Poop On Bathroom Floor: How To Deal With The Situation Best

Poop On Bathroom Floor How To Deal With The Situation Best

There can be poop on the bathroom floor for various reasons. For example, there is a chance to see poop on the bathroom floor if there is something wrong with the flushing system of the toilet. Or, something is up with the septic tanks or sewer lines. Other reasons include a patient’s activities, an aged person’s activity, and child or pet poop.

Regardless of the reasons, keeping the poop on the bathroom floor is not ideal. If you don’t know what to do in this situation, I have your back.

In this article, I will tell you how to remove dry poop from the bathroom floor and show you some tips to keep your bathroom floor tip top. Besides, I will also tell you what you should do after removing poop from your bathroom floor. So, sit tight and get your problem solved.

Poop On Bathroom Floor: Are They Causing Damage To The Bathroom Floor?

Poop is the regular waste that is excreted from the body. It emerges from the large intestine and colon, part of our digestive system. Poop contains water, salt, dead cells, proteins, fats, vitamins, and bacteria.

The bacteria that comes out of your body can spread quickly and cause damage if left on the floor for too long. So, the key to getting out of this situation is to give a proper cleaning after removing poop from the bathroom floor. 

You have to become careful about giving a proper cleaning. The bacteria that the poop contains are dangerous. Experts find out that the bacteria don’t go away with a regular water wash in most cases. You need to clean the floor with disinfectant to get rid of the bacteria. 

6 Simple Steps To Remove Dry Poop On Bathroom Floor

Seeing dry poop in inactive bathrooms is not a surprising thing. Your pet might do something behind your supervision. Dry poop is hard to remove compared to normal poop. However, I have tried to make things easier for you. Just follow the below-mentioned steps, and you will be okay with it.

Step 1: Give It A Primary Cleaning

Wipe up as much as possible with paper towels or a rag before reaching for products like Comet cleanser or “The Works” toilet bowl cleaner. The goal is to get rid of as much poop as possible before using any chemicals. Those chemicals can damage your flooring if you do not use them properly.

Step 2: Clean Out The Remaining Waste

If the poop is solid and sticky, use an old toothbrush to scrape any remaining waste. You can clean some portions of the trash that would not be possible to clean with a paper towel or a rag.

Step 3: Use Vinegar

Mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray over the area where the poop remained. Let the solution sit for five minutes before wiping the place away with a damp cloth.

Step 4: Wear Protective Gears

Wear rubber gloves and eye protection when using harsh cleaners such as Comet or The Works. These products are designed for toilets and may be too intense for your bathroom floor. You can wear these protective gear even from the beginning if you want. Poop is not a safe thing to touch with bare hands, either.

Step 5: Use The Dedicated Cleaner

After wearing the protective gear, it is time to go with the dedicated cleaners. You can use the cleaners I have mentioned above or any available toilet cleaners.

However, you have to keep one thing in mind. If you notice that after doing step 3, your bathroom looks more than acceptable, you can opt-out of using toilet cleaners.

I have already mentioned that toilet cleaners are not great for your bathroom floor. So, it is better to avoid it if you get the chance. But if you think your bathroom floor needs something harsh after doing step 3, you can proceed with this step. 

Use just enough of the cleaner to cover the exact spot. Let it sit for a while. After that, wash the area with fresh or hot water.

Step 6: Use An Air Freshener

It is an optional step. But I like to use an air freshener after every use of my bathroom or after every cleaning. The pleasant smell of my bathroom gives me the feeling that it has become cleaner. You can use any kind of air freshener for your bathroom. Choose the variant and smell that suits you.

8 Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Floor Clean Every Time

A bathroom is a place where all the people go to relax or spend some peaceful time. If the toilet is not clean or smells unwell, you will not have a great time there. For this exact reason, you always need to keep your bathroom clean. You can follow the tips that I will mention here in this regard.

Tip 1: Clean Up Spills Immediately

Bathroom floors get dirty quickly because they’re often wet and covered with germs from people’s feet or the toilet or bathtub. It is essential to clean up spills so that bacteria do not have time to develop and multiply.

Tip 2: Use Squeegee

Use a squeegee after each shower or bath. You can use an old towel or newspaper, but these usually get dirty quickly, so you’ll need to replace them frequently. A squeegee is more durable and will last longer between replacements.

Tip 3: Give The Floor Disinfectant Wipes

Use disinfectant wipes on hard surfaces after each use. This will prevent germs from spreading around the house wildly if you have kids who can’t resist touching anything in sight!

Tip 4: Regularly Clean The Toilet Bowl

Clean the toilet bowl regularly with a toilet brush or a plunger and some bleach. Don’t avoid this rule.

Tip 5: Give The Bathroom Floor A Weekly Cleaning

Clean the bathroom floor with a damp mop once a week when you’re cleaning other areas of your home (like the kitchen and living room). The best time to do this is when no one is at home. In this way, you don’t have to worry about tracking dirt back onto the floor when you walk around bare feet afterward!

Tip 6: Use Microfiber Cloths To Clean Other Areas

Use microfiber cloths to clean mirrors, glass doors, windows, etc. The advantage of microfiber cloths over paper towels is that microfiber cloths don’t leave marks or scratches behind the surfaces. That is why they are the best in this job.

