Floor Plan Creator App: Make Your Floor Design Easier

floor plan creator app

The floor plan creator app is software that anyone can easily use for modern flooring design. It makes it easier to create floor designs. You can also choose one for your floor from different floor planning apps. Although these apps are paid, they also have some free features.

A floor planner software simplifies floor design and is also used for other construction purposes. With this software, you can create a design by simply scanning your room with your phone’s camera. Some floor planner software also includes thousands of furniture designs for home decor.

I will describe some of the best floor planner software here. Hopefully, this software will help you in your floor design work. If you don’t know how to use them, there is no problem. In this article, I will describe the steps of making a floor with floor planner software.

9 Best Floor Plan Creator Apps That Help With Floor Design:

If you also want to create floor designs easily, download a floor design creator app today. Many software permits the creation of free designs. However, if you are a professional, upgrade it to premium. Here I will talk about some of the software that provides free and free services. Let’s know about the software without delay! 

1. SmartDraw:

SmartDraw is a powerful App for easily creating floor designs. It is used for floor design as well as other building designs. This app is easy to use so that anyone can create the required design. Using it, you can easily create complex designs. You can easily create a professional design using the 34,000 symbols in it. 

Its smart draw feature keeps the files you need safe. Freelancers can easily create 4,500 design templates using it. You can create a floor plan using it for 7 days for free. After that, you must pay for it. You can buy it for a specific project or any period. 

2. Planner 5D:

Planner 5D is interior design software that easily generates a floor design. It supports 2D and 3D floors design with custom furniture. This software provides all the ingredients for home decor. Its interface is very easy. So, anyone can use it to create designs of their choice.

This software will help you adjust your home’s height, width, depth, and style. By using this, you can add any color to your floor design. The software is available in several languages ​​so that everyone can use it. You can use Planner 5D software for a project for free. However, it would be best to upgrade it to a premium for multiple projects.  

3. Floorplanner:

FloorPlanner is software for creating quick and accurate floor plans in the browser. Using it, you can work on existing drawing designs. Using the software, you can create smooth designs in any browser. Its built-in library has over 15,000 items for design sorting. Using it, you can plan different designs in 3D with just one click.

You can use the software to set the camera’s angle, move all the furniture in 3D, adjust the lighting, and much more. You can use a basic account in Floor Planner for free casual use by creating a basic account. However, for high-quality design in 2D or 3D, you need to upgrade the account to a higher level.

4. SketchUp:

SketchUp is browser-based software. It permits you to internal home design easily. It allows you to create the floor design to your liking easily. This software also helps you to do many more things, including the interior furniture design of your home. Another special feature is real-time collaboration.

It is also popular for civil and mechanical engineering, video game design, etc. SketchUp is management software that you can also use for modeling. This permits you to create and save any documentation. You can only design 3D using the free version of the software. To use all features, upgrade it to the pro level. 

5. Home Design 3D:

Home Design 3D is home and flooring design software. It permits you to generate floor designs of any design. This software is accessible to all students and professionals. Through this, you can draw plots, rooms, dividers, etc. The software allows you to adjust the height and thickness of your walls as needed.

It is very popular for indoor design as well as outdoor design. It has 1,500+ pieces of furniture and hundreds of textures available for home decor. With its real-time 3D features, you can view your entire project both day and night. Home Design 3D is a very simple software that anyone can use. 

6. Plankit:

Plankit is a 3D floor planning application. This allows you to create a specific floor design very easily. Using the software, you can create multiple floor designs. If you want software that can simultaneously calculate rooms, walls, floor area, and perimeter, then this app is the right choice.

Another special feature is pencil support which sets it apart from other floor planners. Using pencil support allows you to design different interiors, including floors, more precisely. So I think if you are looking for a floor plan application for your home floor design, then this might be the right choice for you.

7. Room Planner:

The Room Planner application works quite well for planning a 3D floor. This allows you to create 3D floor plans and design various interiors. You can create different floor designs with this application easily. This software includes numerous furniture designs for home decor. 

With its feature of consistency, you can décor your home to your wish. You can also share your design with professionals after creating. So, download Room Planner software now to create floor designs easily without delay.

8. Magic Plan:

Magic Plan is one of the simplest and most popular floor plan apps. Using it, you can create a floor design in a short time. It is easier floor plan software for homeowners and professionals. You can create a design in no time by simply turning on your phone’s camera and scanning the floor.

Magic Plan software takes 30 seconds to scan a room, while other apps take about 3 to 5 minutes. You can also view your floor design in 2D or 3D mode. It also has PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, CSV, DXF features for exporting its designs. Using the Magic plan application, you can create a modern floor design without any professionals.

