8 Best Marble Flooring Alternatives That You Must Explore

marble flooring alternatives

Marble flooring is always stunning and luxurious. While it is incomparable it comes at a high price. Also, marble flooring is a bit difficult to maintain as it is sensitive to scratches and stains. Due to such problems, marble flooring is not a favorable option for everyone. So are you going to miss out on installing elegant flooring just because you are not choosing marble flooring? 

You won’t miss out on getting a posh and glossy flooring with the marble flooring alternatives. Though it may not completely substitute marble flooring, you can still get a high-end, polished, and dazzling floor that would beautify your house. Only if you know the alternatives, you would get several options that can partially give the shine of marble flooring. 

If you are looking for some substitutes for marble flooring, I got you. In this article, I would mention the best marble flooring alternatives so that you won’t miss out on installing outstandingly beautiful flooring at home or office. 

Are you excited to learn? Let’s start!

8 Best Marble Flooring Alternatives That You Must Explore: 

Let me admit that there is nothing more mesmerizing than marble flooring. But let me admit too that marble flooring is truly expensive and difficult to maintain. And the fun fact is there are actually some alternatives that would give the same effect and beauty. These options can adorn floors beautifully at a lower price. 

To help you get the best flooring even without using marble flooring, I am presenting you the 8 best marble flooring alternatives that you must explore:

1. Ceramic Tile:

Ceramic tile is an elegant and eye-soothing material to be installed on the floor instead of marble. Ceramic tile has a polished and glossy surface that mimics the appearance of marble flooring. Its color is dull white with randomly scattered lines and patterns on them. 

Ceramic tile is an excellent alternative for marble flooring as it is lightweight. However, it makes ceramic tile fragile too and thus should be taken care of. Though they look the same, ceramic tile looks even more classy than marble due to its light, matte, and tranquil effect. 

Needless to say that ceramic tile is less expensive than marble making it affordable for all. Just like marble flooring, ceramic tiles keep the floor temperature low on hot and humid days providing comfort. Also unlike marble tile flooring, ceramic tiles are malleable and can be shaped easily to make customized and gorgeous flooring designs.

However, don’t use ceramic tiles in exteriors as they may get damaged easily. Also, ceramic tile is porous. As it is fragile, consider having dense and thick slabs of ceramic in heavy traffic areas. 

2. Porcelain Tile That Resembles Marble: 

Porcelain tile is versatile providing multiple design and color options. There are porcelain tiles that resemble Carrara marble. The dazzling white porcelain tile with random grey or golden lines on it makes it look like marble slabs and gives a stunning look. In fact, porcelain tiles are more handy and easy to use and maintain than marble. 

Some porcelain tiles have small mosaic slabs while others have simple golden veins of flat white tile. There are some more options that substitute the look of marble. Porcelain tile versatility is truly amazing and you will understand this while exploring the options. 

The best part is the durability of porcelain tile. It works well in heavy traffic areas and is impact resistant. They are not porous and work excellently in different weather conditions. It is cheaper than marble but costlier than ceramic tiles. These qualities make porcelain tile a suitable option as an alternative to marble flooring. However, porcelain tiles can’t be shaped easily. 

The dazzling white effect of porcelain tiles and the diverse design options make it one of the best and favorite alternatives to marble flooring. 

3. White Concrete:

White concrete is made by chemical modification to make it matte white. When you want white flooring but don’t want marble, white concrete is one of the most affordable and preferred options. 

White concrete is sturdy and long-lasting and has excellent impact resistance. They don’t break or crack easily unless you hit it terribly. Concrete also keeps the floor cool and comfortable. It is heat resistant as well and doesn’t let stains settle. Needless to say that white concrete is cheaper than marble flooring. 

White concrete is not as shiny as marble but rather gives a matte and compact look. It can be designed in various ways and you can decide the finishing you want. However with time, white concrete becomes smooth and shiny. But it may take a few years to become glossy. 

Though commonly used in kitchen countertops, white concrete would be a great option for flooring if you are looking for a substitute for marble. 

