How To Keep Dogs Off Carpet Most Effectively?

Keep Dogs Off Carpet Most Effectively

Do you often feel trouble training your old dogs to prevent them from walking on the new, soft flooring? Training or keeping the dog from ruining the new carpet is typically a challenging task for pet lovers. 

So, how to keep dogs off the carpet? Keep your carpet blocks off or put on a plastic cover over them. Make a widespread way or make a safe place to keep it away from carpets. Despite too many tricks, you can also deter your pet dog with vinegar solutions. 

Not to mention, dogs are typically very playful, so it doesn’t understand why you stop to get on it. Again, you cannot teach it new tricks. That’s why we follow our solutions to get rid of this trouble forever. 

7 Different Ways To Keep Dogs Off Carpet:

There are tons of solutions to detect your dog to get peeing over the carpets. You can easily fix this problem patiently by following some thumbs. 

Way 1- Use Vinegar Solutions:

Our first method is to use vinegar solution over the carpet. For this, follow the below process step by step:

Step 1- Things You Need:  

Every single method starts from good and ready-to-go planning, so gather those things before starting the task. 

  • Vinegar 
  • A container. 
  • Half amount of water 

Step 2- Put Some Vinegar Solution:

Your dog is not potty-trained appropriately if it does pee over the carpet continuously. In that case, you can keep it away from constantly ruining the carpet by putting some vinegar solutions over it. Take a container and pour a good amount of vinegar over it. Mix some sufficient water to thin the paste. Then put it on the carpet. Let it soak overnight. 

You can also put this vinegar solution on while your dog is already peeing over it. Vinegar has a strong smell that may create bad impacts on your dog’s nose. Your dog didn’t get into the same place for its smells. 

Step 3- Spread The Solution On New Carpet:

Whenever you’ve bought a new carpet, try to make suitable vinegar solutions. Then spread it over the carpet. By doing this, your carpet won’t get ruined or destroyed by the pet dogs. You can also choose or mark the particular areas where your dog is used to peeing on the carpet. Then pour the solutions to change its habits. 

Way 2- Re-trained/Potty Trained Your Dogs:

If your dog is constantly in a cage, it thinks that he is letting out of the cage. To avoid such problems, you need to train your puppy or adult dog again. 

To train it, you can take the dog outside with you. But when you let the dog out from the crate, you must take it directly outside. Preferably, it is better if you let the dog mix with the other domestic dogs. So it can observe the fact about how the other dog pee in the yard as well. I know some pet owners who also do pee in the park yard to train their dogs about peeing.  

Furthermore, when the dog wants to get pees, you should not forget to praise it. You should make a big deal about it. You can cheer the pet dog by claiming “excellent”, “Brilliant” etc.

Frequently, follow the same thing before giving it a regular meal. After finishing the meal, take the dog directly outside. Take your dog with the morning jog too to let it observe and understand that outside is the place where other pets are going to dump their shit.

I repeat you might bring your pet dog outside. Do not leave the place until the dog has finished doing its business.

Eventually, it will understand the inconvenience and go outside for excrement. Once that happens, you must start to let the dog come out of the crate. 

Way 3- Give The Dog Frequent Potty Breaks:

This is the one effective method by which you can keep your dog apart from the carpet. Giving your dog frequent potty training is not an easy process. First, you need to create friendly behavior with your puppy or adult dog. Then take it away to finish up its pee about every 7-8 hours. 

With hours like that, I wouldn’t recommend getting a dog except for a puppy. Besides the fact that you won’t be able to give proper potty breaks as most of us wouldn’t have a lot of time for training and exercise if not 100% dedicated. I would suggest this method for an older dog.

In general, dogs can hold their bladders for as many hours as they are getting older. For instance, a 5-month-old dog could hold his bladder for 5 hours. This is under ideal circumstances though where it doesn’t have to drink a lot of water. Furthermore, some smaller dogs and males I have found have to go out a lot more frequently than larger dogs too.

Way 4- With The Help Of Commercial Carpet Solutions:

You are not only the pet owner who faces these sorts of problems. Commercial carpet solutions are worth it to forbid your dog from constantly ruining your soft carpets. This is the best thing to solve this cumbersome issue. Commercial carpet solutions have an effective ingredient that contributes to breaking away from the norms of your dogs. 

Peat mosses are embracing business to omit them from the carpet. In that case, commercial carpet solutions will facilitate both of your work altogether. You can pave a way to clean the pet dust as well as clean it swiftly. 

Way 5- Crate Your Furry Friend While You’re Absent:

To make this more understood for you, I will give an example in your favor. Suppose you are going outside for a couple of hours. In this regard, you’re leaving your pet dog at home in the cage or particular areas. But I do suggest you create your dog. Because dogs are less likely to pee in confined or small areas. Dogs usually hate to pee at that time, as it lets them be closely associated with the smells. 

So make sure you’re not creating the pet dog at home while outing outside a couple of times. 

Way 6- Use Lemon Juice:

Like the vinegar solutions, dogs also dislike the smell of lemon juices. To change the habit of your pet dog, you can squeeze some lemon juice over the carpet. I would like to request you cut off 5 or 6 lemons at a time and rub them throughout the entire carpet. Don’t worry, lemon juice contains less acidic ingredients to ruin the fabrics of your carpet. 

Way 7- Don’t Let The Dog out of Sight:

No matter, you have a new furry addition to the family. Or, your old dog is still getting pee on the carpet. Nothing is more heinous than this. For this, make sure that you keep an eagle eye on your pet dog for the first weeks. Don’t let it do indoor urination as it creates a bad habit for your dog. 

So keep your dog under strong observation to separate it away from sights. Especially when you give a break between the potty trains.  

