How To Clean Indoor Outdoor Carpets That Are Glued Down?

How To Clean Indoor Outdoor Carpets That Are Glued Down

Carpet has its uses all over the house. Being a very useful product for households, it also needs cleaning at times. So, do you know how to clean your indoor-outdoor carpets that are glued down? 

If you use a carpet, you know that indoor and outdoor carpets are not the same. Outdoor carpets collect more dust than indoor ones. Indoor ones also catch more dust when stuck to the floor for a long time. Glued-down carpets have a longtime solution but it gets so frustrating in the cleaning. Although, it is not that complex. 

By following the steps I’m going to mention in a moment, you can clean glued-down carpets without creating an unnecessary mess. Each step is easy and no extra things are needed. Proceed with the methods early and keep your safety in mind. Let’s get to know the step-by-step instructions instantly.

7 Steps To Clean Glued Down Carpet For Both Indoor And Outdoor: 

Gluing carpets takes a frustrating amount of time to clean if the right steps aren’t applied to them. It’s not enough. Therefore, you should not feel overwhelmed by the process. Use these steps calmly and slowly.

Step-1: Carpet Cleaning Accessories

The stated accessories are the main equipment required for indoor and outdoor carpet cleaning. Using these all together will guarantee you the best possible cleaning in any way. 

  • Carpet cleaning wand;
  • Vacuum cleaner (for carpet);
  • Cleaning machine;
  • Pump sprayer;
  • Plastic nylon brush.

Step-2: Select The Correct Cleaning Solution

The cleaning solution should not be taken lightly as thorough cleaning of the carpet surface depends on it. You can make some DIY cleaning solutions at home if you don’t have any in this situation. 

The choice of commercially available cleaning solutions is also correct. They are certified and have a good mix of chemicals. Also, see if the carpet is really dirty, you should opt for ready-made ones. There are several options available on Amazon.

It takes care of cleaning all the dust along with the bacteria present there. Not only that, it maintains the smoothness of the carpet surface. Working with outdoor carpets is very different. Choose your cleaning solution correctly.

Step-3: Vacuum Your Carpet

To clean a carpet, the first step is to vacuum it continuously. You don’t know how much dust your carpet is carrying after a day. So it is increasing even more day by day. Since you are working with a glued carpet, applying this step is helpful. 

Slowly vacuuming the entire area will remove any type of light dust, pet hair, or other small debris. This also applies to outdoor carpets. During vacuuming, high pressure can damage the carpet.

A carpet is a dust magnet. You can say it attracts dust more than a magnet attracts metals. Vacuum every corner, notice if you are missing any area. The real advantage of carpet comes with the cozy feeling beneath your foot. Comfort also comes with various disadvantages

Often while using a carpet, you will notice the surface gets hard so easily. Remember that this is the first step that will help to make the carpet cleaning process even easier. Therefore, give proper time to vacuuming. 

Step-4: Spray The Solution By Using The Pump Sprayer

Once you’ve chosen the right cleaning solution, mix it into the pump sprayer you’ve selected. Make sure the pump sprayer is like new. Mix the solution well after pouring it. You shall not pour too much, excess solution will not help. 

Spray it from an average distance of one foot onto your indoor or outdoor carpet. Avoid over spraying one area, a small amount of spray that covers the entire carpet will do. Leave it for not more than 10 minutes. 

Spraying all over the carpet is a must. It ensures a coating right after vacuuming your surface. This coating works as a sanitizer on the carpet. All grimes get well cleaned up. 

Glued-down carpets make a very strong attachment to the floor, it makes the carpet fibers stiff. The solution all over helps to get rid of all the residue by loosening it up. 

Step-5: Setup Cleaning Machine

This step gets a little different in indoor and outdoor cleaning. Indoor glued-down carpets are usually seen as less dirty than outdoor ones. Thus, if you work with a normal carpet cleaning machine, fill up the water tank with warm water only. No additional soap should be mixed. 

The carpet cleaning wand is hugely effective on outdoor carpets. The main difference is the wand provides a much better washing of the dirt using the same warm water method. It can easily wipe off no matter how dirty the carpet is. 

On the other hand, a normal cleaning carpet cannot do the heavy task here, it is perfectly suitable for a light cleaning. In short, a wand is recommended for outdoor carpets. You can rent if you don’t have one.

Step-6: Final Cleaning Of The Carpet 

Start this step once your machine is all ready to go. Unhurriedly run your machine without missing any corners. Be slow and steady and let the machine do some work for you. Wash all the dirt and solution you applied earlier. 

Strictly avoid going too fast, the machine will fail to soak. These machines are supposed to handle slower. Some areas can get stubborn, run the machine over and over until you get it all cleared. 

Once you have prepared the carpet for the final cleaning, now comes the part to get it all done by the cleaning machine. Abide by this step carefully, and get a freshly cleaned carpet inside or outside the house. 

A carpet is generally well structured keeping comfort in mind. The cleaning must be good enough to bring back that comfort once again. Only then can you call the carpet cleaning appropriately done. 

