What To Put On Chicken Coop Floor For Easy Cleaning?

what to put on chicken coop floor for easy cleaning

Chicken coop floor cleaning mostly becomes a hectic task. Chickens make the floor dirty every day and providing them a clean and hygienic living condition becomes difficult. As there is no substitute for cleaning, you can get flooring that is easy to clean. In fact, there are a few flooring options that you can install for easy maintenance. 

Concrete flooring is the best for chicken coops as it is easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning concrete flooring doesn’t need much effort as the surface doesn’t absorb liquid or hold back dirt. However, there are other flooring options too that you may consider for easy cleaning. 

To make an informed decision, you should first know about the chicken coop flooring options that are easy to clean. For your convenience, I am here to discuss the matter in detail. 

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3 Best Chicken Coop Floor For Easy Cleaning: Know The Options

Besides the look and quality of the flooring, most people also consider the ease of cleaning while choosing the chicken coop flooring. This is very logical as chicken litters the coop every day; almost at every hour if you have a large flock of hens. 

Considering that, flooring that is long-lasting as well as easy to clean should be chosen. This would maintain hygiene as well as relieve you from difficult cleaning. 

Thankfully, some floorings are easy to clean and maintain. Here, I would mention three chicken coop flooring options that are the best for easy cleaning:

1. Concrete: 

My first choice for chicken coop flooring is concrete and I have reasons to like it! In terms of ease of cleaning, concrete flooring is the best you can get. The concrete coop floor is extremely durable and hard, preventing predators from making holes or entering the coop. So your chickens are safe when enclosed in a concrete flooring coop. 

If I mention cleaning a concrete floor, you can simply use a water hose to wash away the dirt from the floor. If you need to make it odor-free, spray a mild liquid detergent and then use the hose to wash the flooring. For thorough cleaning, you can mop the flooring and that is all you have to do! In fact, a pressure washer can be used for regular cleaning! Easy and fast!

Nevertheless, there are some considerable issues with concrete flooring even though it is easy to clean. The first issue is that concrete installation can be expensive and needs time to set. Moreover, as it is hard, soft, and comfortable bedding is mandatory to prevent injuries of the hens. Bedding is also necessary for cold days as concrete is chilly on winter days. 

Summing up, concrete is the best for easy cleaning. The issues mentioned can be sorted by soft bedding. And if you can afford it, it is a good choice. For better clarification, below is a chart mentioning the pros and cons: 

Pros Of ConcreteCons Of Concrete
Easy to clean and maintainExpensive installation
Protects chickens from predatorsChilly on cold days
Long-lasting and durableRequire bedding for chickens

2. Rubber Mats: 

Rubber mats are commonly used for chicken coop flooring not only because it is soft but also because it is easy to clean and maintain. But note that rubber mats are installed on a subfloor like plywood, wood, or concrete. So the investment is going to be extra. But also, the subfloor stays protected with the rubber mat on it. 

Rubber mats are very healthy and comfortable for chickens. They are spongy, preventing injuries. But the main perk of a rubber mat is the ease of cleaning. Hosing off the rubber mat would suffice for regular cleaning. For deep cleaning, you can roll the rubber mat and take it out of the flooring. Then clean it outside and dry it properly before reinstalling it on the coop subfloor. 

Overall, keeping rubber mats clean is quite easy and simple. But if you consider the expense, it is not the best one. In fact, you have to invest double in the subfloor and the rubber mat. And without a subfloor, you can’t install a rubber mat. 

Below is a chart mentioning the pros and cons of rubber mat coop flooring:

Pros Of Rubber MatsCons  Of Rubber Mats
Easy to clean and maintainExpensive 
Comfortable to walk onNeeds a subfloor before installation
Long-lasting and durableDouble investment on subfloor and rubber mat

3. Linoleum: 

Linoleum is another excellent coop flooring that is easy to clean and maintain. Despite easy maintenance, people like it because of its beautiful appearance. Made of lipoxin, resin, and some other synthetic materials, most linoleum floorings are highly durable. 

Many people consider vinyl flooring as better than linoleum. But in reality, vinyl is toxic and linoleum is a safer option. In terms of cleaning, linoleum offers you benefits as you can easily wash the flooring by mopping or a hosing. Very basic cleaning is needed to keep the floor shiny, hygienic, and clean. 

Note that low-quality linoleum flooring would not be durable. So make sure to get the best quality linoleum sheets. Also, linoleum flooring would require soft bedding for comfort and protection from cold floors. As linoleum is hard and rough, chickens may get injured without bedding. And yes! Choose linoleum sheets rather than linoleum tiles as sheets are more durable. 

Yes, linoleum flooring is easy to clean and maintain. But if other factors are important for you too, check the table of pros and cons to finalize your choice: 

Pros Of LinoleumCons  Of Linoleum
Easy to clean and maintainLow-cost material is not durable
InexpensiveBecomes cold on cold days
Long-lasting and durableNeeds a bedding 
Available in different colors and designsCan be slippery

Related Questions: 

Is Wood Chicken Coop Floor Easy To Clean? 

If you want the ease of cleaning, wood coop chicken flooring is not the best choice. The wooden floor gets damaged, can warp or distort in contact with water and moisture. Moreover, everyday cleaning of wooden flooring is very difficult. Though wooden coop floor is a premium choice, if you are considering ease of cleaning, wood floor is not really a good option for you. 

Do You Need Bedding To Keep Chicken Coop Flooring Clean? 

Almost any hard coop flooring would need bedding for the comfort and safety of the chickens. But when it comes to cleaning, bedding is definitely useful to protect the subfloor. If you install soft but long-lasting bedding on the chicken coop, it would protect the subfloor from moisture, scratches, dirt, and damages. So it is always a wise decision to put bedding on the coop flooring to keep it intact and clean. 

What Is The Easiest Way To Clean Chicken Coop Floor? 

If you want to clean the coop flooring deeply, you can use 50% vinegar diluted in 50% water on the flooring. Spray this solution on the floor and use a soft brush to scrub the flooring. After the scrubbing, mop the floor with plain water and wash the flooring once again. Don’t use a harsh brush as it would scratch the flooring. This way, you can get a clean and fresh chicken coop floor. 

How Can You Keep the Chicken Coop Floor Clean? 

If you want to keep the chicken coop flooring clean and intact, you should use bedding. Use wood shaving, leaves, dried jute, or such materials on the floor so that they can absorb the litter and prevent the flooring from being damaged. Also, this prevents the flooring from getting scratched by the hens. 

How Frequently To Clean Chicken Coop Floor? 

It is preferred to do a basic cleaning once or twice a week. At least clean or change the bedding to maintain hygiene. But it is important to deeply clean the flooring. You can deep clean the flooring twice to thrice a year. If you have a large flock of hens, you can also consider minimal cleaning once a month. 


When cleaning the chicken coop flooring becomes a concern, you should be choosy. I have already mentioned the top preferences and now, it is your turn to choose the suitable coop flooring. 

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