How To Use Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloths? [Quick Tips]

How To Use Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloths

Swiffer sweeper has become a prevalent tool nowadays, the most brilliant and cheapest solution for home cleaning projects. So before thinking of buying one, you must learn how to use Swiffer sweeper wet mopping cloths and where to use them properly.

Using a Swiffer doesn’t require much trouble. By following some detailed steps and tips, it becomes handy and facile. Swiffer usually comes with four vital accessories, including three aluminum parts, a plastic mop handle base, and 2-different dry and wet cleaning pads. In that case, arranging those parts is the primary concern.

Hence, I’ve created some basic steps for using these clothes and arranging them promptly. You’ll not only find its usability here but also know where you can use this as an alternative. 

5 Steps To Use Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloths Perfectly

Now get ready to clean your home surfaces by using this Swiffer sweeper in wet mopping cloths. Follow these below steps carefully:

Step-1: Open It & Check All The Needful Accessories

Start by opening the Swiffer package. While you’re opening the package, you will find four essential tools. First, you find four aluminum brooming pieces, three (some packages offer you to find 10-throw away pieces), different mop pads, and a plastic head mop base. You will discover two Swiffer cloths there, one is dry, and the other one is wet.

However, you may use any microfiber cloths for mopping the floor. But it’s optional. All of them come separately with the packaging. So you need to attach them one by one. Check once again that you’re having all these together. 

Step-2: Assemble Those Separate Parts Altogether 

Assembling those Swiffer separate parts is relatively easy. You can attach them by following simple tricks. Take those four aluminum isolated pieces of the handle. Attach them one after one. You need to adjust to span those pieces. 

After that, attach the last one to the end of the handle. Then move on to the bottom of the handles, and join the mop head base of the broom here. Must attach the rubberized head to the mopping nozzle appropriately. Finally, it’s ready to mop the floor. 

Step-3: Use The Right Mop Pad For The Right Cases

As we have already added, you will find four or more different types of mop pads with the package. Those pads are suitable for different purposes. 

One is for mopping loosened debris, and another mop pad is suitable for heavy-duty dirt. The third one only requires eradicating any stubborn stains or dust. Therefore, you must use the right mop pad for the right cases.

Step-4: Attach The Dry Cloth To Brush The Crank Dirt

To clean up any loosened dirt like pet hair, other debris, etc., try to use a dry rug. Swiffer typically produces two basic types of dry cloth. One is used as a dry sweeping cloth, and the other is for heavy-duty grime. They come with a high-profile texture to pick up and trap dirt immediately.

But you can’t beat its heavy-duty version for its 30,000 fibers, which is not as cheap as the standard dry Swiffer cloths. Now push the dry cloth into the corner grippers of the Swiffer to secure them in place. However, now you’re ready to sweep. 

You will be delighted by the operating performance of this fantastic combo. The 360⁰ head of this package will let you clean and reach all the critical areas. Its swivel head is straightforward to maneuver in corners and around the furniture. 

Throw the clothes into the trash once you’re ready to finish the job. But you can reuse the clothes if you wish. Like any microfiber pads, try to machine and wash them on a gentle cycle. After this, it will be cleaned and tidy for your next cleaning task.

Step-5: Now Move Onto To Dampen One

Swiffer lets you finish the cleaning task without using any mop and bucket. With the Swiffer sweeper wet mop, you can get wet when attaching them to dripping the solutions. This pad typically lasts about 1-2 months or above. You need to machine wash these pads and let them dry for a while. 

However, now start from the corners. Drive the wet pad over the heavy stains, dirt, and grimes. Rub it gently to dispose of the stubborn messes. You may notice that this wet pad leaves behind a powdery residue. But it may be removed once you mop the floor after using the pad. 

Finally, flip the Swiffer head downward and continue to use the scrubber head to rub the stains. Keep it up until you’re sure that all the stains are gone. Once you’re done, you may love the output, since the floor looks as clean as the newly installed one. 

Important Notes- Swiffer has a specific scent that may be hazardous for people with allergies. The scent is quite strong, and some may suffer a mild allergic reaction. So it’s better to wear a mask as a precaution before starting the task.

10 Useful Tips For Cleaning With Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloths

You can get the best results after using a Swiffer sweeper by following these tips. 

Tips-1: Attach The Mop Pad Correctly 

To get an excellent finish, you must correctly attach the mop pad with the handle. The attachment is as simple as putting on any handle grips. Yet, Swiffer didn’t provide any instructions about the attachment, so be aware of adding those pads.

Tips-2: Bend The Swiffer Like You

The most crucial parts of the Swiffer sweeper are very flexible to go underneath the furniture. It is a good sign for those who’re suffering from back pain. Even though it has a nice maneuvering head, you need to bend it like you. Keeping it in the correct position will let you finish the work without bearing the trouble of rearranging the furniture.

Tips-3: Use Dustpan

Swiffer sweeper mopping clothes will collect the dirt, pet moss, and grime at a time. So keep a dustpan beside the mop to finish it swiftly.

Tips-4: Use Swiffer Microfiber Pad For Steadfast Result 

Swiffer microfiber pads are very soft and require reusing. You can machine wash those pads to use thousands of times or more. Those pads will help you save money since they’re very effective and delicate in cleaning surfaces. As they come in different sizes and loop sizes, it is better to buy a package. 

Using any regular mop pad into the Swiffer might not give you the demanded output every time. But you may entrust the microfiber pads instead of them.

