Mop And Glo VS Quick Shine: [Choose The Best One]

Mop And Glo VS Quick Shine

Cleanliness is a great habit. The floor is the most used part of your house, as every family walks over it. So, cleaning the floor is one of your regular household duties. But it seems complicated to choose the best cleaning product for your floor. This is where the conflict between Mop and Glo VS Quick Shine starts. 

Usually, you always try to ensure the shine and hygiene of the floor once you clean it. Mop & Glo and Quick Shine are two of the most effective floor cleaners available. Almost everyone seems confused and finds it difficult to choose the best one for his floor.

I am here with the solution for you. I have been using both Mop and Glo and Quick Shine for years. In this article, I will show you which one is better for what kind of floor. So read this article from top to bottom to know the Quick Shine and Mop & Glo reviews. 

Mop & Glo VS Quick Shine: Basic Differences With Comparison Table

Mop and Glo and Quick Shine are considered the most effective floor cleaners for their desired outcome and qualities. But they have some specific differences which affect the cleanliness of your floor. The following table will show you the fundamental differences between Mop & Glo VS Quick Shine.

FeaturesMop and GloQuick Shine

User Purpose
Mop and Glo is a better choice for tile floors, marble floors, vinyl floors, and ceramic floors.Choose it for hardwood floors, laminate floors, luxury vinyl floors, and stone floors.

Cost Efficiency
Cost you not more than 12 USD for a 64.0 Fl Oz pack. More cost-effective floor cleaner than Quick Shine.Cost you not more than 15 USD for a 64.0 Fl Oz pack. Worth the money, depending on its performance.

Time-consuming Cleaner
It takes almost 20-25 minutes to clean a 100 sq feet floor.It can take 25-30 minutes to completely shine your 100 sq feet floor.

Cleaning Performance
This one is accepted as a better cleaner than Quick Shine.This is good at shining but not a great cleaner like Mop and Glo.

Better Shining
Mop and Glo ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of your floor rather than shining it. Quick Shine is better than Mop and Glo as a shining product for your floor.

Not an eco-friendly cleaning product. It can be harmful if not properly drained.The US EPA Safer Choice Program has accepted this as an eco-friendly cleaner.

This cleaner spreads a beautiful fragrance after cleaning the floor with it.This floor cleaner is ultimately a fragrance-free product.

Discussion Between Mop & Glo And Quick Shine With Features

The table above shows you the fundamental differences between Mop and Glo and Quick Shine. Though they are pretty similar, some specific features make them slightly different from each other. You must know this before buying one for your floor. 

  • User Purpose:

Mop and Glo is a multi-used floor cleaner. It has the capability of cleaning every type of floor. But to get the most effective result, you should use Mop and Glo to clean the Tile floors and Marble floors. This multi-purpose floor cleaner is better for Vinyl and Ceramic floors. But it is not an excellent choice to use it on a hardwood floor.

Mop & Glo alternative, Quick Shine is a better option for hardwood floors. It has an inbuilt capacity to clean these floors without causing any damage to them. You can use Quick Shine to clean Laminate floors and Luxury Vinyl Planks. The most useful feature of this floor cleaner is that it can be used to mop every kind of Stone floor easily without discoloring them.

  • Cost-Effective:

Mop and Glo can be found in a pack of 32.0 Fl Oz, which will cost you almost $6 to $7. Then a 64.0 Fl Oz pack will cost you $12 at max. Depending on the size of the bottle, the price varies. You can find it at any grocery store near your locality.

On the other hand, Quick Shine is a little bit overpriced. The 64.0 Fl Oz pack of this product will cost you $16. But you can have a variety of user purposes with this, that is why the price is fair enough and understandable. So, you can choose the cost-friendly cleaner for your floor now.

  • Time-consuming Cleaner:

Mop and Glo takes 20-25 minutes to clean a 100 square feet floor. The molecules of this cleaner take a little more time to ensure the ultimate safety and hygiene of the floor. If you don’t want to compromise with the hygienic environment of your house, don’t go for the time it takes.

