Trippy Bathroom Floor: Unique Flooring Idea

Trippy Bathroom Floor Unique Flooring Idea

Everyone loves to have a living environment in their place. In particular, trippy flooring is preferred by homeowners to bring more modernity and naturalness to the bathroom floor. A shower with a vibrant environment gives you a different feeling that you will not find in other bathroom floorings.

Naturally, there are some ongoing phenomena that you usually want to see up close. If you want to add a living depth to the bathroom like a living room, you need to install the trippy floor in the bathroom. Also, you need to know all the matters related to it.

So, you are in the right place to know the details about trippy bathroom flooring because this article will explain the details about 3D floor installation in the bathroom. Moreover, all the factors related to it will also be presented. So, start knowing now.

8 Unique Trippy Bathroom Floor Design Ideas: You Should Know

Before installing the Trippy bathroom floor, you should get ideas about the best and most unique floor design ideas. This will make it easier for you to make your choice. Below are the best ideas for trippy bathroom flooring:

1. Seashore Themed Trippy Flooring:

The beach scene catches one’s mind. It is a good idea to install beach theme flooring in the bedroom. Install it near the bathroom where the water flow starts. Near the beach, you can see a variety of marine fish and snails.

In addition to the corrugated 3D floor, you can also choose a theme with a few sea creatures roaming around. It makes you feel like the fish are very close to you. There are numerous beach themes from which you can choose the one you like for your bathroom.

2. Underwater View:

The underwater views are even more captivating. These scenes are usually seen on the TV screen where there are some aquatic plants with some small and big marine animals. You can enjoy these incredible deep living scenes with the trippy floor in your bathroom. You will feel as if you are wandering in that environment.

Nature lovers use such themes in their bathrooms and bedrooms. Not just a relaxed feeling, this theme can also create some fear in your mind as you are afraid of seeing and touching the big dolphins or turtles.

3. Horror Theme With Ferocious Animals

Can you stay in one bathroom with a giant shark? While this is impossible in reality, the 3D theme allows you to enjoy this charming state from very close. Many people do not like this kind of theme because children are more afraid of it. But to get a thrilling feeling, you have to like this theme.

Imagine you find a shark very close in your bathroom, but you cannot touch it, or it cannot come close to you. The thing is so enjoyable. Not just large sharks but other terrifying animal themes can be used where the movement of ferocious animals is observed.

4. Rustic Natural Elements:

Who does not love to get lost in the rustic elements of nature? Walking on fallen leaves or flowers or pebbles gives you a different feeling. Or you can feel some leaves, small stones, and colorful fish in a water body in your bathroom from the theme of rustic elements.

The actual feeling of walking is over a broken bridge with some fish floating in a pond. You can enjoy this with some fear. Imagine that you are bathing in a small pool in the bathroom and examining the ingredients used.

5. High Wave Theme:

Anyone who sees the high waves of the sea will be scared because they come in giant shapes. You can install a theme with big waves in your bathroom. It will make you feel like you are in the middle of the ocean and the waves are coming to devour you.

The giant waves with a bath in the bathroom will give you an excellent natural feel. You can also use this flooring type in the bathroom and your living room and bedroom. It will make your guests feel happy and at the same time, scared.

6. Abstract Flooring Theme:

For the trippy flooring of the bathroom, it is not mandatory to express the living ideas of aquatic plants or animals. You can also reveal some abstract ideas on your bathroom floor. At first glance, this may seem like a real twist.

People usually like abstract designs, especially for their living room, dining space, bathroom, and bedroom. In addition to 3D models of plant or aquatic elements, the structures of abstract models can also be pleasing to you.

7. 3D Stone Design:

The 3D stone design on the bathroom floor will puzzle you. Because when looking at it, you will think that the stones are mounds. Also, some aquatic plants are floating under it. The view is truly captivating. Who doesn’t want to get lost in the clear water with some rocks?

These are revealed in the way that you will feel that you can touch the inner grooves of the stones for deep examination. By installing this floor in the bathroom, you can bring more peace to the white stone.

