15 Best Marble Flooring Bathroom: All You Need To Know

marble flooring bathroom

Let me admit first that there is nothing more trendy and elegant than marble flooring. Be it a classic home decor or a contemporary one, marble flooring smoothly blends with all types of interiors leaving people in awe. As marble is a natural stone, its spark and beauty never fade away. 

Not only can you use marble flooring in the living room and outdoor, but it can adorn your bathroom too. Now, when you have a stunning house but the bathroom has no spark, it looks odd. The interior gets completed only when you decorate the bathroom too. And what can be better than marble to do this job? 

To help you get a stunning marble flooring bathroom, I am here to present some exclusive designs and styles that you can install in your bathrooms. The ideas are unique and you can pick one that suits your interior. 

Are you excited? Let’s get started!

15 Best Marble Flooring Bathroom Ideas: 

To decorate the bathroom, you need to have design and style ideas. Having knowledge about marble flooring designs for bathrooms gives you an insight so that you can choose the right one. It helps you know the exclusive ways of decorating the bathroom with marble flooring. Also, you can understand which style will blend with your home interior. 

So here are some options that you can choose from to decorate the bathroom with marble flooring: 

1. Overall Marble Surfaces on Bathroom: 

If you are crazy about the look and texture of marble and want it everywhere in the bathroom, this is for you. Large slabs of dazzling white marble on the floor, wall, tub, countertop, and sink area would give a heavenly touch to your bathroom. 

The whole bathroom would be adorned with pure white marble with minimal veins to give a divine look. The only colored parts would be the metallic fixtures. But the rest would be glossy white. This is the perfect choice who wants a sleek, neat, and modern look that gives a calming vibe in the bathroom. It is just what you need to soothe your eyes!

2. Primary Marble Tile With Concrete Walls:

If you want the look to be simple and minimal, install pure white marble flooring with little veins. No need to install marble on the walls or tubs. You can use marble to decorate the countertop. Keep the walls simple by painting the concrete white or light grey. Use grey or off-white for the tub, sink, and cabinets to give a minimal look. 

If you want just a touch of marble and keep the rest of it plain and lucid, this is the best option for you. This is the best for renovation purposes too. Paint the walls white and restore white marble on the floor to give a new look. People loving minimal and classic style would absolutely appreciate this model. 

3. Make A Marble Contrast to Make the Bathroom Look Spacious:

Is your bathroom small? No need to worry. You can still use marble to adorn your bathroom interior. In fact, the right marble usage can make a small bathroom look larger and spacious. Let me tell you how. 

Install square white marble tiles on the walls and contrast them with square black marble tiles on the floor. The contrast creates a stunning style that eliminates the monotony in the small space and makes it look spacious. It creates an illusion making it look gorgeous and vibrant. 

4. Highlight the Shower With Marble:

Just want to decorate a little portion of the bathroom with marble? Then highlight the shower corner with marble. It is a beautiful contemporary style intended to give a simple yet eye-catchy look. 

Install white ceramic or porcelain tile on the rest of the bathroom floor, and use dazzling white or dashing black marble floor and walls to accentuate the corner shower. Use hexagonal or subway marble tile on the walls to make it more stunning and catchy. This draws attention towards the shower corner and enhances the beauty of the bathroom. 

5. Marble Floor with Thick And Arranged Grey Veins:

If you want the marble flooring in the bathroom to draw attention, choose marble slabs with thick and organized grey veins. Organized veins can be thick but angled stripes on a white marble slab after a certain gap. This creates a pattern on the floor that creates a style statement. 

Use subway tiles or white paint on the walls to keep the look subtle and neat. The grey being would accentuate the floor creating a flow and pattern. You can create a contrast of black or grey cabinets, tub, and countertop to brighten the style even more. This is a perfect minimalistic design for modern houses. 

6. Checkered Marble Floor To Restore the Retro Vibe: 

You may wonder how you can install a checkered marble floor in the bathroom. Let me tell you why this is a unique idea. Checkered marble floor is actually a combination of black and white marble that creates a pattern of a chessboard. Now imagine a floor looking like a chessboard! Looks exceptional, right? 

