Small Black Worms In Bathroom Floor: [All You Need To Know]

Small Black Worms In Bathroom Floor

Small Black worms on the bathroom floor are unwanted and unexpected things nobody wants to experience. They are ugly to look at, and nobody likes them. It doesn’t matter whether they are harmful to you or not. The moment you see them on your bathroom floor, you should take steps to get rid of them.

You have hit the jackpot if you have no idea about their origin or how to deal with them. Today, I am here with this post to let you know the effective methods to get rid of the small black worms. In addition, I will show some tips to prevent their growth on the bathroom floor.

I have gathered a wholesome experience about bathroom floors as I have been doing things related to them. So, sit tight and read till the end to know the information related to the worms.

9 Effective Methods To Get Rid Of Small Black Worms In Bathroom Floor

As I have mentioned earlier, small black worms are in no way near some pretty things on your bathroom floor. You have to take some hasty actions so that they do not remain on your bathroom floor for long.

1. Cleaning The Trap

On most occasions, drain flies lay eggs on your bathroom’s P-trap or U-trap’s waterline. That is why it will be best to attack them where they lay eggs directly. Besides, cleaning out the trap is a reasonably straightforward process. You won’t need a bunch of equipment to get the job done.

First, cover the area under the trap with a bucket. After that, carefully unscrew the P-trap or U-trap. If you have done that, you will see the contents unloading from the trap to the bucket. 

Now, it is time to clean the trap and disinfect it. You can do that by washing the trap with hot soapy water, a brush, and later disinfecting it with a mild disinfectant.

2. Unclogging The Sink

You should already know that a cluster of junk or waste is a great place for the small black worms to grow. Your bathroom drain or sink is a prominent place for such accumulation. 

Sometimes you may notice the blockade as the bathroom will be flooding. And sometimes, you may not know if the drains are not entirely blocked and working partially.

The most common way to unclog a bathroom drain or sink is to use a cleaning solution. In addition, you can use a drain snake, a plunger, or even a metal wire if that doesn’t work.

3. Pouring Drinks

You may find this step funny at first glance. Yeah, my initial reaction was also the same. But I got marvelous results using energy drinks to get rid of tiny black worms on the bathroom floor.

Like using hot water, flowing a can of energy drink like Coca-Cola will be effective. It will kill all the black worms in the drain. In addition, you may use vinegar to kill off any extra germs. To give it a final touch, wash the drain with hot water to wash off any excess sugar.

4. Using Enzyme Cleaners

Investing in an enzyme cleaner is not totally a bad idea. You may think of them as the resorts of only the environmentalists or the vegans. Enzyme cleaners may also be as handy as any other methods I have mentioned here.

What do enzyme cleaners do? 

They will eat up all the worms, eggs, pupa, or anything similar like them in your house. The reason to use them is that even if you don’t see the black worms on your bathroom floor, they are always there in microscopic form. So, having an enzyme cleaner will act as a preventive measure and nip the problem from the bud.

5. Installing Extra Fan

What do fans do? They are a shelter for people in hot weather. Not only that, but fans are also pretty much effective in drying things out. And why do black worms emerge? They thrive in wet areas, right? I think now you can see the connection.

If you don’t have a fan installed in your bathroom, it is high time you do it. Install the fan in a way so that it turns on after every use of the toilet, and after a specific time, it automatically turns off. In this way, you can save up on some electric bills, and you will also achieve the purpose of keeping the bathroom floor dry.

6. Pouring Hot Water

You might wonder why I am talking about this method this late. Well, I tried to tell you about the unique techniques first. Everybody can just pour hot water and get rid of a germs-related problem, right?

Even though hot water is a widespread way to get rid of problems, it is still very effective. If you see tiny black worms wandering on your bathroom floor, you can just grab a bucket full of hot water. After that, run down the hot water in the bathroom drain.

Doing this only a single time won’t be enough. You have to repeat the same thing twice a day until you don’t see the black worms.

7. Covering The Entry Points

Imagine you notice a leak in a drainage pipe on your bathroom floor. What should be your quickest reaction? You will hurry up and try to cover the leak. You can think of a similar solution to your bathroom floor’s small black worm problem.

What if you go and block all the entry points of the black worms so that they can’t come out? That will be a great idea, right? You can cover the entry point of the bathroom drain with a simple cap or a specific drain cover, or you may even try a plunger to keep the black worms at bay temporarily.

8. Using Salt On Idle Sinks

Why do black worms or drain worms come out from below the bathroom drain? They emerge as the water under the bathroom floor becomes stagnant. The same goes for inactive bathrooms. 

An inactive bathroom’s stored water becomes stagnant and becomes an excellent breeding place for the black worms.

What you can do is pour salt inside the inactive bathrooms of your house. For example, your home’s guest bathroom is the most inactive one. By doing this, you will be able to kill off all the bacteria and germs. In addition, this will prevent the black worms from growing.

9. Bleaching Method

You have found the one method you were searching for in your heart. Don’t take the comment seriously. Using bleach in bathroom-related cleaning is pretty standard among people. Bleach should be your final resort for any type of cleaning as it is a rough cleaning material and has a lot of side effects.

Keeping all the windows and doors open while applying bleach is the safest method. It will provide you and your bathroom floor with the utmost safety.

4 Reasons To Grow Black Worms In Bathroom

Small black worms or drain worms are never the welcoming types of things. If you know the root reasons for them growing in your bathroom, you can take prompt action to solve the matter in a quick time. The following are the main three reasons for the black worms to grow in a bathroom-

1. Moisture Attraction

Black worms love water, so they will often live near a source of moisture such as a leaky pipe or drain. You can also find them in damp areas such as under sinks. That is why you should always keep your bathroom dry so that there is no moisture left. Eventually, it will help keep the black worms at bay.