8. Waterfall Theme:

Man’s attraction toward waterfalls is eternal. There are different waterfall 3D themes that you can use in your bathroom flooring. It gives you a feeling of standing directly in front of the waterfall. Why miss this incredible scene with a bath?

You will feel water falling all over the bathroom, and there may be some fear of getting down. You can even get themes like Niagara Falls, where you will be lost in the water of imagination.

8 Steps To Install Trippy Bathroom Floor: A Quick Guide

After getting so many ideas about trippy bathroom flooring, you must be interested to know how to install it. You will now learn about an easy way to install a trippy bathroom floor where step-by-step will be mentioned.

Step 1: Gather Necessary Equipment

To install the trippy floor, you need to collect some tools to make your work easier. The equipment is as follows:

  • A sanding tool;
  • vacuum;
  • Primer;
  • Protective sealer.

Step 2: Examine The Slab

At the beginning of the steps, check the slab of the bathroom floor space to see if it is emitting steam and moisture properly. Remember that it should not be sticky; otherwise, there may be problems like wrinkles or bubbles later on.

Make sure that the slab is in the correct position. For 3D tiling, the slab should be such that no air is trapped inside. In this case, the surface must be kept clean; otherwise, your floor installation may fail.

Step 3: Prepare The Flooring Area

At this stage, you need to lay the concrete floor. In this case, you can use a sanding tool. If there is an open crack in the concrete floor, it should not be installed on the floor before proper repair. In addition, the entire surface should be flawless and smooth.

Installing a trippy floor on an uneven or defective surface risks rapid floor damage. Moreover, your floor may be unsmooth, and it can cause discomfort while walking.

Step 4: Clean The Surface

If there is any dust or dirt left on the concrete floor, remove them completely. No tiling floor should be installed on dusty surfaces. You can use a vacuum cleaner that removes even the slightest dirt from the floor.

Clean the entire area with a vacuum cleaner until you are sure it has lost dirt. The fact that dirt remains inside the trippy floor, that it gets loosened from the concrete floor. This defect will stay on your bathroom floor forever.

Step 5: Examine The Humidity

If the humidity is too high, the hard trippy floor you have installed with your hard work will loosen up in just 2/1 week. It should not go beyond the rated humidity. It is recommended to have maximum moisture of 4%.

You do not want the 3D floor to be destroyed in such a short time. Therefore, if you’re going to keep the trippy bathroom floor for a long time, work with the lowest humidity.

Step 6: Apply The Primer

The previous step of installing a trippy floor is significant because the concrete surface can be free from defects by applying primer. Apply primer to vacuum-cleaned floors. If there are any small or large holes in the concrete floor, the primer will fill them.

Primer does not need to be applied in multiple layers; just one layer is enough. If the first coat does not fill all the holes, you can use the second coat of primer. Wait 24 to 48 hours for it to dry. Be sure to pick a good-quality primer. Also, wait a while after applying it to sit on the surface well.

Step 7: Install 3D Flooring

Now, it is time to install your desired trippy floor. There are some special rules to follow to install it properly as it is a bit different from other floorings. If you prefer a beach theme floor, you need to determine how the water flow image will be.

After installing it, ensure that its attachment to the subfloor is correct and that there is no gap anywhere. Moreover, it needs to be ensured that it sits properly on the concrete floor.

Step 8: Install Polyurethane

Apply a transparent layer of epoxy coating to create a transparent coating on the trippy floor mural. It provides cleanliness to your bathroom flooring and provides floor protection. Before installing polyurethane, you need to clean the newly installed floor.

During the 3D floor install, some small dirt can be left on the surface as it needs to be removed. Once all is done, apply a protective sealer to tighten the floor tightly.

Pros Of Trippy Bathroom Floor: Know Why You Should Use 

Here I am going to show you the major pros of a trippy bathroom floor:

  • Stunning Visual Effect

One of the main advantages of Trippy flooring is that it gives excellent visual effects. It is truly amazing to create a vibrant natural environment in the house.