Quick Shine takes 25-30 minutes to clean the same-sized floor. This floor cleaner is a great shining product. You can have a healthy and hygienic floor and an ultimate shine by cleaning with this. Quick Shine takes more time than Mop and Glo to clean because it ensures extra shine for your floor.

  • Cleaning Performance:

In the case of cleaning floors, both Mop and Glo and Quick Shine are the same. Both of them are good at ensuring the hygiene of your floor. But in some cases of Mop & Glo before and after, it has been found that Mop and Glo clean the Tiles and Marble floors better than Quick Shine.

On the other hand, people find it more suitable to clean Hardwood floors and Laminate floors with Quick Shine. Depending on the type of floors, both cleaners are good at cleaning. But most of the time, people prefer Mop and Glo to clean their floors.

  • Better Shining:

If you want to ensure the shine of the floor, Quick Shine will be the better choice for you. The ingredients in Quick Shine help the floor preserve its shining for the longer term. This magnificent floor cleaner uses polymer emulsion and an inbuilt plasticizer, which automatically increases your floor’s shine. 

It is not like Mop and Glo is not an excellent shining cleaner. But this floor cleaner focuses on hygiene and cleaning the floor more than shining it. Sometimes, this product can hamper the floor’s shine of some particular floors, like hardwood and laminate floors. So, it would be better to use Quick Shine floor polish to ensure the better shining of your floor.

  • Environment-friendly

Mop & Glo and Quick Shine are chemical solutions to clean your floor. Certain chemicals are used in these products that are naturally harmful to the environment. But Quick Shine is considered a more eco-friendly cleaner than Mop and Glo.

The US EPA Safer Choice Program has recognized Quick Shine as a safer cleaner for our children, pet animals, and the environment. This formaldehyde and aluminum-free floor cleaner is certified to have safer ingredients that are not harmful to the human body and nature.

  • Fragrance:

There are certain flavors of Mop and Glo available in the market. Trideceth-3 and Ethoxydiglycol are used in this cleaning product. That adds a lemon and orange-flavored fragrance to your floor. Also, this alcohol-based cleaner spreads a slightly sweet scent after the mopping is complete and the floor is dry.

On the contrary, Quick Shine does not have any fragrance. There is no phthalate or zinc-type chemical used in this cleaner. For this reason, you will find it a fragrance-free cleaner for your floor. So, if you want a sweet scent on your floor after cleaning it, Mop and Glo can be a better choice for you.

Mop and Glo VS Quick Shine: Which One Should Be Your Partner?

Depending on the type of your floor, you should choose the cleaning products. If your floor is a tile or marble floor and you want a beautiful fragrance after cleaning it, Mop and Glo can be the best option. This cleaner is a cost-effective product and consumes less time to clean your floor without causing any damage to it.

On the other hand, if you use a hardwood floor or any laminate floor, you must use Quick Shine as your cleaning product. This cleaner will not spread any fragrance but will ensure the ultimate shine of your floor after cleaning it. Moreover, in case you want an eco-friendly cleaner, this will be the best cleaning partner for you to choose.

How To Choose The Best Between These Two? [Time-Saving Thoughts]

Choosing the best cleaning partner for your floor is very important because a harmful cleaner can damage your floor and discolor it. You can choose the best cleaning product for your floor by taking the below issues into concern:

1. Know The Floor Type:

First, you need to know your floor type. Sometimes you don’t have any idea about the construction of your floor, and thus you don’t know what to use to clean it. If the floor is made of tile, marble, or ceramic, choose Mop and Glo floor cleaner. Contrariwise, for hardwood or laminate floors, choose Quick Shine as the cleaning product for your floor.

2. Read The Ingredients:

Before you buy a cleaner, you must read the ingredients used in that product. You can take assistance from the internet to know which chemicals can cause damage to your floor. If you find anything harmful to your floor, you should avoid that. Try to use a floor cleaner that is not dangerous for your skin, the children of your house, and your pet animals. 

