10 Best Yoga Mat For Hardwood Floors: Choose The Suitabe One

Yoga Mat For Hardwood Floors

Planning to get a yoga mat for hardwood floors? Having a comfortable yoga session requires good cushioning and grip. Get the best yoga mat for hardwood floors to perform yoga without discomfort.

Hardwood floors are usually more sticky than other floor types. This is why getting a yoga mat with a better grip is important to ensure it stays on the floor firmly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to perform yoga as the mat will stretch for different poses.

I picked the top 10 yoga mats for hardwood floors and discussed details about the products. The products include the required features for a better yoga session and don’t have any major drawbacks as well. 

If you are not planning to go through the whole article, here is a quick recommendation. You may check BalanceFrom All Purpose Yoga Mat. This tops the list because of its exceptional resilience and premium foam material. It also includes non-slip surfaces on both sides.

Not decided yet? Then, go through the detailed review of the top 10 yoga mats for the hardwood floor below. You will get one according to your requirement for sure. 

Comparison Chart of 10 Best Yoga Mat For Hardwood Floors

Yoga mats for hardwood should be purchased to ensure the highest comfort. There are some features to consider while purchasing yoga mats. Let’s have a quick overview and comparison of the major features of a yoga mat for hardwood floors. 

ProductThicknessMaterialColor VariantAnti-Slip SurfaceWashFor Price
BalanceFrom All Purpose Yoga Mat½-inch (12.7mm)Foam7Top + BottomWash, SoapClick Here
Amazon Basics Yoga Mat½-inch (12.7mm)Foam6BottomHand Wash OnlyClick Here
Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat⅖-inch (10.16mm)Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Foam9Top + Bottom
Hand Wash Only
Click Here
HemingWeigh Thick Yoga Mat1-inch (25.4mm)Ethylene Vinyl AcetateBlackBottomHand Wash OnlyClick Here
Ewedoos Eco Friendly Yoga Mat¼-inch (6.35mm)Thermoplastic Elastomers7Top + BottomHand Wash OnlyClick Here
Jade Harmony Yoga Mat3/16-inch (4.7mm)Rubber9BottomHand Wash OnlyClick Here
Manduka PRO Yoga Mat0.2-inch (6mm)Polyvinyl Chloride8BottomHand Wash OnlyClick Here
Adidas Yoga Mat0.31-inch (8mm)Composite8BottomHand Wash OnlyClick Here 
Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat1-inch (25.4mm)Foam12BottomHand Wash OnlyClick Here
‎BEAUTYOVO Yoga Mat with Strap⅓-inch (8.4mm)Thermoplastic Elastomers
4Top + BottomHand Wash OnlyClick Here

Best Yoga Mat For Hardwood Floors: Detailed Review

After comparing the available products in the market, I picked the top 10 yoga mats for hardwood floors that are recommended to get better comfort and balance. Check them out.

1. BalanceFrom All Purpose Yoga Mat: Best Overall

BalanceFrom’s all-purpose yoga mat has no shortcomings, and it will be a great pick for sure. The excellent anti-slip feature with resilience will make you enjoy the yoga session on any floor type.

Features with Benefits

Perfectly Shaped:

The mat is perfectly shaped for anyone. It’s 71 inches long and 24 inches wide. That will be perfect for any sized person for sure. In addition, it has a thickness of ½-inch to ensure better comfort during the yoga session. 

Non-Slip Surface:

BalanceFrom yoga mat comes with an excellent slip-resistant feature to save you from any injuries. Both sides of this mat are slip-resistant, meaning no risk on hardwood floors. 

Easy Wash:

A clean and fresh mat will be perfect for a yoga session. This yoga mat is super easy to clean. It can be washed with soap and water. Also, the mat is moisture resistant to avoid damage.


A portable yoga mat will make it easier to carry a mat anywhere. This yoga mat weighs only 1.3 pounds and also includes a free strap. The adjustable strap with velcro will make it easier to carry and hold this mat for outdoor yoga sessions. 


