Boat Floor Storage: All You Need To Know

Boat Floor Storage

While sailing, we need a lot of materials to make the journey comfortable, convenient, and safe. But then, storage facilities are needed which becomes an issue. You can’t just keep your belongings scattered on the deck or cabin, right? It doesn’t keep them safe and also messes up the flooring. This is why storage facilities in the boat should be top-notch. 

You can make or add new storage spaces in the deck if you get some ideas. It is not so tough and can keep things organized. Be it storing the boat maintenance devices, toolbox, or your personal belongings, all can be kept properly if you have enough storage. Now if you are puzzled about how to add boat floor storage, I got you. 

In this article, I will discuss some amazing ideas of adding storage not only to the boat floor but in the cabin too. These ideas will help you know where and how you can add storage in the boat and use them. So without any further discussion, let’s look into the ideas. 

9 Steps To Make Boat Floor Storage: Embed A Floor Hatch

The first thing of adding storage should be embedding a floor hatch in the boat deck. This saves up space as no extra room is needed to keep this. It can be embedded in the deck and also used for sitting. 

Installing a boat floor storage is time-consuming and also needs a certain level of expertise. A DIY can definitely do it if he is in practice. But otherwise, the process can be challenging. Anyway, let’s look into the steps of making and fixing a  boat floor hatch first, and then you can decide on how to do it. 

Step 1: Measure And Make The Design

Here, we are planning to fix a boat storage hatch adjacent to the transom. When attached to the transom, it can be used as a seat as well. So measure the area where you want to make the hatch. 

Use a measuring tape to measure the length and width of the hatch to be made. You are likely to get a curve around the starboard and port. So measure this very carefully and draw the shape. Draw the shape on paper and mark the lengths and widths you have measured. 

You have to measure the height of the hatch too. I mean measure the height of the transom from the platform and that will be the height.

Step 2: Build The Frame

You now have to make a basic frame that would make the hatch. Making the frame is basically to make the height of the hatch. Take a hardwood board and cut four equal legs using a circular saw. With the same board, make four more narrow planks to attach the legs to each other. 

The legs will go vertically and the planks would be placed horizontally. Nail one plank to one leg and the other end of the plank will be nailed to another leg. This way, complete making the frame according to the height, length, and width you have measured. For assurance, place the frame on the deck whether it is fitting the space or not. 

After that, add another inner frame to the main frame. This makes the frame more stable and creates a strong construction. 

Step 3: Make A Deck Template

Just like making a boat floor template, you have to make a deck template to make the upper portion of the hatch. 

For that, lay a paper on the frame (the frame is on the deck only). The paper should go from one side of the wall to the other. Now lay it flat and tape the paper across the sides of the frame. With the tape, you have marked the outline. Now remove the paper from the frame and place it on a flat surface. 

Across the side of the tape, cut the paper which gives you the outline of the hatch lid. 

Step 4: Make The Hatch Lid

After you make the template, you have to cut out a plywood board according to the shape you have made. Place the template on the plywood board and mark an outline using a scale on the plywood board. 

Use a circular saw to cut through the plywood and make the lid of the storage hatch. If there is a curve on the deck, make sure to cut the plywood carefully across that curve. Now place this lid on the frame to check the fit. If any modification is needed, trim the plywood precisely. 

Step 5: Make The Walls Of The Hatch 

After you make the lid, you have to make the walls of the hatch. Measure the length and width of the hatch and cut out a plywood board according to that. 

Install the walls by gluing or nailing them to the hatch frame. It is better to nail to make the hatch long-lasting. Now that the walls and lid are made, the hatch is almost ready except for some additional tasks. 

Step 6: Waterproof The Hatch

As it is a boat hatch, you should waterproof the hatch properly. For that, use a waterproof stain or paint to paint the entire hatch. Starting from the frame to the lids and walls, paint the entire hatch with the waterproof stain or paint

Step 7: Install The Carpet (Optional)

If the entire deck is covered with carpet, you should also carpet the boat storage hatch. It is super easy to fix a carpet on the deck or hatch lid. 

Just as per the template, cut the carpet and apply a layer of glue on the backside of the carpet. Note that the carpet should be slightly bigger than the lid you have made. After cutting and applying the glue, place the lid on the backside of the carpet. Now mold the extra edges of the carpet across the edges of the lid. 

Step 8: Install Hinges On The Deck Lid

Now the last part of the process is to add hinges to the hatch lid. You can either make an inner lid on the deck or the entire lid can be hinged. Whichever you choose to do, install two or three hinges across the horizontal side of the deck lid. 

Screw the hinges firmly to the wall of the deck hatch if there is no inner lid. 

Step 9: Check The Fit 

Now place the lid on the deck hatch and check if the hinges are working well or not. You can add a small strap to the front side of the deck lid for easily opening the lid. 

And yes, the deck hatch has been installed on the boat flooring. You have got quite a big storage in the boat flooring. The lid can be used for sitting too. 

5 Amazing Boat Floor Storage Ideas: Know Other Alternatives

Except for embedding a boat floor hatch, you can grab some other ideas of storage too. There are other ways to make storage on the boat floor and other areas of the deck. These storages are not permanent and most portable. This is an advantage as you can use them in diverse ways. 

