Boat Floor Repair Cost: Facts & Figures You Need To Know

Boat Floor Repair Cost

It is a bitter fact that boats and other marine vessels are highly susceptible to damage. The primary reasons behind this are the nature of their functions and the atmospheric factors they are exposed to. Different parts of the boat have different magnitudes of propensity to damage, and the boat flooring is amongst the highly vulnerable ones.  

The majority, if not all, of the boat owners, need to have their boat floors repaired or replaced at one point or another. And the expense of repairing the boat floor undoubtedly becomes one of the key prospects to consider and compare.  

Therefore, it’s quintessential to acquire the necessary cost-related information to better prepare yourself for dealing with this almost inevitable repair or replacement. 

Look no further because this article is going to provide you with a top-notch analysis in terms of the repairment-cost of your boat flooring. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

6 Factors Determining The Cost Of Floor Repair Or Replacement: 

The first step towards determining the potential cost of repairing or replacing your boat floor is sorting out some core factors exclusively specific to your boat. There’s no generalized shortcut to randomly assume how much money you’ll need to spend for repairing a boat flooring.

If you want to repair your boat floor, you should plan better accordingly. So, let’s look at the factors that play a role in determining this cost: 

1. The Type Of Your Boat: 

The type of boat you have plays a role in determining what kind of flooring replacement/repair you’re going to need, therefore, the cost of it. There are plenty of different boat types that one can have, such as Bowrider, Fishing boats, Deck boats, Dinghy, Catamaran, Cuddy Cabins boat, etc. In addition, different coring materials of boats, for example – wooden, metallic, fiberglass etc. will have different attributes to the cost factor. All these different types may require distinct specifications regarding floor repair/replacement. 

You need to look for the most suitable and affordable floor-repair option specific to the type of your boat. Only then you’ll get a substantial idea regarding such expenses. This is because the methods and grades of materials for repairing vary from one boat type to another. These factors lead to a variation in the cost as well.          

2. The Type Of Base/Structural Floor Of The Boat: 

Another factor to be considered is the type of material used in the actual flooring of the boat. It is the structural floor or base floor upon which you put a surface flooring. You may require repairing the surface flooring only, or both surface and base floors. That depends on where in the boat the rot, wear, tear, mold, and other damages are present. 

In the case of repairing only the surface, you may decide either to stay with the same material you previously used for the surface flooring, or you can opt to go for another new material. If needed to go for a new product, check the compatibility of it with your base flooring material, and its affordability. 

If you require to repair or replace the base flooring, the expenses are likely to increase a lot because the base materials generally have higher prices as compared to the surface materials. 

3. The Type Of Surface Flooring You Want: 

One of the most crucial factors that play a role in determining the ultimate cost of floor repair or replacement is the type of material you want for the flooring. There are cheaper options as well as more expensive ones. In addition to that, the repair or installation cost of one particular type of product may differ from another. 

4. Cost Of The Secondary Materials And Skilled Personnel For Installation: 

There are different kinds of secondary materials required for installation, such as finishing materials like resin, fiberglass, paint, etc., fastening materials like bolts and screws, adhesives, and so on. 

The type and grade of these secondary materials you choose will also determine the final cost of the task. Plus, getting boat floor repairing experts or workers from a service provider company will make a difference in the ultimate cost compared to doing it yourself. Additionally, removing the older surface might cost a little extra. All these points add up to the accumulated expense you have to bear for repairing your boat floor.    

5. The Nature, Severity, And Total Area Of The Particular Floor Damage: 

Along with other factors, it comes down to the magnitude of damage to the boat flooring you need to repair. For smaller areas and less severe damages, the cost would be comparatively low and vice versa. What kind of damage your boat floor has experienced has also a role in determining the accumulated cost of repairing. Whether you require a floor replacement or only minor repairing will do, are also relevant factors in this case.   

6. Additional Testing Expenses (May Or May Not Require): 

There’s a possibility that a strength or pressure test of various primary and secondary materials may require to be conducted to test their compatibility with your boat. It will bring up some additional costs in the scenario. Even though you may not always require this, you should still be well-prepared for it considering the possibility. 

Boat Floor Repair Or Replacement Cost For Different Types Boat: 

In plain sight, the cost of repairing a boat floor ranges from $5 to $50,000. Like I said earlier – it depends on quite a few crucial factors. Moreover, the cost has to do with the particular approach you choose to go with. Generally, getting a boat floor repaired by a professional shop costs higher than doing it yourself. 

In the case of such hired-out projects, the accumulated cost is generally 50% for the products and miscellaneous tools to be used and the other 50% for the labor/expertise fee of the skilled personnel. Check some of the price quotes of various professional repair shops and the prices of the raw materials independently. And you’ll realize that fixing a particular boat floor at a professional shop can have a multitude of cost ranges. 

