Can You Cut Ceramic Tiles With Oscillating Tools?

People from all over the world use stonewares to cover the floor of their rooms. Sometimes you need to cut the ceramics to resize them and attach them to the floor. Now you may have a question if you can reshape or cut ceramic tiles with oscillating tools or not.

An oscillating tool can cut any kind of stoneware easily. The variety of interchangeable blades enables this instrument to cut pottery or ceramic tile. Outline the tile to be cut and operate the machine according to the lines. Hold the device gently till the cutting is over. 

In this guide, I will discuss how to cut ceramic tiles with oscillating tools, the benefits of using this tool, and other necessary things. So read through this article to utilize this tool efficiently.

6 Steps To Cut Ceramic Tiles With Oscillating Tools Safely

Oscillating is a versatile cutting tool to create a precise cut that leaves no extra scratches or edges. Here, I have discussed the process of cutting tiles with oscillating tools for your convenience. Follow the process and operate the device according to the steps below.

Step 1: Draw The Outline 

First, you need to outline to reshape the particular portion. You can draw this outline with a dark pencil or marker pen. Try to use a measuring scale, ruler, or compass to outline accurately.

Step 2: Attach The Blade

You can attach various shapes of blades to the tool’s holder. Not each of them is suitable for reshaping the stoneware ceramics. Try to find the best one according to the construction material of the tile. Then set it to the holder of the device.

Step 3: Ensure Your Safety

You need to wear a pair of thickly layered hand gloves so that you don’t injure yourself. Try to put on transparent spectacles to protect your eyes from the ceramic powder. Never forget to cover your mouth and nose with a face mask. Harmful gas can be inserted into your body from the ceramic powder.

Step 4: Check The Tools

After ensuring your safety issues, connect the cutting machine to an electric power source. Start the device and check if the blade is vibrating correctly or not. Tighten the nuts of the blade and set it ready to start reshaping the plates.

Step 5: Start Cutting

You need to start cutting the stoneware plate when everything is set accordingly. Grab the instrument tightly and operate it right on the outline. Don’t shake your hands. Try to reshape the plates slowly so you don’t cross the mark. Always remember to control your wrist. Protect your fingers as well.

Step 6: File The Tile

At last, you are directed to file the cut-out tile. Use a filing tool to file the plate accurately. Otherwise, you can also rub the surface with sandpaper to make it smooth. Try to polish the portion with a liquid polisher.

5 Benefits Of Cutting Ceramic Tiles With A Oscillating Tool

Cutting ceramic tiles with oscillating tools has many benefits. These benefits have made this tool a popular device for dealing with stonewares at home. Let’s look at what kind of facilities you may receive from this fantastic machine.

1. Cost-friendly:

First and foremost, I must admit that this beautiful cutter machine is much more cost-friendly than the other random tile cutters. You can find this device at a cheaper rate in your nearby market. Because of its cost-effectiveness, everyone will find it easy to buy and keep an oscillating tool in his garage.

2. Time-Saving:

This cutter machine works very fast. The quick movement of the blade on the face of the device helps you to reshape the ceramic plate very easily. You can even feel the rapid vibration in your hand. This fast and quick blade movement saves you a lot of time.

3. Better Result:

From my own experience, I can assure you that you will have a better result by using this masterpiece to reshape stoneware off the floor. The sharp blades of the machine make an automated smooth side on the corners of the plate. It creates less dust and minimum ceramic powder on your floor.

5. Easy To Use:

The device’s most beneficial and compelling features are that everyone can use to reshape the ceramic plate. You only need to turn the machine on and hold the handle tightly. Don’t shake your hands and cross the outline. When you are done, turn off the device. Simple and easy for all.

6. Safer Instrument 

The oscillating tool is a very lightweight instrument compared to the others. You can hold it easily. Your hand remains at a safe distance, and you don’t have to use your fingers to operate the machine. That is why you work in a safer situation using this cutter machine.

5 Tips To Use An Oscillating Tool For Cutting Ceramic Tiles Accurately

The following tips will increase the comfort of operating an oscillating tool to give the stoneware flooring material a proper shape and size. These tips will ease the process also. So, have a look at them.

Tip-1: Sharpen The Blade

Always sharpen the blade before setting it to the face of the device. Sometimes, using the same blade to reshape the plates several times can decrease its ability. So sharpen the blade first, then start cutting with it.

Tip-2: Set The Right Angle

You can set the oscillation angle of the machine to vary between 2 and 4 degrees. You are directed to select the degree before you start the cutting process. The machine’s blade moves very fast and makes almost 20000 strokes per minute.

