Libman Tornado Mop Vs Wonder Mop: Which One Is Better?

Libman Tornado Mop Vs Wonder Mop

Two things of similar product and quality make it difficult to differentiate. Sometimes it is overwhelming to decide which one is better. It is confusing when choosing between Libman tornado mop vs wonder mop. Because these two mops look almost identical. 

At different times, I have used Libman tornado mop and wonder mop. So I know which one is more convenient to use and which is more economical. A comparative analysis of Libman Tornado mop and wonder mop will clear up all your confusion.

You will get an overview of both options so that you can decide which is best for you. In case you don’t have much time, the following table will give you some good ideas about these two mops. So Keep reading this comparison article from beginning to end to make your choice.

Libman Tornado Mop Vs Wonder Mop: Winner Revealed!

In the table below, you are going to get important information about the Libman tornado mop and the Wonder Mop. The table below will help you figure out which option is best for you.

CriterionLibman Tornado MopWonder MopWinner
Convenience Of UseSimple and easy to use.There is less effort involved than with the Libman tornado mop.Wonder mop
Mop HandleThe handle is made of stainless steel with a plastic grip.Powder-coated steel with a polypropylene a molded wringer makes up the handle.Tie
Absorb CapacityThe absorption capacity of the mop is high.Its absorption capacity is less than its counterpart. Libman tornado mop.
Maintenance And CleaningDirty water is cleaned by twisting the plastic wringer.The fibers of the mop’s head twist inside this wringer to get water out.Wonder Mop
Head Fabric Microfiber fabric is rolled like a rope.Thin microfiber fabric.Libman tornado mop
DurabilityIts durability is high.It is less durable than the tornado mop.Libman tornado mop
Eco-FriendlyNone of the Libman tornado mops harm the environment.No part of Wonder mop has any adverse effects.Tie
Total WeightThe Libman tornado mop is about 2.55 pounds. The weight of the Wonder Mop is about 1.2 pounds.Libman tornado mop
PricePrices range from around $45 to $50 with 2 additional mop refills.Wonder mop’s prices range from around $40 to $45 with 3 additional mop refills.Wonder mop

11 Things to Consider When Selecting Libman Tornado Mop VS Wonder Mop 

The Libman tornado mop and Wonder mop each have some unique features. You need to know the details before choosing one of them. As a result, you can choose the right one for your mopping solution.

1. The Process Of Cleaning Dirty Water:

The Libman tornado mop is one of the best-selling mops. Its innovative wringer is one of the reasons. This wringer allows dirty water to be easily removed from the head of the Libman tornado mop. When the plastic wringer is pushed towards the bottom of the Libman tornado mop head, water comes out faster and spontaneously.

The wonder mop is used in the same way as the Libman tornado mop. The main difference I see is the process of getting the dirty water out of the mop head. It has a wringer that twists the fibers of the mop’s head inside the wringer to get water out.

2. Used material:

The outer strip of the wonder mop head is made of microfiber with premium synthetic material. Its fabric is antibacterial, which keeps the floor clean as well as sterile. The handle of both the Libman tornado mop and the Wonder mop is made of steel.

Libman tornado mop head is made of thin microfiber fabric. These fabrics are twisted like ropes. All the rolled fabric is attached to the handle together. The Libman tornado mop head is well-formed. This is a big difference from the wonder mop.

3. Maintenance And Cleaning:

After using Libman tornado mop or wonder mop, you have to clean the fibers of their heads. The cleaning process for the two is almost the same. Dip the mop head in clean water and twist the wringer to get rid of the dirty water. Doing this a few times will make the mop head clean better. You can also clean mop heads well with a washing machine.

You can use disinfectant in water to get rid of mop head fiber germs. It will not spread germs on the floor. If the mop head fiber becomes dirty or sticky, you can also wash it with detergent powder. 

4. Durability:

The durability of the Libman tornado mop depends on the frequency of use. You can use a mop head for about 5 months. It is better to change the mop head after this period. In addition, the head needs to be changed when the mop removes the fiber from the head. 

In my opinion, the durability of the wonder mop is less than the Libman tornado mop. The durability of Libman tornado mop fibers seems to be higher. You can still use the wonder mop for about 3 to 5 months.