  • Anti-slip mat with resilience;
  • Moisture resistant for easy cleaning;
  • Available with yoga blocks;
  • Crafted with high-density material;
  • Anti-tear foam mat;
  • Non-slip surface on both sides;
  • Cushions knees, elbows on hard floors.


  • Makes a bit of noise on laminated floors.

2. Amazon Basics Yoga Mat: Best Foam Mat

You will feel more comfortable practicing yoga on this mat from Amazon, made with 100% NBR foam. It has the perfect thickness and will be a good choice for indoor or outdoor yoga sessions.

Features with Benefits

Extra Thick

There will be no problem using this mat for yoga or any other exercises for its thickness. Amazon Basics Yoga mat comes with a thickness of ½ inch or 12.7 mm. 


The mat is not only designed for Yoga. It can be used for other purposes as well. You will feel comfortable using this mat for gym and other everyday exercises. 

Textured Foam

The yoga mat is designed to provide you traction and stability on any floor. Additionally, this provides extra support and better shock absorption.


There will be no problem carrying this yoga mat for outdoor use. The yoga mat weighs only 2.1 pounds. It includes an elastic strap to ensure you can carry this mat easily anywhere, anytime. 


  • Comes with extra cushioning;
  • Perfect thickness for hardwood floors;
  • 9 color variants;
  • Imported NBR foam material;
  • Textured surface for reliable traction.


  • The mat stretches far easily.

3. Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat: Best Texture 

This mat is designed for any kind of exercise on a hardwood floor. The premium foam with cushioned support will surely make your yoga session more effective and comfortable.   

Features with Benefits

Soft Cushion:

The yoga mat is made with NBR foam and is designed for a comfortable yoga session. On the mat, stretching and posing will be safe and enjoyable for both beginner and regular yogis.

Extra Thick:

With a thickness of 0.4 inches, this yoga mat will be an ideal pick for hardwood floors. The extra-thick yoga mat is made for ultimate satisfaction and will be suitable for any yoga position. 

Textured Grip:

To reduce slippage on a hardwood floor, this yoga mat comes with textured ridges on both sides. This design helps to increase traction and stability. On any floor, you are going to have the best yoga or exercise experience so far.

Exercise Mat:

This is not just a yoga mat, it can be used for exercise as well. Gaiam Essentials yoga mat is perfectly designed for any purpose. It will be a perfect asset for anyone who is concerned about their health. 


  • Textured ridges for increased traction;
  • Includes easy cinch mat carrying strap;
  • Easy to clean and wash;
  • Ideal for any form of exercises;
  • 9 color variants;
  • Extra-thick foam mat.


  • Doesn’t withstand twisting pressure.

4. HemingWeigh Thick Yoga Mat: Best Multi-Purpose

To make the floor workout more comfy and convenient, this one is quite a good option for sure. The yoga mat is engineered to support all types of yoga practices and will last long for premium build quality. 

Features with Benefits

Thick Foam Cushion

The yoga mat comes with a 1-inch thick foam cushion. Also, the anti-tear premium foam material will both cushion your knees and will connect to the floor below for support. 


For a hardwood floor, this one is pretty much important. This yoga mat has a double-sided, non-slip surface that creates a firm grip on the floor. So, there will be no problem doing yoga poses.

Easy Clean

The mat for yoga is made with soft, flexible, and safe NBR material. This is to keep your health at ease. Also, the eco-friendly yoga mat is easy to clean with just a wipe of a cloth. So, no problem with sweat, liquid spills, and dust.


To make this mat compatible with any pose or person, this mat is long enough for stretching. Still, it’s portable as it includes a self-strapping system for easy transport and storage.  


  • Easy transport and storage;
  • Anti-tear for better durability;
  • Doesn’t have any smell;
  • Easy wipe and clean;
  • Extra large size for everyone;
  • Non-slip surface on both sides.


