10 Modern Marble Flooring Designs That Will Amaze You

modern marble flooring designs

A floor can improve the beauty of a house. You spend a lot of money to build a luxurious house, but the floor design is very simple. Ugly floor design can ruin the beauty of your home. There are many modern marble flooring designs available today that can change the look of your home.

Marble is a little expensive, but it can make your dream home brighter and more beautiful. I know that Italian marble is quite costly, but marble floors can be designed at a low cost. If you also want to create Marble Flooring Design at home, here are some ideas.

In this article, I will discuss the 10 best modern marble flooring designs. Stay tuned if you are also looking for modern floor design ideas for your home floor. I will talk about some top marble flooring designs here. Let’s get to know the designs without delay.

10 Top Modern Marble Flooring Designs For An Aesthetic Look

Marble has been used in popular installations since ancient times. But nowadays, there have been many variations in the design of marble floors. Now everyone wants to decorate the floor of their houses differently from others.

There are many designs of marble available in the market nowadays. Below I am sharing some modern Marble Flooring Design Ideas.

1. Italian Marble Flooring Design:

The Italian Marble is one of the best marble stones. If you want to increase the beauty of your home, then this is for you. Italian Marble is high quality and very clear in purity which is imported worldwide. Although it is the most expensive Marble, it does not match the house’s beauty.

It is an expensive floor design. Because of its durability, most people worldwide are now choosing it for their floors. Another feature is an exceptional luster that can be brightened even in the drab room. It can be the cheat code to give your floor a picture-perfect look!

Italian marble floors add a beautiful backdrop to the space by injecting personality into the interior of your home. It gives your home floor, walls, kitchen, living room, and bathroom a rich look. It is used on various luxury hotels, multinational company offices, and high-quality shopping malls due to its elegant look.

2. White Marble Floor Designs:

White Marble is a type of natural stone used to design the floor of a house. It is used in the construction of world-famous statues and installations. It looks great on countertops, backsplash, vanity tops, or other home structures. White Marble is an excellent choice to give the floor of the house a gorgeous and classic look.

The floor designs made of white Marble are the most classical to look at. So, it is the desired floor design of many nowadays. Floor designs with brown borders with white Marble are now widespread. This type of floor design is the basis for the room. This design is for those who want to add extra charm to their favorite places in the house. 

These types of floor designs can be used anywhere in the house. The floor design of the house expresses the taste of the person. So, if you want to express yourself more classically to everyone, you can use white Marble to enhance the beauty of your floor.

3. Dungri Marble Floor Designs:

Dungri Marble is one of the oldest marble stones in the Makrana-based mine used in modern house floors. It has no chemical reinforcement, no color change, and pinholes, so it is widely used in flooring and wall cladding. Dungri’s marble floor design gives a beautiful look to the floor of the house. 

It is the famous Makrana marble variety. Its color and luster are not lost after prolonged use. It is white and may have black lining or other designs. It is a very famous product in the market to enhance the floor’s beauty. 

It is in great demand worldwide for its heat-resistant properties. If you want to give the floor of the house a classical look, then choose it. Its black Marble gives your bedroom an attractive touch. You can use Dungri Marble on all the interior floors of your house.

4. Marble Floor Flowers Design:

Everyone likes flowers, so if there is a floral design on the house floor, everyone wants it. The floral design is evergreen which is always on the list of favorites. Marble Floor Flowers Design can change the look of a house. Floral motifs can be seen in various hotel lobbies and reception areas, which add to its beauty.

Marble Floor Flowers Design is most commonly used in rooms. Many people also like this type of design for their bedroom. However, it is not ideal for the kitchen or bathroom. Many people design Marble Floor Flowers to enhance the floor’s beauty in children’s rooms.

Marble Floor Flowers Designs are very carefully placed in the middle of the floor. However, you must adjust the color of the floor to match the place’s surroundings. Because the color of the floor does not match the rest of the room, the beauty of the room can be affected.

5. Green Marble Flooring Designs:

Green marble Flooring Design is a good choice for those who do not like the white color on the floor. However, it is better not to use it in all interior of the house, as using it can make the room environment dark. This design can be the best choice for the bedroom.

Although Green Marble Flooring Designs is a different choice, it is not suitable for children’s rooms. Green floors are rarely seen. So, if you use Green Marble on your floor, it will give a unique look to your floor.

If you have a luxurious bathroom, you can make it more attractive by using green marble. For the hall room floor, you can combine white with green Marble. You can also add a green border with white in other house parts. However, you can safely use green Marble on the stairs.

6. 3D Marble Floor Designs:

Would you like to get a floor design in an old white marble enclosure? Then you can use the latest 3D marble design on your floor. There are many designs of 3D marble. You can choose different designs of marble stones for various places in your home. 

The gray-toned marble goes well with the black cabinets in the kitchen. These designs are also most commonly used on the floor of spacious areas such as museums or art galleries. So, you too can choose beautiful 3D Marble Floor Designs for the interior hall room of your home.

Its designs have been made with special features for different places. So, if you want to decorate the interior floor of your house in another way, then 3D Marble Floor Designs may be the best choice for you.

7. Black Marble Floor Design:

Black is always an elegant color that everyone likes. If you are also a black lover, you can use Black Marble on the floor of your house. It gives a different look to the interior environment of your home.