5. Eco-Friendly:

The Libman tornado mop head is made of microfiber strips. This fiber is eco-friendly and can easily adapt to the environment. The plastic used in the ringer can be recycled. Also, the handle is made of steel, which can be recycled and reused. 

The Wonder Mop is made with head and microfiber, which is not harmful to the environment. Everything in the wonder mop can be recycled and cleaned deeply. So there is no chance to create harmful effects.

6. Overall Length:

The handle length makes a huge distinction between them. The Libman Tornado mop’s overall length is 55 “. You can use it conveniently. On the other hand, the wonder mop has an overall length of 62”. If you find it convenient to use a large handle, you can choose a wonder mop.

However, I think the handle of the Libman tornado mop is quite convenient. But if you are conscious about your backbone, you can choose a wonder mop anyway. Or, choosing Libman would be the perfect mopping companion.

7. Price Range:

The Wonder mop is affordable in terms of price. You will get 3 extra mop refills with a Wonder mop. Its price is around $ 40 to $ 45. On the other hand, you will get 2 extra mop refills with the Libman tornado mop. You can get it for around $ 45 to $ 50. Considering the benefits of 3 extra mop refills, you can buy a wonder mop.

8. Cost:

The Libman tornado mop or Wonder mop has no extra cost. Anyway, if you want to use a cleaner to clean the floor, you can. The Wonder mop needs about 4 mop heads a year. The price of each head is $6. The total cost per year will be $ 24.

As a comparison, the price of the refill head of the Libman tornado mop is $9.00 per pitch. It’s a little more durable than Wonder Mop. So, 3 heads of Libman tornado mop in one year is enough. In this case, it will cost about $28 a year.

9. Mop Head:

The head of the Libman tornado mop is more well-formed than the head of the wonder mop. The fabric of the head of the wonder mop is scattered. Contrariwise, the Libman tornado mop is attached together. 

The Wonder mop’s microfiber head can be machine washed up to 50 times. On the other hand, Libman tornado mop heads can be machine washed more often.

10. Mop Handle:

The mop handle plays a crucial role in convenient cleaning. If the grip of the handle is good, you will feel more comfortable while cleaning the floor. The Libman tornado mop handle is made of stainless steel. The handle is dia 6.6 ″. This plastic cover will give you extra grip.

The Wonder mop handles are made of stainless steel. The handle is powder-coated, which will give you an extra grip. At the bottom of the handle is a polypropylene molded wringer. The molded wringer has a deep groove that helps to get water out of the fabric easily. 

Both Wonder mop and Libman tornado mop are strong in the handle. However, there is a slight difference in the mechanism.

11. Total Weight:

If the mop weighs less, you will feel comfortable cleaning the floor. The weight of the wonder mop is about 1.2 pounds, which is very lightweight. Consequently, you will need to apply more pressure while cleaning the floor. You can easily use Wonder Mop if there is less dirt on the floor. This allows the floor to be cleaned very quickly.

On the contrary, the Libman tornado mop weighs about 2.55 pounds. This allows the floor to be well cleaned. You don’t have to apply extra pressure when cleaning the floor because of the weight of the Libman tornado mop. In this case, Libman’s tornado mop is ahead of the wonder mop.

A Quick Conception To Choose Between Libman Mop VS Tornado Mop:

Although these two types of mop are almost identical, there are some differences between them. You can think of the following to choose the best between the Libman mop and the Tornado mop. 

Whether Microfiber Head:

No matter which mop you select, make sure the mop head’s fiber is microfiber. In this case, the heads of both the Libman tornado mop and the Wonder mop are made of microfiber. However, the microfiber head of the Libman tornado mop seems to be more efficient. 

Water Absorption Capacity:

Also, the microfiber of the Libman tornado mop is extremely absorbent, making it perfect for quickly soaking up spills. It can also absorb water seven times its weight. If there is less dirt on your floor and you want to clean it quickly, choose Wonder Mop. 

Comfortable or not:

Whether the mop will be comfortable to use depends largely on the mop handle. Strain and back pain can occur if you are not comfortable using the mop. The handle’s maximum height is usually between 56 and 61 inches. If you need a big handle, you can use a Wonder mop. 