  • The strap quality isn’t good.

5. Ewedoos Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat: Best Anti-Skid Design

This is one of the good-looking and beginner-friendly yoga mats available in the market. TPE materials make this yoga mat an excellent choice for hardwood floors. 

Features with Benefits

TPE Material

Unlike the other yoga mats, this mat is crafted with eco-friendly TPE material. Thermoplastic Elastomers are more flexible and capable of repeatedly stretching without losing durability.

Body Alignment

Here is the unique feature of this yoga mat. It includes body alignment lines that help to adjust or match the hand and feet positions. The yoga mat will work as a guide for beginners.


There will be no problem using this yoga mat on hardwood floors. It has double-sided non-slip surfaces that will help you to perform yoga or exercise without any slipping or sliding.


There is no problem washing this yoga mat because of the waterproof feature. You won’t have any bad smell or debris on your mat. The closed-cell surface of this mat locks out dust and moisture to keep this mat fresh for a long time.


  • Odorless yoga mat with TPE material;
  • Two-sided textured surface;
  • Free carry strap for easy use;
  • Durable and tear-resistant;
  • Highly elastic for vigorous exercise;
  • Classic textured surface.


  • Not suitable for hot yoga.

6. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat: Best Rubber Mat

The yoga mat is made of natural rubber material to deliver you the ultimate satisfaction during the yoga session. It’s available in color and size variants to help you pick the best.

Features with Benefits

Natural Materials

There won’t be any issue with comfort while using this yoga mat. It’s made with non-toxic material or heavy metals means your mat is totally free from any harsh materials. 


The yoga mat from Jade Harmony comes with an open-cell rubber that provides a better cushion than ordinary yoga mats. Using this yoga mat, it will be much easier to achieve and hold poses during a yoga session. 

Sustainable Rubber

As the yoga mat is made of imported natural rubber, there will be no complaints about the comfort issue. You will have a great grip and exceptional cushion with this grip.


There are 9 color variants available for this yoga mat. You may pick your desired color mat from the list. Also, the yoga mat has 4 different size options. So, if you are looking for large yoga mats, you have alternatives.


  • Great cushion for better stability;
  • Easy to clean surface;
  • Excellent grip for hardwood floors;
  • Length variants for other purposes;
  • Perfect thickness for standing poses.


  • Rubber material is not ideal for extreme use.

7. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat: Best Performance 

Here comes another top-notch yoga mat for hardwood floors. Manduka Pro Yoga mat will be a great pick for its high performance and quality materials. This pro series mat is designed to make your yoga performance better.

Features with Benefits

High Performance:

The Pro yoga mat is designed with ultra-dense cushioning to help you get more effective yoga sessions. For stability and joint protection, this mat comes with a medium thickness of 0.24 inches. 

Quality Material:

This yoga mat is crafted in Germany from PVC materials, ensuring zero waste in manufacturing. Also, the yoga mat is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning no harmful substances are used during the making. 

Clean Mat:

With closed-cell technology, this mat is more efficient and effective. This mat is designed to wick sweat and moisture after every yoga session. Also, it’s easy to wash and can be cleaned with mat wash cleaner.


The yoga mat is built with premium materials, and the grips won’t peel or flake after regular use. You will get the same cushioned support in every yoga session. 


  • Ultra-supportive medium thickness mat;
  • Extra grip for sweaty sessions;
  • Available in size variants;
  • Premium cushion for joint support;
  • Stability on hardwood floors;
  • Slip-resistant for yoga positions.


  • Hand wash only.

8. Adidas Yoga Mat: Best Lightweight

Adidas is a well-known brand for sports accessories. This Yoga mat from Adidas is equipped with all the features you’ll look for. It’s perfectly designed for the ultimate satisfaction during a yoga session.