There are professional repair shops that offer various boat floor repair packages. You can look for some affordable and cost-effective price quotes for various companies and compare amongst them to figure out which one best suits your budget. However, if you want to do the repair task all by yourself, the cost is supposed to be way much lesser than a hired-out work.

Also, remember that if the condition is way too bad, you might need to repair/replace the support structure/base flooring (generally, types of wood and metals) as well. Then the cost will go up by a significant margin in either way.  

However, let me make some generic assumptions on how much a boat floor repair/replacement can cost. Here are a few cost assessments for different kinds of materials and boat types: 

1. Marine Plywood Boat Floor Repair Cost: 

If you want to repair/replace the boat flooring with marine-grade plywood, there are a few product gradings that you can choose from. The cost will ultimately depend on the quality, size, thickness, and volume of marine plywood you are going to need for the repair/replacement. 

These are subject to a few factors, such as the purpose of your boat, the size and traffic propensity of the floor, etc. One more important factor regarding the cost is the type of wood/timber these plywood sheets are made from. Expensive woods mean higher expenses and vice versa. 

The type of technology used to make one particular type of plywood also has a role in setting the price. In addition to that, these sheets come in both finished and unfinished categories. If you opt for the finished product, there will be some additional costs for the finishing work purposes, such as cutting, varnishing, painting, etc done by the seller. 

Let’s take a look at the general market price range of some popular marine-grade plywood options: 

  • Fir AB Marine-Grade Plywood:

The price ranges of Marine-Grade For AB Plywood sheets depending on grading, preparation, and specification are shown in the following table: 

ThicknessSheet Size (ft.)PlyPrice Range (Per Piece)
1/4″4X83$79- $100
  • Marine-Grade Meranti Plywood: 

The usual pricings of Meranti Marine Plywood are given below: 

Thickness (mm.)Sheet Size (ft.)Product GradePrice (Per Sheet)
64X8BS 1088$58
94X8BS 1088$79
124X8BS 1088$115
184X8BS 1088$210
  • Okoume Marine Plywood: 

The general market prices of marine-grade Okoume plywood sheets are shown in the following table: 

Thickness (mm.)Sheet Size (ft.)Product GradePrice (Per Sheet)
34X8BS 1088$59
44X8BS 1088$69
64X8BS 1088$89
94X8BS 1088$105
124X8BS 1088$145
184X8BS 1088$200

2. Marine-Grade Engineered OSB Boards: 

Estimated prices of Marine OSB boards are as follow: 

Thickness (Inches)Width (Inches)Length (inches)StylePrice (Per Board)
19/3248Tongue And Groove$75
23/3248Tongue And Groove$88

3. Fiberglass Boat Floor Repair: 

The cost of repair by a professional shop generally lies between $70 and $110 per hour for a fiberglass boat floor. This is a general range, but the actual cost depends on the severity of damage and the price ranges of the materials you’d choose to use. Fixing a couple of tiny holes or cracks may cost between $70 to $400 (the prices of products + the number of hours the professionals might need to work). On the other hand, repairing the entire fiberglass boat flooring can go well above thousands of dollars. 

If you want to do the fixing task by yourself, you need to have all the essential materials and tools in hand to complete the project. The possible required materials include powdered fiberglass filler, woven fiberglass fabric or cloth, epoxy/polyester resin/Gelcoat, resin reducer, wax, buffer substances, etc.

The prices of all these materials and tools will vary based on their qualities, grades, and brands. You may not need everything altogether, but these are the usual range of products required for this kind of repair. 

A generic minor DIY fixing will cost you from $50 to $70. The volume of materials you’ll get for this money will suffice to repair quite a few small holes/cracks. 

For replacing a boat floor with fiberglass material, the cost would be pretty different. Such replacements generally cost between $3,500 and $40,000, depending on the grades of materials, the size of your boat, and the involvement of professionals. 

4. Marine-Grade Plastic Board: 

The general price ranges of marine plastic boards are demonstrated in the table below:

Board TypeThickness (Inches)Width (Inches)Length (Inches)Price (Per Sheet)
King Starboard0.251296$90-$97
King Starboard0.3751296$130-$137
Makrolon VR Sheet0.0452110$120-$126
PVC Expanded Sheet0.1184848$160-$165
PVC Expanded Sheet0.2364848$110-$115

5. Boat Carpet:

Cost estimation for boat floor carpeting is given below:

Carpet TypeThicknessWidth (ft.)Price (Per Foot)
Standard Cut Pile Marine16 Oz.6$7-$7.7
Delux Cut Pile Marine20 Oz.6$9-$10
MariDeck Vinyl Marine34 Mil. 6$14.50-$15
MariDeck Ultra FB Woven Marine Vinyl80 Mil.8.5$39-$40

6. Required Secondary Costs Of Boat Floor Repair/Replacement:

In addition to the core/primary materials, there are a few quintessential secondary materials and miscellaneous expenses that are associated with the ultimate cost of a boat floor repair/replacement. 

