10 Amazing Brick Floor Design Ideas That Make Your Home Different!

brick floor design ideas

Brick is a material that can be used for both walls and floors. Brick is a great choice for floors in high-traffic areas. Install brick floors if you want to give your home floor a historic look. Bricks have been used in building walls and floors for hundreds of years.

Although brick is an ancient material, it is still the most popular material in design and construction. Bricks are now being used on the floors of contemporary spaces and the classic interior. There are several styles and colors of the brick floor design. You can choose one to match the walls of your home. 

A combination of brick steel, glass, and wood can create a modern floor. You can keep your brick floor designs new with regular polishing or sealing. If you also want to install brick floor designs on your floor, then continue the article. Here I will talk about some of the popular brick floor designs.

10 Brick Floor Designs That Will Amaze You: 

Although brick is an ancient method used for floor design, it also has many modern designs. If you want to install brick designs on the floor of your house, you can choose a design from here. Here are some unique floor designs that can be made with bricks. Let’s take a look at those attractive and unique brick floor designs.

1. Pavers Brick Flooring:

Floor designs made from real brick tiles are called pavers brick flooring, which is thin. These types of tiles are designed for indoor floors and specific outdoor applications. These bricks are an excellent choice for bathroom floors as they are less slippery than ceramic tiles. They are thin and do not raise the floor level, and carry less weight on the subfloor.

These flooring designs make the surface impervious to moisture and wear-resistant. You may have to spend $ 3 to $ 10 per square foot for this brick flooring material. It may also add to your installation charges. This would be great for you to design a good quality durable flooring at a low price.

2. Engineering Brick Flooring:

Engineering bricks are used to require a kind of strength, low water permeability, or acid resistance. It can prevent the damp feeling on your floor. These bricks have a dense and semi-glazed solid body. It adheres to the limits defined for water absorption and compression strength.

These bricks are more substantial and less porous, which is blue due to higher firing temperatures. You can use these bricks for flooring. It is proof of satyagraha, and it is a suitable choice for the bathroom floor. But you make it home that can also be used in internal and external zones. 

3. Recycled Brick Flooring:

If the floor is designed with old bricks, it is called recycled brick flooring. You can make any shape design with these bricks. Many people choose these flooring ideas to give the floor history and fascinating feel. Due to different weather conditions, we have to wait for years for new flooring installation.

If you install the floor with recycled bricks taken from the old house, your floor will get instant attractiveness. By installing these flooring designs, you can reduce the cost of purchasing new flooring materials. The process is also environmentally friendly as there is no necessity to generate new materials.

4. Zig Zag Brick Flooring:

The flooring design that is installed by arranging the bricks in a jig jag design is known as jig jag brick flooring. Red bricks are the most commonly used for these designs. Because red brick is the most suitable for this design, these designs are most commonly seen in the outdoor areas of the house.

Creating these designs takes a little time, but it is not difficult. You can install this design on the floor of the house yourself. If the design is sealed after installation, it will look durable and more beautiful. You can also use bricks of different colors for this flooring design if you want. Since the brick floors are not slippery, this flooring design is most suitable for bathrooms.

5. Faux Brick Tile Flooring:

Faux Brick Tile floor designs are made using brick tiles instead of natural bricks. These brick tiles are made up of porcelain utensils, which are guaranteed for long-term use. These are used in many architectural and design works as well as floors that are easy to install.

It comes with different options of color, texture, size. So, you can choose to use it in floor design. It is suitable for installation everywhere in your home. Faux brick tile flooring is excellent for you if you want to create a luxurious atmosphere of elegance and warmth in your home.

6. Red Brick Flooring:

Redbrick is the most popular flooring. Redbrick flooring designs give a different look to modern homes. It is suitable for flooring both the interior and exterior of the house. Redbrick fits any pattern well on the floor. Redbrick is not as slippery as ceramic tiles.

You can safely use it on your bathroom and kitchen floor. Be sure to install different patterns for different locations. This will generate a dissimilar atmosphere in your home. Red bricks are a bit more expensive than ordinary bricks, but the best in terms of quality.

7. Brick Flooring with Hardwood:

Floor designs mixed with brick and hardwood are pretty unique. In these designs, bricks are used among the wooden designs. You can use any wood and brick for these designs. However, there should not be too considerable transformation among the color of wood and brick. You can choose this flooring design for any place in the house.

