Does Mopping Actually Clean? [A Precise Answer]

Does Mopping Actually Clean

One of the most significant methods of household cleaning is mopping. Usually, mopping is a good solution to remove dirt, dust, and various germs from the floor. But, it sometimes fails to give good results if you do not know the proper usage. So, people at different times think if mopping can actually clean or not.

Mopping is important to keep the house clean and tidy. It also keeps the interior sanitized. Moreover, regular mopping prevents germs from settling on the floor and keeps it deeply clean. So, it is recommended to mop the kitchen and room floors at least once a week following the proper steps.

You always expect your floor to be clean. Mopping can give you a better result if you do it according to the effective rules. In this article, you will know about the best mopping methods with all the related matters.

Effective Procedure To Clean By Mopping: You Should Try These 10 Steps

It is important to know the best way to do mopping properly. For your convenience, one of the most effective ways of mopping is shown step by step:

Step-1: Gather Necessary Equipment

To start mopping, you need to put together some tools that will make your job easier. It will also give you an idea of when something should be used. The tools are as follows

  • Caution, Safety & Wet Floor Signs;
  • Dust Mops;
  • Floor Cleaning Solutions;
  • Mop Bucket
  • Mop Handles;
  • Wet Mops.

Step-2: Prepare The Area 

At this stage, prepare the area to make mopping easier. Remove furniture from your room so that there are no interruptions during work or the mop gets stuck anywhere. In addition, the furniture can cause damage in contact with water. Keep the table, chair, rack, carpet, and other items in a safe place.

Furniture that cannot be moved can be placed slightly above the floor if necessary. Insert these thin pieces of wood and raise them about 1-inch above the ground to keep them safe from watery objects during mopping.

Step-3: Vacuum Your Floor

To make mopping more effective, vacuum the floor first. If there is a lot of dirt on the floor, it can prolong the mopping time. This dirt can be removed with a vacuum. There are different types of vacuums available in the market depending on the type of floor. 

Note that not all types of vacuum apply to all floors. Concrete floors are usually reinforced, so such a vacuum is required. Again hardwood floors are sensitive, so a power vacuum cannot be used. You should choose a vacuum suitable for your hardwood floors.

Step-4: Get The Right Mop

An appropriate and updated mop should be selected for floor mopping. As it is mostly used for cleaning tasks, manufacturers update this frequently. Different mops are available including dry mop, string mop, and squeegee. So choose a convenient mop according to your floor type.

However, experts always recommend the use of such a mop, the regular pad is changeable and cleans every corner of the room equally. After mopping, the floor dries quickly, hence use a mop that will allow the floor to be cleaned and dried quickly.

Step-5: Let Your Floor Get Wet

This is one of the main conditions for starting mopping. Before mopping, soak the floor with some hot water. The next time you do the mopping, the fine dirt will be easily removed. However, it is better not to let the hardwood floor get wet.

If you clean the dry floor suddenly, dirt and germs will not come out properly. It will prolong your cleaning process as you will be able to remove dirt by rubbing the mop a few times in the same place on the dry floor.

Step-6: Mix The Cleaning Solutions 

Now is the time to put the cleaning ingredients together. In this case, make a mixture with bleach, dish soap, cleaner, and necessary hot water. Make sure the mixture contains the right amount of ingredients. Now soak the mop in the mixture for 4-5 seconds to wet it completely.

Now lift the mop and squeegee. The microfiber mop works well in this case. However, in the case of hardwood floors, the mop should be squeezed well as excess water will lead to damage to the floor.

Step-7: Start Mopping

Then start mopping. Since the mop holds the cleaner, place it on the floor. Continue to clean the floor from right to left by extending the front hand. If the cleaning area is too large, re-immerse the mop in the cleaner and continue to clean the floor in the same way.

Make sure the mop reaches every corner of the wall. Because you won’t be mopping the floor every day, so make sure every place is evenly cleaned. With that, finish the cleaning process as quickly as possible.

Step-8: Clean The Mop And Leave It To Dry

Once your desired location has been mopped, clean the mop. If the mop is stored in dirty conditions, it may lose its effectiveness. First, wash the mop thoroughly with detergent and make sure there is no dirt left on the floor. If anything remains, wash again.

Let the mop dry after washing. Leave in the open air until it is completely dry. Remember the mop should never be stored in a wet condition, as it can hold different bugs, or give off a foul odor that is uncomfortable.

Step-9: Dry The Floor

Now leave the floor to dry. It is an important step. You can leave the floor to dry normally, again following any procedure. It is better to go for any method to dry the floor as it will help your floor dry quickly. The floor should not be kept wet for long as it will cause defects in the floor.

