooden floor, first, place a 1/2-inch-thick cement backer board. Then cut the backboard with the carbide-tipped scoring tool, fit it to the edge of the cell and snap the board along the scoreline.

Screw the bottom of the backboard wood every 6 inches with screws and apply fiberglass tape. Dry the tiles without mortar to determine the best layout. Install the other tiles in the same process.


Wood and tile floor design are enough to make a floor unique. Hopefully you have learned about the various designs from this discussion. Although tile and wood are different materials, this is great for floor design. If you find it boring to install regular floor designs, install them. The combination of wood and tile can change your home look. If you want a more modern and unique floor design, visit my site.

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