Features with Benefits

Thick Cushioning:

The yoga mat comes with 8mm or 0.31 inches. You will be able to perform yoga or other forms of exercise using this mat. The EVA foam will surely make you feel better during the yoga poses.

Non-Slip Texture:

Yoga positions will be safe on the mat since it is made of composite material. It includes a grippy non-slip texture that will ensure you’re not sliding or slipping during yoga sessions.

PVC Free:

With the PVC-free yoga mat, you’ll have firm grounding without sacrificing comfort. The material is safe for cleaning means you will have a fresh mat every single time.


This yoga mat will be super easy to carry. It’s just 1 pound weight and the thickness will help you carry this mat for outdoor yoga sessions. It’s lightweight and comes with a rollable design for easy transport.


  • Increased traction for stronger poses; 
  • Lightweight for easy transport;
  • Ridged base for stability;
  • 8mm thick with enough length;
  • 8 color variants;


  • No strap or band for carrying purposes.

9. Retrospec Solana Yoga Mat: Best Look

The high-density yoga mat will be a good pick for you as it will be gentle to your knees, elbows, and other body parts. You will surely enjoy using this yoga mat as it focuses on satisfaction during a yoga session.

Features with Benefits

Easy to Clean:

It will be much easier to take care of this yoga mat. You will be able to clean this yoga mat with water and gentle soap. Just wipe the surface with a cloth and there will be no debris. 

Ribbed Surface:

The ribbed surface is designed to keep you well-grounded on the floor. This is to achieve better results during yoga. Retrospec Solana comes with a non-slip material that will help you to stay steady and secured on the hardwood floor. 

Extra Thick:

The yoga mat comes with a 1-inch thickness to cushion the pain points. In addition, it has the perfect length and width to get extra room for stretching out. This perfect thickness with NBR foam will be great for body parts.


It will be much easier to carry this yoga mat for any outdoor yoga session. This mat comes with a nylon carrying strap. It weighs only 1.8 pounds to make you carry it without any discomfort.


  • Ribbed surface with better grip;
  • Convenient nylon carrying strap;
  • Extra thick NBR foam;
  • Easy to clean with water;
  • Free of Phthalate or latex;


  • Smelly for the first couple of days.

‎10. BEAUTYOVO Yoga Mat with Strap: Best TPE Material

The final yoga mat for hardwood floors on this list is from ‎BEAUTYOVO. This premium mat doesn’t have any major drawbacks and will be a great pick for yoga or any other form of exercise as well.

Features with Benefits

Premium TPE Material:

This yoga mat is crafted with premium eco-friendly TPE materials. It ensures the highest stickiness and sponginess to the users. The mat is made of Thermoplastic Elastomers that result in better abrasion and higher elasticity.

Non-Slip Texture:

To provide you with a firm connection to the floor, this yoga mat comes with a bumpy non-slip texture on the surface. Also, this texture helps to keep you from slipping or sliding.

Ample Cushioning:

The thickness of this mat is perfect for hardwood floors. You will have more cushioning and stability compared with other mats. The ⅓-inch mat will help you to balance postures and will also provide you with better stability.


There will be no problem carrying this yoga mat for outdoor use. This mat comes with a dual-use yoga mat strap to help you carry this mat to a yoga studio or gym. You are always ready to go with this lightweight yoga mat. 


  • Excellent elasticity and toughness;
  • Built with high-density TPE material;
  • Ideal for all levels of yoga;
  • Effective anti-slip texture;
  • 4 color variants.


  • Is a bit narrow.

Buying Guide

11 Things To Consider To Buy The Best Yoga Mat for Hardwood Floors

Before purchasing a yoga mat, make sure it is ideal for your floor types. To get the best yoga mat for hardwood floors, it is required to consider some things. Check the facts below.

1. Thickness

For hardwood floors, thickness is very much important. A yoga mat with perfect thickness will enhance stability and will also make you feel comfortable. A yoga mat with perfect thickness will be more slip-resistant as well. That’s why hardwood yoga mats are usually thicker than normal mats.

