Can You Put A Rug On A Heated Tile Floor? [Truth Revealed]

Can You Put A Rug On A Heated Tile Floor

A rug or carpet adds a spark to the flooring. Such a beautiful embellishment indeed intrigues homeowners. But the first concern remains whether it would suit the flooring or not. In case the floor is heated, would it harm the rug? Is it viable to put a rug on a heated tile floor? 

There is no harm in laying a carpet on the tile floor. Unlike wood floors, the tile floor is an excellent heat insulator. This is why it retains the heat easily. It maintains the warmth and prevents overheating. So the chances of burning or heating the rug are zero when laid on a tile floor. 

To know further, keep reading. Here, I will discuss some crucial information to help you make an informed decision. 

3 Best Rugs For Heated Tile Floor And Their Maintenance

The best carpets for heated underfloor tiles are the thin ones. Tile floors trap heat, so thin mats with light backing help retain it. On the other hand, if the backing is extremely thick, the heat can’t be equally distributed through the carpet and flooring. The heat won’t reach the top of the rug. As a result, you won’t feel the warmth. Some options are given below. 

1. Natural Fibers

Rugs made of natural fibers are highly praised for providing underfloor heating. Handloom and jute rugs are uniquely stylish and have a bohemian look. Mats like these maintain and distribute heat. These carpets are breathable and don’t excessively insulate the heat. Instead, they allow the heat to pass. 

2. Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic rugs, for example, nylon and blended wool, are excellent for warm tile surfaces. Other types of thin and silky carpets are not suitable for heat insulation. But nylon and composite wool are ideal as they retain heat. Note that woolen and natural fiber carpets are better than synthetic rugs. You can choose this if your budget is low. 

3. Woolen Rugs

Woolen rugs are cozy, and soft, and hold heat for a long time. Once they get heated, they would stay warm for the whole day. Though they soak heat slowly, this means they release heat slowly too. So they would stay warm. Also, as they are durable and soft, it is a great choice. Most woolen rugs are machine washable. 

Some suitable carpets by Nuloom are slender and heavily embellished. You can machine wash these rugs. That is all you need for maintenance. Safavieh is another brand offering minimalistic yet elegant rugs for heated floors. These are machine washable too. In case of spills, try blotting it up immediately to avoid staining. 

Note that you must avoid any rug with heavy padding. For example, rubber padding beneath the carpet is not helpful for a tile underfloor heating system. You may also use any airy rug that allows the heat to pass through. 

4 Things You Should Consider To Put A Rug On A Heated Tile Floor

Before buying a rug for the underfloor tile heating system, you must consider a few things. These considerations would help you get the right carpet that suits your tile flooring. Here are these things. 

1. Material

The first consideration is the material of the rug. Either choose a carpet material that retains heat. Otherwise, select a rug that allows the tile heat to pass. But if you choose a heat-insulating material like rubber, it would not work. Rubber is neither a warm material nor allows underfloor heat to pass through. Choose fabrics like wool or natural fiber. They are the best rugs for the heated floor. 

2. Thickness

Thick carpets are not suitable when you want the heat to dissipate around the room. They insulate heat, preventing the heat from going up on the surface. You must always choose a breathable and thin carpet when you want the surface to be heated. TOG (overall thermal grade) rating of 2.5 or below is ideal for heat dissipation. 

3. Water Heating System

To keep the tile floor warm, there is a water UFH mechanism. Water pipes are installed beneath the floor. The flow of hot water keeps the flooring warm. If you install such a system, there is no issue in laying a mat on the floor. It doesn’t overheat the floor, thus keeping the rug intact. However, check the TOG rating of the carpet to be assured of its compatibility. 

4. Electric Heating Mechanism

If you have an electric heating system, you may have two options. One is the heater that lies beneath the floor. The other one is installed below the carpet. Both these systems are compatible with rugs. However, ask the seller and read the manual to ensure its suitability. 

Related Questions

Can You Put A Rug On A Tiled Floor With Underfloor Heating?

It is possible to put a rug on an underfloor heating system tile floor. As tile floor keeps the floor warm and doesn’t overheat, it doesn’t burn the rug over it. However, the choice of the rug is crucial to ensure an effective heating mechanism. 

A rug that is thin and breathable is the best. It allows the heat to dissipate across the room. Also, a rug that retains heat is suitable, like a woolen rug. Therefore, the right choice of a rug can be laid on the underfloor tile heating mechanism. 

Can You Put An Area Rug On A Heated Floor?

Be it an electric or a water heating mechanism, and you can put an area rug on the tile floor. An area rug that allows the tile to dissipate the heat all around the room is the best. 

Nevertheless, if the area rug is not thin, the heat dissipation would be restricted. The rug would trap much of the heat. But the rug would stay warm. So it is best to get a thin and durable area rug. 

Can You Put Carpet Over Heated Tile?

Most carpets are suitable for use on a tile floor with a heating system. Rugs are durable and reasonably absorb heat depending on the material. Thin carpets with poor insulation directly transfer the heat to the surface.

Similarly, carpet that is good insulators keeps the heat on the surface. For example, woolen carpets keep up the heat for a long time. But rubber underlayment doesn’t help in keeping the surface warm. Therefore, as long as the carpet can dissipate heat, you can lay it on the heating system. 

Can Polypropylene Rugs Be Used On Heated Floors?

Polypropylene rugs are synthetic. Ideally, most synthetic rugs can be laid on heated surfaces. If the tile floor remains warm all the time, the polypropylene rug is likely to stay warm too. 

Note that polypropylene is a poor heat insulator. So if the floor is not heated, the rug will eventually become cool. This is a disadvantage as it can’t retain heat. But as long as the floor is heated, the rug would be warm and comfortable. 

Final Touch

Laying a rug on a heating tile floor is not an issue if it spreads the heat. As comfort and warmth are the priorities, you have to choose the right thickness and material for the carpet. Though most carpets are compatible with heating systems, check the guidelines to be sure. 

Choose wisely and enjoy the coziest winters with rugs on the heated tile.

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