Tip 7: Regularly Check The Shower Heads

Check showerheads regularly for mineral buildup and replace them when it is necessary. Mineral buildup can cause stains on your tiles or even corrode metal parts of your faucets. So, try to keep an eye out for signs of this problem and fix it as soon as possible before it gets worse!

Tip 8: Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

It might seem obvious. But if you have all of your cleaning supplies stored away somewhere else in the house, things won’t be smooth when they are in need. You won’t be able to use them the moment you need them. Instead, you have to wait for some time to get them near you.

Keep your toilet brush near the toilet itself (and don’t forget to change it regularly!). Keep soap dispensers filled with liquid soap rather than bars to make them easier to use when you need them most. Doing these steps will keep everything in order and will be of great help in times of necessity.

5 Things You Should Consider After Removing Poop On Bathroom Floor

Removing poop from your bathroom floor is a mandatory thing. You must do it regardless of the fact you like it or not. But don’t just come out of the bathroom after removing the poop. You have to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. To ensure this, you have to do the following things-

1. Take Care Of Your Shoes

After removing poop on the bathroom floor, the first thing you should do is take care of your shoes. The last thing you want is to track that nasty stuff all over your home. 

To avoid this, wipe down your shoes with a paper towel before heading back into the house. If possible, try not to wear those same shoes again until they’ve been thoroughly cleaned.

2. Clean Up Any Remaining Residue

After removing poop on the bathroom floor, the second thing you should do is clean up any residue left behind. Take another paper towel or rag and wipe away any residue from the shoe treads or bottom (or both). 

It’s essential to get rid of this part because it could attract dirt and other debris later. It will eventually make it harder (and more expensive) to clean later on.

3. Disinfect The Bathroom Floor

From numerous research works, it is a proven fact that poop has some dangerous bacteria in them. You can’t just kill them off by washing the area with water. To clean the room properly, you have to use a disinfectant to clean the bathroom floor. Using a mild cleaning will be just enough. Avoid using harsh materials as they can damage your bathroom floor.

4. Use A Room Freshener If Possible

I never liked the smell of poop. I think nobody does. Even though a disinfectant or a cleaning agent should already kill off the odor of the poop, I always use an air freshener. It helps improve my mood when I enter the bathroom again the next time.

5. Wash Your Hands Properly

Wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning up any messes in the bathroom. You should do that so that you don’t spread germs around your house or yourself! 

If there are no running water sources nearby, use hand sanitizer instead until you get back home and properly wash your hands. But never skip this part of washing your hands.

Related Questions:

Can You Poop On The Bathroom Floor?

Your bathroom floor is not a toilet, and you should never use it as one. The bacteria in the fecal matter can be hazardous to your health and the health of others in your household. So it is recommended to poop on the bathroom floor anyway. 

If you do have to go without a toilet and need to poop, try to find another place that is not carpeted or tiled. But if it is urgent and you don’t have any other suitable option, you can poop on the bathroom floor. If you do that, make sure you give the bathroom a proper cleaning after removing the poop from the place.

How Do You Poop Without A Toilet?

The most common way people poop without a toilet is with a bucket or a polybag. However, there are other options available if you don’t have any buckets at home, or if you don’t feel comfortable using one for obvious reasons. 

For example, if you’re camping and have no other option but to go into the woods, try squatting over another object. It can be a log or rock. This will help keep the mess off the ground, so it’s easier to clean up later when you return home again!

Why Should You Not Poop On The Bathroom Floor?

The bathroom floor is not a good place to poop. It may seem like a great place to go when you’re desperate. But there are many reasons why you shouldn’t poop on the bathroom floor. First of all, it can be very messy. If you don’t wipe up after yourself properly, there will be poop everywhere.

Second of all, it’s disgusting! If you have guests staying over, this could be very embarrassing for them and uncomfortable for you too if they see it. And last but not least, the children of your house may slip due to poop on the bathroom floor and get some severe injury.

How Long Can You Hold In Poop?

You can hold your poop in for as long as you want, but it’s not healthy. If you’ve been holding it in for more than three days, you should see a doctor. However, this three days limit is an average figure. 

For some people, two days is a long time. And for some, four or five days is average. Even doctors approve of this fact depending on the biological structure of a person.

Why Should You Bury Your Poop?

You don’t have time to be picky about where you poop in a survival situation. If there are no other options available for disposal, burying it in the ground is your best bet. The first reason is that it prevents the smell from spreading as long as possible into your campsite or shelter.

Secondly, it protects against animals digging up your waste and spreading disease through their feces (this can be especially important if you don’t have access to clean water). Lastly, it gives you time to find a better solution (for example, digging a latrine or using a sawdust toilet). visit site: https://tidyfloor.com

Final Verdict:

Removing or dealing with poop on the bathroom floor can be challenging if you have no prior experience. On the one hand, most people don’t like it; even I don’t like it. On the other hand, you may not do the right thing if you don’t know what to do.

That is why I have given it a try to help you guys with my experience. Now you should have a good overall idea regarding how to best deal with this particular situation.

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