This type of design installation can take a longer time. First, make a wooden square box with a space in the middle to create the design. After installing bricks in those empty places, brick mixed with wood will be built. This design is appropriate for the living room, but you can also install it in other areas.

8. Hand Made Brick Flooring:

Ordinary bricks are all the same types, but handmade bricks come in different designs and sizes. Installing the floor with this brick does not require any different design. You can choose the design brick according to your choice. This type of brick is more expensive than ordinary bricks.

If you install the floor of the interior hall of the house with handmade bricks, it will create a different atmosphere in the home. You can design these bricks according to your choice and install them on the floor. These bricks are also available in square and round shapes. You will also find a variety of handmade brick options for the floor.

9. Brick Laminate Flooring:

Although laminate floor designs look like bricks, they are made of pressed wood, giving the feet a more comfortable feeling than bricks. You can also make these designs with bricks. Brick laminate floor designs are easy to keep clean. For brick laminate designs, you will find a choice of various colors and shades.

This floor design can be a blend and match any type of interior home element. It is an ideal selection for high traffic and commercial spaces. These floor designs work with less maintenance than regular brick floors. You can clean the floor just by sweeping or mopping. Brick Laminate Flooring lasts about 15 to 25 years.

10. Herringbone Brick Floor:

Herringbone is another familiar name in the brick flooring design that looks like a fish skeleton pattern. It fits well with contemporary interior floors. You can install the pattern design on the floor with any brick. This floor design creates a timeless feeling in the home by expressing a sense of dynamism and energy.

Using this design, you can generate an artistic look in the internal area of your home. These designs are perfect for the bathroom floor or the main entrance to the house. This design is also used for lobby areas to entertain visitors in the lobby areas. Use bricks of different colors to create this design to make the floor more attractive.

5 Benefits of Brick Floor Design: Know And Then Buy

Brick flooring has several advantages. Brick flooring designs are installed in many modern homes for these benefits. The 5 most common benefits of brick flooring are discussed below.

1. Eco-friendly:

Being natural and reusable, eco-conscious homeowners use bricks in everything from home construction to flooring. Other flooring elements are not renewable, while bricks in older buildings can be cleaned and reused. As a result, it does not harm the environment and costs less to make new bricks. Also, brick floorings are a plus for allergy-prone family members.

2. Slip-proof:

Brick floors are slip-proof, which gives an inherently rough and gritty texture even when wet. It provides more grip than vinyl, laminate, tile, and non-textured stone floors. It is most commonly used for bathroom floors as the brick floor is not slippery. You can also install it on the kitchen floor, as there is a risk of water slipping in the kitchen too.

3. Rugged:

Brick flooring is fireproof, fade-proof, and rot-proof, durable, which is unmatched in any other flooring material. It lasts for years after enduring heavy foot traffic, sunlight exposure, weather fluctuations, or damage from a home fire. Also, brick flooring is easier to remove and replace than tiles or other floorings.

4. Durable:

The hardest and most durable material for flooring is brick. It lasts a long time and is easy to maintain. Brick floors can only be cleaned with a broom, and a mop is sufficient for thorough cleaning. Brick flooring is much easier to remove stains than other floorings. So if you are looking for accessible maintenance flooring material, then brick will be great for you.

5. Cost:

Installing a brick floor is quite profitable compared to other floors. It is less expensive than natural stones and has no maintenance costs. If you want to install a simple ceramic tile floor, you will have to spend $1-$35 per square foot, whereas a brick floor costs $3-$10 per square foot.

Related Question About Brick Floor Design:

When Was Brick Flooring Popular? 

Brick has been used in construction for years. It is the best material for making walls and floors of the house. It was quite popular for construction work until the 1990s. Since then, its popularity has degenerated due to the discovery of various other elements.

But now, bricks are being used to construct many modern houses. Brick is also now known as a very useful material for the floor. Brick flooring designs are installed for the high-traffic interior spaces of the house. It is also used on floors in kitchens, fountains, and laundry rooms as it is easy to maintain.

Is Brick Good For Floor?

Brick floor designs are a very durable option. Brick floors can be seen in historic houses hundreds of years ago. Brick floors can withstand extreme conditions, so it is safe to use bricks for the floor. Most brick floors use red bricks made of red clay. 

Brick is the most popular building material because it is cheap, tough, durable, and easy to operate and operate. Brick is most suitable for floors in high trophy areas. In a word, brick is an ancient and durable material for floor design.

