How To Clean Boat Floor?[ For Aluminum, Plywood & Vinyl]

How To Clean Boat Floor

Keeping the boat floor clean seems to be a difficult task. It is troublesome if you don’t know the effective and easiest ways to do it. As boat floors survive in different conditions, they get very dirty in a short time. Water, sunlight, dust, high impact, spill, etc. stain, scratch, and make the flooring untidy. So cleaning the boat floor means fighting these problems. 

No matter how difficult boat cleaning is, we need to do it anyway. Otherwise, the flooring will become unhygienic, unsafe, and look filthy. Hence, the only way out is to find the simplest ways of boat floor cleaning. And after years of experience, I have found out the effective methods of cleaning different types of boat flooring. 

In this article, I will discuss ways of cleaning different boat floorings. As different flooring materials have separate properties, cleaning processes vary too. Here. I will include all the details. 

If you are struggling with boat floor cleaning, stay with me. 

3 Ways To Clean Aluminum Boat Floor: Apply Whichever You Like

As mentioned before, I will explain the cleaning processes for each flooring separately. I am starting with an aluminum boat floor as it is probably the most common flooring. I will mention three different ways of cleaning aluminum boat flooring. I know many other ways of cleaning aluminum floors but here, I have mentioned the easiest and most effective ways. 

Note that for regular cleaning, you can use a power washer. But for deep cleaning, you need special treatments. Now, here comes three ways to deep clean the aluminum boat floor: 

1. Car Soap: 

What about using the soap you use on the car to clean the boat deck? This is a cost-efficient option and can be done with items from your storeroom! It is very effective if the aluminum boat deck is moderately dirty. Let’s have a look at items you need for cleaning with car soap:

  • Car soap;
  • Scrubber;
  • Water hose;

For cleaning, make a dilute solution of car soap. Mix plain water and car soap in a bucket and make a lather. Spread this solution on the entire deck. Then scrub away the dirt from the deck with the scrubber. After cleaning the floor, rinse the entire deck with a water hose. That is it!

2. Vinegar: 

If you have basic cleaning ideas, you must know that vinegar works excellent as a cleanser. Note that vinegar is acidic and on metal, it can easily react and dissolve stubborn dirt. Vinegar is not for regular usage. If some parts of the boat deck have become dirty and stained, only then you can use vinegar. Car soap is enough for regular maintenance

You would need the following supplies for this process: 

  • Spraying bottle;
  • Scrubber;
  • 50% vinegar;
  • 50% water; 

Mix the water and vinegar in the spraying bottle. Now spray this solution on the dirty areas where you see stains, spots, spills, grease, etc. Leave it there for a minute or two. Then use the scrubber to scrub away the stubborn dirt from the boat deck. In the end, wash the deck with plain water and find your shiny aluminum boat deck. 

3. Bleach: 

Bleach is also an effective aluminum cleanser. Bleach not only cleanses the deck but also disinfects the flooring. It discourages the growth and breeding of molds leaving clean and tidy flooring. Remember that bleach is a strong agent. So you must wear gloves and goggles while working with bleach. Let’s see what we will need for this process: 

  • ⅕ portion bleach;
  • ⅘ portion warm water;
  • Nylon brush;
  • Rug and cloth;

Prepare a mixture of bleach by adding the portion mentioned above. Then pour this solution on the stubborn dirt and buildups. Next, use the nylon brush to rub and scrub away the dirt and grease. For a better result, use a rag or cloth to wipe the bleach solution. Put pressure to deep clean the surface. In the end, rinse the deck with plain water. 

These were the easily available products. However, there are different products for aluminum cleaning which you can buy. 

3 Easy Steps To Clean Plywood Boat Floor: The Best Way

Now is the turn to clean another very common boat flooring; plywood boat flooring. Note that plywood cleaning steps can be also applied to wood boat flooring. In this cleaning, we would use some very basic cleaning items. It is super easy to work with these materials and similar to how you clean hardwood flooring at your home. 

Let’s see what we will need: 

Step 1: Sweep And Mop The Floor

The first step is to vacuum clean or sweep the entire flooring thoroughly. Loose dirt should be removed before deep cleaning the deck. Then mop the entire deck with plain water. If you work this way, the cleaning gives a more effective outcome. You don’t need to wait for the deck to dry out. Let’s move on to the next step. 

Step 2: Apply The Detergent And Scrub The Floor

Be it wood or plywood, you should use a mild and non-abrasive detergent. Strictly avoid applying acidic cleanser, unlike aluminum boat flooring. Here, you can use any mild detergent or soap. 

First, make a soapy solution by mixing soap and water. Spread this solution on the deck and start scrubbing the deck with a soft brush. Put pressure on the buildups to remove the stubborn layers. For stained areas, you may wet the cloth in hydrogen peroxide and wipe off the area. Remember to rinse the area with water.

Step 3: Clean The Residue And Leave It To Dry

After cleaning the buildup thoroughly, you have to rinse the entire deck with clean water so that no residue can settle on the deck. Note that plywood and wood shouldn’t be left wet for a long time. So use a dry cloth and wipe the deck. Or if it is a sunny day, you can leave it out to let the deck dry. 