Consider the weight of both the microfiber mop and whether it is comfortable for you or not. The Wonder mop weighs less than the Tornado mop and is more comfortable. 

Related Questions About Libman Tornado Mop And Wonder Mop:

Which Is The Best Option To Choose Between Tornado And Wonder Mop?

When cleaning with a Libman tornado mop, you can do it without any extra pressure with your hands. The big reason is its weight. The Libman tornado mop weighs more than the Wonder mop. A Libman tornado mop is good for cleaning the floor properly. No need to rub on dirt. 

The Wonder mop is light in weight and requires more rubbing on the floor. The handle of the Libman tornado mop has a plastic grip. This allows you to hold the mop handle comfortably. The powder-coated grip of the Wonder mop handle is lost after a while.

In Which Cases Is The Libman Tornado Mop Or Wonder Mop  Not Suitable?

The Libman tornado mop and wonder mop are less suitable for concrete floors. Using them on concrete floors destroys the microfiber. These mops are not suitable for cleaning hard dirt on the floor. You can remove solid dirt with a knife or any tool.

The Libman tornado mop or wonder mop is also not suitable for cleaning steep walls. The Libman Tornado and wonder mop can’t reach under the low-hanging obstacles. Also, with the Libman tornado mop and Wonder mop, you can’t clean any furniture. 

The Libman tornado mop and wonder mop require water to use. So, if you need a quick dry floor, it is better not to use these mops.

What Is The Long-Lasting Option Between Tornado And Wonder Mop?

How long a mop lasts depends on the head of the mop. The lifespan of an entire mop depends on what material is used for its head, as well as its durability. Considering everything, the Libman tornado mop seems to be the long-lasting option among these two mops. 

The main reason is the microfiber fabric of Libman tornado mop heads. This microfiber fabric is rolled like a rope. That’s why Libman tornado mop heads are long-lasting. The mop heads’ fabrics are not well-formed, so they do not last long.

Tornado Or Wonder Mop Which Gives You A Faster Mopping And Why? 

You can clean the floor quickly using a wonder mop. Because the Wonder mop is lightweight, it can clean the floor quickly. The Wonder mop fabric travels across the floor effortlessly. That’s why the Wonder mop can clean the floor in a short amount of time.

Also, dirty water can be quickly removed from the mop head. This saves time while cleaning the floor.

Is There An Issue With Libman Tornado Mop And Wonder Mop?

Do not store Libman tornado mop or wonder mop in wet conditions. This destroys the head fibers. The fibers become infected with bacteria and become useless. When mopping with this type of head, the loose part of the fiber is spread on the floor. This will make your floor look dirtier than before. 

To solve this issue, you must clean and dry your mop head thoroughly after using it. It is better to use disinfectant while cleaning the mop head. Also, the wringer may loosen after a long time of use.

Which Is Better For Cleaning A Dirtier Floor: Libman Tornado Or Wonder Mop?

The fibers of the Libman tornado mop are quite strong and well-formed. Also, the Libman tornado mop weighs more than the Wonder mop. so it can apply more friction force to the floor. As a result, the Libman tornado mop is better for cleaning floors than the Wonder mop. 

The fibers of a wonder mop are not as well-formed as those of a tornado mop. The Wonder mop is light in weight, so there is not much pressure on the floor. However, a wonder mop can quickly clean the floor.

Is there any Difference Between Change Libman And Wonder Mop Head?

Straighten the fibers of the Libman mop head and use both hands to spread the fiber across the top. You will see a white connecting piece. Remove it and take out the white wringer. Follow the same procedure in reverse to install new refills. Insert the white wringer into the head of the handle.

Set the refill mop head in place and attach the connector piece. Now it is time to use your Libman tornado mop. The Wonder mop heads are easy to replace. The fibers of the Wonder mop head are attached to the handle with a plastic collar. Push down the plastic collar. Then replace the new head.

Final Verdict:

By now, you’ve got a crystal clear concept about Libman tornado mop vs wonder mop. So that you are not left in any doubt, I have clarified everything in detail. Before purchasing any mop, consider the materials it is constructed of. 

The Tornado mop and the Wonder mop both offer almost the same benefits. However, considering everything, the Libman tornado mop seems perfect to me.

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