4 Essential Solutions To Keep Dogs From Peeing: 

Being annoyed by the continued peeing problem of your dogs. I research some effective solutions that help to keep you aside from the carpet. So here are they, 

1. Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions : 

Hydrogen peroxide is a great agent to remove any kind of odor. To make these solutions, all you need to do is, pour a little amount of hydrogen peroxide onto the carpet. Next, allow it to dry. These solutions will get rid of the foul smells. 

However, hydrogen peroxide is mainly useful for containing bleaching properties. It also fights against the discoloration of the carpet, which is amazing and noticeable. Along with this, it will also work to keep the pet animal away.  

2. Mouthwash Solutions :  

I know it’s a little creepy. But not as effective as vinegar. Also, this solution works as an alternative in case you don’t have hydrogen peroxide at hand. 

The presence of alcohol, cetylpyridinium chloride, in mouthwash detects halitosis. Those particular ingredients have very strong odor removal traits. It may not sound conventional, but this procedure is worth it. 

Alcoholic mouthwash is also a good source of anti-fungal properties. For making a distinct solution, put the water twice into a sufficient amount of mouthwash in a bottle. Attach a spray tube over the head of the bottle. Then generously spray onto the particular area. 

Next, blot the whole carpet with paper towels. Leave the solutions for a couple of hours. When it gets dry, pick a vacuum cleaner and keep it over the area gradually. 

3. Rubbing Alcohol Solutions:

Rubbing alcohol generally consists of isopropyl that is mostly used for DIY projects. You can easily find them in the nearest grocery shops or hardware stores. You can use the solutions in two distinctive ways: 

  • Just mix one part of rubbing alcohol with one specific part of water. Stir the entire solution and pour it into the spray bottle. Then spray it over the carpet. Follow this process until you’re sure enough that the entire smell is going away. 
  •  Or, you can directly pour an adequate amount of alcohol and put them into the affected area. Then simply let it dry properly. 

The bad smells of alcohol will demolish your dog to go near the carpet. But don’t forget to check the fabric of your carpet, which didn’t get ruined by this solution.

4. Baking Soda Solutions: 

This is a similar mixture that we use in small science lab experiments. Except for this, the baking soda mixture contains some crucial ingredients that may react with closed connections. 

It is the same mixture we use in our home residence to clean any wide area. Except that this mixture is not done in a closed container, making it cause an explosion. However, to make the solutions, mix two teaspoons of baking soda with two teaspoons of vinegar. 

Then fill it with water in the bottle. Instead of spraying, you can likely make a mist. And apply it around the pee spot on the carpet. 

Related Questions

How Do You Stop Dogs from Getting Onto The Carpet? 

First, walk past your small or adult dog towards the carpeted areas. Keep it on a leash next to you. Avoid letting him go into the carpet, once you pass that way. Afterward, try to cheer up or give verbal praise to your pet dog.

Next, block off the carpeted room or areas whilst your small dog is teaching or trained to stay off the carpet. Training or verbal praise will help you to keep it away from the carpet. Repeat this doing wherever you notice that your dog gets onto the carpet. 

Are There Any Alternatives To Keep Dogs Away From Carpets Except for Vinegar? 

You can make a mixture of rubbing alcohol with water in equal portions. Then pour those solutions into the spray bottle. Then spray this suspension or liquor wherever you find the smell of dog pee. 

Rubbing alcohol contains Isopropyl alcohol that has a strong ability to fight against bacteria or germs too. They also give you protection and work as a precaution. So keep it up, and apply it throughout the carpet every week or after finishing the carpet cleaning sessions. 

Can You Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Stop Dogs From Peeing? 

Apple cider vinegar will also work to prevent the bad odor of dogs’ pee. If you don’t have it available, regular vinegar at home. Then you might choose these solutions to stop your dog from peeing continuously. 

To make a solution, take half a cup of apple cider vinegar, water, and hydrogen peroxide in the ratio of (1:3:2). Then pour it into the spray bottle. Afterward, spray it all over your rugs. 

Is There A Spray To Keep Dogs Off The Carpet?

You will find huge options that are available on different websites like Amazon, Walmart that produce different sprays. Hence, if you didn’t have enough time to make any homemade remedy, go for the ready-to-spray solutions. Some of the illustrations of those sprays are Everjoice dog not spray, NaturVet off-limits, Simple solutions puppy aid, etc. 

You can also make a homemade spray including vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or any kind of citrus extract. Those elements are less effective to ruin the carpet, although more effective to keep it away. 

What Can You Put On The Carpet To Stop Dogs From Pooping?

As we mentioned before you can put many kinds of natural ingredients to stop the dogs from popping. Among them are vinegar, white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide, fruits, etc. You can put those elements in a spray bottle with a similar amount of water. Then spray it twice a day over the carpet. 

Before that make sure you’re finished potty training the dog properly. It is a bigger mistake we often make. So make it more facile and lengthy for your pet dog. 

What Smells Do Dogs Hate Most? 

Dogs usually hate the smell of citrus. They also didn’t like the smell of any yummy fruits and vegetables. Among them, oranges, grapes, and lemons are the most common. You can squeeze those fruits extract into a container and mix with normal water.

Then pour those juices over the carpet to disallow your dog from coming onto it. The fruit extract is also helpful to erase stubborn stains from the carpet. 

Final Verdict:

You should train your dog with patience and make him/her realize it’s bad to pee on the carpet. The question of how to keep dogs off the carpet may be related to what age or type of behavior you teach them. 

You should observe their behavior. Instead of being angry, try to continue forbidding the pet to sit on the carpet. Potty-trained your dog fruitfully or if the process didn’t work on. I suggest you take your pet to any vet. But as a home remedy, my recommended process won’t feed you. 

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