Tip-3: Keep It Slow

Never grind the blade too fast. The faster movement of the blade will chip the outer surface of the stoneware flooring material. It will damage the plate later. So keep the pace medium and hold the machine tightly in position.

Tip-4: Add A Little Water

Adding a little amount of mineral water will make the process smooth. This addition will also produce less dust and debris on the floor. Besides, it will decrease the possibility of discharging harmful gas also. And it won’t cost you any money.

Tip-5: Tighten The Blade

Always focus on the blade before starting your job. Tighten the nuts and bolts that hold the blade on the face of the machine. This perfect bonding of the blade and the tool will help you cut the plates more efficiently and result in a smooth corner.

Related Questions:

Can You Cut Porcelain Tile With An Oscillating Tool?

Cutting porcelain tiles with oscillating tools can be done but not as much as a wet saw. All you need is to attach a suitable blade to the face of the machine. Make a perfect outline with the gentle touch of a pencil. But remember, oscillating tools are efficient to demolish. So they are not as efficient as wet saws in cutting porcelain tiles.

Switch on the tool and hold it on the drawn area. Keep the blade vibrating and reshaping through the stoneware plate. When it is done, switch off the machine and polish the tile.

What Kind Of Oscillating Blade Cuts Ceramic Tiles?

There are a lot of ceramic tile cutting blades for oscillating tools available. All of them consist of stainless steel and Aluminum-based. You will find the default items with your oscillating tool. 

Try to resize the plate with them first. If unsatisfied with the result, you can use any of the Diamond Array Cutting Blade, Dry Cutting Saw Blade, Turbo Cutting Blade, or Granite Edge Cutting Blade.

Is It Safe To Use Oscillating Tools To Cut A Ceramic Plate?

It is safe to cut a ceramic tile using an oscillating tool. You must wear gloves to protect your hands when working with the machine. Without preparing yourself properly, you can’t expect expected results in cutting ceramic tile with oscillating tools.

Protect your eyes and nose by putting on a facemask and transparent spectacles. I have never heard of any severe accident caused by this machine. Always remember to take care of the blades of the tool.

How Do You Keep Ceramic Tiles From Chipping When Cutting With An Oscillating Tool?

You need to operate the oscillating tool slowly to keep the ceramic tile from chipping when you resize it. Start reshaping from the glazing side of the stoneware. Try not to cut through the entire plate. A mechanical tile cutter doing great here.

Then leave the plate on a wire hanger and press it gently. Make sure that you place the hanger on a flat and equal surface. Remember to start cutting from a corner; it will help your plate have a delicate and fresh cut.

What Are The Best Oscillating Tools To Cut A Ceramic Tile?

GALAX PRO 2.4Amp 6 Variable Oscillating Multi-Tool is the best and most effective oscillating tool you will find on the market now. This machine is a robust and durable device that will serve you in the longer term.

It will create 21000 oscillations to resize through your stoneware tiles in a minute. The handsome carry bag will provide you with 28 pieces of accessories also. Moreover, this is a cordless machine; you can use it anywhere.

Can You Cut Tiles With A Multi-Tool? 

Cutting tiles with multi-tools is straightforward if you know the proper techniques. In addition, shaping the edge more gently and delicately, a multi-tool is incredible. Whether cutting, sanding, scraping, or sawing, this tool makes your DIY task more manageable.

In addition, no risk or injury is cut with this tool. Therefore, beginner or entry-level DIYers can cut the tile or reshape it hassle-free. It is also fun to cut metal-based materials with it.

How Long Does It Take For Oscillating Tools To Cut Ceramic Tiles?

Generally, it takes 10 to 15 minutes for the oscillating tools to resize a 4 square feet ceramic plate. To be honest, it depends on various circumstances. If the power supply is continuous, then it will be less time-consuming.

You can minimize time consumption by using a sharp blade every time. Again, if the stone plate is thicker, it will take more time to reshape it. But don’t worry; still, it won’t take much.

Final Thought:

Following the information, you can easily cut a ceramic plate with oscillating tools. Using this multi-purpose device is very easy as well as practical. Moreover, you will find a better solution for resizing, reshaping, and reinstalling the plates by reshaping them with this tool. In addition, this machine is safer than other random kits. 

Hopefully, this article is enough to answer all your questions. Try to maintain the oscillating tool with proper patience and care while cutting ceramic tile with oscillating tools. It will serve you many days.


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