How To Keep Hair Off Bathroom Floor [A In-Detail Guide]

How To Keep Hair Off Bathroom Floor

Hair fall has become a common issue in our lives, and every person sheds about 100 hair strands in a day. Even though I failed to control my hair fall, learning how to keep hair off the bathroom floor has significantly helped me keep my bathroom clean. 

While many people do not usually pay attention to it unless we start going bald, this hair fall often results in a mess on the bathroom floor. Furthermore, hair from other body parts due to shaving, waxing, grooming, etc., also clogs the floor of the bathroom.

So, what are we waiting for? Join me in this guide, where I will let you in on the methods and tips of keeping hair off your bathroom floor.

Super Easy Methods To Keep Hair Off From Bathroom Floors With Steps

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There are quite a few ways of keeping hair off bathroom floors, and all of these methods are super effective. Let us look at these ways of cleaning hair along with the steps on how to do it.

Method 1: Use Of Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning hair off the bathroom floor using a vacuum or mop is probably the easiest way. The steps to follow on this method are:

Step 1: Dry The Bathroom Floor

Hair will stick to the wet bathroom floor and be challenging to clean while taking up more time than required. To make things easier, I recommend allowing the bathroom floor to dry fast using proper ventilation or an exhaust fan. This is because dry hair is easier to pick up than wet hair.

Step 2: Use A Vacuum Cleaner

Once the bathroom floor is arid, take out your wet/dry vacuum cleaner and swiftly clean the bathroom floor. This will pull in all the hair strands, and it can reach from the floor to the vacuum, providing you with a clean bathroom floor.

However, not all bathroom flooring is suitable for vacuum cleaners. For example, vinyl flooring can encounter damage when a vacuum is used. 

Step 3: Mop The Floor Properly

The next step is to mop your bathroom floor properly with a cleaning solution or disinfectant to make sure that there are no germs or dirt left behind. Dip your mop in a disinfectant solution or cleaning mixture, then wipe the floor properly, and let it dry to ensure that it is safe to walk on.

Method 2: Manually Clean The Hair Off The Floor

If you do not have access to a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or do not want to risk causing any sort of damage to the floor by vacuuming it, then this method is what you are looking for. Even though it is a time-consuming process and often tests our patience, this is an effective cleaning method.

Step 1: Dry The Bathroom Floor

Like the previous method, the first step is to allow the bathroom floor to dry properly. This is specifically essential in this method as the hair will be almost impossible to pick up if the floor is wet. The drying process does not take hours, and proper ventilation, exhaust fans, or a dehumidifier will ensure that you do not have to wait for long.

Step 2: Pick Up The Hair Strands

After drying the floor, locate the areas with hair strands and manually pick up the strands with the help of your hands. Rub the strands in a circular motion to turn them into a round ball. Pick the ball up and throw it in a trash can. However, the best way to throw the ball is to wet it underwater before throwing it.

Step 3: Use A Cleaning Brush

Once you have picked the strands from the floor, it is time to use a cleaning brush to make sure that the floor is completely clear of hair. Take the brush and wipe the floor with small strokes to collect all the strands into the dustpan.

Step 4: Wipe The Floor With A Disinfectant

The last step is to wipe the floor with a disinfectant so that there are no germs or bacterial growth in the bathroom. Not only that, but it will also make your bathroom smell fresh and look clean. Allow the floor to air dry appropriately after wiping, and enjoy a clean bathroom floor.

Method 3: Use A Rubber Broom 

Now, this method is quite similar to the vacuum cleaner method and all. So let us take a look at how this method works. 

Step 1: Wait For The Bathroom Floor To Dry

The first step of this method is similar to the initial step of the methods mentioned above. After using the bathroom or taking a shower, allow the bathroom floor to dry completely. This will help you to get rid of the hair effortlessly. 

Step 2: Pick All The Strands Up With The Rubber Broom 

Take a long stick rubber broom and a dustpan to brush all the strands easily. Since the floor is dry, picking up the hair strands will be easy and take much time. 

Once you have successfully collected all the strands in the dustpan, throw them out in the bin. Last but not least, sweep the floor with a disinfectant wipe or cleaner to eliminate all the germs and bacteria. 

Method 4: Use A Sticky Roller

Last but not least, we will talk about the sticky roller method. The best part of this method is that you do not have to wait for the floor to dry. This helps you save a decent amount of time every time you get out of the bathroom. 

You have to take the sticky roller and roll it over all the hair stands on the floor and other surfaces. Remove the hair strands from the roller with a napkin and throw them in the trash can. 

Best Tools To Clean The Hairy Area Efficiently

Cleaning the hair off the floor of your bathroom requires a few tools. Here is a list of some of the best tools to clean the hairy area efficiently.

  • Vacuum Cleaner:

If you have hardwood or linoleum flooring in the bathroom, the vacuum comes in handy to eliminate the hair strands off the floor. Vacuuming thoroughly over the floor can vanish hair from the corner and edge. So there is no option to take off the hair effortlessly and simply except for vacuuming.