4. Quartz Tile:

Want something that is hard to differentiate from marble? Then quartz flooring is the right option for you. It looks almost the same as marble flooring. It is made of quartz sand and calcium carbonate thus making it sturdy and durable. Then it is polished and finished to give a fine and glossy look. 

A variety of designs and textures are available in quartz flooring. It doesn’t scratch or stain easily and is quite simple to maintain. Keep it clean to see them shine and spark every day. 

Quartz is expensive too but less than the cost of marble. It is an excellent material to substitute marble because of its outstanding shine and polish. Also, they have good impact resistance and can be used in commercial areas too where the traffic is heavy. 

5. Quartzite Tile: 

Quartzite is made of sandstone that is crafted under heat and pressure to make a sparkling tile. It comes in different color tones but the texture and surface look exactly like marble surfaces. It is that similar!

You can choose a white quartzite but also go for tinted olive, grey, black, beige, or other tones that you like. The surface of quartzite is shiny and glossy giving an outstandingly classy look. The subtle veins and patterns adorn the quartzite flooring making it look just like marble. As color options are available, it looks even more gorgeous than marble. 

The best part is that quartzite is heat-resistant and stain proof. It also withstands pressure well and is resistant to water and acid too. Maintenance of quartzite flooring is easy too. This means quartzite flooring remains as it is for years. 

Needless to say, though it is tough and gorgeous, it comes at a lower price than marble. 

6. Faux Marble Tile: 

Many people have the misconception that faux is more expensive than marble. But in reality, it is cheaper than marble and looks exactly like marble. In fact, the variation in faux marble flooring is wider than in marble flooring. 

Faux tiles are made of either ceramic or porcelain tiles that are finished and crafted to give the look of marble. The veining and lining patterns of marble are resembled in faux marble tiles to restore the natural look. Besides, the tints and shades of red, olive, beige, black, or grey color create a vibrant and stylish look that is more gorgeous than natural marble flooring. 

Faux marble flooring is suitable for almost all areas and the sparkling shine stays for long no matter where you install it. Keep it clean all the time and the rest will be handled. Faux is durable and sturdy providing years of service effortlessly. 

7. Vinyl Tile: 

We all know the strength and durability of vinyl tile. We commonly use it at home and offices too. But do you know that it can give the vibe of marble flooring too? 

Vinyl tile is one of the most versatile flooring options that can be shaped and designed in multiple ways. And vinyl tile can be crafted as a marble tile too. In fact, it is one of the cheapest ways to copy the look of marble flooring. 

Vinyl tile is non-porous and can be used in any flooring setup. It has excellent impact and abrasion resistance that make it suitable for rough and tough usage at home and in commercial areas. It withstands immense pressure as well as handles heat and water well. 

Vinyl tile can be polished to make a white surface with veins to give the look of marble. These tiles are glossy and shiny making it an excellent and cheap way of installing the marble look. 

8. Neolith: 

Neolith is a very uncommon flooring option as it is new in the market. But it has excellent properties that make it eligible to be used as an alternative to marble flooring. 

Neolith uses extraction from quartz, porcelain, and glass to craft a sturdy and shiny material. This can be patterned in various ways to give the exact look of marble. In fact, Neolith is better as it is more durable, solid, heat resistant, but lightweight. Scratches and stains can’t settle on them making it look polished all the time. 

Neolith is cheaper than marble but amazingly provides the same effect. With the added benefits of durability and style options, it becomes a great choice to substitute marble flooring. 

Price Range of Marble Flooring Alternatives:

Marble flooring alternatives are chosen mainly because marble is expensive. Installing marble flooring all over the house is a huge investment while the alternatives would give a similar look at a lesser price. In fact, some alternatives have added properties that make them even better than marble. 