This is a retro style that is usually used in large spacious bathrooms. Old houses with luxurious fittings and furniture usually used to have checkered marble floors not only in the rooms but also in the bathrooms. It gives an elegant and retro vibe to your bathroom. This means the checkered marble floor would look outstanding with a classic and ‘90’s style home decor. Small bathrooms can be adorned with checkered marble flooring too. 

7. Black Borders on the Marble Flooring: 

This is a very unusual design for bathroom flooring and is generally used in large hall rooms and living rooms. But if you have a medium to large bathroom, this design can add perks to the bathroom interior. 

Install white marble on the floor and use a black or beige border across the periphery of the floor. This creates a stylish look highlighting the marble floor even more. It builds an illusion and makes the bathroom marble floor more accentuated and arranged. The border makes the floor look more patterned and beautiful. 

8. Use Grey and Black Marble Floor:

What about a dashing black or grey floor instead of a white marble floor? White marble floor is a common and classic style. But stunning black marble slabs with thin white veins on the bathroom floor would look gorgeous and intense. This is an exceptional design for modern houses. 

If you don’t want an intense black marble floor, you can go for a grey marble floor. A light grey hue mixed with a white tone creates a simple and eye-soothing effect. Grey is a cool color giving a subtle yet impressive look. Try not to make a contrast and install black or grey marble all over the bathroom surfaces. This would make the entire bathroom attractive. 

9. Blend Wood With White Marble: 

You can create a warm as well as a cool effect by blending wooden cabinets and shelves with white marble floors and walls. Install white marble flooring and walls on the entire bathroom. Try installing large slabs to make it look more concrete and solid. 

But what would create a unique style in it? To create a stylish look, contrast with wooden shelves and cabinets. The warm color of wood gives a mind-blowing look while the marble gives a cool effect. This combination of warm and cool colors crafts a phenomenal look. 

10. Subway Marble Tile Floor: 

Now forget about installing large white marble slabs on the floor and walls. Create a sleek and patterned design with subway marble tile. Subway tiles are rectangular but not wide. Thin subways tiles all over the floor and walls create a flow and pattern on the floor and walls. 

The slabs with natural marble with beige or grey hues make it look elegant and sophisticated. Under the light, these tiles shine brighter and reflect more. Consider having candles or ceiling lights in the bathroom to accentuate the subway marble tiles more. This would give a royal and posh look to your bathroom. 

11. Hexagonal Marble Tiles: 

Shapes create a modern and contemporary effect in the bathroom. Just like the previous option used subway tiles, you can use hex marble tiles that are more posh and elegant. 

Hex marble tiles with grey tones look exceptionally attractive on the bathroom floor and walls. The pattern gives a vibrant and funky effect boosting the vibe of the bathroom. It is an exceptional design and has a very stylish look to offer. Nothing is more unique and new than hex marble tiles. However, don’t install hex marble tiles on countertops. They are best for flooring and walls. 

12. Marble with Chrome Fixtures: 

Creating a combination and contrast is always necessary when it comes to decorating the bathroom. If you contrast chrome fixtures with grey-white marble, it would look mesmerizing. The reflection of chrome fixtures on the marble floor would increase the shine of the marble and the combination gives a royal touch to your bathroom. 

Your bathroom becomes way too shiny and glossy with the marble and chrome combination. It creates quite a dramatic look! So, it is the best for a modern house setup. 

13. Mix Different Marble Colors:

If you want something bright and funky, mix different marble tile colors. Use maroon marble to decorate the tub area. Give black marble border across the periphery of the floor. And keep the rest of the floor white. Don’t make it too clumsy. Just create contrast and plan how you can combine colors. 

Mixing different tones and hues of marble gives a phenomenal and vibrant look. For people who admire flooring that is colorful, bright, and mood-boosting, this is the best option. Get the spark of all marble tones in your bathroom with this style. 

14. Marble Floor With Alcove: 

An alcove at the center of a white marble floor makes it attractive as your eyes would automatically go towards it. Use mosaic beads to create a niche in the middle of the marble floor. This would make the marble look sharp and more polished. This reflects a refined design and style. 

Marble floor with alcove is a very new concept intended to accentuate a marble floor even more. It highlights the center and enhances the beauty and style of the marble floor. 