Let’s take a look at such expenses in detail: 

  • Polyester Resin:

The price of typical marine-grade polyester resin falls between $45 and $55 based on the category and quality grade of the core material and hardener used in a particular product. In addition to that, the product brands play a role in setting the selling price. 

  • Gelcoat: 

1 gallon of White Gelcoat product with wax will cost about $90. In cases of Special Clear Gelcoat, the price ranges from $105 to $110. 

  • Epoxy Resin:

1 gallon of marine-grade epoxy would cost between $70 to $80. Epoxy with hardener and UV coating will cost higher – between $100 and $115 per gallon. 

  • Resin Reducer:

Reducer/thinner for Gelcoat typically costs between $37 and $45 per gallon. On the other hand, Epoxy reducers would cost about $85 to $110 per gallon. 

  • Fiberglass Filler Powder: 

Various brands of fiberglass fillers consisting of a mixing ratio by volume (two components combined) of 100:2-3 would cost between $14-$18 per 332-gram container. As for the 743-gram container, the price lies between $25-$30. 

  • Preparation Cost:

For finished goods, there will be an additional cost. After you place your order for materials, the vendor will cut it according to your desired size, add varnish or paint, etc. For these purposes, an additional cost between $2 and $40 is a general estimation. 

FAQs Related To Boat Floor Repair Cost:

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Boat Floor Redone?

In general, it would cost between $1,000 and $10,000 to redo the entire flooring of a boat with a length between 18 to 25 feet. It is an estimation for an ideal scenario. How much you’ll ultimately need to spend depends on the type of your boat, the materials and method you want to use, and whether or not you need some extra repairs beneath the surface. 

There are professional repair shops that usually offer complete boat floor redo packages for various kinds of boats. You can look for some of their affordable and cost-effective price quotes and compare between companies to figure out which one best suits your budget. The cost of such a redo has a lot to do with the kind of materials you want to use. Cheaper materials will contribute to a comparatively lower total cost and vice versa. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Hole In A Fiberglass Boat? 

If you want to fix some of the tiny holes and minor cracks on the floor by using a single layer of 6 ounces fiberglass cloth (width – 50”), the cost of this particular material would be $25 to $30. Additionally, you’ll need finishers such as epoxy or polyester resin with a hardener which will be around $39 for that particular amount of work. So, a minor fixing will cost you from $50 to $70.

But if you want to apply a specialized method, the cost will differ. For example –

You may want to apply lighter fiberglass cloths in multiple layers for more reinforcement. In this case, you can apply two different layers of a 6-ounce and a 4-ounce fabric each.

This layering will provide you with the same strength as a 10-ounce fiberglass cloth. And of course, the purchasing expenses will differ from a single layer fixing. On top of that, the kind of resin you’ll choose will also determine the cost. 

How Much Does It Cost To Re-carpet A Boat?

The cost of re-carpeting depends on a few things such as the size of your boat, the volume of materials you’ll need, the type and grade of material you’ll choose, etc. On average, redoing the carpet of your boat floor would cost between $1,000 and $3,000. The materials generally cost up to $500 but there are other expenses included in the accumulated cost of such refinishing. These additional expenses include removing the old surface of the floor, costs of secondary materials such as adhesives, etc. 

If you want to do the re-carpeting by yourself, it’ll be 35-40% cost-effective for you as compared to getting the job done by a professional shop. In cases of such DIYs, it’d cost from $300-$1,800. As for professional shop projects, the cost can go up to $3,000 or more.  

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Fiberglass Boat Floor Redone?

Redoing a fiberglass boat floor generally costs between $2,500 and $10,000. The exact cost depends on the grade/quality and quantity of materials you are going to need, and whether or not you’ll get the job done by a professional shop. Remember that the fiberglass flooring redo can cost more than $10,000, even $40,000 in various cases.

For example – if you need to change your base flooring or if there are way too severe damages on your flooring, the cost can go up. But the range of expenses that I’ve mentioned is applicable for an ideal scenario. 

Also, if you do the work all by yourself, it’d cost you less than that of a hired-out project. In this case, the fee of the experts will be saved. Then again, if the condition is too critical and the work is too complicated, it’s wiser to seek professional help.  

Bottom Line:

Boat floor repair costs may seem like an enigma to you. But with an optimum, and systematic research and data collecting procedure, you won’t face much trouble in estimating a final cost for the kind of repair you need.

Hopefully, this article will help you get an idea about the prices and other expenditures that might come into the picture if you’re about to repair/replace your boat flooring in the nearer or farther future.

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