To let you know the affordability of each alternative, here is a price estimate is given for each marble flooring alternative:

Marble Flooring AlternativeAverage Price Range (Per sq ft)
Ceramic Tile$1- $35
Porcelain Tile$5- $35
White Concrete$15- $26
Quartz Tile$50- $90
Quartzite Tile$50- $80
Faux Marble Tile$8- $40
Vinyl Tile$5- $12
Neolith$10- $30

It is evident that ceramic tile, porcelain tile, white concrete, vinyl tile, and neolith are the best options when it comes to the affordability of the alternatives. Among all these, neolith would be the best choice as it is unique and very new in the market. The other options are reliable too. 

Which Marble Flooring Alternative Looks Exactly Like Marble?

Most marble flooring alternatives are made by grinding and polishing the surfaces hard to give a look of marble. Needless to say that it only looks like a marble floor but if noticed carefully, anyone can understand that it is just a substitute. 

So is there any option that naturally looks like marble and is difficult to differentiate from original marble? Yes. Quartzite looks exactly like marble as it is made of sandstone. It is also a natural stone that is pressurized and heated to give a polished and fine look of marble. The gloss and shine of quartzite are just like a marble tile!

This is another reason why quartzite is an expensive alternative to marble. As quartzite is extracted from the earth and then polished, it has high durability and outstanding appearance which is why the cost is high. 

Quartz also resembles marble but not as much as quartzite. It is also extracted from the earth and is a combination of quartz and calcium carbonate. But the gloss and spark of quartzite are the best that makes it look like marble. It is even better as quartzite is available in different colors and hues giving more style and design options. Quartzite has a better aesthetic and decorative value than marble. 

Which Marble Flooring Alternative Is More Durable Than Marble?

When it comes to durability, you must not compromise. Especially for heavy-traffic areas, the marble flooring alternative has to be long-lasting and sturdy. So, what are these alternatives? 

The most durable marble flooring alternative is quartzite. Quartzite is naturally extracted which is then pressurized and heated. This pressure and heat make it even more compact and durable. It is abrasion and impact resistant too. On the other hand, as marble is not processed or pressurized, it is less durable than quartzite. 

But if you think quartzite is very expensive for you, don’t worry. There are other durable alternatives too. Porcelain tile is an all time favorite option for flooring which is extremely durable and long-lasting. It is non-porous, heat resistant, and impact resistant. It doesn’t break or crack easily and can be used in heavy traffic areas too. The hardening process of porcelain tile makes it compact and long-lasting. 

Another durable marble flooring alternative is neolith. Neolith has a combination of quartz, porcelain, and glass making it hard and tough. All the properties of these three elements have been combined to create neolith making it powerful and durable. The styling options of neolith are vast and the durability is inexplicably excellent. 

Therefore, quartzite, porcelain, and neolith are the top marble flooring alternatives in terms of durability and longevity. 

Why Is It Recommended To Use Marble Flooring Alternatives In Kitchen Rather Than Using Marble? 

It is not really recommended to use marble on kitchen countertops or floors. But why? If marble is such a popular option, why isn’t it suitable for the kitchen? Why is it recommended to use alternatives rather than installing original marble in the kitchen? 

The reason behind this is that marble is a porous natural stone. It easily absorbs moisture and water. As a result, the bonding inside may break easily making it fragile. Marble also breaks easily under any strong impact. Even a small knife can crack a marble slab if it strikes it hard. 

Besides, marble absorbs stains easily and a slight hit on it can leave a huge scratch. In the kitchen, scratches and stains are regular things. And if this happens with the marble flooring in the kitchen, it would start to discolor and fade away in a year. Also, maintaining marble flooring is a difficult task to accomplish. You need to keep marble flooring dry and clean all the time which is a challenging task when the marble is facing moisture, heat, stains, and scratches regularly. 

Marble flooring alternatives like porcelain tile, vinyl tile, neolith, or white concrete are more solid and durable than marble. They are non-porous and easy to maintain. This makes marble flooring alternatives better than marble itself in the kitchen. 


Now that you know various marble flooring alternatives and understand their benefits, you can easily choose an option that suits your interior and budget. Just choose the one you like!

When you have the option to adorn your house or office with sparkling marble flooring alternatives and get the effect of marble, what are you waiting for? 

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