2. Black Worms Love Dark Place

Black worms prefer dark places that are not exposed to too much light. This makes them a common problem in basements and garages with little natural light. The bathroom is also a less used area of your house and a darker place than your entire house. For this reason, black worms may grow in your bathroom.  

3. Warm Temperature Preference

Black worms need warm temperatures to survive. So, if your home gets particularly hot during the summer months, these creatures can thrive inside your home without any help from you! What can you do then? You have to keep the temperature of your bathroom at a standard level and keep it dry. For this purpose, you can use fans or an air conditioner.

4. Improper Ventilation

A weak ventilation system or no ventilation system can also boost the growth of small black worms. How? If there is no proper ventilation system, the air in the bathroom will be stagnant. You will better understand the situation by imagining an old or inactive bathroom atmosphere. 

This type of environment is perfect for something like black worms to thrive. That is why you need to install a proper ventilation system in your bathroom. 

4 Tips To Control Black Worms Growth In Bathroom Floor

I bet you do not like the black worms. Neither do I. Regardless of their harming nature, their look can never convince me to leave them as their own. You can follow the following tips to control the black worms’ growth on your bathroom floor-

1. Clean Your Bathroom Regularly

To keep this problem at bay, you need to clean your bathroom regularly. You can use a broom or vacuum cleaner to clean the floors and walls of your bathroom periodically. 

This will prevent any molds or germs from growing on the floor or walls of your bathroom, which is a preferable environment for these black worms to thrive.

2. Use Antibacterial Cleaners

You should also use antibacterial cleaners like Lysol spray or bleach to kill germs and bacteria from your bathroom floor. In this way, your bathroom floor won’t attract pests like black worms into your home.

3. Clear Away The Clutter

Flush down any leftovers from food directly down the toilet bowl instead of leaving them on your countertop or sink top overnight. Leaving them can attract black worms during their regular activity cycle when looking for food sources and places to lay eggs.

They will go wherever food is available for them to eat or lay eggs in. So, make sure that all leftovers are gone before going to bed.

4. Seal Cracks And Holes In The Flooring

If there are holes or cracks in the tiles or floors, worms can easily be entire in the bathroom. These cracks and gaps may appear due to an error during the installation of the floor. If that is the case, you should take actions to cover the holes or cracks.

Related Questions:

What Should You Do If You Still Have Worms After Removing?

You may fall into a situation when the black worms problem is still present in your bathroom even after taking all the steps. There is nothing much left for you to do. Call a professional plumber in this situation. He will use special equipment to clean out all the dirt and debris from your pipes to kill off all the worms. 

If left untreated, these worms can cause severe damage to your pipes by eating away at them. Besides, whenever the drain worms get inside your body, they can even do some fatal damage to your health system.

Where Do Small Black Worms Come From?

You can often find the black worms in moist, dark areas with an ample supply of food and moisture. This makes them ideal for growing in compost piles and other organic matter left to decompose for some time. 

If you see black worms on your bathroom floor, there are enough chances for the black worms to thrive in your bathroom. Some effective methods to get rid of them are to cover all the entering points, use enzyme cleaners or energy drinks, clean out the trap and the clogged sink, etc.

Why Do You Have Small Black Worms In Your Bathroom?

There are several reasons why you might have small black worms in your bathroom. One of the most common causes is that the grout lines have not been sealed properly after installation, absorbing moisture from the air. This can cause mold and mildew to grow inside of them. 

And you should already know that this is a perfect environment for these creatures to grow. Another reason why these little creatures might be invading your bathroom is because there is a leak somewhere in your home’s plumbing system. This creates an ideal environment for pests, including roaches, ants, and even mice!

What Are The Little Worms On Your Bathroom Floor?

The little black worms you see on your bathroom floor are probably the larvae of drain flies. They lay their eggs inside drains, and the larvae feed on the organic matter that collects in gutters. You will often find them swarming around sinks, tubs, and toilets, where they gather to mate and lay their eggs.

When they grow to their fullest, they will eventually become the drain flies. There are plenty of reasons not to like them in the first place. If you do not, I have mentioned many effective ways to get rid of them in this article. Give them a look.

Are Black Worms Harmful For The Human Body?           

Some of the black worms are harmless, while others can be harmful to your health. There are many kinds of worms that can be found in your drains and pipes.

Black worms are the most common worm you will find in drains and pipes. They usually live in your drainage system, where they eat food particles and dead skin from your body that goes down the drain.

If you see them in your bathroom or kitchen sink, it is good to remove them as soon as possible. Because they can spread quickly to other areas of your home, you can’t know whether they are harmful to you or not if you are not an expert.

How Do You Get Rid Of Small Black Worms In Grout?

The best way to prevent the black worms is to vacuum regularly and store all fabrics in sealed plastic bags. If you already have an infestation, use a vacuum cleaner with a bag attachment and a crevice tool to clean the carpet thoroughly. 

Next, treat the infested area with insecticides designed for indoor use. You should also eliminate any items made of natural fibers such as wool or cotton since these are attractive to carpet beetles.

Final Touch

Several times, I have already told it that small black worms on the bathroom floor should never be welcomed. Even if you are a creature lover, you will find these little critters of no use in this ecosystem.

If you happen to see an army of these little creatures, take swift action to get rid of them. The more time they remain on your bathroom floor, the more they worsen the situation. They can even be dangerous to your health if they enter your body!

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