There are several effective ways to dry the floor after mopping. All floors demand quick but effective drying. Moreover, hardwood floors are more at risk of water than other floorings. Because if you have too much time in contact with water, flooring can be damaged.

Step-10: Bring The Furniture Back To The Place

Are you sure your floor has dried well? If so, reposition the furniture. Periodically apply a plastic product to the corners of each piece of furniture so that it does not inadvertently stain when shaken. Take someone’s help in this case.

Check the bottom of the large furniture that was kept slightly above the floor first, as any liquid may inadvertently enter during mopping. If there is any liquid left under it, dry it. Now remove the pieces of wood from the bottom.

Things You Should Consider About Mopping To Clean The Surface:

There is no doubt that mopping is a good idea for floor cleaning. However, you need to know some top considerations for mopping:

  • Wearing Gloves 

Wear gloves before starting mopping. Your cleaner is made up of a combination of different ingredients, so it’s best not to let it get on the skin. Water with hot detergent makes the skin rough. You can also wear safety footwear because the cleaner is much more slippery and makes your bare feet slip.

Moreover, holding the mop at the same time can make your hands sweat which will interfere with your work. It is recommended to wear hand gloves for mopping even if the cleaner is not toxic.

  • Using Hot Water

The use of hot water is crucial for mopping. Hot water from cold water shows its effectiveness very quickly. If there is any deep stain on the floor then hot water is best to remove it. Moreover, it destroys germs. Some people use cold water during mopping which is a misconception.

Works ranging from mopping to cleaning require the use of hot water. Because cold water can never remove complex dirt and stains. Both the mixture and your hard work fail because of the cold water.

  • Keeping Cleaning Solutions In The Right Ratio

The cleaning ingredients you are asked to make the mixture should not be mixed as you wish. It has a certain proportion. If the ingredients are more or less, it will not be good for your cleaning.

Moreover, if too much alkaline material is added, it can cause permanent stains on the floor. So take some time to make the mixture. You may need to use ingredients equal to one-third of the amount of water.

  • Warning Other Members About Mopping Area

This is a vital consideration for mopping. People should be aware of this when mopping an area of ​​the house. This is because they can move slowly to the mapped area while remaining anonymous. Toddlers, in particular, can run and get wet on the floor, but suddenly they can go after it.

You should be more aware when the mopping is over and you are trying to dry the floor. It is not advisable to go on your wet floor in such a situation, as there is a possibility of various stains on the floor. So, keep others away from this area as well.

  • Taking Time To Dry The Floor

After mopping, it will take some time for your floor to dry. If it is dried in a hurry, the defect will remain, or some water will be released without your knowledge. All the methods of drying the floor will take some time.

You can also dry the floor in natural air. In this case, open all the house doors so that enough air can come and go. However, before that, dry the floor with a mop so that the process works faster.

  • Washing The Mop

You may not need to clean the mop after some time of mopping. A mop can work for a long time if you maintain it properly after use. After cleaning the floor it naturally carries some dirt that needs to be washed. Clean the mop in just a few minutes with hot water and detergent.

It is not enough to wash the mop, you must dry it. It will be stored until the next use. Therefore, if stored in wet conditions, it can be damaged quickly.

6 Useful Tips To Get The Best Result After Mopping Your Floor:

You can’t expect good results just by mopping the floor. A few tips will give you the best floor gift after mopping. These tips are as follows:

Tip-1: Do not leave too much water on the floor from cleaning to drying. It is harmful to any floor. This is especially true for hardwood floors.

Tip-2: Make sure the floor is dry after mopping. Research some methods first, then dry the floor in a way.

Tip-3: Do not leave any extra items on the floor during mopping as it will occupy some space, and you will fail to clean perfectly.

Tip-4: Do not tread on the mopped area as long as it is wet. Try to dry the floor as far away as possible with a mop without setting foot on it.

Tip-5: Do not mop the floor in an extra dirty condition. Remember, mopping is ultimately to make the floor shiny. Remove dirt from the surface with a dust mop at the beginning.

Tip-6: Once the floor is properly cleaned, remove the cleaning solutions from the floor. If they stick to the floor for too long, the floor may lose its appearance.

Related Questions About Mopping Your Floor To Clean:

Why Are My Floors Still Dirty After You Mop?

It’s frustrating when you find dirt on the floor even after mopping. Of course, there are several reasons why you are responsible. Before mopping, you didn’t clean the mop. When the floor is being re-cleaned with the same mop, the floor will become dirtier instead of being cleaned generally.