The white floor throughout the house gives the house a dull and tired look. So, with Black Marble Floor Design, you can give the house an entirely diverse expression. This will make your choice different. One of the modern floor designs is an elegant and high-quality floor design.

If the color of your house is white, you can safely use Black Marble on your floor. You can also customize it on the stairs. Many designs of black marble are available in the market now, and you can pick yours.

8. Glamour Grey Marble Floor Designs:

Gray marble can make a house more glamorous. Don’t worry about maintenance for this design floor. Using it will maintain the aesthetics of your home. These types of marble can be used on the floor and the house’s walls.

Gray Marble Floor Designs give the house an elegant look. You can use these designs all over your stairs, porch, kitchen, and bathroom. A black border with gray color is suitable for a hall room.

You can decorate the floor of your home interior with gray and white square marble. Also, light gray marble fits well for kitchens and bathrooms. However, you can put a black border with dark gray marble in the bedroom.

9. Black and White Marble Floor Designs:

Among the various floor designs, white and black are the best color combinations of all time. Although many people think it is an old floor design, it is still used in many large industrial floors. You can decorate your bathroom elegantly with black and white marble alternately. 

However, the combination of the two colors may be more or less in a different place. You can design black squares around white marble on the floor of your kitchen. If you are a black lover, you can use occasional white marble or black marble in your hall room.

Black and White Marble Floor Designs You can also use on the outside of your home. You can combine these two colors on your kitchen floor. Use small black patterned designs in white for the kitchen. 

10. White Marble Floor Design with Stylish Borders:

Stripe on a white marble floor and double the beauty of the line floor. Only white floors dull the home environment, mixing black lines with brown on white floors. It adds harmony to the floor of your home. The floor of this design will compliment you to the guests.

Add a brown border around the floor of your hall room. I also like this design on both sides of the stairs. Add a few square-shaped marbles with a white floor in your living room. You can also have brown designs with white on the bathroom and kitchen floors.

Many people have different designs on the floor to enhance its beauty. You can also design around the image on the white floor of your drawing room. Whichever design you choose, it will reveal your personality. So, keep all aspects in mind while choosing the design.  

Related Questions About Modern Marble Floor Designing:

Is Marble Flooring Modern?

Marble floors are not modern, but nowadays there are modern designs available in the market. Marble is used from the past to give the floor of the house a stylish and dignified look. But nowadays its gorgeous design is being discovered. You can achieve exceptional designs that fit biologically into your modern interior.

Which Country’s Marble Is Best?

Although marble is quarried in different countries globally, Italian marble is the best. Italy is considered the most high-grade and luxurious marble home. Italian marble has been used in some of the most significant installations globally.  

Yet Italian marble is used on the floors of the most luxurious homes in the world. It is the most expensive and beautiful marble, so everyone can’t use it as it is. However, in enhancing the house’s beauty, there is no comparison with Italian marble.

Which Color Marble Is Best For Flooring?

White marble is the best choice for the interior floor of the house. For large rooms, light-colored marble should be used, as light colors increase the brightness of the rooms. However, if the color of your walls is fair, dark-colored marble is better on the floor. 

The perfect marble color for the bathroom is white and cream color. However, coffee color is the most preferred for the kitchen nowadays.

What Are Some Simple Marble Floor Designs? 

The most popular standard marble floor designs are the classic white marble with black borders. Kota stonework on marble floors and various patterns in white and beige are also quite desirable. 

Border around white for bath and the small square in the middle. If coffee is the most popular color in the kitchen nowadays, many people still choose the combination of white and black.

Which Marble Is Best For Flooring?

If you are looking for durable marble, Indian marble is the best option. However, the most popular in the marble world are the Italian marbles. It is only famous for its beauty enhancement. It is made of a soft patch to catch stains and cracks easily. 

Italian marbles are suitable for decorative corners of your floor. You can use it in places less likely to carry heavy items. However, Indian marbles are more famous for their durability, more sensitive to scratches and stains. Indian marbles are also much cheaper. So, I think Indian marble is the best for flooring.

Is Marble Flooring Expensive?

We all know that marble flooring adds a timeless, elegant look to a floor, but its price is much higher. Other standard flooring costs $ 2- $ 4 per square foot, while marble flooring costs $ 10 to $ 20.

Basic marble will cost $ 8 per square foot, but unique marble can cost around $ 50. If you want to place good quality marble on a 250-square-foot floor, it can cost $ 2,500 to $ 5,000.

How Do You Choose Good Quality Marble?

Marble comes from different parts of the world, and its quality varies from region to region. So, it is important to recognize the history of the stone. The beauty of a natural stone is ensured by its texture and finish, making each stone stand out.

Marble is affected by changes in weight, heat, and sudden impact and causes cracks. A crack can expand over a thin time and cause structural problems. So even short hair cracks cannot be ignored during marble selection.

Are Marble Floors In Style?

There can be no substitute for marble for a stylish floor. It may seem sophisticated and luxurious to many, but marble is the only option to double the beauty of modern, stylish homes.

Although marble is more expensive than other tiles, it enhances the beauty of large industrial installations. It can make your floor more attractive by changing the house’s interior look. So, I think only marble flooring can give the house a stylish look.


I have discussed here some of the best Modern Marble Flooring designs. These designs can change your home look. If you do not want to compromise with the beauty of your dream home, design the floor with a good-quality marble stone.

And don’t forget to visit my site to know more information on different modern design floors.

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