Most yoga mats for hardwood come with a thickness of 3-12mm.  This is to help your body parts get better comfort during the yoga sessions. Some yoga positions require more thickness, especially for the knees and the elbows. 

2. Material

There are yoga mats available crafted with different materials. PVC. foam, rubber, Thermoplastic Elastomers, and Polyurethane are commonly used to produce yoga mats. 

Rubber, Foam, and Polyurethane mats are usually more comfortable than the other ones. PVC yoga mats are more slippery and won’t be a good pick for hardwood floors. Still, the design of the bottom grip should be checked before purchasing one. 

3. Cushioning

As you are looking for the best yoga mat for hardwood, cushioning of the mat is very much important. Without better cushioning, there is a chance of injuries on the hardwood floor. Mats that are thicker have better cushioning than thinner mats. 

Doesn’t matter how cushioned the yoga mat is, it’s important to ensure the quality as well. The foam or rubber should maintain the fluffiness for a long time.

4. Size

Before purchasing the yoga mat, get an idea about the size. Not every product comes with a size variant. So, check the product’s size variants if you have any specific size preferences. 

5. Slip-Resistant

This is one of the important features if you are looking for a yoga mat for hardwood floors. If the yoga mat isn’t slip-resistant, you won’t be able to do your yoga perfectly, as the mat won’t stay on the surface steadily.

6. Texture

The texture of the upper surface is pretty much considerable for a better yoga experience. Yoga mats come with different textures to make sure you are not having any discomfort during yoga. Usually, a mat with a flat or linear texture is fine for yoga mats. 

7. Portability

Sometimes, you may be required to carry your yoga mat outside. This portability feature will bring you benefits in this case. You may want to start your yoga session in the garden or outside of the house. An easy portable yoga mat will save you from hassle for sure.

Portable mats are lightweight and are designed to carry with side straps. They are easily foldable so that you can start your yoga anywhere, anytime.

8. Easy Wash

As the mats will be used for yoga on the floor, there may be sweat or debris. These should be cleaned frequently to prevent any bad smell and also to enhance the durability of the yoga mat. 

So, it’s important that the yoga mat is easily washable. Some yoga mats are easily cleanable with just a wipe of a cloth. There are instructions available for every yoga mat. 

9. Design

This one is optional but mentionable. Yoga mats are designed in different colors and patterns. You will enjoy doing yoga on a more beautiful mat rather than an ordinary-designed mat. So, if there is any favorite color of yours, get a mat of that color. 

In addition, if you are purchasing a mat for kids, you can purchase yoga mats that are specially designed for kids. There will be cartoons or draws on the surface to make sure your kid is enjoying the yoga session.

10. Durability

Durability is always an important feature of a product. Yoga mats should last long and provide you with a long service. The material should not get damaged because of sweat or regular use. Premium yoga mats offer a lifetime warranty to users. If a yoga mat is built with quality material, it will surely last for years. 

As yoga mats for hardwood floors are much thicker, they last longer than thinner mats. The surface maintains the cushion support for a longer period. 

11. Price

When purchasing a product, price should always be taken into consideration. Make sure the product is worth the money you’re investing in. The price of a yoga mat for a hardwood floor varies. So, if you have a good budget option, check if the product doesn’t have any drawbacks.

Sometimes, it’s possible to afford quality products on a budget. This requires comparing the features and benefits of different products. Also, check the longevity compared with the price to pick the best.

These are the major features a user should look for before purchasing a yoga mat for hardwood floors. You will definitely get the best product if you can check and ensure individual features.

3 Effective Tips To Care and Clean A Yoga Mat: 100% Works

Taking care of a yoga mat is not difficult. But, it should be ensured that you are cleaning the mat in the perfect way to avoid any damage to the mat and the surface as well. 