Another reason to keep the floor dirty after mopping is not to vacuum. Each instruction states that you should vacuum your floor before mopping. 

Because vacuuming removes dirt from the surface. It does not allow any dirt to remain on the floor even after mopping.

Do Mops Clean Well?

There is a concern among homeowners as to whether mopping cleans well. It depends on the angle of your mop. There is no doubt that a mop can clean well, but you need to use a clean mop. At the same time, proper mopping techniques will give you satisfactory results.

On the other hand, a dirty mop will never help with deep cleaning. Many people do not think to clean mop, and as a result, it fails to work well. Therefore, they think that mopping is not better for cleaning.  

Are Mops Unsanitary?

Mops are not free from health risks and are not hygienic in all cases. When you are using a mop to clean around the house, it carries a lot of dust. Even if the mop is outside, air can enter your rooms and make the environment unhealthy.

Also, you must not clean the mop used for cleaning outside. So along with the dirt, it carries enough germs. A better solution is to replace the mops used outside if they get too dirty. Also, clean and store the mops used for floor cleaning inside regularly. These will be healthy.

What Is The Point Of Mopping?

There is some dirt on your floor that cannot be removed. This is why mopping is recommended. With proper mopping, the dirt and germs on the floor can be removed. There is a major formula for mopping. Vacuum the floor first, then use a cleaner.

After making sure the floor is clean, remove all the cleaners and let the floor dry. Moreover, the effectiveness of a clean mop is undoubtedly much higher, while a dirty mop disappoints you. Separate the indoor and outdoor mops to get the best results.

Does Mopping With Just Water Enough To Clean Anything?

If there is no hard dirt on the floor, then mopping can be done using only water. In this case, use hot water that removes dirt quickly. However, it is necessary to apply chemicals for solid dirt which is designed to remove these.

If you are cleaning inside the house, it is enough to mix detergent, hot water, and other ingredients. You can apply chemicals on the outside stairs or shoe dirt because the dirt coming from outside is complicated and takes a long time to clean. In this case, just cleaning with water is not enough. 

Should You Use Hot Water While Mopping To Clean The Tile Floor?

It is recommended to use hot water for mopping the tile floor as it removes all the deep dirt from the floor. However, a mixture must be made with some more ingredients with hot water. Mix half a tablespoon of dish soap and half a cup of vinegar with 1 bucket of hot water.

It is best not to use extra soap, as there is a risk of remaining on the floor after mopping, which is harmful to the floor. Do not forget to wipe the floor well with soapy water like last time. This will remove the remaining soap.

Does Mopping With Vinegar Kill Roaches And Fleas?

No doubt mopping with vinegar kills the fleas, but can’t kill roaches. Vinegar works great for repelling or killing fleas. But in the case of roaches, you have to think differently. Although vinegar does not kill roaches, its use during mopping can control the regular movement of roaches.

Listerine is the best solution to prevent roaches. Mix equal parts of Listerine with water, and a few drops of washing gel. After mopping the floor, hopefully, the roaches will be removed.

Is Mopping Better Than Swiffer?- Mop Vs Swiffer

Both mop and Swiffer come with different and functional features. However, in the case of mopping, the effectiveness of both is quite different. If you want to mop a small space, Swiffer is a good option, but a mop is best for cleaning large and dirty places.

Besides, you can do other things while mopping small spaces with Swiffer, which is impossible with mop use. However, a mop is relatively cheaper than a Swiffer.

Which Are The Best And Budget-Friendly Mops To Deep Clean On A Budget?

You must find good quality and budget-friendly mops for regular floor cleaning. In this case, keep the O-Cedar Easy Wring Microfiber Spin Mop on your list of favorites because it comes with the best features and prices within your budget.

Its specialty is that it can easily reach any corner and take out the dirt. This microfiber mop is great for cleaning your hardwood floors and tile flooring. 

Can You Mop Your Floors Every Day?

Mopping every day is not a good idea. It is a very time-consuming task. Hence,  as hard as it is for you to do every day, the floor can be damaged as it uses soapy water. Areas that are frequently dirty, such as kitchens, need to be mapped every week.

But mopping monthly is also a good idea. Even if your floor is dirty, it is not as dirty as the kitchen or the outside. In this case, you can consider monthly mopping.

Final Words

How effective the mopping is will depend on whether you are using the mop properly. Mopping is a great idea to clean your room, kitchen, and other areas. But how you prepare it for use is considerable. Hopefully, from this article, you know the details of whether mopping actually can clean.

It is important to know some tips along with following the correct method of mopping. Above all, keep the mopping work clean at the end. If it loses its cleanliness, replace it.

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