What Is The Most Expensive Marble Flooring?

what is the most expensive marble flooring

Marble floors are considered as pieces of art and elegance. Marble has been used in structures and sculptures for centuries. You may be thinking about covering your house/office floors with marbles these days. But the question arising in your mind is, what is the most expensive and quality marble to cover floors? 

Calacatta is considered the most expensive marble flooring in the world. It’s rare and naturally beautiful. Mainly found in the Apuan mountains of Carrara, Italy. There are many varieties of Calacatta. Such as white, gold, black, etc. The prices of marbles vary depending on these types.

A professional like me who’s in the flooring and decoration business can help you in that case. Please stay tuned with me until the end if you wish to learn more about the various types of expensive marble flooring, their prices, and other useful information regarding them. 

Different Types Of Expensive Marble: Increase The Value Of Your Floors

Let’s assume that you are planning to decor your office or home floors with expensive marble. In that case, here is the list of some expensive marble for flooring:

1. Calacatta Marble:

Calacatta is expensive because it’s rare and hard to find. Marbles of this type are also known as being luxurious among marbles. Calacatta Marble prices vary according to color and quality.

2. Danby Marble:

Danby marbles are denser, so they are less likely to stain. In fact, in some areas, they are better than the most expensive marble Calacatta. Nonetheless, Danby marble costs half as much as Calacatta marble per square foot.

3. Black/ Travertine Marble:

This type of marble comes from Spain and has a similar price range to Danby marble. Black/ Travertine marbles are usually used in the bathrooms and kitchens. These marbles can be porous and more often require chemical treatments to prevent water absorption and scratching.

4. Cultured Marble:

This type of marble is human-made, and that’s why they are less expensive than natural stones. The non-porous surface of this artificial stone made it ideal for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

5. Statuario Marble:

They are also found in Italy and are considered to be one of the most valuable marbles. There is a range of gold to gray colors to its veins. Statuario is the cheapest marble when compared to other expensive marbles.

These are some expensive marble that you can use in your flooring. All of these expensive marbles will surely increase the value of your home or office floors. The next subhead will tell you how much those expensive marbles cost.

A Price Comparison Chart Of Different Quality Marble Floorings:

There are marble floor tiles at every price point. From rare and expensive to budget ones. Whatever the range is, the following table will give you a basic idea about marble tiles and their pricing.

Marble TilesQualityPrice Range
Calacatta MarbleRare- A Grade$180-$200 Per Square Foot
Crystal Danby MarbleExpensive- A Grade$80-$100 Per Square Foot 
Black/ Travertine MarbleExpensive – A Grade$70-$80 Per Square Foot
Cultured MarbleExpensive – A Grade$60-$65 Per Square Foot
Statuario MarbleExpensive – A Grade$50-$55 Per Square Foot
Carrara MarbleBudget – B Grade$40-$5 Per Square Foot
Makrana MarbleBudget – B Grade$15-$25 Per Square Foot
White MarbleCheap – C Grade$5-$6 Per Square Foot
Moscato MarbleCheap- C Grade$2-$3 Per Square Foot
Morwad White MarbleCheap – C Grade$2-$5 Per Square Foot

5 Reasons To Invest On Expensive Marble Flooring:

Expensive marbles will add more quality to your floors than the usual marbles. In my view, investing in expensive marble flooring will not be a bad deal for you at all. However, here I am going to tell you 5 reasons why you should invest in expensive marble flooring.

1. Expensive Marble Are Charming:

In the flooring industry, marble has been used for thousands of years. Marbles have come from nature, that’s why they have a high-end finish. They add a luxurious and elegant look to your room’s floor.

Expensive marbles are always used as a symbol of aristocracy and modernity all across the world. The charming appearance of marble flooring will surely enhance your social status.

2. Customizable:

Another great advantage of using expensive marble flooring is that they all are customizable. A marble floor can easily be customized to match the interior design of your house or office. Customization will allow you to use marbles according to their merit and your demands.

3. Number Of Options:

When it comes to marble flooring, you have a number of quality options available to choose from in a similar price range. They are available in various types, patterns and colors. However, expensive marble floors mainly come in white, yellow, red, brown, black, and pink colors.

4. Keep You Cool In Hot Temperature:

Expensive marbles have the reputation of being cold in hot temperatures. That’s why you will feel cool and calm inside the room despite the warm weather outside.

Undoubtedly, it will be great for the summer season, particularly for those living in the hottest areas. At the same time, expensive marble flooring is also allergen-resistant and environment-friendly. 

5. They Are Durable:

Though expensive marble will cost you more money, they are still very durable than the other types of flooring. Before writing this article, I talked to a few marble flooring users about its various aspects. 

And all of them told me that marble flooring is one of the most durable among the flooring types. If you don’t want to change your flooring frequently, go for an expensive marble for your flooring.

Related Questions About Expensive Marble Flooring:

Why Is The Marble More Expensive?

There are several factors that make marble more expensive than the other types of flooring. Rear stones, available in only a few colors, high-end finishing, more extended durability, customization ability, standard thickness, etc. factors make marble more expensive in terms of other flooring types comparison.

What Color Marble Is The Most Expensive?

In my finding, the white color marbles are the most expensive of the other available colors. Though the price range depends on which type of white marble you are going to use in your flooring. For example, Carrara white marbles will cost you between $50-$60, while the Calacatta white marble can cost more than $150 per square foot.

Is Marble Cheaper Than Granite?

No, granite is cheaper than marble. On average, you will need to spend more than $200 per square foot if you use an expensive marble. On the other hand, $100 is enough for per square feet granite flooring.

Are Marble Floors More Expensive Than Wood?

In comparison to wood, marble floors are far more expensive. It is because marble floors are laborious to produce, and they also offer a number of benefits to the users.

Do Expensive Marble Floors Add Value?

Definitely, expensive marble floors add value to your residential properties or offices. Marble is one of the most expensive and best natural stones that we use in our house or office decoration. If you use any expensive marble for your flooring, you will be able to resell it for the greatest amount of money.

Is Expensive Marble Flooring Worth It?

There has been extensive use of marble flooring in various cultures throughout history. Their presence is an indication of wealth. Anyway, expensive marble provides many more benefits than cheap marbles, such as attractive looks, longer durability, coolness in warm conditions, and eco-friendly. These are also good for your overall health. 

According to the experts’ opinion, expensive marble flooring is fully worth it. Thus, do not waste your time or money on a cheap marble when choosing new flooring. Invest straight on the expensive marble flooring and be tension-free like me.

Last Few Words:

Marble Floorings are genuine pieces of magnificent beauty. It brings an elegant and mesmerizing tone to your house floor. While marble flooring may seem expensive, it is undoubtedly worth the investment. 

So, cover your house floors with beautiful marble floorings, and don’t forget to take proper care of these artistic things.

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