Do Tile Floors Keep the House Cooler? Revealed it Today!

Do Tile Floors Keep the House Cooler

In tropical areas, people seek flooring that stays cold. Carpet and wood aren’t the options as they stay warm. The next cost-efficient flooring option that comes to mind is tile. Tile flooring is impressive and long-lasting. But do tile floors keep the house cooler? 

Tile floors keep the house cool as they are excellent heat conductors. Especially, ceramic and porcelain tiles remain cool. Unlike carpet or wood, they quickly remove the heat from the body, making one feel cool. Due to heat dissipation, your feet feel chilly. 

Keep reading the article if you are searching for a cold flooring option. Know the benefits and facts about tiles and then decide. 

4 Reasons Why Tile Floors Keep House Cooler: Know The Fact

People often consider tile and wood as cold flooring options. Wood is indeed somewhat chilly but not as much as tile. Why so? There are some legitimate reasons why tile floors keep the house cooler than wood floors

1. Tile Repels Heat

Why does the house feel cooler with tile flooring? It is not because the tile is cool itself. It is because tile repels heat very fast. Be it sunlight or high temperature, it doesn’t affect the tile flooring. It is an excellent insulator, it dissipates the heat rather than absorbs it. 

On the other hand, wood is a slow insulator. This is why it would gradually get heated. So during the noon, your feet would feel warm on the wood floor. But on the tile floor, it would still be frigid. This is because the tile would repel the heat of the atmosphere and the heat of your body.

2. Tile Is A Good Heat Conductor

The fact is that all flooring materials have heat conductivity properties. But what makes the difference is the rate at which they conduct heat. Tile has a higher conductivity rate than wood. This makes the tile a better heat conductor than wood flooring. 

A tile floor quickly transfers body heat, causing you to feel chilly. The whole feeling is due to the tile floor’s heat conductivity, not because it is cold. On the other hand, wood has a lower heat conductivity rate. This is why it feels warm rather than a tile floor. 

3. Tile Floor Spread Coldness Fast

Tile flooring not only transfers heat fast but also spreads coldness quickly. First, it removes and transfers the heat from your feet to the subfloor beneath the tile. Simultaneously, it transports the coldness from the subfloor underneath the tiles to your feet. This is why you feel cold on the tile floor. 

In contrast, this is not the case for wood floors. The wood floor stays warm as it can’t quickly transfer the chilly temperature to your feet. Since the conductivity rate is low, you won’t feel cold on the wood floor. 

4. Tile Balances The Temperature

The tile has a unique property that balances the temperature making it feel cold. It transfers the heat from the hotter object or surface than itself. Your feet are warmer than the tile floor as well as the air. This means the most seductive element around tile is your feet. 

As your feet are the warmest surface, tile quickly dissipates the heat. This evens out the temperature making your feet cold. This property of balancing the temperature is missing in the wood floor, so it feels warmer than the tile floor. 

7 Benefits Of Tile Floor: Perfect Solution To Keep House Cooler

Tile flooring is a suitable flooring for almost any space in residence. There are several benefits for people to love it. Besides keeping the house cool, it also adds value to the area. Here are some fantastic benefits of tile flooring in residential and commercial spaces. 

1. Durability:

Any tile floor, be it vinyl, porcelain, or ceramic, is highly durable. They have excellent impact resistance. They don’t get affected by the temperature fluctuation, moisture, heat, or scratches, staying intact for a long time. Generally, tile flooring would last for 25 to 50 years if maintained properly. Amazingly durable!

2. Thermal Conductivity:

An exceptional property of tile flooring is its thermal conductivity. The ceramic and porcelain tile elements contain clay that transfers heat very fast. Due to this characteristic, tile is suitable for hot weather as it feels cold. The tile floor feels chilly, even if it is hot outside. A perfect solution to keep your house cool!

3. Water Resistance:

Tile flooring is relatively water and moisture-resistant than other options like wood and carpet. They aren’t porous and thus don’t absorb moisture promptly. Due to this property, people prefer using tile in bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and other moisture-prone areas. The water resistance of tile also increases its longevity. 

4. Affordable:

The popular tile flooring, carpet, and wood substitutes are super expensive. In contrast, any tile flooring is affordable. So anyone can buy tile flooring and adorn their house. But other luxurious flooring options are costly and don’t offer as many benefits as tile provides.

5. Aesthetic:

Tile floors are versatile and aesthetically pleasing. They come in different colors, patterns, and textures and give unique looks. They can also resemble wood and stone flooring so you can use tile as a smart substitute for these options. 

6. Eco-friendly: 

Tile flooring is eco-friendly and healthy. They are mostly made of natural and biodegradable materials like clay and glass. These elements are eco-friendly. Besides, tile has low VOC emission, which keeps the air quality good and healthy. Therefore, tile is good for health. 

7.Easy Maintenance:

Compared to floors like carpet and wood, tile floors require minimum maintenance. Regular mopping would suffice to keep it glossy. For extra care, you can do polishing and scrubbing. These are easy treatments to maintain tile flooring. 

Related Questions

Do Tile Floors Make Your House Colder?

Tile floors do make houses colder due to their thermal conductivity. The reality is that the tile floor itself is not cold. It absorbs heat from the hotter object and transfers it. The house feels cold as the air, and your feet are warmer than the tile. 

When it is hot outside, your house feels cold due to the tile’s excellent heat insulation. Tile absorbs the heat and spreads the coolness to the room. 

Do Tile Floor Absorb Heat To Keep House Cooler?

Tiles absorb heat and transfer it quickly from your feet to make you feel cold. This happens as it is already colder than your feet and the air. The mechanism behind tile’s heat conductivity is it absorbs and transfers heat very fast from the warmer thing around it. 

Therefore, the house feels colder just because the heat insulation is very fast via the tile. It does absorb it but transfers it too.

Do Ceramic Tile Floor Keep A Room Colder?

A room with ceramic tiles feels more chilly than a room with carpet or wood. As tile flooring gives heat very quickly, the tile floor feels chilled. Tile won’t hold back heat and won’t feel warm. This is why the room feels a bit colder, as tile would promptly throw back the heat. 

If you want a room chilled during summer, ceramic tiles are better due to their heat conductivity. It is not chilled, but it feels cold due to the insulation.

Are Tiles Floor Keep House Cooler In Winter?

Tile flooring feels cold in both winter and summer. As tile has excellent heat conductivity, it absorbs heat very efficiently. Whenever a hotter surface is in touch with the tile, the tile would quickly transfer the heat and spread the coldness from beneath the tile. This makes the tile cold. 

As the tile withdraws heat very fast, your feet would feel cold on the tile. This is why the tile floor would be chilly in winter, unlike wood or carpet. 

Final Touch:

Tile floors keep the house calmer than other floors due to their fast heat conductivity rate. Besides many benefits offered by tile, it is one notable benefit that people in tropical areas would love. In summer, a chilly tile floor feels very relaxing and soothing, doesn’t it? 

So without any further confusion, you can choose a tile floor if you require frigid and crisp flooring, which is beautiful and long-lasting.

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