3. Try On A Limited Place:

After buying the floor cleaner, you should not use it to clean the entire floor of your house. First of all, find a place where nobody naturally notices. Try the floor cleaner on that limited space first. After waiting for 30 minutes, you need to wash it away. If the cleaner does not cause any damage or discoloration to the floor, you may choose it for good. But if it causes any damage, you must avoid it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Quick Shine Better Than Mop & Glo Cleaner?

It is better to use Quick Shine in some cases and Mop & Glo in others. The performance of these floor cleaners depends on the type of your floor. Quick Shine will provide a better shine compared to Mop & Glo on hardwood floors or laminate surfaces. The ingredients of this cleaner are better performers for removing stains from these floors.

Again, Quick Shine is a fragrance-free floor cleaner. So, this cleaning product can be a better option for those who have allergies to smells or fragrances. One thing that makes this cleaner better than the other is that it does not cause any huge damage to the environment as it is an eco-friendly floor cleaner.

Can You Use Mop & Glo On Laminate Floors Instead Of Quick Shine?

Quick Shine is a top-quality floor finish for making laminate flooring shine. As the name suggests, this product ensures a quick shine on your floor and gives it an eye-catching look. However, many people prefer Mop & Glo instead of Quick Shine. But Mop & Glo is not suitable for use on laminate floors

Laminate floors usually come with a top-quality gloss coating over the surface. But Mop & Glo builds up on the flooring material, which damages or dulls the coating over time. With Mop & Glo, laminate floors often lose their shine and attraction.

Is Quick Shine Or Mop & Glo Better On Vinyl Floors?

Keeping the vinyl floors clean and shining can often be quite challenging for homeowners. Ensuring the use of the right products and cleaners is important to make sure that the vinyl floors maintain their shine and eye-catching look. Both Mop & Glo and Quick Shine are high-quality products that every homeowner can rely on. 

For vinyl floors, Quick Shine is considered to be a better cleaning product. This is because Mop & Glo comes with acidic chemicals or solutions that can cause damage to the flooring. On the other hand, the Quick Shine is popular for its smooth and soft nature for the floors. 

How Often Should You Use Mop & Glo And Quick Shine?

Using Mop & Glo or Quick Shine on a regular basis is important to make sure that the floors uphold their beautiful shine and look. Make sure that you clean the entire floor properly and remove any dirt, dust, debris, and so on. Apply the floor finishing products once every 2 to 4 months. 

However, both of these products can cause build-up on the surface over time. Make sure to remove Mop & Glo or Quick Shince build-up before putting down another layer. This will ensure that the floor finish is even and shining perfectly. 

Does Mop & Glo Build Up Than Quick Shine?

Both Mop & Glo and Quick Shine are amazing products suitable for ensuring a smooth finish on a wide range of flooring materials. When applied, the products spread evenly on the surface, giving it a waxy and shiny look. However, both wood floor shining products build up on the surface over time and must be reapplied every 3 to 4 months. 

In order to ensure the best shine on the floor, it is important to strip down the old finish before applying the new coating. Clean the floor properly and use household remedies to remove Quick Shine floor finish build-up or Mop & Glo before you put down Mop & Glo or Quick Shine again. 

Can You Use Quick Shine Rather Than Mop & Glo On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Mop & Glo is suitable (1) for use on a wide range of flooring materials. This includes vinyl, laminate, hardwood, and many more. Similarly, Quick Shine is a great floor finish product and is suitable for several materials. You can easily rely on Quick Shine wax instead of Mop & Glo for vinyl plank flooring. 

However, many homeowners prefer the use of Mop & Glo as it is a cost-friendly option. Other than that, both products provide similar results. 

Which Is The Cost-Effective Cleaner Between Mop & Glo And Quick Shine?

Mop and Glo is a comparatively more cost-friendly floor clean than Quick Shine floor finish polish. A 32.0 Fl Oz of Mop and Glo pack will cost you almost $6 to $7. If you want to buy the 64.0 Fl Oz pack, it will cost you $12 at max. The product’s price may vary depending on the size of the bottle.

