How To Remove Yellow Stains From Linoleum Flooring?

How To Remove Yellow Stains From Linoleum Flooring

You should learn how to remove yellow stains from linoleum flooring if you have them in the bathroom or kitchen of your house. Linoleum is a long-lasting and durable covering for bathroom and kitchen floors, but only with regular and proper maintenance.

Waxing linoleum floors can undoubtedly make your floors look shiny and bright, but wax also traps dust and dirt particles on the floor. When you keep waxing your linoleum floors, it will leave them looking a bit yellow. 

But if you are unaware of removing stains from vinyl flooring, you may end up with a dirty floor in a few months. So, let me guide you on how to remove yellow stains from linoleum floors.

6 Methods To Remove Yellow Stains From Linoleum Flooring

The linoleum cleaner available on the market or a regular fashioned cleanser can remove the unwanted yellow stains from your floors. But to use them properly, you will undoubtedly require some knowledge of the steps and procedures of the method. Let’s discuss the strategies and actions to remove unwanted stains from your linoleum flooring.

Method 1: Use Lemon Juice And Baking Soda

Yellow stains on linoleum floors are easier to remove with experience and proper guidance. This method is also popularly known as “the baking soda” method. Using the mixture of those two ingredients on your uncleaned floors will lift every stain in no time.

But making a mixture out of lemon juice and baking soda, you need to follow the steps below:

  •  Mix lemon juice and baking soda;
  • Form a paste;
  •  Keep the paste in a box;
  • Apply the paste to the yellow stains when you have the paste on a box.

If you want to ensure that these two ingredients are working just fine to remove the stains from your floor, try using the cleaning agents with a toothbrush so that the tough and small spots disappear. Brushing the paste directly into the yellow stain for a few moments should lift the marks from the surface of your house successfully. Look for the excesses and wipe them out with a damp cloth.

Method 2: Use Water and Vinegar

There are plenty of ways of getting rid of linoleum yellowing. But you had better go for the one with all the ingredients to complete the steps. And this method should be the one where all the ingredients are available at your home. 

Therefore, it is the go-to method for removing yellow stains from kitchen or bathroom linoleum floors. To apply this method, you need to follow these steps:

  • Take distilled white vinegar and use it as a floor cleaner;
  • Apply it onto the linoleum floors directly, which are stained yellow, for ten to fifteen minutes constantly;
  • Then wipe out all the excess vinegar using a cloth or sponge.

When there are specifically resistant stains on your linoleum floors, try sprinkling baking soda with vinegar to assist you in removing the yellow stains from your linoleum floors. When you scrub the yellow-stained areas with the sponge, rinse the areas with clean water.

Method 3: Use Powder Detergent with Bleach

This method is ideal because of the availability of both detergent and bleach. Anyone can work on linoleum yellow stain removal using the steps of this method correctly. You should undoubtedly route for this method if you want clean and stain-free floors for your rooms.

A cleansing agent like bleach can effectively remove your vinyl floors’ yellow stains and spots. But to do so, you have to go through some strict steps as follows:

  • Wet the stained section of the flooring;
  • Pour the powder detergent onto the stains directly;
  • Leave the detergent on the linoleum floor for a few moments;
  • When the stains are gone, remove the powdered cleansing agent from your floor using a damp sponge.

This method is a simple and easy one. Therefore, many people suggest this method, including some creative homemaking websites.

Method 4: Use Water Linoleum Cleaner And Bleach

This method is considered time-consuming, but when it comes to getting the best results, it is one of the best ways to remove stubborn yellow stains on linoleum. 

The steps of applying this method are simple as well. Also, they are easy to use. Here are the steps as follows.

  • Pour down the solution of bleach and water directly onto the stained linoleum floor;
  • Wait for half an hour to 45 minutes so that the solution can properly sit;
  •  But if the stains are resistant and stubborn, try using a mop or a sponge with bleach and water and reapply over the stains;
  • Now, pour baking soda on the mixture of the bleach while it is still covering the floors;
  • This will speed up the action of whitening and will remove the yellow stains quicker.

Method 5: Ammonia-based Floor Cleaning

One must precisely complete the given guidelines and steps to apply this method. This method can cause damage instead of cleaning if you don’t use it correctly. Therefore, the execution of this method demands proper concentration and precision.

