Office Cleaning Services: Who Is The Best Provider?

Office Cleaning Services

A clean workspace is needed to have a sound and suitable working environment. However, when cleanliness is the priority, your office needs a thorough and intensive cleaning besides regular cleaning. But this may not be adequately done by the office cleaners. You would require a professional office cleaning service for that. 

Professional office maintenance services are quite reliable. But many are skeptical about which company to hire. Some are confused about the efficiency of the service. When such questions arise, it is better to know about the service well before deciding. 

On that note, I would recommend some office cleaning companies and discuss more. Stay with me, clarify your doubts, and make an informed decision. 

5 Top Companies That Offer The Best Office Cleaning Services: 

There are a few experience and reliable commercial space cleaning services in the market. I have researched them to pick the 5 top companies offering office cleaning facilities. If you are indecisive, make sure to check out these companies once. 

1. Handy

Very affordable and professional, Handy has all the skilled experts. They are all certified and experienced in office washing. On booking an appointment, the cleaners would visit and thoroughly wash the office on booking an appointment. You can book at any time and schedule and reschedule as per your convenience. 

The care by Handy cleaners is intensive. Each one of them would work to make the office tiptop. Their cleaning service is open 24/7. Note that they use the right tools and cleaners to do the job right. Here is a list of services they offer:

  • House cleaning service;
  • Office cleaning service;
  • Deep cleaning service;
  • Sanitize the office bathrooms and sinks
  • Deep clean the desktop, keyboard, laptop, and electronic appliances
  • Kitchen Cleaning service;
  • Bathroom cleaning service;
  • Washing the floor, wall, doors, and windows
  • Ensuring toiletry supplies and preparing restrooms

2. Stratus

If you are looking for intensive office cleaning and disinfecting, this is the right company for you. Stratus has skilled and experienced employees who would clean both the interior and the exterior of the office. Literally, each corner and space of the entity would be clean and neat with this service.

Operating since 2006, Stratus ensures cleaning with safe and latest cleaning agents and tools. They offer thorough cleaning and disinfecting services for organizations. The packages are affordable, and the service is impressive. The office cleaning services checklist of the company is:

  • Clean and sanitize the entire toilet and restroom
  • Wash the outdoor, including parking, patio, etc
  • A thorough wash of the reception and waiting room
  • Clean and rearrange the kitchen 
  • Cleanse working space, desk, appliances
  • Empty trash bins
  • Organize cabinets and desks.

3. Enviro Master

Enviro Master believes in deep-cleaning your office. Staring from scrubbing the grout lines to drain cleaning, Enviro Master would do it all for your workspace. The employees ensure that you have a completely safe, fresh, and clean office. As the employees are trained, customer satisfaction is a must. 

The company offers flexible scheduling so that you can book at any time. They ensure you get the office cleanliness you want. Besides, they use the best cleaning products, ensuring safety and top-notch result. Their services include:

  • Drain cleaning and treatment
  • Floor and grout cleaning
  • Spraying disinfectant that stays
  • Paper management and recycling 
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the office compound.

4. Mastery Cleaning

Having 7 years of expertise, Mastery Cleaning’s commercial space cleaning service ensures client satisfaction. The skilled cleaners use certified cleaning solutions and are very precise about their tasks. Starting from wiping the windows to brightening the floors, they do it all with care. 

They offer flexible booking and payment options. They would work as per your demands. I mean their activities can be customized. Don’t worry about the service quality, as Mastery Cleaning is trusted by many. Look at the services: 

  • Cleaning the office floor, doors, and windows
  • Washing the bathroom
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen
  • Organizing and cleaning desks
  • Cleaning appliances.

5. Exquisite Janitorial

This company offers discounts for new clients, which is quite tempting. Talking about their service, they provide a 360-degree office maintenance service. The employees work with professionalism. They take care of particular problems and handle them excellently. 

If you want a sparkling office that impresses all, you can contact this office cleaning facility provider. They are reliable, cheap, and easily accessible. Have a look at the services:

  • Cleaning and organizing desks
  • Cleaning and rinsing the floors/ carpets and walls
  • Wiping the doors and windows
  • Sanitizing the space
  • Cleaning the toilets and kitchens (appliances too).

5 Benefits Of Taking Office Cleaning Services: Reasons To Choose It

Do you know the perks of hiring a professional office cleaner? If not, you must acknowledge the benefits because that would help you decide whether the service is helpful for you or not. 

Have An Impressive Office

Is it lacking the spark in the office? This is maybe due to the spots on the floor, stains on the desk, or patches on the window. When the space is noticeably dirty, regular cleaning doesn’t suffice. It requires thorough scrubbing and rinsing to shine the office compound. This is why a professional service is needed. 

When the office space is tiptop and clean, it naturally impresses the clients, guests, and new workers. A neat and clean office also denotes a formal workspace. Thus to make the office impressive enough, you should rely on experts.

Maintain Hygiene

When various people meet in space, the hygiene of the space is compromised. This is why sanitizing and disinfecting the space is very important. However, regular cleaning won’t suffice. It is mandatory to sanitize the office with the right tools and cleansers. 

Expert cleaners would sanitize the space and take care of hygiene measures. They would spray long-lasting disinfectants, refill handwashes, fill tissue boxes, and remove the trash. They know how exactly to take all hygiene measures for your office. 