  • Suitable For High-Strength Cleaners

You can use regular cleaners to clean your 3D floor. There will be no bad reaction. This floor works harmlessly with acid and chlorine.

  • Can Be Maintained Easily

Trippy floors are much easier to clean and maintain. It has no joints, so no water or cleaner can enter it. Moreover, you can remove them from its surface.

  • Safe For Human Health

Another great advantage of the Trippy bathroom floor is that it is hygienic. It lasts a long time without emitting any corrosive fumes.

  • Never Damaged By Fire

This flooring does not cause any damage to the fire. If the fire is used near the floor and touches the floor, the foundation will remain intact.

  • Gives Peace Of Mind

When taking a shower, you can get rid of all the tiredness in your body and mind. You can increase your peace of mind with visual effects because it combines lots of naturalism.

  • Not Slippery

The trippy bathroom floor is clear and soft enough but never slippery. Even though the use of water in the bathroom is high, you can still be free from the fear of slipperiness.

  • A Floor With No Breaks

Tile flooring usually consists of tiles in pieces that need to be joined and maintained. In the case of a trippy floor, you only use one floor at a time. Get an entire floor without a break.

Cons Of Trippy Bathroom Floor: You Should Think About

These are the only a few downsides of a trippy bathroom floor:

  • Installation Is Quite Time-Consuming

Trippy bathroom floor installation is quite time-consuming. That’s why you might not want to like it. It takes about 3 to 5 days for the entire bathroom floor to be ready to use.

  • Pretty Expensive

This flooring is quite expensive even though the demand is high. It is because it has very few professionals. Moreover, you have to spend a lot to buy the equipment used.

  • It Remains Cold

These floors are much better for the bathroom, but you will have a hard time reading them in winter because they are always so cold.

Related Questions About Trippy Bathroom Floor:

Is The Trippy Floor A Good Choice For The Bathroom?

A trippy floor is a good choice for any modern bathroom. Bathing in a vibrant natural environment is everyone’s dream. Apart from enjoying nature outside, people are also planning it at home. That is why the demand for trippy bathroom floors increases day by day.

A bathroom is a place where you can spend some time in the water. If it is accompanied by a live picture of an aquatic animal, your bathing time becomes more enjoyable. Also, the sea wave theme will give you a complete marine feeling.

Why Do You Choose Trippy For Your Bathroom Floor?

When you look for reasons to choose a trippy bathroom floor, you should consider its advantages. Trippy floors come with a variety of benefits that outweigh the disadvantages. There is no better alternative than to make your bathroom look brighter and more vibrant in visual effect.

Also, the trippy bathroom floor is easy to maintain. It is similarly intact in contact with fire. The trippy floor is not slippery, and most importantly, it is never damaged by water. These premium features will surely inspire you for this type of bathroom floor.

Does The Trippy Bathroom Floor Make Illusions?

A trippy bathroom floor can sometimes create an illusion. Some abstract themes confuse you. These theme types allow your floor to look up and down, but that’s not the case. The floor is flat but has been given a sloping effect that can confuse anyone.

If you like such a theme for the bathroom, it will sometimes confuse you no matter what you use. These trippy floors are installed for some particular purposes. So, if it seems too dull, choose another theme.

Does A Trippy Bathroom Design Cost More Than Other Floorings?

Expensiveness is one of the main features of the trippy bathroom floor. Even you have to spend more to install it than other floorings. It may cost about $10 to $20 per square foot to install trippy, whereas other floorings costs are comparatively less.

Trippy floor installment is a highly complex process. Moreover, the equipment required to complete this process is also quite expensive. In most cases, you may need to hire a professional.

Final Words:

A trippy bathroom floor is one of the most popular types of bathroom flooring. This flooring has many ideas which will help you choose the one you like. Choose a theme that suits your needs from the design ideas mentioned in the article you want to enjoy in the bathroom.

This article describes the trippy bathroom floor installation method although the process is complicated. If you have a deep passion for this floor, you can hire a professional. Hopefully, the information provided about the trippy floor will benefit you.

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