So let’s have a look at some boat flooring storage ideas: 

1. Plastic Basket: 

Just a plastic bin or utility basket can help you a lot on the deck. Starting from toiletries to foods, all can be stored organized in a plastic utility basket. You can keep it under the transom or anywhere on the deck. 

Plastic bins are very handy and easily portable. It is also waterproof which means it is perfect for marine conditions. You can choose a plastic bin with or without a lid. However, you may not store large items like a jacket, toolbox, etc. in the plastic bin. But for small items, having a plastic basket on the deck is very useful. 

2. Cargo Net: 

Installing several cargo nets across the starboard and port is very helpful. Especially for a large passenger cruise or boat, having a cargo net is awesome. All the passengers can have a cargo net to keep all their utilities in it while on the deck.

Cargo nets are inexpensive, take up only a little space, and look pretty smart. Cargo nets are made of polyester and remain unaffected by water or sunlight. To keep the deck clutter-free and for the passengers’ convenience, having several cargo nets is a smart choice. 

3. Trash Bag: 

Installing mounted trash bags with suction cups is one super-fast idea for storing trashes. Starting from the food cans and packets, all can be kept in the hanging trash bag. I think this is a necessity while traveling with a group. 

A trash bag doesn’t eat up extra space on the deck as they are mounted. To keep the deck hygienic, safe, and fresh, you should consider having some mounted trash bags. Also, they are cheap and can be used for storing other items too if needed. 

4. Tackle Box:

A tackle box is multifunctional and the best option to keep your small items organized. Just like you organize items in drawers at home, a tackle box can be used for storing medicines, notes, small screws, files, etc. 

Tackle boxes have two trays providing you enough space for keeping different items. They are highly durable and can be adjusted to any corner of the deck. So you can always keep a tackle box to keep your things properly and the deck clutter-free. 

5. Steel Hatch Or Locker: 

If you don’t want to embed a hatch on the deck, you can also buy a durable stainless steel hatch. A hatch is always useful on the deck for keeping tools, clothes, money, etc. So buying a steel hatch or locker can be a good idea. 

A steel hatch can be kept under the hollow space beneath the transom. Otherwise, keep it at any corner and store small and big items in it. This would keep the deck tidy and clean. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What Is Storage On A Boat Called?

Boat storage can be called different names. Usually, the boat storage is called a lazaretto which is placed on the deck. It is basically a locker where devices, equipment, etc. are stored. 

Another name for boat storage is a boat or cargo hold. This space is used for storing the cargo in the ship or boat. Apart from that, hatches are commonly used on the boat floor for storing different items during a journey. 

How Do You Organize Your Boat? 

If you are failing to organize the boat, you might need several storage facilities to keep things organized. There are plenty of ways to organize a boat. Here are some easiest solutions: 

  • Install mounted trash bags to keep trashes;
  • Mount suction cup hangers to keep your hat, clothes, etc. 
  • Keep a hatch to store big items;
  • You can keep waterproof document files to store phones, papers, etc. 
  • Collapsible buckets provide large storage space; 

These are some common ways to organize the boat by storing items in different ways. 

How Do You Store Supplies In A Boat? 

To store supplies in a boat full of passengers, you need to add storage facilities as well as be strategic. 

Add cargo nets and trash cans on the deck so that the passengers can keep their belongings in them. But apart from that, if they have bags and luggage, you should first let them sit the passengers. Make sure that the balance is proper.

Then put the bags at the center or equally across the two ends of the boat. The balance should be maintained and for that, the storage of the supplies should be done carefully. 

How To Store Flour In A Boat? 

Storing food items in a boat is challenging. If food items get wet, they will start to rot or stink. So they should be kept carefully. 

For storing items like flour, chips, rice, etc. you should use ziplock bags. Put each item in each ziplock bag to keep the items intact. Ziplock bags are waterproof and keep items organized. After storing the flour and other items in the ziplock bags, store them all in a plastic basket. This way, you can keep the food items safe and store them in an organized way.

How Do You Store A Blanket On A Boat?

If you are sailing on cold days when you may need a blanket, you should store it carefully. In fact, some may get snow experiences and in that case, storing and carrying the blanket is mandatory. 

For storing blankets on a boat, roll them up and put them in a waterproof vacuum bag. A vacuum bag only takes the space of the blanket and you can then keep this bag in any corner. It can be kept below the seat, into a hatch, beside the console, or inside the cabin. 

Where Do You Store Things On A Boat?

You can store things on a boat in many ways. If you have plenty of different things to store, you should first sort them out and keep them separately in different waterproof bags. 

After storing them in bags, keep them in a hatch, under the deck seats, or in the cabin. If you don’t have enough space, you would need to embed storage on the boat deck. This adds a safe space to store all the things. 


To conclude, I must say that you must add enough storage to the boat deck to keep it tidy and tiptop. As I have added a variety of storage ideas in this article, I believe you can now handpick the best ones for your boat. 

So far, which boat floor storage idea has intrigued you the most? 

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