Step-7: Dry Out Your Carpet

Drying out the carpet gets the best of all. Though being an easy process, there are some rules that you need to follow. The rules include not using hard equipment to make the surface dry out faster. 

Using anything that generates heat to dry surfaces can damage the fibers of the carpet. Further, avoid using any unnecessary drying materials

You can simply use a fan that will gradually make it dry. The ceiling fan works greatly here in this case. The main motive is to make it dry, not how fast it should dry. 

Letting it dry at room temperature can also be viable. If it results in the same comfort as it offered before, you will know you did the perfect cleaning of your indoor and outdoor carpet. 

5 Safety Tips To Clean Indoor Outdoor Carpet That Is Glued Down:

Having tips on how to clean indoor and outdoor carpets makes it a lot more productive. Don’t worry, I have some cool tips for all the steps. They only apply under certain conditions, you shouldn’t use them every time.


Use a mixture of any laundry solution that is available at your home, and add some detergents to a gallon of hot water. You can check plenty of homemade carpet cleaning solutions online that are almost the same. 


Every cleaning solution comes with a complete guideline on how to use it. Follow their instructions precisely. Notice how much time they are mentioning. This helps to struggle with the proper application of steps. 


Examine your carpet before you go vacuuming in the first place. Hard dust like metals of any kind can be present there. Make sure it’s all safe. 


Working with solutions can be toxic sometimes, use a mask during the method to protect your lungs. Normal surgery won’t provide the safety you are looking for. Also, keep your children out of reach while working outdoors. 


Try to clean the carpets in the daytime. Especially when it is an outdoor carpet. The sunlight provides the required heat to dry the carpet. 

Related Questions

How To Clean Pet Hairs From Indoor Glued Down Carpets?

Brushing the carpet is one of the best ways to clean pet hair. You can also use the vacuum cleaner, but the vacuuming process cannot catch 100%. With a nylon brush, you can easily trap all the pet hair, it takes longer than usual. Then you can easily vacuum the entire carpet. All hair and dirt will be removed.

Pet hair is very small and cannot be identified with the naked eye. Carpet fibers are harder to find, and because of that, you have to spend more time vacuuming to get a fresh carpet, do make sure of that.

How Do You Clean The Outdoor Porch Carpet?

Brush the whole carpet, and remove all the dirt and grimes. Vacuum the entire carpet. Apply some solutions by spraying over it. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. Do observe whether any stains are visible or not. You can power wash the carpet if it is not glued down to the floor. 

Then, using a carpet cleaning wand gives the whole surface a fresh clean. Run the machine over 2 times in each area. And then give it a good dry. During the cleaning please confirm a straight drainage system. 

Can You Clean Indoor Outdoor Carpet With Baking Soda?

Baking soda allows for wiping the stain easily. An alkaline solution can let go of the marks. This is completely safe and works well with stains on the carpet. Though, applying too much baking soda can cause damage. 

Baking soda works genuinely well as a cleaning agent. Carpet cleaning can be done with unmixed baking soda also. Boycott using baking soda regularly because baking soda contains carbonic acid which is neutral but applying it regularly to clean can cause damage to the surface. 

Can You Power Wash Glued Down Carpets?

You should strictly avoid power washing glued-down carpets. A power wash delivers heavy pressure of water through its end pipe. A huge amount of water has to drain and that is exactly why it won’t be able to dry out the water it soaked and it will create a huge mess.

Glued carpets are difficult to maintain. You see, ordinary carpets can be cleaned anytime, anywhere. But you have to use certain methods to clean your glued carpets. Ultimately, using a pressure washer is easy when cleaning unattached carpets.

Does Water Go Through Indoor Outdoor Carpet While Cleaning?

Water will not go through the indoor-outdoor carpet while cleaning if a carpet cleaning machine is used. The carpet cleaning machine vacuums the surface while it is working on the carpet. The machine uses warm water and it deliberately provides suction to the dirt. 

Although if you use direct water to clean, it will easily get inside any carpet. The carpet will soak the water rather than clean it. Refrain from cleaning the carpet with water only. The carpet fibers will absorb most of it and as a result, it will become hard to clean that water. 

How Do You Care For Indoor Outdoor Carpets?

Always be aware of putting any rough furniture or anything on the carpet. Carpet fibers can wear out easily if you do give enough attention to them. Give it a good vacuum after a month. Look for any stains and if there are any, remove them immediately. The same goes for other types of stains. 

Make sure to put the carpets in a dry area. This helps the fibers of the carpet to stay as good as new. You can call carpet cleaning professionals at your home also. Try to use a vacuum regularly, it will save the carpet from everyday specks of dust.

Final Verdict

Cleaning a glued-down indoor or outdoor carpet takes time. You need the right application of tools, and the correct selection of cleaning solutions, to look your indoor-outdoor carpet as fresh as new. The main goal should be to make the carpets bacteria-free.

All the procedures mentioned in this article are easy to go through. I hope the methods are reliable for your next carpet cleaning. 

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