Tips-5: Use A Clip To Tighten The Over-length Micro-Pad

If you’re annoyed and didn’t attach the over-length microfiber pad to the Swiffer, try to use this hack. Using a regular clip will do the job much easier for you. Similarly, attach the microfiber pad as a regular Swiffer refill. Then put a clip at the bottom of the pad to tighten it. 

Tips-6: Reuse The Swiffer Mop Pad With Flip

Reuse it with a flip whenever your Swiffer mop pad has shattered to collect the dust. Flipping the mop pad to push it forward will continue gathering the dirt. In this way, you won’t need to be worried about quitting work. Most Swiffer users will explain that following these tricks saved them 50% of their home cleaning cost.

Meanwhile, you should clean one side off with a regular vacuum cleaner. It will reduce the lint or grime from the surfaces. 

Tips-7:Use Fuzzy Socks To Prevent Frequent Washing

Washing the Swiffer mopping pads or cloths may be used over time. But you might not have the patience to wash them all the time. In that case, it’s better to use fuzzy socks over the clothes. Fuzzy socks are likely to eradicate the stubborn dirt, heavy dust, and pet hair from the floor.

Cover the mopping cloths with the socks, and sweep them to wash away all the grime. Finally, clean the socks too. Fuzzy socks also provide a way to prevent the discoloration and other inconveniences of mopping clothes.

Tips-8: Ensure The Rubber Hose Attached With Nozzles

Without properly attaching the rubber hose with the nozzle, you might face trouble buying a new one. It is a crucial part where you need to be conscious. Sometimes a damaged or rusty nozzle may let you grab a new Swiffer pack. Again, the nozzle may clog the spray. So it would help if you clean that clogged dirt once a week.

Tips-9: Avoid Using Them On Waxed Or Oily Floor

Swiffer wet pads are ideal to clean any hardwood floors. Moreover, you will get an excellent and polished finish every time by using these pads. As the manufacturer mentioned, those pads aren’t suitable to use on waxed / oily floors, so you should avoid this. In particular, the brand also forbids using them over non-sealed tiles or carpeted floors. 

Tips-10: Do Not Use Alcoholic Cleanser To Wash Pads

Swiffer mopping cloths are only required to wash with mild soaps or running water. You can machine wash those clothes. But try to avoid using any alcoholic ingredients or cleansers to prolong its lifespan.

Related Questions:

Is Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloths Better?

A wet Swiffer mopping cloth didn’t bring any outcome to you. All you find are dusty and grimy mopping cloths. Damping the Swiffer sweeper clothes makes it weak, and the floors are sticky and dirty. 

Furthermore, it becomes more horrible if you forget to sweep the floor before mopping them. Instead of Swiffer wet mopping cloth, sweep the floor with a mop and bucket. At least those are not less effective, like Swiffer wet mopping cloths. 

Can You Use Both Sides Of A Swiffer Cloth? 

Swiffer clothes on both sides will provide you equal benefits while used on any particular cleaning job. Most of them belong to a colored strip on one side for scrubbing. And the other side is used for cleaning the heavy-duty dirt. 

So you can use them both for mopping the floor. Scrubbing with a damp Swiffer cloth may not be accurate, but it’s not the worst. The Swiffer cloth needs to be swept once before being applied.

What Can You Use Swiffer Mop Cloth For? 

A Swiffer mop cloth can brilliantly be used in the most innovative areas. You can use this mop cloth for the pre-painting washer. Before painting, it is necessary to get a clean canvas. In that case, you can use the Swiffer mop cloth to eradicate the dirt or old paints. 

Swiffer can be an excellent alternative to kill bugs or spiders from the wall. You can dust the shelves with this dry cloth. Along with this, dusting car interiors, cleaning mildew from the kitchen, and fixing the dirty lights are prominent uses of this cloth. 

Can You Use Swiffer Wet Mopping Cloths With A Swiffer Wet Jet? 

Swiffer wet mop can be adjusted with the spinning Swiffer wet jet stick. But you should avoid using any spray solutions onto the wet jet. A Swiffer mop cloth is worthy for dry wiping the floor.

Yet, you do not get the expected outputs from them. It’s because this adjustment will not be compatible with the wet solutions. Either, it would help if you use only the Swiffer mop cloth or the wet jet separately.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Swiffer Sweeper?

The Swiffer sweeper package comes at an affordable price. You may need to pay only $12-$20 for a kit. The kit generally contains 3-10 throw-away pads. The mop itself comes with a plastic mop head base and four aluminum pieces. You can also replace the Swiffer sweeper mopping cloth by adding the cost of $.30 per sheet. 

Ideally, the price range of those packages differs from the websites. You may not find a similar product with the same price on Walmart that you got from Amazon. Again, some retail shops provide free shipment for many states or local people. 

How Long Does A Swiffer Sweeper Last?

A Swiffer sweeper lasts about 1-2 months for any standard apartment or room if you take good care of it. Good maintenance will pave the way to a long lifespan. If you know the installation process, arrange all the facilities to use it efficiently. The longevity of any Swiffer sweeper may increase. 

Similar things also go for the Swiffer mopping cloths. You can reuse it by dry washing or rinsing it with water. But if it gets very sticky from excessive dirt, it would be ok to throw this away into the trash.

Final Wrap:

Now that you know all about using a Swiffer sweeper wet mopping cloth, begin your work. Swiffer makes your cleaning very fast and quick. You can mop your home with this almost every day. It is also known as a good house freshener for having a beautiful smell. 

Again, the Swiffer sweeper is a handy mopping tool that lets you clean up any area with any cleanser. Nothing will be as straightforward as this great mopping tool. Moreover, you can reuse the Swiffer pad by putting on a tee shirt or old towel. 

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