15. Royal Marble Design For A Glamorous Look:

Want dazzling and royal bathroom decor? Then install marbles that look like carpets having colorful and delicate patterns and designs. Install a designed and golden-colored patterned round marble slab at the center of the bathroom. Use golden lines at the grout lining. And emphasize the combination of golden and white to decorate the bathroom. 

The designs and color combination give a glamorous, gorgeous, and royal look to the bathroom. This goes perfectly with a luxurious and hi-fi house interior. 

Pros and Cons of Using Marble Flooring Bathroom:

Using marble on bathroom flooring has both pros and cons. While marble flooring gives an outstanding look to the bathroom, there are some drawbacks too that you must consider before installing marble flooring in the bathroom. 

Here are the pros of using marble flooring bathroom:

  • Marble never goes out of style and can be blended with all types of interior. 
  • Marble flooring in the bathroom gives an outstanding and gorgeous look. 
  • Marble flooring is durable as it is natural and has excellent impact resistance. 

Here are the cons of using marble flooring bathroom: 

  • Marble is porous. Thus after using the bathroom, you should dry it well. Otherwise, it will crack and show discoloration. 
  • Marble flooring gets stained and scratched easily. Thus you need to be careful while dealing with it. 
  • Marbles are slippery when wet. 
  • Marble flooring bathrooms are difficult to maintain. 

Therefore, if you use a marble flooring bathroom, be cautious and concentrate on maintaining the condition. Otherwise, the shine will fade away. 

Which Marble Is Good For Marble Flooring Bathrooms? 

There are different types of marbles available and they are used for different purposes. The most commonly used marble for bathroom flooring is white marble. White marble is completely natural which makes it sturdy. As it forms under pressure and heat in the core of the earth, it is extremely durable. 

As it is a natural stone, the veins and patterns are natural too. Nothing is added to white marble and installed as it is. This gives a natural and stunning look to the bathroom. The naturally white marble itself looks luxurious and elegant. 

If I talk about quality, I would recommend going for Makrana white marble. Makrana marble is dazzling white, durable, and long-lasting. In fact, the shine of Makrana marble increases with time. So, you can use it for years easily and see the same shine and polish as it was on the first day of installation. 

You can also choose colored marbles for decorative values, but when it comes to durability and style, there is nothing that can beat Makrana white marble. 

Is Marble Flooring Bathroom Outdated? 

Marble flooring has existed on Earth since the times of kings and emperors. This is why many people tag marble flooring as outdated and old-fashioned. However, this is a misconception.

Marble flooring is as stunning and pure as nature. The natural hues and veins on dazzling white marble can blend smoothly with any type of interior. Be it a ‘90’s style house or a modern house, marble flooring can be installed in any type of interior. 

It is to be mentioned that royal families mostly used marble for bathroom flooring. The mesmerizing effect of marble has been realized since then. Till today, the shine and spark of marble are the same as it is a natural stone. In fact, new designs, colors, and patterns of marble flooring are evolving. This is making marble even more suitable for modern interiors. 

Therefore, no matter if you choose pure white marble or designed ones, marble flooring can never go out of trend. It blends with all interiors and hence, marble bathroom flooring is never outdated. 

Is Marble Flooring Bathroom Better Than Porcelain Tiles? 

There are pros and cons of both marble and porcelain tiles. But if you want to talk about appearance, marble is undoubtedly the best choice. Porcelain tiles can never give the shine and elegance like marble tiles. 

In terms of look and style, porcelain is very general and common. While marble is a popularly used option too, it has diverse designs and colors. Besides, the natural hues and the gloss of marble flooring are incomparable. Porcelain tile can never show the spark and shine of marble times. 

If I talk about durability, marble tiles are more durable than porcelain. Though marble is porous and needs to be maintained, porcelain tiles are easy to maintain. But also, it can crack or break easily. 

Marble tiles are easy to install but porcelain tiles require more time to be installed. 

From all aspects, it is evident that a marble flooring bathroom is better than porcelain tiles except for the fact that marble flooring requires strict maintenance while porcelain tiles are easy to maintain. 


You have now a bunch of marble flooring bathroom ideas. Also, I have provided information on which marble is good and the pros and cons of marble flooring. 

Now that you have complete knowledge of marble flooring bathrooms, which design or style are you picking up? 

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