Here are the steps for cleaning yellowed linoleum by applying this method:

  • Go to the market and look for a floor cleaner with ammonia as the main ingredient;
  • Purchase the cleaner and pour it directly onto your stained floors to remove the yellow stained floor wax;
  •  Then start scrubbing the floor using a firm and strong scouring pad or sponge;
  • Next, mop the whole solution off the floors;
  • Now, apply a brand new “linoleum floor wax” coating to your stained floor;
  • Finally, mop the coated floors using club soda to give the flooring a clean and attractive shiny look.

Method 6: The Sunlight Method 

The yellow stains on the vinyl floors cannot only be stained because of the dirt and dump. It can also damage because of the lack of light in those rooms. If your kitchen or bathroom with floors is where daylight doesn’t get through often, this is the case for you.

To deal with this kind of situation, try this method. Because it is proven and the easiest way to get rid of yellow stains in the shortest time. Let’s see the steps: 

  • Since the lack of light is causing the problem in the first place, the fastest way to get rid of the stains is to introduce them to light.
  • Then you need to remove the rugs or carpets to allow the stained areas some time in the sunlight.
  • If your floor has heavy yellow marks, you need 1-2 hours of exposure. 3-4 hours is the best for a week. 
  • But if your floor stains are light yellow, only 1 hour of exposure time for one week will do the work.

Reasons To Build Up Yellow Stains On Linoleum Flooring

There can be several reasons behind building up yellow linoleum flooring. A few specific reasons are illustrated below, which you should keep in mind.

  • Closed Moisture:

When someone chooses the wrong substrate or installs the substrate but does not do his job correctly, and the moisture barrier is already absent, yellow stains on vinyl flooring can occur. In this situation, the closed moisture will sweep in between the subfloors.

On the floor, there will be visible discoloration (white to yellow) between those areas that are unaffected and dry and where the closed moisture collects. 

  • Mildew And Mold Growth:

If the vinyl floor is not moisture-proof or is frequently exposed to water, it will grow mildew, and mold will grow swiftly. Later, this will lead to contamination that discloses your vinyl floor over time if you do not get rid of it at the primary sign.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to replace the dirty floor to prevent future mildew and mold. 

  •  Improper Adhesive Application:

When you use any adhesive not recommended or suggested by your manufacturer or the adhesive application process is not done correctly, there is a big chance of getting the vinyl damaged from below. Grime, oils, and dirt can easily migrate through the lowest vinyl layers, and consequently, they will appear as permanent yellow stains on the vinyl flooring.

  • Sunlight Or Daylight Damage:

A significant reason behind the cause of yellow stains on vinyl flooring is damage caused by sunlight. When areas are exposed consistently to daylight or high heat for a very long time, they tend to fade the actual color; therefore, a significant color difference occurs.

  • Reaction To The Chemical Changes:

Vinyl flooring can be quite reactive when it touches any rubber-made material, leading to discoloration. The yellow stains can be visible when anyone shifts rubber-backed wheels or floor rug of particular furniture or kitchen.

However, such yellow-colored stains occur only if the rug or furniture has been left in the same spot for a long time. You can easily avoid the trouble by avoiding using rubber-backed accessories or removing their position on vinyl flooring.

Tips and Ideas to Keep the Yellow Stains from Linoleum Flooring

Most people still (1) know and call the floor linoleum, but it is called vinyl flooring in the current term. To prevent yellow stains from happening, you better check the labels on the floor rugs you are having or using to make sure that they are not straining the vinyl flooring.  

Though I have already discussed many ways to remove the yellow stains from linoleum floors, let’s get you some additional tips and ideas to clean yellow stains from linoleum flooring as follows:

  • Clean the floor with cool or lukewarm water regularly;
  • Keep the floor dry;
  • Check and replace the carpet from time to time;
  • Sweep with a microfibre mop regularly;
  • Keep your floors away from latex pads and rubber-backed.

Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Linoleum Flooring

Cleaning the linoleum flooring regularly is highly important to ensure that the floor does not get stained. However, a few mistakes that homeowners often make worsen the situation. To prevent this, take a look at the mistakes that you should avoid when cleaning. 