Before starting the cleaning process, it’s important to read the care instructions of the product. Also, it’s not necessary to clean or wash both surfaces. If it’s been a long day since you have been using the mat, only then you may clean both surfaces. Otherwise, cleaning only the top surface is fine.

Check how you can care for and clean your yoga mat.

Tips 1: Use Ideal Tools

First condition for cleaning a yoga mat is to use the ideal tool. Use tools that are recommended for yoga mats. The surface of yoga mats is made to get a better experience during the yoga period. So, using ordinary elements may lessen the durability of your yoga mats.

Let’s have a look at the elements that are recommended for cleaning a yoga mat.

  • Soft Cloth

Soft clothes can be used to wipe the debris from the surface. There are microfiber cleaning clothes available that don’t scratch on the surface and are effective in cleaning mat surfaces.

These clothes are made of polyester. You can wipe your yoga mat after every session with a microfiber cloth to ensure it lasts long.

  • White Vinegar

Using a yoga mat for too long may get a sweaty smell. This should be cleaned with vinegar. Vinegar is an antibacterial liquid commonly used to deodorize. 

Mix vinegar with the same amount of water. Spray on the upper surface as the smell usually stays on the surface which you used the most. Wipe the surface with a piece of microfiber cloth. 

  • Dish Soap

This is a common home remedy to clean yoga mats. Dish soap is quite effective in cleaning tough debris from the mat. Before using dish soap, make sure it’s mild and can be used for carpet or any other surface. This will be effective if you need to clean any oil or grease from the yoga mat.

  • Yoga Mat Cleaner

Here comes the most dedicated cleaner available for yoga mats. Cleaners for yoga mats will be gentle on the surface without damaging the mat’s fluffiness.  Mat cleaners are available for rubber, foam, and other materials. So, pick according to the material your yoga mat is made of.

  • Tea Tree Oil or Peppermint Essential Oils

If you don’t have any mat cleaner at home, make a cleaner with home remedies. Tea tree oil can be an alternative to yoga mat cleaner. Use 5 drops of Tea Tree oil with a glass of water. You may add peppermint essential oil for a better fragrance.

Mix them well and pour them into a spray bottle. This will be effective for cleaning the mat and will also emit any bad odor from the mat.

Tips 2: Read Manufacturer’s Guidelines

To get the most effective cleaning, you may visit the website of the manufacturer. Every manufacturer includes specific cleaning instructions for individual products. For example, some yoga mats are only allowed a hand wash.

Go through the product and read how the manufacturer instructed about the care for the yoga mat. That’s how you can ensure the best care for the yoga mat.

Tips 3: Let It Dry 

Once the cleaning is complete, let it dry in the sunlight. If you have soaked the mat in water, then it should be completely dried before the next yoga session. 

If you start using the product without drying it, there will be a stinky smell on the product. You may dry the top surface first and then the bottom surface.

4 Steps To Keep Yoga Mat Less Slippery On A Hardwood Floor: Must Try

Yoga mats may get slippery if the grip on the bottom isn’t working anymore. Mats made of PVC materials are usually more slippery than the other ones. Here are some steps to make your yoga mat less slippery.

Step 01: Use the Same Surface

Sometimes, users don’t care about the right or wrong side of a yoga mat. They just start doing yoga by laying the mat on the floor. That’s obviously a wrong practice. There is a top and a bottom surface on a yoga mat. Make sure you’re using the same surface every time.

Using the bottom surface for yoga will damage the grips that are designed to make the mat slip-resistant.

Step 02: Keep The Mat Clean

 A clean mat is a must for a safe yoga session. A fresh or clean yoga mat will never get slippery on a hardwood floor. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the dirt or debris from the surface. 

If there is sweat on the surface, place the mat on the direct surface for a couple of minutes before rolling it to avoid stinky smells.