5 Steps To Clean Rubber Boat Flooring: Easy And Simple Method

Now let’s move to clean rubber boat flooring. Many people assume that spongy rubber flooring is difficult to clean. But it is pretty simple and similar to the processes mentioned above. 

As most people use rubber mats for boat decks, in this section, I would discuss how to clean rubber mat boat flooring. Let’s have a look at the supplies we need: 

  • Vacuum cleaner;
  • Water; 
  • Non-skid deck cleaner liquid;
  • Soft-bristled brush;
  • Dry towel or cloth;

Here are the easy steps to clean a non-skid rubber boat deck: 

Step 1: Vacuum Clean And Wet The Floor

First, remove the loose dirt from the rubber flooring. Rubber fibers and sponges hold back loose dirt tightly. This is why you should use a vacuum cleaner instead of sweeping the floor. On spills and stubborn dirt, scrub it with a soft cloth and let the vacuum cleaner do the rest of the job. 

After vacuum cleaning the deck, apply plain water on the deck. This softens the buildup and makes cleaning easier and faster. 

Step 2: Apply The Deck Cleaner Liquid

Mix warm water with a non-skid deck cleaning liquid. Make a soft lather and spread the solution on the entire deck. I would recommend using a non-skid deck cleaner only as it maintains the condition of the rubber flooring. It always leaves a protective layer on the deck preventing spills and germs from settling on the rubber floor. It also loosens the buildup gently from the rubber. 

Done applying the cleanser on the deck? Alright!

Step 3: Scrub The Floor

With a soft-bristled brush, scrub the flooring thoroughly. Be very gentle and go slow. Put extra pressure on the greasy and stained areas. The cleaner is suitable for rubber and it has already started loosening up the dirt. You can just keep on scrubbing gently to get the best result. 

Step 4: Wash The Deck

Now that scrubbing is done, pour plain water on the deck to remove all the residues. I would use a water hose so that you can put water pressure on the corners and edges. Thoroughly rinse the deck and remove all the residues. 

Step 5: Dry The Rubber Mats

After cleaning the flooring, you should immediately dry the rubber mats. It is very essential as otherwise, water may damage the condition of the rubber. For drying, use a soft cloth and tap on the flooring. Soap up the extra water and leave it to dry. 

As it dries, you will get fresh and clean rubber boat flooring. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do You Clean A Boat Vinyl Floor? 

Cleaning vinyl boat flooring is super easy. Vinyl boat flooring is known for its easy cleaning and maintenance. 

To clean the vinyl boat deck, you need to follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Sweep or vacuum clean the deck to remove the loose dirt and spills;
  • Mix a mild detergent in plain water and make a lather;
  • Apply the solution on the vinyl boat deck and leave for a few minutes;
  • Use a soft brush to scrub away the dirt from the flooring;
  • After scrubbing, rinse the vinyl deck with plain water and leave it to dry;

That is how you can clean vinyl boat flooring.

How Do You Clean Marine Vinyl Woven Boat Flooring? 

Marine vinyl woven boat flooring has perforations through which spills and dirt can go inside. But thankfully, cleaning the vinyl woven flooring is not so hard, and it doesn’t hold up dirt or grease. 

For cleaning a marine vinyl woven boat flooring, you need to treat the flooring with mild detergent and plain water. For cleaning the entire deck, make a solution of water and detergent and spread it.

Then use a soft cloth to rub and scrub away the dirt from the deck. Emphasize stubborn buildups. After scrubbing, wash the deck with water and leave it to dry. 

How To Clean A Teak Boat Deck? 

Cleaning hardwood flooring like a teak boat deck needs special care. Wood is very sensitive and should be cleaned with utmost caution. Below are the steps to clean a teak boat flooring:

  • Use a mild detergent and water, spread it on the floor, and mop the entire deck to remove the loose dirt;
  • Then apply a teak cleaner on the floor and scrub the floor with a soft hand brush. Go in the direction of the grain for effective cleaning. Also, work from section to section so that the cleaner can’t dried on the deck;
  • After scrubbing, rinse the area with plain water. This way, scrub and wash the deck;
  • Apply teak brightener on the deck and use a mop or brush to spread the brightener all over the deck;
  • Rinse the deck with plain water and then wash the deck once again with soapy water to remove all the residues. Leave it to dry;

That is how you can thoroughly clean teak boat flooring. 

Is It Ok To Pressure Wash A Floor Deck?

As part of regular maintenance, pressure washing the boat deck is reasonable. Though it doesn’t deep clean the deck, it removes the loose dirt and residues. 

Residues of saltwater, dirt, and pollution can cause buildups on the deck, damage the boat flooring, and discolor the surface. As you can’t deep clean the flooring after every journey, you should at least pressure wash the deck. This removes the loose dirt and residues preventing buildups on the deck. So yes, pressure washing for regular maintenance is a good idea. 

Final Thoughts: 

I have discussed the cleaning processes for each type of boat flooring in detail. I intended to help you out with as much information as possible so that you get clean and tidy boat flooring. 

Go and find suitable cleaning products and make the boat floor look new and fresh again. 

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