9. RoomSketcher:

You can create floor plans in 3D using the RoomSketcher application. This application also allows you to create home designs. It provides excellent service for both personal and commercial users. Anyone can create a favorite floor design using it. This will make your flooring work easier with the right measurements. 

It has different color features available. You can create floor and home designs using the colors of your choice. The software is easy to use, so a floor design can be created quickly. All students, professionals, or homeowners can use it.

How To Use An App For Floor Plans App? (4 Easy Steps)

You can easily download a Floor Plans App. However, most software is based online, so you can’t use their Castle features offline. While the software is easy to use, newcomers may be worried about using it. As a result, here I am going to discuss the process of creating floor designs using this software for beginners.

Step-1: Download A Floor Plan App

For floor plans, you first need to download a Floor Planner App. For this, go to Google and search by entering the name of your desired software. However, some floor plan applications need to be signed into their website before downloading. You will take advantage of their free offer/trial access by signing in.

Step-2: Hold Your Phone And Scan Floor

Once the app is downloaded and signed in, you need to scan your floor with the phone camera. Since each App has its recommendations, you need to follow the recommendations and scan the floor. Few floor plan Apps take 30 seconds to scan. Some apps have to be tapped on the phone screen to identify doors and corners during scanning. Scanning for 5 minutes without tapping on the screen in some apps is done. 

Step-3: Get Your Floor Plans

After scanning, you need to do the design work. For this, you need to create a floor design according to your choice with scan materials. You must download the design you want to create within 24 hours. The design will no longer be available for download after 24 hours. 

Step-4: Export Floor Plan In Various Formats

All you have to do is design Export, which depends on the floor plan app. You cannot customize it below. Most Apps will allow you to export to PDF, JPG, and PNG. However, some applications provide SVG benefits.

The Benefits Of The Floor Plan Creator App Will Amaze You:

Homeowners and professional designers can enjoy various benefits using the Floor plan creator App. Below I am going to discuss just a few benefits. Hopefully, you will also use these applications to create the floor if you know about the issues. 

Save Time: 

Using a floor plan creator, you can design a good quality floor in a very short time. If you want to design with a professional, it will take longer. However, if you design using an application, it will not take much time. You can generate floor design modules within a few hours using the app.

Low Investment: 

A professional designer will charge around $ 130 per hour. In that case, if you create the design with the help of an application, you will save a lot of money. Some applications give newcomers a free trial. You can also benefit from this free trial to create a floor design. 

Best Architect:

Floor design applications offer a variety of home decor ideas. Through which you can get a unique idea of ​​decorating the house. In these applications, you will find thousands of different furniture designs with which you can get ideas about your home decor. Overall, all kinds of construction work ideas are available from these applications.

Related Question About Floor Plan Creator App:

What Information Will A Floor Plan Give You?

The easy technique to create a floor design is the floor plan app. From these Apps, you can get the most information about a house. A flow plan app is very important to get an idea about the size and layout of different pieces of furniture in the design and home decor, starting from the type of home. 

You can easily create thousands of templates using the applications. So, these applications are quite popular for any information related to house building. If you also want to know all the information related to the construction of your house or floor, then download a floor plan app.

Why Is It Important To Create A Floor Plan?

Homeowners can learn about the structure, layout, and other home information through a floor plan. It allows you to see the size and location of each room in the house in a way that is not reflected in the photos. You can create an exclusive design for your home with a floor plan. 

A floor plan can give you accurate information in a short time. It also gives you an accurate idea of ​​where to place your home decor. So, creating a floor plan is important for both homeowners and professionals.

What Do You Need To Create A Floor Plan?

The floor plan is available for almost all devices. You can use these applications on Android phones or iSO devices. Since it is necessary to scan the room, just a smartphone is enough for this application. Using that phone, you can create a beautiful design by scanning the floor of your room.

But keep in mind that the mechanical abilities of the devices should be good. Because some apps require special hardware and software capabilities to scan your device. In a word, you need to have a good quality smartphone for a floor planner application.

How Much Do Floor Plan Creator Apps Cost?

Some floor plan applications are paid monthly. Again, some applications only need to be upgraded to a paid account once. Also, if you are a professional architect, I think it is better to upgrade the accounts yearly.

Applications can cost from $5 to $500. It depends on how you use it. The cost will be lower if you want to pay for personal use. There is no fee for some applications for personal use.


We have been talking for so long about the floor plan creator app. These apps are quite popular for making floors. Using this, you can create an attractive floor design in just a few hours. Since the apps have both paid and free features, the free features are better for beginners. If you like the application once you use it, upgrade to the Premier version for the next project. To get more info on the floor design, visit my site.

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