  • Avoid The Use Of Abrasive Brush Or Sponge 

One of the common mistakes that homeowners make is to use abrasive or hard brushes and sponges. Often, scrubbing the floor is essential to remove the yellowish stains from the surface. Ensure you rely on soft brushes and sponges, as the abrasive ones can damage the floor. 

  • Do Not Use Bleach Directly 

Bleach is commonly used to clean yellow stains from the floor. And bleach is quite a strong compound and can damage the floor if used directly. To ensure proper cleaning, make sure that you dilute bleach with water before applying it to the flooring. 

  • Prevent The Use Of Ammonia-Based Cleaners

Many people prefer to use chemical cleaners to get stains off linoleum floors. However, these cleaners often come with an ammonia solution which stains the surface more. Before using a cleaner, make sure that they do not contain ammonia. 

What Are the Best Cleaning Agents To Remove Yellow Stains From Linoleum Flooring? 

Many cleaners are available on the market that can remove yellow stains from linoleum flooring. Although, as a cleaning expert, I recommend Bona hardwood floors cleaner for this task.

Using this cleaning agent, you can easily remove any type and color of stains from your linoleum flooring. Besides, Rainbow Genuine Tile, Linoleum, and Bare Floor Cleaner Solution can also be good options for removing yellow stains from linoleum flooring.

Related Questions:

What Causes Yellow Stains On Linoleum Flooring?

Rubber-backed rugs or carpets cause yellow stains on the linoleum floor. It occurs because the rubber and linoleum produce an instant chemical reaction, creating yellow spots on your flooring.

Technically, these yellow stains on the vinyl floors are called “antioxidant staining.” The longer you let the blur sit on your floors, the more resistant and stubborn it becomes. 

How Do You Clean Discolored Linoleum Flooring?

To clean discolored linoleum flooring, you have to use bleach as a natural whitener and mix one part of bleach with ⅔ parts of water. After that, you are applying it with a soft sponge or firm scrubber will soon start cleaning the discolored linoleum flooring and bringing back its natural color.

If you don’t get the result in the first application, try applying 2nd time. Hopefully, the discolored floor will be shiny and beautiful.

How Do You Get Yellow Linoleum Back White Again?

The only step to get your yellow linoleum back white again is to use a generous mixture of water and chlorine bleach. Let it sit for 35-45 minutes. This mixture will certainly work on the soft yellow surface nicely.

But when it comes to more damaged and aged linoleum flooring, it may require the usage of detergent powder with bleach to remove the yellowed and aged stains from the floors.

How Do You Fix Yellowing Linoleum Flooring?

Mixing a cup of vinegar (apple cider vinegar) with one gallon of lukewarm water and cleaning with them is the best way to fix the yellowing floor. And then, get one tablespoon of dish cleaning soap. After that, try using a soft and firm bristle brush or sponge to scrub the yellow stains off the vinyl floor.

Finally, mop the surface floor with apple cider vinegar and dish cleaning soap. You better use a nylon mop bristle to get the best results.

How Do You Clean Linoleum Floors With Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide on house flooring can effectively remove dirty stains from urine or blood cells. But it is a good choice for removing a shallow pigment. You can simply wipe it away using hydrogen peroxide and a clean cloth. 

For resistant stains, you must change the way and soak a clean cloth with hydrogen peroxide. Then lay it over the yellow tint and weigh it down using something heavy. So, this is how you can use hydrogen peroxide on home flooring.

Why Does Linoleum Floor Get Yellowish?

Linoleum is a long-lasting as well as durable floor covering. It is raw material-based linseed oil. When this type of ingredient is blocked from getting daylight, it starts to oxidize, and therefore the linoleum flooring gets dark yellow or sometimes of different colors.

House floors often get yellowish because there are preservative materials that keep the backing rubber on the floor mats from making them brittle and dry. It can cause a fast chemical reaction with the vinyl flooring and make some yellow or discolored spots on the floor.

Final Verdict:

Linoleum flooring is a perfect choice as a flooring material for houses because of its durability and resistance to tearing and wearing. But to keep them in their best look and condition, there is no alternative to learning how to remove yellow stains from floors. 

When it comes to the matter of cleaning, it is pretty easy compared to the other ones. So, when you find any yellow spot on your floors, without getting desperate, look for the right solution and follow our methods to deal with it.  


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