Are Brick Floors Good For Kitchen?

Brick is a warm and durable material that is easy to maintain. So, you can use it on the kitchen floor like any other place. It can add an exclusive look to your kitchen. Brick hard surfaces are durable and not easy to damage. Although some difficulties are installing the brick floor in the kitchen, you can use it on the kitchen flooring.

How Do You Maintain A Brick Floor?

Brick floors can accumulate dirt quickly, so they should be vacuumed or swept daily to keep them clean. You have to pay close attention to the mortar of the bricks because there is dust and dirt hidden there. 

Although brick floors can be cleaned with a broom, a vacuum set may be better. You can also use a mop and plain water on the floor to prevent dirt from accumulating. Wipe the floor surfaces by adding mild detergent to the water to clean the brick floor thoroughly.

Are Brick Floors Waterproof?

Although brick floors are smart and durable, they are not as waterproof as ceramic tiles or other floors. However, if the brick floors are sealed, they are water-resistant. Also sealed makes the floor glossier and more durable.

Water is harmful to any floor, so sealants should be applied every few years to ensure running soil and water resistance. If you seal your brick floor correctly, it will be more durable and water-resistant than hardwood floors. It doesn’t cost much to seal a brick floor, so seal the city if you have a brick floor.

How Do You Remove Stains From Brick?

Removing stains on a brick floor is quite difficult, but not impossible. You can do this with some of the ingredients in your home. All you need for this is regular household bleach, detergent or trisodium phosphate, and water.

First, mix some bleach with a small quantity of laundry detergent or Trisodium phosphate in a container with water. Then apply the mixture on the floor and leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, wash the floor with clean water. Reappear the process if any stains remain on the floor.

What Is The Disadvantage Of Brick Flooring?

The main disadvantage of brick flooring is that it is expensive. Another disadvantage is that it can be tied to the soles of the feet. But if you make sure it is the right silk, it will not hinder. 

You can add ceramic tiles to the brick floor to reduce the cost. This will reduce your expenses and give the floor a unique look. You can also use wood on the brick floor.

Are Brick Floors Cold?

Brick floors can be seen in modern houses today. Brick floors are a great choice for high-traffic areas. Among the different types of bricks, red brick floors are more popular. Brick floors are sealed to protect against stains and water damage. 

However, due to the sealing, it gives a stronger and cooler texture. It is good for tropical areas due to its cooling properties. However, it becomes a problem for winter. However, you can use it in the kitchen or bathroom in all seasons.

Is Thin Brick Good For Flooring? 

Brick is a suitable and durable material for making floors. You can do flooring work with any type of thin brick. But before choosing a thin brick, you should know its features because not all thin bricks are the same. You must first install a cement base for Florida. 

A thin brick floor should be installed on the said cement board. However, keep in mind that no material other than cement can ever be installed as a base under a thin brick. So if you can use it in the right way, then the thin brick is a suitable choice for your floor.

What Color Goes Best With Red Brick? 

Using bricks to create the floor can give the floor a traditional look. At present, there are many opportunities for the style and color of bricks. You can build the floor using bricks as per your choice. The most popular brick for flooring is red brick. With it, you can use bricks of more different colors.

However, red brick, sage green, and taupe are the most suitable colors. We know complementary red and green are the two colors of bricks that are good for construction work. You can also combine cream-colored bricks with red bricks. However, I think sage green is most suitable for red brick.

Should You Seal A Brick Floor? 

We know that brick floors are easy to maintain. The brick floor cleaning process is very, but it is not waterproof. However, if you seal the brick floor, it will be waterproof and last longer. Brick floors are not comfortable to walk on, but it gives a comfortable feeling when sealed.

The brick floor should be sealed if you want to enjoy its benefits. There is no obligation, no problem if you do not. But I think it should be sealed as soon as the brick floor is made. Otherwise, it will not last long and will be a little difficult to maintain.


I hope you like the brick floor designs shown in this article. If you don’t like it, you can follow these ideas to create your design. Since brick floors are very strong, you do not have to repair them every few days. You can easily keep the brick flooring designs clean.

If you want to make your home more unique than other homeowners nowadays, brick flooring is best for you. If you want, you can invent new designs by adding bricks to tile flooring or wood flooring. But if you want to get more flooring ideas, then visit my site.

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