Step 03: Use A Towel

That will work as a precaution. You will be able to wipe your sweat, so they don’t get into the mat. Using a towel will also help you to stay fresh during the yoga session.

Step 04: Clean The Grip

Grips are responsible for making the yoga mat slip-resistant. If the grip of the bottom surface gets damaged, it won’t work on hardwood floors. Clean the grip regularly after yoga sessions with a brush or microfiber cloth to keep the mat slip-resistant for a long time.

These steps will work effectively to keep your yoga mat less slippery on a hardwood floor.

Related Questions

How Thick Should A Yoga Mat Be For Hardwood Floors?

There is no limit to a Yoga Mat thickness for hardwood floors. Still, the standard thickness for yoga mats is 1/8 inch or 3mm. The thickness depends on the surface type and how cushioned it is.

Thinner or thicker, both mats are effective based on purpose. You will get better stability by using thinner mats. On the other hand, thicker mats are recommended for therapeutic needs. They are ideal if the yoga positions are mostly kneeling poses or forearms.

Is It Possible To Do Yoga On Hardwood Floors?

A hardwood floor is undoubtedly one of the best surfaces for practicing yoga. They are flat and will help to make better positions. But you should use a mat or carpet for doing that. Hardwood floors will be too harsh for your knees and forearms.

You can do yoga on hardwood comfortably as there are yoga mats available that are non-slip and are specially designed for this kind of floor.  

Is There A Right And Wrong Side To A Yoga Mat?

There are two surfaces on a yoga mat. A cushioned finish is usually found on the top(right) surface, while grips are found on the bottom(wrong) surface to prevent sliding.

If there is no grip or anti-slip design on the bottom, it will be tough to use the yoga mat on hardwood floors. Grip prevents injuries and lets the mat stay in its place during your whole yoga session. 

There will be no problem finding the right side of a yoga mat as the surface for yoga is usually shinier than the other side. Also, the practice surface is much more cushioned than the bottom surface.

What Kind Of Yoga Mats Are Safe For Hardwood Floors?

Yoga mats made of foam or polyurethane are less slippery and usually safe for hardwood floors. Thickness and slip-resistant are the two important factors you should consider to ensure a safe yoga session on hardwood floors. 

However, it’s quite tough to practice yoga on a hardwood floor with an ordinary yoga mat. This is why you should get a yoga mat with perfect thickness and cushion. Otherwise, the yoga mat will be of no use.

How Much Does A Yoga Mat For Hardwood Floor Cost?

The price actually varies based on the product. Yoga mats for hardwood floors are typically priced between 18$ and 200$. Other floors can be covered with ordinary yoga mats, but hardwood floors require a thicker, more cushioned mat.

If you ensure proper thickness and grippy surface on a yoga mat, don’t worry about the price. Without a quality yoga mat, there will be discomfort on the knee, and forearm for yoga poses. 

How Long Does a Yoga Mat For Hardwood Floor Last?

The longevity of yoga mats usually depends on how well it’s being maintained. It should be cleaned after every yoga session. Also, the sweat or debris should be washed to save the mat from getting any stinky smell. 

However, the average lifespan of a yoga mat for hardwood is 6-12 months. There are yoga mats available that provide a lifetime warranty. To enhance the durability of your yoga mat, take proper care of your yoga mat.

Final Thoughts

I believe this article cleared your confusion about yoga mats for hardwood floors, and you already decided which one to pick. The yoga mats are built with premium material and will last long for sure. They are designed to maintain the grip and texture for years.

If you ensure the perfect thickness with cushioned support, there will be no problem using that yoga mat on a hardwood floor. The products are reviewed based on their effectiveness and how comfortable they are on hardwood floors. 

Finally, my personal recommendation for the best yoga mat for hardwood floors is Ewedoos Eco Friendly Yoga Mat because of its design with alignment lines and TPE material. Another product I will suggest is Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat. It includes soft cushions and textured ridges on both sides.


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