Save Time

You won’t like to think of cleaning the office instead of planning your next meeting, right? It will be a complete waste of time if you need to worry or take care of cleaning the office. This is why hiring a professional is the best way out. Just make a call, and they willd do it all for you.

You won’t even need to worry about whether it is done. As the experts are responsible and reliable, they would ensure that the office is fully cleaned and disinfected. So no more time waste and no more worry. Focus on your business and let the cleaners handle office hygiene. 

Healthy Workspace

Having a healthy working space is necessary. Not only for the safety of all but also to maximize efficiency. Employees feel motivated and active when the office looks good, stays organized, and smells nice. Studies mention that a clean workspace increases the concentration and productivity of the employees. 

Though it initially seems irrelevant, the workspace truly affects productivity. So to keep everyone active and efficient, having a healthy workspace is needed. And a professional office cleaning company would do that for you.

Best Outcome

Professional cleaners use the latest tools and certified agents for cleaning the office. All the products are verified and marked safe. Besides, the employees are trained and skilled. They know how exactly to clean the office and make it glow. 

So, there is absolutely no substitute for a professional cleaning service provider. They would ensure you get the best office cleaning facility ever. They would work to satisfy you and make sure your office looks the best. 

5 Things To Consider While Choosing A Office Cleaning Service Provider

Before you choose an office cleaning company, you should check some factors. Checking these things would ensure that the company is reliable and professional. The 5 things to consider are mentioned below. 

1. Experience

Experience matters! When a company is experienced, it has improved its services over the years. As it is still in the market, this shows that it has been serving the clients successfully. In most cases, experienced cleaners serve the best. So it is better to choose a company that has been in this field for at least a few years. 

2. Verified Employees

Make sure that the cleaners are all trained and verified by the company. If you see that the company has signed contracts with the employees, avoid that company. Rather look for services where the workers received training and proven themselves as qualified cleaners.

3. Reviews

When you hear from the clients, you get accurate feedback. So go through the social media profiles and websites of the companies first. See what the clients have to say about the company. If you see maximum positive reviews, you may rely on that service. 

4. Latest Technology

There are a lot of modern and effective cleaning mechanisms. Ask the service provider if they have the latest tools and cleaners. If yes, you can consider the company. If not, you better skip it. I mean, why would you spend on a company that uses the same old cleaning techniques, right? 

5. Flexible Timing

Office cleaning schedules need to be flexible. You can hire a cleaner when there are clients in your office, right? This is why the timing needs to be flexible. Make sure the company can send cleaners whenever you want them. Also, ensure that they are punctual and well-managed. 

Related Questions: 

What Is Included In-Office Cleaning?

Office cleaning is a vast task. The basic cleaning includes scrubbing the floor and wiping the doors and windows. Added to that, cleaners thoroughly clean and sanitize the office bathrooms, restrooms, and kitchens. They would also clean and wash the exterior of the office if asked. 

Office cleaning services also include organizing and cleaning the desks. Proper cleansing of the electrical appliances is also done. Cleaning the cabinets, organizing papers, refilling toiletries, emptying the bins, and rearranging the office are also some of the duties. Basically, all cleaning and disinfecting activities are performed by the cleaners.

How Often Should An Office Be Cleaned?

The best way to maintain the cleanliness of the office is to clean it regularly. At least wiping the desks and cleaning the floor should be done daily by the office cleaners. But for a thorough cleaning and brightening of the office’s overall look, you must consider deep cleaning the office at least twice or thrice a year. If possible, you may do it once in three months. 

Honestly, the frequency of professional cleaning would depend on the maintenance. If the maintenance is poor, you may like a deep cleaning 4- 6 times a year. Otherwise, twice or thrice would be enough to keep the office neat and clean.  

How Long Should It Take To Clean An Office?

The duration of cleaning an office depends on two factors: the office area and how dirty the space is. So it would be pointless to define any duration for this. But usually, one cleaner may require about an hour to deep clean a 3000 sq. ft area. Some may cover 4000 sq. ft in an hour. 

You must call the cleaners early if your office is big. From the office toilets to the parking lot, all must be thoroughly cleaned. And this would take time. To calculate how many hours would it need if one employee cleans the 3000 sq. ft area in an hour. After that, calculate the time accordingly. 

How Much Does It Cost To Take Office Cleaning Services?

Most office cleaning companies charge a price on an hourly basis. When this is calculated, most companies charge between $20 to $80 per hour for cleaning the office. Generally, the cost doesn’t exceed $50. Only some highly experienced and skilled professionals charge more than this. 

Some companies charge as per the area being cleaned. The standard cost for cleaning per square foot of area is between $0.15 to $0.25. Only a few companies charge more than this. 

How Do You Start An Office Cleaning Business With No Money?

Having no funds to start your office cleaning business. Then you may find some alternatives. You may use a credit card, borrow some cash, and kickstart your business to arrange some very basic funding. Another way out can be lending some from a friend or relative. 

You may also lend some cleaning equipment and solutions from other cleaning agencies or from a friend. Just start offering service with the minimum you have. Try giving the best service to the offices. Once you earn some, start establishing the business and grow the company. 

Final Thoughts

Office cleaning services are really tempting and helpful as you would get a stunning tiptop and neat office. As hygiene and cleanliness of the office matter, investing in it is always a good idea. Besides, as this would have an impact on the employees as well as the clients, this service is totally worth it. 

So what doubts are you having? Read the article once again because this is the high time to decide!

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