On the other hand, the 64.0 Fl Oz Pack of Quick Shine will cost you $16. And you will not find a 32.0 Fl Oz pack of this floor cleaner. It means if you want to buy this cleaning product, you must purchase the 64.0 Fl Oz pack. So, you can choose Mop and Glo over Quick Shine deep clean polish as a better cost-effective product. 

Which Is The Best For Tiles? Quick Shine Or Mop & Glo

Mop and Glo can be considered the better cleaner for the tile floors. Trideceth-3 and Ethoxydiglycol are used in this floor cleaner, and they are especially recommended for tiles. After cleaning the tiles, they add a particular fragrance to them, which is absent in Quick Shine.

Again, partially added Fluorinated alcohol and Fluorinated alkyl Phosphate ensure the proper shining of the tiles. The most useful feature of Mop and Glo is that it does not get sticky after spraying it on the tiles, and you can remove or wash away the soapy materials from the tiles very easily.

Which One Can Be Used To Clean The Shower Between Mop and Glo And Quick Shine?

To be specific, Quick Shine is a better shower cleaner than Mop and Glo. Quick Shine has a unique feature for cleaning glasses. So, if your shower is made of fiberglass or stone, you can use it to clean the shower. The eco-friendly nature of this cleaning product ensures the environment’s safety after washing it.

Contrariwise, you cannot use Mop and Glo to clean a shower that is made of fiberglass. The chemicals of this cleaner can cause scars and damage to the glass and cause erosion to it. Showers with stone floors can never be cleaned with this product because there is a massive possibility of causing discoloration to the floor.

What Is Good For Shining Hardwood Floors Between Quick Shine And Mop & Glo?

Quick Shine is a better cleaner than Mop and Glo for a shining wooden floor. Mop and Glo can cause damage to hardwood floors because of their different acidic chemical solutions. But Quick Shine is especially recommended for its soft and smooth nature to clean the dull wood floors.

This floor cleaner is free from aluminum and ammonia. Also, you will never find any formaldehyde or phosphate in the mopping solution prepared by this cleaner. That ensures that it will never cause any damage to your hardwood floor and preserve the shine of the floor for a long time. So, Quick Shine is suitable for shining hardwood.

Which Cleaner Can Be Removed Easily From The Surface Between Mop & Glo And Quick Shine?

Mop & Glo takes a little less time to be removed from the surface of your floor. You can easily remove this cleaner from your foundation by washing it away with normal water. All you need is a handheld mop or microfiber cloth to rinse it. For a quicker result, you may add some warm water to the solution before spraying it on the floor.

But in the case of Quick Shine, it adds an extra layer of wax on the surface after getting rinsed with water. The sticky nature of this product consumes a little more time to remove entirely from the floor. But it ensures better shining. However, if your floor needs a fast wash, then Mop and Glo can be the better option for you than Quick Shine. 

Is Mop and Glo Good For Laminate Floors Than Quick Shine?

Quick Shine is better than Mop and Glo at cleaning laminate floors. The ingredients used in this cleaner are not harmful to the specific features of the laminate floor. This floor cleaner does not cause any discoloration or erosion to the laminates. Moreover, it additionally waxes the floor and enriches the gorgeous shine of your laminate floor.

Mop & Glo is also okay with cleaning the laminate floors, but it does not guarantee the safety and shine of the floor. It may reduce the luxury by discoloring the surface of the floor. You need to seal your floor with a polisher after cleaning the laminate floor with it. So, try to use Quick Shine to clean the laminate floors.

Final Verdict:

The comparison of Mop and Glo VS Quick Shine depends on various circumstances. You need to consider the type of your floor and the in-built materials of the cleaner before choosing a perfect one for cleaning the floors. To ensure your floor’s proper safety, try both of them on a limited surface first.

However, I have shared my personal experiences cleaning floors with both cleaners: Mop and Glo and Quick Shine. Hopefully, reading this article will help you choose the best cleaning product for your floor.

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