  • Rubber Broom:

A broom is a common item in every household, but it is particularly helpful to clean the bathroom floor from the hair strands. Simply pick the broom up and swipe the floor to collect all the fallen hair.

  • Mop:

The mop is also helpful for cleaning the hairy area on the bathroom floor. Even though it is not used to get rid of the hair strands, it keeps the area clean and helps to prevent bacterial growth or dust.

  • Disinfectant Or Cleaning Supplies:

After all the hair is gathered and thrown into the bin, cleaning the area is essential to get rid of germs, dirt, etc. The use of disinfectant or other cleaning mixtures is required in this case. The area is thoroughly mopped with the product to ensure that it is clean and fresh.

Tips To Keep Hair Away From Bathroom Floor And Overall Surfaces

There are a few tips that can help you keep the floor and other surfaces of your bathroom clean and free of hair. Let us take a look at these tips and how they help you.

Tip 1: Use A Shower Enclosure

The use of a shower enclosure is one of the easiest ways to make sure that your bathroom floor remains clean and free of hair. Water from the shower does not leak out of the enclosure, and hair fall that occurs while showering will also remain inside the space.

This makes it easier for you to collect the hair off the floor or walls after the shower and clean the space without cleaning the entire bathroom floor. Not only that, but it also makes sure that the hair does not stick to all surfaces of the bathroom.

Tip 2: Clean The Bathroom Floor After Every Shower

One of the easiest ways of keeping hair off your bathroom floor is to clean the floor and other surfaces after every shower. Once you step out of the shower, turn on the exhaust fan or dehumidifier, or you can also let the bathroom floor dry naturally.

Once it is dry, clean the bathroom floor using the methods we have mentioned earlier and you will have a hair-free bathroom floor at all times.

Tip 3: Clean Right After Grooming

One of the major mistakes we make while grooming is leaving the hair behind to clean it later after taking a shower. While it seems like it saves time, in reality, it just makes the work challenging and time-consuming as the floor becomes wet and makes the hair sticky.

The best way of keeping the floor clean is to clear all the hair strands from the sinks, counters, and floor right after grooming. This will allow you to take a clean shower in the bathroom without a mess on the sink and floor and ensure that you do not have to waste hours picking up each strand of hair.

Tip 4: Use Rubber Gloves Or Brooms

Using a rubber glove or broom will allow you to clean up the hair strands from all surfaces easily. Rub all the hair strands from the sink and floor with the glove and then turn them into a ball. Throw it in the bin and pick up the broom to eliminate any remaining strands on the surfaces.

Related Questions:

How Do You Clean Hair From A Carpeted Bathroom Surface?

Cleaning hair from a carpeted bathroom surface is more manageable than on a hard floor. The reason behind this is that the wet hair often sticks to the floor and becomes slippery when you try to pick it up. You can easily clean a carpeted bathroom surface with the help of a vacuum or a broom.

Simply turn on the vacuum and choose the carpeted mode to swiftly pick up all the hair strands. You can also use a broom to sweep the floor properly and collect the hair on a dustpan to throw it away.

Is Cleaning Accumulated Hair Worth It?

Cleaning accumulated hair from the floor of your bathroom is worth it. Why? The falling hair on the floor results from hair fall and grooming. All of these strands accumulate on the floor and make the bathroom dirty. Hair might stick due to the water in the toilet and shower.

When you walk on the hairy floor of the bathroom or brush against its surfaces, you’ll notice that it sticks to your clothes and makes a mess. So, the best way to avoid the mess and enjoy a clean bathroom is to get rid of all the accumulated hair. 

What Should You Do To Keep Your Floor From Accumulating Hair?

If you want to keep your bathroom floor from accumulating hair, the best way is to make sure that you clean the floors properly after a shower or a grooming session. Hair fall occurs during the shower or while brushing your hair in the bathroom and this falls to the floor, making it dirty. Grooming sessions will make a mess on your floor and sinks, so there is no alternative to cleaning the bathroom floor and surfaces clean. 

What Is The Special Tool To Remove Hair From Anywhere?

A rubber stick roller or vacuum cleaner is the best tool I have ever seen to keep hair off the bathroom. Using a vacuum or a broom is one of the top ways to keep hair off the bathroom floor. Not only that, but a sticky roller also ensures proper cleaning.

Is Vacuuming A Good Idea To Remove Hair From The Floor?

Vacuuming is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways of removing hair from the floor. But one thing you will have to keep in mind is that this method is only suitable for linoleum or hardwood floors. The vacuum’s blades or bars can damage other types of flooring.

Final Verdict:

Keeping your bathroom floor clean is essential to maintain hygiene and make the bathroom fresh. Hair is one of the biggest reasons for a filthy or unclean bathroom floor.

If you struggle with a hairy bathroom floor, I hope that the methods and tips on keeping hair off the bathroom floor that I have mentioned will help you enjoy a clean bathroom. Do not forget to clean the bathroom with a disinfectant after getting rid of all the hair strands.

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